Beyond and Back

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Beyond and BackBeyond And Back is a 1978 documentary released by Sunn Classic Pictures that deals with the subject of near death experiences. This was one of the first movies to explore this subject and pose the question "Is there life after death".

The feature film was narrated by Brad Crandall and claimed to have used actual accounts of what researchers now refer to as near-death experiences or NDE's. Generally speaking, a patient who has experienced an NDE has clinically "died" (lost some or all vital signs) but then has been revived through the use of modern medical technology or procedures (such as CPR). Some people who have experienced an NDE have given very vivid accounts of their experiences which, in turn, has caused some in the medical field to take interest and initiate research projects into the phenomenon. For example, when Ernest Hemingway was a young soldier serving in World War I, he was badly wounded by an exploding shell during a battle. He claimed to have felt his soul leave his body, fly around for a bit, and then he returned. The famed author later drew upon this actual experience in his novel A Farewell to Arms.

Many others told of going through a long dark tunnel and seeing a bright light at the other end that they knew was a divine being. They spoke of seeing a review of their entire lives and knowing that they were being given a second chance to return to their former lives. This feature further revealed a study that the producers claimed had been done by scientists involving terminal patients. These dying people were said to have been placed on a special bed attached to a sensitive scale. Doctors determined that in each case there was a loss of a few ounces at the exact moment of death. The doctors were said to have wondered if that could possibly have been the soul leaving the body.

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  1. Murali

    old one but great...

  2. bobbie
  3. bobbie

    not bad. Just the suicide part was a lil over the top.

  4. Keith
  5. Keith

    "all religions teach that after death we go to heaven or hell, and the faithful accept this as fact." that is hilariously simple and wrong

  6. Heather
  7. Heather

    I died, and I'm here to tell you- there is no tunnel, no light, no heaven and no hell.
    Death is nothing to be scared of, but it's not exactly a carnival of souls either. It's sort of like when you are in between sleep and wakefulness, but there is a feeling of being very far away from everything that used to matter.

    And now I'm happy to know I am not going to hell, because that's just a fairy tale! Whew.

  8. Valerie
  9. Valerie

    wow this is some terrible acting

  10. Philosopher²
  11. Philosopher²

    I LoLed at the idea of weighing ether consciousness. Sorry to inform you guys that the soul weighs out at absolute zero. If you could scientifically prove that an eternal soul existed, you would literally f--k up the whole point of the physical universe itself, so stop even trying you Kali Yuga dipshits... God does everything in the physical universe through the use of said universe. If a person stops thinking with their lump of fat for only 3 short seconds, their life on earth may have meant something tangible.

  12. Simon
  13. Simon

    Watched for 15mins and then got annoyed with the bad acting, and out dated filming. Maybe a more modern doc would be better.

  14. MIchael22541
  15. MIchael22541

    Awesome! it brings back memories of my childhood, and the "startrek music" was right out Jr. High. I loved it, keep them coming.

  16. Cameron Fall
  17. Cameron Fall

    I was in a deadly acciident and I was administered some morphine which fact gave me the impression to be in heaven but I was in dreamland. The shock that can come from the violence of an accident can affect the working of the mysterious human brain and lead to have experiences of a fantastic nature incomprehensible by human beings themselves. These experiences are no actual trips to heaven and they also may be of a Satanic nature to delude those who will not rest their faith in the word of God.When you die, you are dead, lifeless; when you live, you are,it's as simple as that.

  18. xooox
  19. xooox

    Put off at first because it's old, but persevered and found it quite interesting.

  20. revolva
  21. revolva

    maybe they should have used dead people to act in this movie. They would have gotten a better performance out of them LOL

  22. patrick .........
  23. patrick .........

    First of all, morphine is a drug and you were not in heaven you simply experienced XTC. Second the brain creates illusions and halucinations, but if the brain is not active then the question remains how can people still experience things? You are utterly ignorant of the issue. The brain to halucinate has to function to create distortions in reality. The brain according to science is the sole creator of consciousness and experience, a disabled brain with no wave activity logically should have no experience.

    Another interesting fact is the correlations with experiences, experiences can be viewed as subjective and thus the creation of the experiencer but if experiences are corroborated with eachother than that is proof of a universal experience and not an individual illusion.

    Now I am not an expert on the after-life and neither are you so to dismiss the phenomena as the devils work is simply laughable.

    Do not revel in your delusion but try to find out the truth yourself, religion is man made and saying thus that one should rest their faith in the word of god is delusional as for you the word of god is the bible which is full of distortions and human constructs. If you would have complete trust in god as many of you religious people claim you would have no fear of death and you would bear no judgments and anger. But you do not trust in god so completely you only talk about devotion but you do not walk the talk.

    You don't need to prove your faith to me, I simply want you to stop deluding yourself into thinking that you actually have faith and that you are not parroting words given to you.

  24. C Ashley
  25. C Ashley

    Skeptics need to watch a Docu titled "Life After Life." It's also dated, but probably the best I've ever seen on this topic. The people tell of things happening to them, that can be explained no other way than a separation of the soul from the body.

  26. Steve
  27. Steve

    Another good one is called The Day I Died. I believe it can be found here as well.

  28. Anna Marlene Fowler
  29. Anna Marlene Fowler

    I have to make a comment here; if I may. I , at age five, had a drowning experience and what I saw, heard and felt can be backed up. You are bang on C Ashley. I could go on , and on.....
    M Fowler

  30. CherryBombpop
  31. CherryBombpop

    This one is worth watching for the bad hair and acting alone. Check out the horrible wig on Benjamin Franklin lol XD
    My dad technically died on the operating table in the early 70's, when I was a kid. He says he returned to his body only because he thought of my mom and us kids. He came home from the hospital telling virtually the same story as other people in the same situation. At the time he didn't know anything about near death experiences, so it wasn't by suggestion. I won't bore you with details but that experience was very profound for him, and it did change his life. He didn't become a saint by a long shot, but it did open his mind to spirituality and learning about things he had never had interest in before. And because that happened, and he told me death is nothing to fear, since that time I haven't been overly afraid of death. So it's a good thing I guess, whether it's real or a last moment hallucination. Either it's the brain protecting us from the reality of our dying moments, or it's real. Either way, I'm good with it. We will all go there in the end so it's not like we really need to wonder forever!

  32. itssome2011
  33. itssome2011

    It is real, not a delusion. There was a woman who was completely, brain dead, yet her soul heard the conversation of doctors whilst she was hovering over her dead body. The doctors knew, it would have been impossible for her physical body to hear anything at that stage. Her spirit heard. Don't let the devil delude you into not believing these things. They are real.

  34. itssome2011
  35. itssome2011

    Defo not fake. It's real. Don't believe the devil's lies and deceit. It doesn't want you to believe, because it doesn't want your soul to be saved. Turn to Jesus! ;')

  36. itssome2011
  37. itssome2011

    It's real. Many people also see spirits walking around on earth (I have) who mimick dead people but are actually demons deceiving people. It was real what I saw, no dream, and I had no drugs. It's sad how many skeptics there are in the world, even when they know the facts!!

  38. itssome2011
  39. itssome2011

    How do you explain people who see spirits on earth without drugs? I have, no drugs. It was real, full stop. It's patronising when people think we are making it up, and it's sad they don't believe. These things are real, demons can be deceitful, and convince you otherwise. It doesn't want a soul to be saved, so it will use deceit in this world to turn people away from God (goodness). I think it has done that already - look how corrupt the world is!! And the man in this documentary is explaining, his brain was 'dead for 9 minutes'!! It is impossible for him to use his brain at that point, it wasn't an hallucination.

  40. itssome2011
  41. itssome2011

    Don't be deceived thinking it was a hallucination. It isn't. People on earth see spirits on earth, (demons mimicking dead people, spirits) I have seen one WITHOUT drugs. Not a dream, it was real, end of!!! Please believe, don't be fooled by the devil's lies! So many things that can't be explained by the brain happen on earth, but can be explained spiritually. Never forget that.

  42. itssome2011
  43. itssome2011

    I can't believe people doubt even after watching this; we all have a soul people! There is an INSTANT weight loss when a person dies, it is confirmed (humans, not animals). This shows as higher beings when we die, our soul leaves your body. With animals, when their body dies their soul is destroyed with it (since they have no higher purpose on earth to complete).

  44. wt1776
  45. wt1776

    Wow. Delusional.

  46. Abay
  47. Abay

    I saw this documentary film before 22 years ago for certain minutes next I was searching this documentary film again for 20 years thank You for top documentary film web site really it is a lesson who can understand the kindnesses of God that we shouldn't scared about death .
    Than You
    Abay Melesse from Ethiopia

  48. TheRevolution Hascome
  49. TheRevolution Hascome

    I've been wanting desperately to see this again. I saw it in the theater as a kid and it profoundly affected me. I've been looking online for it and tried to get a copy since the 90's. Just saw it on YouTube, this movie still totally rocks.

  50. joedsavage
  51. joedsavage

    Nice.Haven't seen this in years. One more amazing thing is the narrators helmut like toupee.

  52. pwndecaf
  53. pwndecaf

    Filmed in Utah - go figure!

  54. Robbie
  55. Robbie

    Fantastic movie. would like to purchase it. can somebody help please? Robbie

  56. LULU
  57. LULU

    I have been with dozens and dozens of people when they died,especially during the Aides crisis. Almost all of them died with a a sweet smile. I cannot believe it was a bad or empty experience.

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