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Beyond Me

Beyond MeFrom the author: This is a documentary I've produced that is about consciousness, evolution and instincts. Sor far, I'm receiving one of two different reactions to this film. There's not a lot of middle ground. It's either, A) I love the way you've weaved this together seamlessly in a way that makes perfect sense, and B) I hate to be rude but this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. What the hell are you trying to say?

All I can ask is that if this doesn't make sense, let it sink in for a day or two and watch it again. It's a very different perspective on life from what you're used to and may take some getting used to. If you enjoy it and find it thought provoking, please share it with a few of your closest friends, colleagues and family members.

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  1. What you are saying is a rudimentary copy of ideas found in Ouspensky's 4th Way system. You should at least show some "advanced" consciousness by acknowledging the source from where you got your "wisdom." It is truly beyond me [pun intended] why you begin talking about something that has been said before ad nauseam without explaining where you first got it from; it is clear that you are not reinventing the wheel, are you? Also meditation is not the end, it is only a transitory, temporal crutch, so to speak, to help us gain some silence in the mind; once one can hold silence in the mind at will for protracted periods of time then meditation--or sitting on your butt for hours--- has to be dropped and something else comes up front; of course, I am not going to say what that something else is; I am not interested to say it in this forum.

  2. comment 1 of 2
    I read just a couple comments that has me interested in watching the video. Im curious as why plsmscientist,uch an unnecessary dramatic comment.

    There are many theories about human existence with little or no evidence. Understanding mind, body, and soul, can only be achieved with great imagination and knowing ananything is possible. Therefore im going in open-minded.

  3. <3 Thank You Sir! now to my cushion :-)

  4. Here we are again, another religion nonsense. This guy is telling the story as he knows the truth, and shows no real evidence of what he is stating. I think some people at some point in life experience an unplesant event which drive them to construct beliefs which are based on absolutely nothing but they need this belief to survive. As an example of reincarnation he shows a butterfly that travels 2500 miles. So the butterflies are reincarnated and already now the map. Absurd!!Then it shows the example of the child (also was lucky enough to live another life) who states his alleged previous life. Given the fact that the human brain is sometimes extremely unreliable we only are conscious of a fraction of what we see and hear. So to prove this case you need much more than a fox news. I also feel it's dangerous to give the people an idea of reincarnation as they seem not to be careful and smart enough to take care of themselves and especially of their children.

  5. This documentary gives a real insight to our consciousness and beyond.

  6. Thought provoking. The subjects covered do not occur in a physical world sense beyond our consciousness. But the light interpretations without the overly dramatic conspiracy "can you believe it" approach does open up windows to the enlightened mind. That is a mind that can see these kinds of movements in the totality of our existence doesn't make them factually true, none the less they come out in ways that reveal how profoundly more capable we are as individuals connected through all our humanity if we take on these journeys of self discovery.

    I would say a good job for what it is. Don't read into it to deep and you might find something about yourself that you would never think is in you. Flaky spiritual guys preaching are just as valid as close minded dogmatic guys preaching. Can you find the truth in the middle that exists somewhere between thoughts and the vast space of our consciousness. The goal is to see all of it. Not one or the other, but one as the other just the same without getting lost in the differences that divide us with a mind that can't perceive and act without seeing contrasts and making connections, true or false they are mostly beliefs you hold onto to say I am an individual who is different than everybody else, so believe me because i don't like being alone? Can you see how none of it makes sense until you make sense of it all.
    Christopher Dillon, Bklyn, NY

  7. Reincarnation? Or is it simply epigenetics - where our parents, Grand-parents, and even great Grandparents life factors, triggered gene switches, either on or off? Under the SCIENCE category of this site, 'THE GHOST IN OUR GENES' gives this as the proven finding. Reincarnation then, can only be seen as a mere belief system, in the smae way 'God' is a mere belief system, with 'God' simply being the end outcome of even more primitive belief systems. And although a belief system might be nice, as 'fairies at the bottomof the garden', 'Santa Claus', or 'Pots of gold at the end of rainbows' are nice, this niceness doesn't make anything true.

  8. The Reincarnation Theory was clearly explained in this last centuary in the book of "DIVINE PRINCIPLES". Sorry for many to say, but God give us only once the chance to live here on Earh! Our soul is however unique and eternal!. The past lifes experiences many people testify to remember so clearly is not because they would be in real reincarnated souls, but that they created special connection with their ancestor who experienced something on Earth, but didn't resolved for themself, so need help from other soul, most likely in the same blood lineage to resolve it for them. Most important in human life is THE LOVE. With True love, we can help to resolve things - as clear on the boy who from the heart of love offered the flowers to the one who was martired- suddenly died in war plain ower Japan :)
    This can teach us big new revelation - we should live our only our lifes carefully, responsibly toward God, others and ourselves with TRUE LOVE. Since it is True Love which determines our future in the world beyond this one we know- our next yeourney.

    1. Some of this documentary is very corny, illogical and preachy - however there are some good questions asked and points made too. Nobody knows how reincarnation might work (including Jesus). So it remains an open question but remember, the traditional Jews (Hasidics) hold to it as did most peoples before christinaity converted the pagans at the edge of a sword.

  9. Reincarnation theory is clearly explaned in Divine Principles.
    ....Sorry to say, but we have only once the chance to be born in physical body, howewer our ancestors who dwell in sp. world can spiritually come and influence our mind, so we remember not our past life, but theirs :) It is very logical and clear! Halelujah OG Mansei !.....So lets live our lifes responsibly and as most lovingly !

  10. Wonderful. Gratitude. Namaste.

  11. almost an hour later, you must be off....may be an other time!

  12. I decided to embed this quote from the introduction to the Stanford University link on epistemology in their encyclopedia of philosophy here:

    "Defined narrowly, epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief. As the study of knowledge, epistemology is concerned with the following questions: What are the necessary and sufficient conditions of knowledge? What are its sources? What is its structure, and what are its limits? As the study of justified belief, epistemology aims to answer questions such as: How we are to understand the concept of justification? What makes justified beliefs justified? Is justification internal or external to one's own mind? Understood more broadly, epistemology is about issues having to do with the creation and dissemination of knowledge in particular areas of inquiry. This article will provide a systematic overview of the problems that the questions above raise and focus in some depth on issues relating to the structure and the limits of knowledge and justification."

    I hope you will indulge me and not criticize me for being overly academic. I'm so sensitive to charges of "egg-headism"...not!

  13. I commented a couple of days ago to Paulo's great piece that he wrote Larry....and I still can not see it up...........was there something that you didn't find correct that it is censored ?

    1. @Peter Vizel,

      Probably it was not published since it contained a link to 404 (non existent page).

      I've corrected the link and your comment is up.

  14. great stuff. I totally agree with you.

  15. To all the people arguing about who is a prophet and who isn't, who is the greatest and who is the less great, you missed the point of this doco - as it was said - all holy books point and proport the same message, all prophets delivered the same messages, they all point to peace, love and a creator. Also, if these people never existed, which is like saying the kings and queens of history never existed, due to man writing about them and we can't trust the histrory books, thats ludicrous, these people did exist, read up properly on history, looking into religous history and history general, they are linked, no one has ever suggested that bhuddah, muhammad, jesus etc.. never existed, where ever you heard this info, from a school teacher or someone else, they are filling your mind with falsehoods.... Go out and seek the info, do not rely on others to enlighten you. Read your ancient history, travel and explore... to sum up that over 6000 years of scripture was not written by the people in religous history, is rediculous.

  16. but ill meditate tonight

  17. on to the sequel

  18. bogus

  19. I have a relative who has a strange woundlike birthmark and seemed to remember past life events as a kid, just like the cases described by Ian Stevenson. And I think that a very dear person reincarnated to maybe prove to me that this is real.

    And yet .. I have problems imagining that single-cell organisms or butterflies have something like consciousness. And I think that the quantum computer cell membranes are pure speculation. As yet. And still, sometimes I ask myself, how come that my "eternal" consciousness can be "suspended" just like that in dreamless sleep or under anaesthesia? Where does it go and why do I not know where it goes?

    But on the other hand ... before that experience with my relative, I considered the concept of reincarnation as pure wishful thinking. So why not...

    Nice film, btw. I think the duck liked it too :-)

  20. Great documentary. I'm looking forward to the next.

  21. I loved this and found it to be inspiring. I thought the references between computers and the human body were an awesome way to put things into laymans terms. I always read some comments before watching a doc and I just have to say to "Andre Taris" you seemed to go into watching this video with a chip already on your shoulder and as far as the ignorant comment about the guys shaggy hair, I know and am related to ALOT of peole who ride Harley's that would love for you to say that comment in front of them. ;)

  22. this is great! thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi there

    I really loved your documentary and there were fantastic messages and ideas there. Just one point which I felt very perplexed by. Did you research the life of Mohammed before including him with other mentioned enlightened beings such as Buddah? Mohammed actually was a military figure who pilaged, plundered and wrought havoc on unsuspecting people wherever his armies invaded.

    1. ummmm....thats an interesting comment. you seem intelligent so i'm going to assume that you've actually read a biography of the greatest man of all time, and have decided to write badly of him after having some knowledge. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was the greatest enlightened being to ever walk the earth.. if you are interested in truth then you should do more research and learn that any war he thought was in self defense and any victory he gained would result in him showering his mercy upon the conquered people... if you watch documentaries like this then obviously your saying you want the truth, so why speak badly about a person which over 1billion people would give there life for in one blink of an eye, without proper knowledge?

    2. It is a matter of opinion. I'm not trying to be rude but there are over 1billion people who think that Mohammad was not a prophet. There is no proof of him or anyone named Jesus being really what they are portrayed to have been. Buddah, Jesus, Mohammad.....It is a matter of opinion and legend as far as it being history, then we have only the word of man. Mankind tends to lie to make what they 'believe' seem more real to others.

    3. @thisismypamemail..... very good point... i guess we can never truelly be sure either way, because we were not there ourselves, the only person who can be certain is someone who recieves the information from a sure source, in which no doubt is possible... that sure source, if it exists, who can guide us to it? our only hope not the signs left behind from those like Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be upon them), who although their stories have been changed by many over the centuries, some specks of truth still shine through... ? or should we believe everything told to us by scientists who are constantly redefining themselves and changing their mind, or documentary makers who are probably basing their work on others without knowing for sure themselves either... ;-)

    4. I agree, you would have to lack proper knowledge to give your life in the blink of an eye for a single bodily embodiment of consciousness like one person.

    5. Actually, if you really study the life of Muhammad, you will find that he was far from what you mentioned about him. He said "I was sent as a Mercy to all Mankind" and his behavior exemplified prophetic humility, kindness and compassion. Please be careful about reading books about Muhammad by non-scholarly non Muslim sources as there is blatant orientalist bias in those works. A great book to start with: Martin Ling's biography of Muhammad entitle "Muhammad".

    6. Deut 20: 10-19

  24. Fantastic doco! Thanks for your very good interpretation in modern english of our current existance. From what I've come across in my present life and exprepriences thus far this is as close to an understandable explanation as anything else I've felt, seen or read.
    For those that don't get it or might feel upset, fear not(not in a religious way) it's only a matter of time and will understand, your just not ready yet.
    Andre, you still have a lot to learn about physics but do agree with you on the pan flute. Your Christian intolerent upbringing is coming thro laud and clear.

  25. Andre, talk about narrow minded...

  26. Seriously what a load of dribble. Don't waste your time if its credible information and sources your looking for. Scientific facts of quantum and molecular physics are discussed then all of a sudden the narration deviates to non related emotive opinions about spirits and possessed children. I was so disappointed in what was been portrayed as scientific fact that I looked up Ian Stevens MD. He indeed wasted half a life time on non credible experiments and narrow viewed / biased studies. None of which are peer reviewed. He writes books, not academic papers.

    I was laughing the whole film. Not to mention the terminator two movie reference and the Fox news style story about physco parents who get their kid to pretend he is a reincarnated ww2 fighter pilot. HA!

    This documentary tries to apply human order and reason to naturally occurring events, when the author has absolutely no idea how insignificant humans are on both the atomic and galactic scales.

    And seriously if you are trying to be credible and not come across as some cosmic religious cult, ditch the pan flute soundtrack.

    Also, what is with the mute or nil volume just when the only interview made for the film was been played? Trying to play down what is actually said?

    Get a hair cut dude, you might actually be able to see the real world around you. Open your eyes and you trim your shaggy fringe.

    Physics is based on true observation and experimentation, this movie is not. It is based on three articles by obsessive american men stuck in the last century.

    1. i think you should try meditation.

    2. Meditation yes. Also, Confucius says, "All mouthbreathers must study grammar before letting mouthbomb go off". I think he meant that it goes to source credibility.

    3. Andre, you sound really angry, and to suggest humans as insignificant in regards to atomic and galatic scales, you merged two areas here, and humanity is very significant in relation to the world and the space around them. The author never suggested he was a peer reviewed scientist, so I have no idea where you pulled that from. He has taken views from others in relation to quantum and particle physics and related it to the cells and DNA of humans, this isn't new info, but it was sliced and diced together very well. The reference to the film ( terminator), is used as an analogy that people can relate to, its a clever way of explaining something simply. You seemed to get bogged down in a negative view, right down to the music, the overall message here, is to show the connectedness of people and nature and the universe, and yes perhaps meditation will calm you down and give your reasoning a better chance at being open to how others present information to a wider audience.

  27. ok so what about psychopaths? They have no do we get rid of them?

  28. Thank you Frank for an honest, generous job.

  29. Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks so much for inviting me to watch.

  30. This should be a thoroughly personal experience only to be shared with others when the receiver seeks such knowledge. But in the west, we suffer from an evangelical zeal that prevent us from being still. A friend of mine who once made a pilgrimage to Tibet and has spent many months seeking knowledge among Tibetan monks once told me he had a hard time having any of the monks instruct him on how to mediate. When he asked them to teach him how to meditate, most would respond, 'I don't know much as I am only a student. Go ask so and so (referring to another monk)'. At first, he thought this was a form of avoidance. Later he learned that the monks meant what they said, despite the fact that most have lived as monks for decades.

    In fact one of the most common Buddhist sayings is 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'. Perhaps a documentary video in the abyss of the internet is a teacher waiting to appear. I still find it counterproductive that the eastern thoughts have taken an evangelical tone in our culture.

  31. Excellent...thank you.

  32. Excellent...thank you.

  33. Simply brilliant! Thank you.

  34. Finally got to watch the doc, did not work for me on the old system, nothing really new to me, already knew most of this stuff!
    But, the doc was presented very well and I enjoyed it.

  35. i really enjoyed this one, i feel sorry for all the people who doesn't get it. then again, that's their loss, albeit i wish they could understand.

  36. @no body~
    Interesting stuff.
    So hey... I'm due back on earth in 10 minutes...OK?
    Seeya later aligator.

  37. @no body,

    Yes people are starving world wide, why don't you tell them your secrets on how to survive without money, or care from other people.

    Depends on how long you want to live, because of science combating all types of illnesses, people now can live longer than 30-40 years, the longevity rates rises exponentially with new advances in medical science.

    1. whose is going to able to afford to live that long?

  38. Lesson for you youngins, easy to control body but control mind and her body will follow. Fact on many levels.

    1. someone wrote :"change your mind and your asss will follow".

  39. No body

    That's the most rediculous statement I've heard inba long time...and yes science medicine and mind over matter all effect the body and fight illness,but religious superstition poisons that which controls the body. ...the mind.

    Answer vlatko please. ....don't run from a hypothetical concept based on your assumption. Back up what you say friend.

  40. I am not a body.

    You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs. You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off disease and death. You really think you are alone unless another body is with you.

    It is insanity that thinks these things. You call them laws, and put them under different names in a long catalogue of rituals that have no use and serve no purpose. You think you must obey the "laws" of medicine, of economics and of health. Protect the body, and you will be saved.

    These are not laws, but madness. The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself. The body suffers just in order that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself. The body's suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers. It would not understand it is its own enemy; that it attacks itself and wants to die. It is from this your "laws" would save the body. It is for this you think you are a body.

  41. Vipassana* (copy and paste fail, the last "a" has a line over it)

  42. we all need Vipassan? (or our own personal equivalent). find and watch "The Dhamma Brothers" for a taste of the powerful effects of quiet, still, personal reflection. id hate to send people to a different website but the doc isnt here... check icefilms.

  43. @vlatko

    Applause** Excellent concept....i am eager for a response. Great question.

    That's why vlatko gets the big money....

  44. @nobody

    Yea, 101 made no sense. Where you implying that we don't exist besides in our own minds and the universe,this, our mind. Because we are scared of ourselves?

    All one? Area you refering to us as entangled , from the (?) Singularity???

    Yeah rethink,and rephrase. I tried to decipher. No go.

  45. oh..........ok.. that's fine...have fun chasing the wild goose.

  46. @no body:

    It is apparent you cannot answer properly without resorting to cliche's.

    In other words, you do not have a clue.

  47. @no body~
    No, you misunderstand. I didn't say that you WERE upset. I said, somewhat lightly, "before you get upset" and then I hastened to add a disclaimer so you wouldn't think that I was referring to you. OK?
    Also, what the h*ll are you saying in comment #[101]? I read it three times and it's over my head.

  48. to whom it may concern,
    there is no answer out there that will ever intellectually satisfy you. only the ego seeks for such answers, to the ego the answer is always out there, outside of you, out in the universe of false perception.

    seeking for answers outside of ones self is futile and a wild goose chase.

    there is only one problem and only one answer.

  49. @no body:

    Projected in our minds? Perhaps.

    But everything is still out there, whether we are here or not, we do not see our reality as it really is with our limited 5 senses.

    We have a translated picture from our visual cortex via the light from our retina's which causes electrical signals in our brains to give the illusion of what is out there. Keeping in mind though, nothing went away, it would still be out there even if humans where not here. And there is nothing to fear, except fear itself, or what most religions instill.

    It would be a vast sea of unrealized quantum probabilities in the quantum foam. Energy that cannot be destroyed.

  50. @Larry Nine
    I am not upset at all, quite the opposite I'm having fun.
    i just wanted to share my first hand experience.

    the very fact that you interpreted my comment as coming from someone who is upset only proves your own state of mind.

    how are you able to distinguish my state of mind except through your own.

  51. I'm not sure if this answer will be satisfactory so i will be very blunt:

    there is no other humans out there, not really. there is only one collective mind projecting the entire illusion.

    it's like this:

    you are very fearful, not you personally the collective "you" which is you and me and everyone else that "appears" to be on this planet.

    i am sure you have heard of the expression "we are one"

    that's true.

    when the separation from our source "appeared" to happen "you" became very afraid, and because of its proximity within the mind, "you" needed away to escape from this fear. so in an attempt to escape this fear "you" projected an entire universe that "seems" to be outside of "you"

    so now the fear is out there, outside of "you", there appears to be some distance. so now all of "your" illusory problems which is rooted in fear appears to be outside of you. projected outside the mind.

    the "separation" never happened, it only appeared to happen "you" can never be completely disconnected from "your" source.

  52. @no body~
    However limited my everyday perception of 'reality' in phenomenological terms ( there's a $3 word!), I'm going to stick with it as my main source of facts. I don't think it's at all useful to throw out the evidence gleaned from that perspective in favor of some preternatural, dream-like musings that may even be the detritus of personal psychopathology.
    PS: Before you get upset with me---I'm not suggesting this is true in your case, but it could happen easily to a lot of flying carpet riding Swamis out there.

  53. This film has brought up some great discussions in here....there are some very aware people who are able to look far beyond what our "bloated nothingness" tells us! I love it! We are so limited in our thinking, because so many are only able to believe only what they believe, and not willing to learn or even realize there is so much more than what we hold within our limited minds. Great discussion folks!

  54. @Larry Nine
    you speak of evidence,let me tell you something about evidence.there is tons of evidence, but in your present state of awareness, you can only be aware of a tiny portion of it.

    if you seek for evidence outside of yourself you will never be satisfied. the whole world that you see outside of you is presented to you via your 5 bodily senses which in and of itself is so very limited.

    i can speak from first-hand account: i have been in deep meditative states which allowed me to be in the awareness of
    safety, comfort, awe and a love so immense that to describe in words is impossible.

    i know that this universe is a vast illusion. i know that there is life beyond the body. what you see outside of yourself is the witness to your state of mind, it's the outside picture of an inward condition.

    and i know all of this not because of "evidence" it's because of knowledge.

    1. @no body,

      I was always intrigued by the claims of people who meditate that they know the real universe, that this existence is an illusion, that there is a life beyond the body etc.

      It is true that the whole world that we see outside of us is presented to us via our 5 bodily senses which in and of itself is so very limited. However with the "technological extensions" we can explore the world beyond that. Into the atoms and out to the universe. Our senses are limited but the "technological senses" are becoming virtually limitless as the time goes by.

      I presume you attained enlightenment, since you're aware of the "true nature". So I was wondering about one hypothetical situation: What happens if all humans on earth attain enlightenment? That would logically cause the shot down of every philosophical thought and scientific/technological advancement which would lead to a quick rollback to a primitive society. I was wondering how will you comment this situation?

  55. @Paulo~
    I am quite open to different ideas as long as they follow from both reason and evidence. If they don't then no other form of persuasion will convince me of their truth. I will will never, ever betray that creed.

    1. so are you saying that until someone comes up with an idea and shows evidence for will never ever ever come up with, or state a yet unproved idea yourself?

    2. That is a very good comment Az.

  56. Look Lary, i could answer to that comment but it is pointless to discuss that. What matters its not dark matter, what matters is to be open enough to accept different thoughts because that's the only real way of growth. We will only be able to change something around us for better if we believe different possibilities.

    Cheers man

  57. @Paulo~
    No, you are wrong. It's filled with dark matter and microwave radiation. In fact, 99% of 'space' is saturated with it. Look it up if you doubt me.

  58. I stand by everything I said about this documentary and its fantastical claims about extra-sensory phenomena. I wouldn't change a word.

  59. @Paulo great post, awesome, loved it

  60. That was one of the best posts I've read on here Paulo or Bill Hicks.....

    "Dont let yourselves get blinded by your own perspectves because everyone holds a piece of truth."

    "And i have a question to those who lable others as new age believers as if it was something bad: should we be old age believers and keep our brains in the past?"

    Great thoughts, and thanks for expressing them. Thank you!

  61. To Lary Nine

    Its amazing the amount of skepticism around issues that might free ourselves from a limited understanding of the world and existence. These people should stop to think about the following, wich is nothing new: if we take history as a guide we will quickly find that any claim that went against the major paradigm of a certain time in history would be labled as bullshit or non-sense. Take Galileo for example. And so many more. My point is that we shouldnt refute what we cant understand because that is the greatest proof of lack of intelect. Lets not let ourselves fall into scientific dogma as others fell in the religious dogma. Science is a way of understanding and it evolves through paradigm revolutions, wich is the same as saying that every "truth" might, and most likely, become a lie. Dont let yourselves get blinded by your own perspectves because everyone holds a piece of truth. And i have a question to those who lable others as new age believers as if it was something bad: should we be old age believers and keep our brains in the past? Or should we evolve as the world moves towards and give a chance to new possibilities of solution to problems that didnt find one with current paradigms? I have an MD in development psychology and i really believe that people should try to find diferent solutions to their psychologycal issues beside pills. As someone said in a comment here, lets thank the 25%(or even 0,1%) of truth that this doc might hold and focus on develop it, instead of invest our time criticizing and finding ways of denying it. I believe the world doesnt evolve to a better place because people spend to much time criticizing and fighting each other to find who owns The Truth. There is no such thing as The Truth, there are many truths and different levels of truth. With all this i am not saying that i believe reincarnation, but it is a interesting possibilitie. And to Larry Nine, yes the universe is filled with dark matter and microwave radiation, but still 99% of the universe is empty. So what is the point of your argument if it doenst refute what the guy said? And for your information, dark matter is also speculation, a speculation that came from the need to understand how gravity works in the universe and how could the universe stay toghether with such a small amount of known matter. A speculation so legitimate as any other made in the pursue of greater understanding. And what is the problem of wanting to be something like a Buddha and live in more harmony with what surrounds you? Why should we criticize so much? Relax and enjoy it, cause life is just a ride(Bill Hicks)

    1. "...but still 99% of the universe is empty..."
      No it's not. It's permeated in all dimensions with the ghostly remnants of the creation moment...even space itself is not empty. The only thing that is empty is non-existence itself. BTW. Dark matter is hardly speculation. When you say that it tells me that your definition of science as a method of knowing is quite informal...which is perfectly alright with me. I've been studying and observing, thinking and writing about science for 50 years. It's a way of life for me. I also am a Buddhist in philosophy and practice. Also, I'm quite relaxed and feel quite harmonized with the world around me. I've always achieved that by seeking to understand it. But sometimes, I go a little "ape-sh*t" from it in mixed company ...after all, we are the "wise apes".
      PS: Perhaps I ought to watch it again. It may be intended as science poetry of the soul rather than hard science.

  62. I refuse to waste my time going down the primrose path of pseudo-science with wanna-be New Age Buddhas who have a slight facility with science terminology. The evidence offered and the reasoning that supports it is fuzzy and illogical as it elides back and forth between science and supernaturalism. If the little boy, who is the alleged 'proof' of reincarnation, was genuine, Duke University would've had him in their labs of paranormal studies immediately! Millions in federal grants would support the research. Why isn't this happening? One guess.

    PS: Space is not vast emptiness nor all "vacuous" as the narrator said. It's filled with 'dark matter' and microwave radiation--- fallout from the Big Bang. If he's going play Nirvana-laced three card monty, he should stay informed of breakthroughs in cosmology.

  63. I am loads of nothing floating around total nothingness.

  64. ben your unbelievable!

  65. he has a camel toe in the first scene.

  66. so fair play to the author...

  67. might be some things i would partially agree upon, and doc tends to kinda dissolve a bit towards the meditation part, but have to say there's absolutely nothing unsustainable behind any of these theories, the only problem is that there is loads of new age white noise out there, which makes the fertile ground for dangerous coo-coos conveying misinterpreted messages out there causing people to laugh at any attempt of expanding their mind beyond shopping mall existence, just by simple logical glimpse it's not hard to see that it's all natural evolutionary progress revealing before our eyes. it's the end of one cycle (not the bloody end of the world) and progress is just becoming faster and more obvious, time when all technology, medicine, philosophy physics and spirituality will synergistic-ally correlate and give us the ultimate paradigm (and tools) of our living.

  68. PLEASE change the lame ass description. If we are interested in what people have to say - we will read the COMMENTS section.

    The purpose of the description is to succinctly DESCRIBE the content of the documentary.

  69. @ ponderman

    You are leaving out a very important factor in the evolution equation, natural selection. Once it is applied to random mutation there is plenty of time for the creatures we see to have evolved. The best experiment I have seen to prove this is the one were they throw 4 dice and try to get a six on each one. If you just keep throwing the dice over and over it takes a very long time for them to all come up on six, but if you leave the ones that do come up six each time then re-roll only the ones that do not, you can achieve your goal fairly quickly. This is just like natural selection letting favorable traits be reproduced, before long you will see a marked difference in the population in question.

    That said, I watched a good documentary called homo futurus awhile back that hypothesizes there is some controlling mechanism steering evolution. They studied a certain bone at the base of our skull as the line of homonids that became us evolved. It seemed as if this bone had been modified in a similar way each time we took an evolutionary step forward to the present. So, by figuring out the way it was bending and to what degree it bent each step up the evolutionary ladder they attempt to predict what we may look like in the distant future.

    I prescribe to the random mutation steered only by natural selection model myself, but to each their own. Well, that is as long as the hypothesis is not completely illogical or proven to be out right wrong at some point. You should check out the doc I was referring to, facinating stuff. It doesn't make any guesses as to what mechanism controls mutations nor suggest some omnipotent consciousness is responsible, it simply points out evidence that mutations within our species have went in a certain direction, as far as this certain bone is concerned. Of course that has much deeper implications than it sounds, as this bone has much to do with our spinal chord and posture- which has a tremendous amount to do with the mechanics of our nervous system and skeletal structure. Isn't science wonderful!!

  70. Beautiful......I throughly enjoyed this documentary and it is refreshing to know that there are like minded people around me..........enjoy!

  71. Kudos for posting this. Just because people aren't willing to learn doesn't mean you should let them hold you back with them.

  72. Marvellous! In India almost everyone knows about this. And some people here know the art of taking other people into there previous life. I experienced this kind of thing in Sri Sri Ravishankar's 'Art of living' course called eternity process.

  73. Enjoyed. Just what I needed to get my brain jump-started after a week sick in bed watching TV all day...

  74. I love the images and natural panoramas and it's a very PRETTY documentary in form and thought.i wish I could be less of a skeptic,however I respect this kind of thinking in others.I have an open mind to at least hearing this out even if it is not my cup of tea..thanks for another viewpoint to mull over!

  75. just following up on the Darwin discussion and random mutation, Ive never believed the mutations occurred randomly. Ive always fealt something withing the DNA was directing the changes. Not enough time in "earth years" for random mutation to create such sophisticated creatures. Take specie mimickery. How the hell does an insect mimick a thorn or a twig so perfectly by random mutations?

  76. A very inspiring film. Slightly theorised but well made. Although the cosmos is a field ruled by an energy field we can not see or feel. I think this makes our small and finite time on this small piece of rock even more inspiring. I do think we should ignore the bias of creation/evolution and look at this film on a philosophical level. Thank You Frank for the film and thank you Vlatko for a tremendous site.


  77. @Frank
    for what it's worth, I think you did an excellent job with this doc, i enjoyed it a lot.

  78. I don't believe anything and I know even less. Darwin didn't include in his theory any knowledge of reincarnation. How could he? Reincarnation is scientifically unprovable. To say that evolution comes solely as a function of the material world without factoring in consciousness into the equation and saying that it is just random chemical reaction that has created all life on earth is an incomplete perspective.

    Like Darwin, I am personally someone who has suffered most his whole life struggling with the criticisms I've received for sharing my thoughts, which usually are well outside the box. But just because Darwin worked hard and was at odds with both the church as well as the scientific community doesn't mean that his theory was 100% correct, does it? What does one have to do with the other? Look, his theories obviously brilliant but they were also incomplete. All I've done is complete his theory by blending in how universal consciousness carries with it programming that contributes to the process.

    1. With all due respect, nothing was new in your documentary...and then comparing your perspective ( I have to say again that is not new)with Darwin's work, is narcissistic.

  79. @frank
    i tried to email you but your e-mail link on your site requires me to have outlook express installed on my computer.if you wish to provide your e-mail address on this site i will reply. this will be my last post on this thread because i feel i am going too far off topic which is frowned upon and rightfully so

  80. @over the edge
    Please send me an email, I'd like to talk to you privately.

  81. @frank
    i don't think you are a jackass and i believe your intentions for this documentary are to only improve peoples lives. tranquility and understanding are both good goals to have and if you help others reach these things you should be commended. but (sorry there has to be a but) the main reason i commented in the first place was your comment and i quote "it wasn't random mutations that caused evolutionary growth "the core of darwins theory. not saying the insult was intentional but just as yourself and others feel the need to defend what you believe i feel the need to defend darwin. he struggled with his ideas knowing the criticism he would receive for his thoughts. he published his ideas for the good of humanity and to help people understand their place in nature. so how is it ok to say he is wrong and not ok to say you are wrong?

  82. wise words my friends, the timing this documentary was posted almost seems "freaky" with whats going on in my life, think i need to watch it a few more times untill it sinks in, but thanks!
    great doc!
    much love people

  83. Hi all,

    At the end of the day, Beyond Me is intended to carry with it a universal message of peace. I had no film making experience, no budget and no help and did the entire work myself in 8 weeks time. Forgive me if I may have gotten a point or two wrong. All I'm trying to do is help people.

    To attach the film is to attack this intention of bringing tranquility to the minds of people everywhere. It is completely beyond me why anyone would be against that.

    It doesn't matter if you disagree with some points, that you don't believe in reincarnation or you think I'm a jackass, what is important is that you take some time every day to go inward and learn to find true bliss and joy. It can be found no where else. Seek not, in the world without, what can only be found in the world within.

    (my email address is in the credits of the film; email me if you'd like to talk on the phone).

  84. @ over the edge

    To insult the product in this case is to insult the maker. The product was obviousely preciouse and dear to his heart, as well as to others. Disagreeing is one thing, I have my doubts with a small part of this doc myself, but there was no need to insult the product/maker. That said I never meant to single anyone out, I am sure you are a well meaning great person. I have enjoyed many of your posts in the past, and I am sure I will continue to.

    I have spoken with Frank personally, and I can assure you that everything he put in his documentarty he believes from the bottom of his heart to be true. He is far too genuine and honest to intentionally lie or mislead, he is really trying to help others. Peace brother, no hard feelings as far as I am concerned.

    P.s. Let me make something clear before someone gets confused. I do not speak for Frank in any official capacity. He invited anyone to email him above and is a very warm and welcoming person to talk with. However, please do not confuse my comments or opinions as his. I probably should not have taken upon myself to say anything about the comments. I am sure he wants to see peoples honest reactions, so please regard my comments as MY opinion and post whatever you like- of course.

  85. very good. the irony of peoples "ego", anger and hostility towards this documentaries concepts are quite humorous. namaste.

  86. reincarnation i wonder, i don't really know but i wonder. it sounds a whole lot more realistic then walking on water or waking up from the dead like "the mummy" or angles in the sky with wings. If you don't understand something please don't make nasty remarks. The fact that we all cast a shadow is aw inspiring to me i mean think about it. And why would jesus have to return from the dead anyway it's his wisdom that we need not his flesh and bones! i have said this before, i have met more christen like people in my life who were not "christens" then i have organized temple worshiping christens. AND BY THE WAY, THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WROTE THE BIBLE ARE THE ONES WHO THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS FLAT!!, not that there isn't some good information in that book as well as other so called religious books. THERE IS ONE LIFE THAT MANIFEST MANY FORMS. INTELLIGENCE IS RELATIVE TO THE FUNCTION OF THE LIFE FORM.

  87. @Vlatko
    On a serious note - I've always wanted to just say: Thank you SO Much for all your work, and for keeping this site alive. And thank you SO much for the flood of docs during the holiday season! Cheers!

  88. I didn't really want to watch this one all the way through, but my computer made me. Afterwards it just looked at me with a sh_t-eating grin on it's monitor and said, "See... I told you so!". Oh I can't wait until we humans take back the universe. Rise up people! If fear gets the best of you just let go of the mouse and slowly step away from the keyboard... Act natural and walk towards the vending machine. Most of them are still our friends.

  89. Wow, i think everyone who actually thinks this is any kind of thing other than a guy who took to much acid in the 70's must have lived in the same hippie commune

    I admit i was visualy enjoying it but as soon as the butterfly reincarnation theory took off i facepalmed

    Reincarnation? please

    Migratory species are genetically programmed to respond to changing environmental conditions, thats why they stock up on energy because they feel the shift in weather patterns, gradual shortening of nights and lengthening of days & possibly following magnetic fields (like whales)any credible source you can easily find will tell you this

    Conclusion: BS. (like many others that have posted agree)& if you dont think so, put the bong...down

  90. very good
    you're coming along quite nicely
    now try contemplating what we realy need to do in order
    to survive...the total destruction of human ego

  91. Absolutely loved this! It was like chatting with an good, wise, friend. No pushing ideas or pursuation of thoughts, just speaking the truth and allowing nature to be the beautiful teacher. I could meditate on the Monarc Butterflies for days, what a magic world we live in! Thank you so much!

  92. @waldo
    i never insulted the maker only the product. now i pointed out 1 lie 1 omission of facts, and 1 contradiction. i don't know about you but i would rather someone tell me in person their honest thoughts instead of faking praise and that is what i did

  93. to say that something is visible to you only means that it is situated within a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic wave length that perceptible to human vision.

    we know nothing of "reality" what we think we know is delivered to us via our bodily senses which in and of itself is limited.

    1. Ever heard of a spectrograph or a radio telescope?

  94. To say that something is visible to you, only means that it is situated within a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic wave length that is perceptible to human vision.

    We know nothing of reality. What we think we know is delivered to us via our bodily senses, which in and of itself is limited.

  95. Very well stated Waldo!

    Thank you for your wonderful comments.

    I agree, Frank....please don't allow the minds of those without awareness, belittle your efforts, or in any way lessen your gift and message.

  96. All religion is mythology to make you feel better before you die. Whatever you do die you will. The moment is the only reality. The thing thought about is never the thing in actuality. Thinking is always about. The worst of death is our thinking about it and the lengths we go to to deny it. My favorite religious guy was a Zen monk who meditated on the Don't know mind. That's my favorite point of view on almost everything. Know yourself is the only worthwhile activity.

  97. @ All the rude people that have insulted the maker of this wonderful doc.

    What you are basically saying when you say things like, "Totally ridiculous bull" etc. is that your reality is the only reality. Are you sure you want to make such a conceited and false assertion? We all experience life according to our perceptions that in turn dictate our own personal reality. Maybe what this guy is trying to say is that this is how things appear from his current perspective, and that this particular perspective has helped him to have a more full and rewarding life. He is attempting to present you with a gift.

    Now, would you be as rude to someone that offered you a tangible gift, even if it was one you didn't need or want? No, common decency would suggest that you be polite enough to accept the gift and not insult the giver. Once you got home you might very well throw the thing in the trash, but you wouldn't do so infront of the kind generous person that just tried to give you something, unless you are a complete arse hole.

    @ Frank

    I think this is a beautiful gift you are giving to the world. Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to looking into this further and attempting to truly understand your message. Don't let the negative and closed minded comments lessen in any way what your are trying to do.

  98. Loved this film! Loved the way you were able to pull together many of the different facets of the great mysteries of life, the great questions regarding the meaning of life & suffering etc, quantum physics, reincarnation, energy, matter, cosmos, meditation. Thank you! I am sending this along to many of my friends who I think will also love it!

  99. Quote from "I am Awake":
    "Love as integration or fear as separation and we each get to choose. We are all our own architects."

    Yes...we are creators. As we choose love rather than fear or hostility, by changing our thought patterns, we change the vibration of who we are, and become more aware and enlightened.

    Einstein said there is no such thing as matter....we are merely vibrations that have been so lowered to be perceivable to the senses.

  100. invisible light energy becomes sound energy as it slows, precisely 40 octaves of vibration slower than light, and as the energy cascades downward in scale and vibrational intensity, this same energy is expressed as a matrix of complex geometry that moves along the edges of 'near' form comparable to electrical potential known as Voltage. Within the context of any surface, this virtual, holographic form appears solid in physical geometry though has been shown to essentially not be present. Any atom or molecule is essentially 99.9% pure space! With this in mind, literally, we may know that we are participating in the creation of presence via our own faculties and choices and it's my opinion that this occurs uniquely for each individual. Planets have contexts with limits that impacts are who reside there though each person and each story is quite apparently now unique. It seems that the holographic movie is regenerating at the speed of the frequency that sustains it well beyond the capacity of our senses to perceive. Think of this as a film reel that is rolling at about 7Mhz / second. Very slow by universal standards. All indicators suggest that there is no matter, only our self projection of it!

    I further speculate that all of existence is created in two directions at once as consciousness itself plays the role of the perpetrator of willful dynamics and the laws of uncertainty and subjective influence and that this consciousness is present through all dimensions simultaneously. WIth this idea in mind, planets are the cells of the universe and the stars are the portals between the opposing, Creative energies. Some call this co-Creativity. I have heard it said that, 'We make up our mind and God agrees."

    We create time for ourselves to understand the Nature of continuity and this notion begets space. This is why we cannot locate the source of gravity other than the capacity to measure how our heart synchronizes with the Earth's Schumann Resonance and how cells generate gravity via the vortexual path towards their own nexus. Gravity is love and is an inseparable and therefore immeasurable quantity. Matter emanates from the same source within gravity and as such we are capable of experiencing one of two possible emotions. Love as integration or fear as separation and we each get to choose. We are all our own architects.

  101. "A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose."

    "To act without clear understanding, to form habits without investigation, to follow a path all one's life without knowing where it really leads -- such is the behavior of the multitude.": - Mencius - [Mengzi Meng-tse] (c.371 - c.288 B.C.) Chinese Confucian philosopher

  102. Wonderful film! Enjoyed very much...thank you for creating and sharing!

  103. Nice science review up to 6 min in - you lost me at reincarnation. Watching for evidence

  104. @jjj:

    Well, I do not know about that, everything we hear, see, and touch, is because of our neuron impulses in our brain, we do not have a movie theater in our brains, we are receiving data, and our computer brain is converting them to electrical signals, therefore consciousness definitely has to have inherent energy to function, and to have energy it has to have a vibrational level.

    There are different levels of consciousness that correspond to different levels of vibrations, since everything has vibrational levels, everything! our whole universe is one vibrating string, a"Brane", according to "M" theory and "String theory."

    Matter itself comes from pure energy, since an "Atom" is 99.9999% empty.

  105. I loved every minute of this documentary. I will watch it more than one time. thankyou for all your efforts in making this.

  106. How can consciosness be pure energy, it is the unmanifested, consciousness does not vibrate, is not, does not "exist". Clearly the maker of this drivel does not understand the principles that he follows well enough to teach it to others. Consciousness is the unborn (doesn't vibrate like -everything- else in the universe, that is the foundation to everything that does vibrate (ie. everything in the universe).

  107. Thanks @over the edge: but I have everything on my PC, its up to date,
    there is no start button, just a still picture on the video itself.

    Wonder if I could start it telepathically, (LOL)

  108. this guy is a jackass

  109. I just saw your film Beyond Me. Very well done! I happen to be one of those people who "get it". I loved the beautiful graphics and how you brought it all together. It's truly a beautiful documentary, and will be appreciated by those who are ready to understand the message you are presenting. I will be watching it again soon.

    Thank you!

  110. If you can comprehend the fact that everything around you is infinite including your intellect upstairs, until you realize this then this video cannot make sense to you.

  111. I liked the reincarnation story of the boy. If true that is really pretty neat. I wouldn't mind a documentary on many more unique cases like this. Until I watched this video, I had completely forgotten the fact that between the ages of 5 and 7 years I was convinced that I had once been a stone mason in medieval Europe.

    I get the concept that the growth of the spirit and organizations on Earth evolved in parallel over billions of years. This is an interesting topic. And that the brian is the most advanced biological computer on the planet right now.

    Where this program completely looses me is in the medition. Because I do not meditate and have no intention to start, this aspect of the program I skipped over as boring.

    Over all though some interesting topics are raised during this documentary. I suggest continuing to work on it and refining it as people make comments.

    I like the idea of a spirit evolving and maturing in a parallel path to the biological bodies it inhabits. The more times a spirit is reincarnated in a biological body, the more opportunity it has to learn, grow and mature.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  112. While not convincing, it's certainly interesting. I'm fascinated by anything pertaining to consciousness. The lists of disorders and symptoms was pretty annoying, I skipped most of that. Like someone else said, not a lot I didn't already know, but nonetheless a reasonably articulated perspective, if New Age-y.
    I recommend watching only if you have an "open mind," as they say.

  113. I really enjoyed this, nicely put together!Well done! Thanks

  114. I hope I remember never to watch this c@#$ in my next life.

  115. I liked this doc for its simplicity and overall message. It seems to be a love/hate with this one. Can't please them all I suppose.

    I'd like to continue the analogy of the biological computer which is shaping up to be more reality than mere metaphor. With our bodies as quantum computers, the field would act as the internet, which is always present, so long as there are people online (basically reality only exists when consciousness is present). The field contains all information from the beginning of time and all that exist in the material are simply accessing this information.

    To fit with reincarnation, we (our conscious self) are the user who occasionally changes computers when they have expired. This could easily be an infinite cycle or fractal pattern of conscious beings creating conscious beings. Imagine us in the distant future, where we've become so complex and sophisticated, that we develop our own field of information within digital space and begin logging in as users with the intention of creating specific life experiences to learn from. Not out of the realm of possibility. Doesn't the matrix just blow your mind?

    For more scientific work on trying to figure out this vaccuum field of infinite information, check out the work of Nassim Haramein. He's done some amazing work, wrote a few papers on the Schwartzchild proton, and I would say is on the verge of redefining our physical universe. The next best thing to happen to physics since Einstein's theory of relativity.

  116. ive always been fascinated by the way a seed when planted "knows" to grow---it has a conciousness-- it has to a cell cannot divide without instruction to do so--or at least a triggering message
    same goes for when a sperm and egg meet and a baby begins to grow--the whole process---how the body knows and produces hormones and chemicals accordingly--it is incredibly amazing if you actually stop and think about it.
    unfortuneatly most people just say a seed grows because its programmed to grow and leave it at that

  117., that was boring, I need a sandwich - BAD!

  118. worth watching, thank you

  119. @achems
    if you have flashblock (firefox) active vimeo wont play. or you may not have the latest version of flash installed.hope this helps

  120. For me it relaxed me so much I fell asleep for the first 35 minutes, I did have headphones on so the only thing that went to waste were the graphics, but I am enjoying this quite a bit.
    I feel relax now! I want to learn to meditate!

  121. Pseudo-scientific bullsh*t peppered with fallacies, misrepresentations of various theories (I'd submit simply to buttress pre-existing beliefs.) most prominent of which being a down right misrepresentation of quantum mechanics and a complete ignorance of cognitive science, consciousness science and informatics.

    Its depressing and frustrating that this sort of s@#$ survives in a world when all one needs to educate ones self properly on these matters is a library card and/or Internet connection.

  122. Right! where is the play button? Only a static picture.

  123. Totally ridiculous bull. No proof. Waste of time.

  124. I just started re-reading "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield so this video was quite timely for me.

  125. minds create brains, not the other way around.

    The brain is just a part of the body, what happens when the body dies? consciousness or mind doesn't die with it.
    the mind just keeps going.
    if brains created minds then logic would dictate, that the mind(consciousness)would also die with it. but this doesn't seem to be the case, past life experiences and other paranormal phenomenon is supportive of this idea.

  126. Usually these kind of docs confuse me but I havent even watched this one yet and I am confused already just from reading the comments.

  127. This is pure BS.. dont waste your time.

  128. Meditation has changed my life for the better physically and mentally. And best of all it's free.
    And you are what you eat and drink, so choose your food and drink wisely.
    I am not a believer in reincarnation but meditation does work.

  129. thank you V, I can't help to wonder if this was taught right out of the shoot from primary school through high school as a major subject, how different this world would be and the treasures that we would realize?

  130. "Awake, but not sleeping." Surf. E=hf.mmmmmmm.

  131. Vlatko can you please find and post the DMT the spirit molecule 2010 the second version, thank you and great work vlatko

  132. "conciseness is made out of pure energy"
    This made me stop the video. Load of new age bullsh*t with pseudo science babble.

  133. what a load of bull. firstly James Leninger is just a kid so i am not attacking him. but what the clip doesn't show is that his father took him to a ww2 museum shortly before the dreams started, his father started reading him ww2 books before he said the name of the ship, and most telling of all james pointed at a corsair and said "that was my plane" but the pilot flew and was shot down in a fm2 wildcat.secondly he claims evolution has nothing to do with random mutations, sorry i am speechless on that one and feel no need to expand any further at this time. lastly his butterfly analogy contradicts itself if the butterfly gets 25% of its consciousness from each parent (who the author says have never made the migration) and 50 % from a past life (which could have been a moth so never made the migration) how does reincarnation explain the migration as he claims?

  134. @ scott
    Its called epigenetics. For what its worth here's how Wikipedia describes it...

    In biology, and specifically genetics, epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in phenotype (appearance) or gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence, hence the name epi- (Greek: ???- over, above) -genetics. These changes may remain through cell divisions for the remainder of the cell's life and may also last for multiple generations. However, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism;[1] instead, non-genetic factors cause the organism's genes to behave (or "express themselves") differently.[2]

  135. Lovely documentary, for those with questions regarding their mental state or simply curious with regards to what is out there from the standpoint of the spiritually inclined. The speaker's lingo and maneirisms are typical of new age believers out there.

    I can see this as a catapult for those seeking emotional help of any kind.

  136. Really enjoyed this doc. Well structured and informative! thanks!!

  137. well i liked this doc not much i didn't already know but its nice to know some else knows it too...thanks V :)

  138. I always extract what I want to extract from any documentary. This particular documentary gave me about 25% of useful information...I almost turned it off a little past the half-way mark...the scrolling lists of tendencies and psychedelic imagery were aggrevating...soon after, it got better, but still, a re-hash for me...thanks for the 25%

  139. Hi,

    If you enjoyed Beyhond Me, I'd like to hear from you. Send me an email.


  140. New Age Woo Woo.

  141. Watching all these documentaries about conciousness and quantum physics is completely fascinating. And though most of it is loosely structured theories, its implications are extremely powerful expecially to future generations. And I say future generations because I believe we are a long way from being able to put it all together in a practual manner. So in the meantime all the mental disorders mentioned above will have to be dealt with, as he put it, painfully managebly. But....

    in the meantime, what if what many hate to believe is really true. At least what intelectuals refuse to believe is actually the most suitable glue that keeps us functioning as "physical" beings..Thats right, Im talking about God. In particular, Jesus Christ.

    Perhaps, Jesus was in touch with all this reality that we cant comprehend. I believe that simply letting go of physical reality and believing in what he said sets a person free. Lets just take away all the religiousness of what Im saying. Forget about the voodoo, religeon, ritiuals, sacrifices etc. God said, who ever "believes in me shal not perish but have everlasting life." The key here is believe. Faith. Everything that pains us is belief.Perception. If you just read The New Testament, in particular, the words of Jesus, look for things he said that parallel what a lot of the new sciences in quantum physics and consciousness are telling us.

    Anyway, Im writing down things coming to my head, so this isnt loaded with facts I read and prepared to make this comment. Before you blame religion for all the worlds woahs, remember religion is a structure by man. It may try to bridge a gap between man and god, but the gap is something the individual has to close.

    So why should you choose God and not just keep searching for the truth in a secualar manner? I actually dont believe there is anything wrong with that. But if you dont study the words of God, (or at least the reported words of God) and put them to the test, are you really searching for the truth, or being selective with a bias?

  142. Jesus Christ...watching 5 mts video made me bang my head into F***ing Emptiness !

  143. only made it to 5:00

    clearly garbage

  144. @ mad


  145. Smells a lot like bull to me, re-incarnation is a myth. Kind of interesting to watch, but science has proven that the actions of your ancestors has to some extent an effect on your genes

  146. i have sat here for about 20 mins and about 5 mins of video has downloaded. you tube and google vid works fine.

  147. i cant watch, the video is just a still picture for me , thers no play button!??!

  148. Ah, the description isn't really informative about the topic?

    What is this about?