Between the Peaks

Between the Peaks

2014, Society  -   14 Comments
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In 2013, three friends decided to take the ultimate pilgrimage of adventure, philanthropic outreach and self-discovery. They left the United States, bought a car, and headed to Argentina. There, they set out to conquer Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America. Their final destination awaited them at the peak of North America's tallest slope, Mount McKinley.

But the real adventure occurred in between their visits to these two towering peaks as they performed various community services upon each stop, and attempted to make at least a small difference in the lives of each region's inhabitants in the process.

Between the Peaks is the picturesque and transcendent new documentary which chronicles every meaningful step along their remarkable journey. Their travels are not void of occasional setbacks. Along the way, they must contend with cost-prohibitive car repairs, a bout of food poisoning, difficulties crossing the border in Peru, sand fly infested housing, and unforgiving natural elements.

But they also enjoy the company of amazing people, and relish the opportunity to learn of their cultures and their unique and fully-invested relationships to their environment. They build refuges for wild chinchillas in Chile, construct trash landfills in the Andes, aid in the protection of exotic animals at a nature preserve, invest their efforts in farming and agriculture in Nicaragua, and witness the inspiring legacy being set at a humble college campus housed in the jungles of Honduras.

Between the Peaks spotlights the need to return to a place of humility in the face of our large and endlessly fascinating planet. As days and weeks turn into many months, the friends experience life at a different rhythm than what they're accustomed to in the States. They learn that when you give to the Earth, the Earth will give back. They bask in a simpler and more meaningful plane of existence where they feel more in tune with the world around them than ever before. Most importantly, they discover that the smallest gestures of contribution can ripple farther and wider than they ever expected. No doubt they will take these lessons and work to apply them in their own native homeland once they return to the States. The real gift of the film is that it may inspire viewers to do the same.

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Mexxxi

    Like watching someone your aunt's best friend's uncle's home videos and equally as entertaining...

  2. Sarah Fillmore

    A documentary about some privileged white kids who backpack around South America for a couple of months and consider themselves to be deeply special snowflakes for doing so. Spending their tourist dollars in a foreign land and then patting themselves on the back over it. You've got to be kidding me that this thing got awards. People really must not get out much.

    1. edgedweller

      as opposed to what - watching the latest twilight series? at least they went out and helped people and communities in need, your latin american escapades probably involve cheap margaritas and tequila...or why would you need to chop them down. Its not what they did, what color skin they have or how under-over privileged they are; its the message that counts. The world needs more ppl like them and less ppl like you

    2. Sarah Fillmore

      This documentary glorifies people who don't deserve to be glorified. Backpacking American 'bros' like this putzing around South America are a dime a dozen with their little volunteering stints, patting themselves on the back. Only difference is these dudes filmed the whole thing for the glory. It's like one big narcissistic selfie
      There are actually real people out there in the trenches doing real good without a camera constantly pointed at themselves. How do I know? Because I'm one of them. 5 years in a rural African village, 2 in the poorest region of the Amazon in Brazil trying to improve their education system and help prevent disease. No selfles or videos tho, sorry, because it isn't actually about ME. That's the difference. I've watched soooo many "bros" of this type pass on thru, dig the well for a couple days, get their selfles, congratulate themselves, and then go home. Sickening. I was hoping for something deep and instead I got this crap. Again, if you are a person who was impressed by this doc, you must really not get out much.

    3. edgedweller

      why are you trying to be better than them? wasnt impressed but good on them, you on the other hand might've not had a camera on you for all your proclaimed good deeds but you sure as announcing your contribution was better...which really indicates you have a small mind that has plenty to grow>maybe write to top documentaries, let them know how it didnt hit your expectations and how good you are and ask for a refund? :)

    4. oQ

      from a person who wrote: "I'm in the UAE and making piles of $$. I was a full time adjunct at a CC in the States. I've nearly doubled my salary, it's tax-free too, 5-star furnished accommodations, close to 20-weeks paid vacay per year, annual plane tickets home (for whole family), bonuses, freely given PD money, fewer teaching hours, free medical & dental etc. When will you ever be treated that well at home? Never. Not even a full-time tenured Ivy League prof gets a life that cushy. More than half of my colleagues who relocated to my univ. have come with families. Their kids are all in top international schools now and employers pay for it."
      Sure sounds like you're suffering out there!

    5. Sarah Fillmore

      How exactly do you think I paid for the 30,000K education debt I ended up with after a masters degree in the US? Sorry, mommy & daddy didn't cover it. That's how the richy-rich backpackers kids did. Some of us aren't so privileged. I had to get the Arab oil money to pay for it so that I can continue teach and live in impoverished nations. Now, ahem, tell me again about how YOU are adding to the world again??? By the way, pretty sad you had to sift thru old comments I posted. Is there really nothing better you have to do? Have a nice life!

    6. a_no_n

      Someone hasn't heard of poverty tourism.

    7. Michel Polnicky

      So Sarah
      Tell me what have you done with your life so far that is so incredible that in some way gives you the right to judge so freely what these guy's have done, I don't hold the truth and don't pretend to do...but if theres one thing I have learn in my 58 years is when you act with compassion (meaning wanting nothing in return) it alway's comes around in one way or other.
      And where have you been my darling young one
      -Bob Dylan-

  3. tim

    I truly enjoyed this doc as I found it refreshing compared to to many docs showing the depravity of man. Bravo for these young men for wanting to make a difference,but I fear the truth is that the money they and others spent on this trip would have been better spent if it had been sent to the charitable organizations and they hired locals to do the simple manual labour these men did, but their intentions were certainly honorable.
    If the cast reads this don't let the little people with little minds with just negative comments get you down, it's usually just out of envy.

  4. toocrazy

    Apparently these folks have not heard of Denali or Mt. McKinley which is 20,321 feet. There are several peaks in the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado that has more than five peaks above14,000 feet. So I don’t understand the comment that Mt. Aconcagua the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalaya. Misinformation so how did they get an award?

    1. AssHat900

      The same way most of us do. Be white and have money.

    2. Glen

      I think you need to check your facts. Aconcagua is the highest peak outside of the Himalaya. It stands at 23,837 feet. I would say a bit higher than Denali.

  5. Laird Beevor

    Thanks guys. Truly inspiring.