Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Big Fat Gypsy WeddingsBig Fat Gypsy Weddings is a British documentary series produced by Firecracker Films for Channel 4, looking at the world of gypsies and travelers in Britain today. The show has been criticized by the Traveler & Gypsy communities for misrepresenting them.

Jane Jackson, deputy chief executive of the Rural Media Company, a charity which publishes the Travellers' Times said: It's posing as a documentary, the voice-over is saying we're going to let you into the secrets of the traveller community – and it is just not true. It might be true of the particular families in front of the camera, but it's not generally true. They're made to look totally feckless, not really to be taken seriously as an ethnic group.

Others from the Traveler and Gypsy communities question the show's title. Billy Welch, a spokesman for Roma Gypsies said: While Channel 4 should be praised for at least differentiating between Irish Travelers and Roma Gypsies, the first three episodes have in fact focused exclusively on Irish Travelers and their traditions: They called the show Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and you've yet to see a Romany Gypsy in it.

During the episode No Place Like Home, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings had 4 of the top 10 trending topics worldwide on social networking website Twitter.

Ratings: 7.17/10from 6 users.

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  1. Jessica Copeland

    Before anyone says anything mean this is just facts I looked up. A girl that was born a gypsie says that girls are not required to drop out of school and it's ok for them to have an education and hold down a job.

  2. N

    Looks like an episode of Jersey shore.

  3. Renié Anne

    Personally, I don't agree with how they see the relations between women and men but seriously who am I to judge ? And even if my mother is a really feminist woman with strong ideas, I can't allow myself to judge them because they aren't judging me after all. Who knows ? Maybe if I was born in a gypsy family, I would be thinking like the girls in the documentary and find it perfectly normal. Of course, there are girls who are in bad situations, like domestic violence or else but no need to be a gypsy for that matter after all. There's good and evil everywhere whether you're rich, poor, white, black, catholic, muslim, jew, french, american or a gypsy... In my country, I live in France, there are a lot of Romani Gypsies and I went to a circus last week, owned by a Gypsy Family (Le Cirque Romanès) and it was excellent, at the end of the show, the patriarch Alexandre Romanès talked to the spectators and thanked us for not letting our prejudices about Gypsies to prevent us to come, enjoy and applaud their hard-work. I really appreciated his speech and it made me realize, amongst other things and persons that I've met, that even if we all have prejudices about all kinds of persons, cultures, countries... we can get past them and learn to know people for what they truly are and not what we think they are, can't we ?

  4. Brianna Simone

    Wow. You people are all ridiculous. They don't disrespect our cultures like you all are doing theirs. Everyone just needs to leave them alone and allow them to live their lives. Their country is one that is terrible if they don't care about all of its people. They frown upon them being travelers but you give them no choice but to travel around and live everywhere when you are destroying their homes one by one. How are they going to settle anywhere if you don't let them? It is just ridiculous the way people are treating them. In our society dressing like that is considered "slutish" or "prostitutish" but it is not the clothes that make the person it is the heart and personality that make the person. In my opinion these young girls are showing their high amount of self-confidence by being able to walk around in clothes that barely cover their bodies. They obviously don't care what anyone else thinks about them so why should we be worried about what they are doing. To those girls the sparkles and jewels is what makes them feel beautiful just like our skinny jeans, ugg boots, or weave makes our women and young girls feel beautiful. Regardless of what these girls are wearing they still have stronger morals and values than half of the young women in America that dress according to what is socially acceptable. I agree that the rules for girls are quite strict according to what we believe but if you look at them they are all happy and wouldn't change a thing. Maybe that's just because that is all they know but still who are we to judge?

    1. linda

      haha what self confidence? i mean clearly they wouldnt be dressing like that if they werent so isolated, desperate for attention and subjected to the view of a perfectly good skinshowing gypsy woman towards the men in their society. i mean why the f--k would they have stronger morals and values? thats just bullshit, if im just born and raised to be someones bitch and live my entire life around the thought of being someones obediing wife then im just another stupid uneducated woman maintaning 18th century values. By the way some women could auctally have sex with a lot of men, dress nicely according to own taste (and not what the men in their society would like to see) and still have shit strong values and morals about every other single thing in this life that is so much f--king more important than living the old womenenslaving life saving oneself for a boring f--king life of shit cleaning, and screwing a husband that by the way has had sex with a whole lot other women before he married.

  5. 228828

    Gypsy's are just subjected to our society, we watch, show, and even support this kind of behavior on tv. But we find it wrong to learn from these kind of things that are showing us it is right to do this. I do not blame gypsy's for this I blame our society we allow our children to watch this but expect them to know better not to copy it but it is all they know! And if it was normal and socially acceptable to dress like this then would we be against it? No we would not and fro them it is normal and for us it is wrong. I believe that there rules are very stupid and wrong mostly towards women and that we should not rely on men completely. And it is setting back the womens rights movements by 100 years. And there is nothing wrong with there traditions like the giant weddding dresses it is traditional to wear white dresses and that is completely ridiculous to. I think that our society just has alot of problems accepting people different from us, we all saywe are not racist but most of us are! I see people my age dress like them to and sometimes they are shunned but a majority of the time they are not or they are shunned from people dressing the exact same. I am a teenager if you were wondering and I see this at school.

  6. justiceknowing

    Shame on people for putting this disgraceful trash on television. How about seeing the classy educated irish people on television? There are many, many of them. I guess that doesn't sell unfortunatey, bad gypsy programming will lead many to bad and untrue conclusions about people of an irsh or british background. Watching these uneducated low life gypsies allow their children to look like prostitutes, even entering churches is shocking and heartbreaking. Children deserve to be children, and to be respected. To broadcast or publicize this for money is encouraging what can be considered child abuse. How far gone are these gypsies and people that allow children to be paraded around like tramps. What next are we going to go down to the bayou and broadcast the usa's poorest and most uneducated. Obviously, these gypsies are victims of their own history and of an uncaring society that allows children to be expoited and mistreated. All the gypsies children should be taken away and given to parents that know how to respect children and give them a stable and kind home where they are safe from the trash that had previously been raising them.

    1. GoingInsane2

      muslims dress their children like tents, i have seen girls as young as two forced to wear headscarfs and long sleeves and dresses. and it's allowed here in europe, in kindergarten and school. yet no one says anything, why aren't gypsy children allowed to dress like they want to? should we give all people a certain dress code, should we become communists? at least gypsy children choose what they want to wear, they can dress more modest if they want, not like muslim girls who are beaten or sometimes killed if they don't cover themselves up. it's more urgent to help muslims women than gypsies, and you have to keep in mind that gypsies live in countries were support is shown to women and girls not like many muslim countries. but yes i agree as a feminist, that this treatment of women should stop, that social workers should think and take more care of these gypsy girls.

  7. S N

    While I'm not for teenage brides and stopping education, I will say that these people do show a strong family bond unlike a lot of dysfunctional families out there. And hey! It's not as if they are out there doing drugs even if they dress more than a bit weirdly. In fact if you look at the way the little girls dress up for their first communion, is it really all that different to the kiddies beauty pageants one sees in USA with all the makeup, heels, flounces. Don't we see Suri Cruise with her nail polishes and heels in the mags....

    Coming to the other issue of evicting these people from their homes.. look at the Dale farm case. The travellers owned the land and the houses they lived in were pretty decent.. so the community really didnt' have a reason to try and evict them.. That was pure discrimination and spite.

    In spite of all their problems they try to enjoy some bittersweet moments in life even it's marking special events.. which is not all that different in a lot of other cultures.

  8. DuketheDuckesq

    Their culture is clearly an interpretation of our main stream culture.
    It's not like it was the Gypsies who invented trashy clothes and music, our generation of parents have let their children embrace this, a primary school near me had formal for 10 year olds (who'd be starting secondary school) and some of the girls were arriving in limousines with professional make up and hair. I still don't know what the hell that was about. The vice principal wants an American style school apparently. The gypsies have simply reinterpreted this attitude through their cultural expression. It's not the Gypsies who invented teenage drinking/drug use, crime, poverty, adolescent marriage, domestic abuse or lack of subjective thought for morals and individual fulfillment (A.k.a basic human rights, such as a womens CHOICE to have children)
    Why do they want the biggest most obnoxious caravan and wedding? For the same reason we want the biggest most obnoxious House and car and TV and fridge and cutlery set and washing machine and microwave and dishwasher and SECOND car and mobile phone and iPad and iPod and all that cheap plastic tat in between which is just a waste of oil and gets thrown out after Christmas, the most wasteful holiday of the year.

    These people are a cruel parody of our culture and we have no right to criticize them. It's what we would be like if we left school at 13 and left the T.V on.

  9. ranii02

    uhm.. based on the 10mins i think the defn of gypsy is britsh and rich version of trailer 'trash' ?

  10. Greg_Mc

    Havent watched the doc yet but I saw what I believe was the first episode on tv last week. To be honest I only tuned in to watch it because the commercial advertising the show had fairly good looking girls dressed in over the top tacky and tiny dresses & skirts. I watched it for an hour and all i really got out of it (I am Canadian and couldnt understand a word any of them were saying, luckily they had sub titles through some of it) was that the women have to live under some pretty strict, very odd and outdated set of rules while the men did whatever they wanted. But the girls seemed happy as long as they got to get married in the biggest most obnoxious wedding gown they could find

  11. gmf

    WHITE TRASH is the summary.
    I'm on the fence. I agree with both Peter and Jeremy. that "contributing to society" is kinda a load of crap.. Most people don't, and all we are really required to do is be consumers.. and be dumb. Yet also its important to care for eachother and not be ignorant.. be as loving as we can be.
    So I see these people are essentially useless and uneducated, being a gypsy is not special (I do NOT understand the obsession with Disney at all.. Where is the originality?) They are just desendents of very poor street hustlers after all.
    I also think that most people are "useless" and that includes bankers and brokers who trade money which has no true value, and people who waste fossil fuels on pretending they are in FAST AND THE FURIOUS- other ignorant people who don't even know that they are helping destroy the world. None of those people help our lives either! Enjoying yourself in life matters most, not money. But these people are uneducated and that's their biggest downfall. Leeches.
    Their style of dressing is odd too.. Why do they speak of being clean and respected but dress like whores and have no street smarts? SMART women can travel alone because we have brains and wear respectable clothes. Getting married young also doesn't make you respected... the opposite is true. Especially when you see yourself as an Object. Lame.

    Anyway these Gypsies really do just seem like a bunch of deros, like the rest of them. European, American and Aussie deros are seriously the same. They all look the same lol. They are products of mainstream consumerism; that's why. No special trademarks at all... Not like the old times.

    I don't see how they are different, apart from 'tradition' of marrying young and the boys choosing the girls, which is classic Bogan sexism.
    Remember the old gypsies were hustlers and conn artists, into crazy superstitions (like everyone was in the old days!) now they are just "modern" gypsies, which are just people who have descended from the extremely poor parts of society. The gypsies were very very poor. So yeah, like all Impoverished Family Cycles, they are just derelicts now. Nothing else very interesting... if anything it sucks they have fallen into the trap of consumerism and are just uneducated and disrespecting but hey whats different? They may be called Gypsies, but really it's just a word- most people could be Gypsies, just be white trash and you're all good.

  12. echafaud

    damn those posh British gypsies have nothing to do with the real old Balkan gypsies

  13. Gill Hayes

    where can i watch the rest of it?

  14. mehiraedd

    maybe if they paid taxes like the rest of us and weren't living ILLEGALLY, no one would be kicking them off "their" land.
    i feel for these people, because no one wants to live on the side of the road. but what it comes down to is that they refuse to follow the "rules". and keeping their own "culture" my ass- looks like they're shaking their asses like the girls on mtv just like non-travelers children. ahh yes, spray tanning. an ancient gypsy art form. it's wonderful that they live the life they want, but at the same time they can't bitch about being hated by outsiders when they are essentially parasites.

  15. Tracy Phillips

    It is alarming that in Great Britain where education is mandatory, these parents are somehow able to yank their daughters out of school at age 11 with a 6th grade education so that they can care of their 12 siblings and clean the caravan. The undercurrent of physical and sexual violence that is quietly condoned in the name of 'culture' is also troubling-especially in the context of an ostensibly advanced nation where such behaviours are criminal.

    The young girls blatantly flaunt themselves like so many hookers on the stroll BUT are expected to never go out of doors alone, maintain a spotless reputation, marry as adolescents and become goodly wives & bear many children. The inherently contradictory nature of these expectations cannot fail to baffle viewers. All things have become acceptable in the name of 'culture'. Much of what is happening here seems more like the lack thereof.

    1. Hexotica

      I agree completely. It is such a closed culture that is will only continue to breed suspicion and lack of respect from outsiders. Though their old-fashioned values may seem honorable on the surface, that undercurrent of misogyny, violence, and the lack of education will continue to alienate them. I think the British government is better off focusing on integrating them rather than cruelly trying to just move them on; beginning with ensuring all the children get a complete education, so hopefully the brainwashed women will see more options for themselves than the princess for a day/scullery maid for life route. There is plenty to admire in their culture, and certainly ignorance is bliss, but it is unfair and unhealthy of them to ignore all outside culture as they live in their own decadent, bacchanalian dream-land. If they insist on purity they are welcoming their own demise, as no society can fail to become hostile to such an exclusive culture.

    2. megan engels

      While I don't agree with the way they live their lives can the british women in particular but in general just get over yourselves and try to understand that because a woman lives a life you don't agree with it does not mean she's brainwashed and abused and needs your rescuing. :Barf: it gets old we adults are mostly full capable of making our own decisions thank you very much.

    3. megan engels

      Fully* But I do agree that governments, french,english,etc should stop moving them on and keep the kids in school.

    4. Kenyasue Smart

      education IS Not mandatory the emphasis that a child should be educated for their age and ability, looking at diversity through bias eyes does not equate articulate arguments

  16. Drew Steele

    I actually love this. I dated a girl from Romania now i'm a 20 something who lives in the united states. She said some Gypsy mothers would cut off the hands of there newborns so people they begged to would feel lets just say in the giving mood so i dont see the problem with these people at least they have there hands

  17. eyecandy_babydoll

    OMG gross, the dresses are tacky, massive and horrible. They put show costumes and Lady Gaga to shame. I can't believe this day and age there are women who want to look like a fat pom pom wrapped in cheap fabrics with colors from the 80's on their wedding day.

    The young girls who dress in revealing clothes needs to be shown that an education is the key - not marriage and having 12 kids in a trailer. An education and a career will truly give them the ability to "travel" all over the world instead of being stuck in a trailer with a husband who drinks, smokes and lives hand to mouth.

  18. Brittany Amanduhh

    This is revolting. I felt like I was watching a rape scene when he was "grabbing" that blonde girl, she was clearly distraught yet existing in a society that not only allows, but glorifies this type of mentality. For a "modest" society it seems quite violent. Makes me wonder if being politically correct is really worth allowing these poor girls to be victims of sexual assault.

  19. tkingsky

    I love their direct, simple and honest answers to the questions posed of them. Colourful people with big hearts!

    1. Drew Michael Steele

      colorful people with big tits more like it

  20. outsidethecage

    Interesting but it's hard for me to feel too bad for these people...except the kids raised like this. 16 year old girls who are barely literate getting married and spending the rest of their lives cleaning a trailer and having kids until the thing is stuffed like a sardine can. Yeah, that sounds like FUN. Nothing wrong with that at all...

    Did everyone else miss the part where it said OVER HALF of the women experience domestic abuse?! So much for this culture's supposed high "morals."

    Not saying that modern American society doesn't have it's problems, as Leonard pointed out below, but at least I didn't have to drop out of school at 13 years of age to cook and clean for my family. Come on people, this isn't the dark ages. THESE people are ignorant and trashy, straight up.

    Also why are they called "travelers"? Seems to me that they don't travel anyplace.

  21. Peter Lindhard

    How are they free exactly?

    We are sharing this rock indeed, and need to stick together. Living off welfare, and hustles is not being free or philosophic for that matter. Limiting education, is en essence limiting freedom by limiting choices.

    If it doesn't matter, why are you writing? Strangest thing really. The rest i cant make sense of, lay down the pipe fella.

  22. Dochi

    The gypsy culture is spread through all europe, especially the eastern and central part of the continent. But our gypsies here are somewhat different from the ones i saw here. They are at least bit not as integrated as the british travelers, they live in ghetto like neighborhoods, separating themselves from the rest of the society. Marrying young is the least of their problems. Most of them are illiterate, live on the edge of the law, live on social well fear, don't pay any taxes or bills and so on. I dont man to discriminate against them, but their ways have proven to be a great problem for the societies in eastern and central europe. I as a woman might disagree with many issues in the documentary, but honestly wish our gypsies over here were like the british ones.
    P.S. I suppose some of you have heard of the french government expelling couple of hundred gypsies from bulgaria and rumenia. That's what i'm talking about.

  23. Sieben Stern

    I find the politics and issues regarding travelers and where they live more interesting than the weddings - don't get me wrong - the frills are titillating, but i would like to know more about how they can be moved off of land they own, or how they can't get permits to build for themselves.

    they seem like native americans without reservations. i don't think anyone can judge them without taking a hard look at how the US have treated natives.

    i'm not as amused as to how women are treated 'in their place' though. cinderella syndrome - princess for a few hours, scullery maid for the rest of your life.

    1. Earthwinger

      "they seem like native americans without reservations. i don't think anyone can judge them without taking a hard look at how the US have treated natives", nothing like.

      The native American Indians were indigenous people who were invaded and slaughtered en masse. Whereas, the British Isles were already well established and England had a charter of judicial rights (Magna Carta), a few hundred years before any gypsies arrived.

    2. Meaghen :P

      Not that it should really be an "I was here first" issue when it comes down to centuries, but what exactly is the cutoff point for belonging somewhere?

    3. Earthwinger

      @ meaghen, I have no idea or any interest in where the cut-off point is or even the validity of claiming there might be one. The point that I was trying to make was that comparing indigenous people like the native American indians, to gypsies in the UK, doesn't stack up, for a few reasons. The indians were victims of a genocide, and driven from their own land, whereas, the gypsies identify as being apart from the indigenous people, and in-fact, when they first arrived in the UK, effectively chose to outlaw themselves in what was at the time, a foreign land to them.

      I don't have any issues with their rights to residency or views on cut-off points, my beef's just with bad analogies. ;)

  24. 000wow

    Why are these 6 year olds dancing and dressing like strippers?

    1. Sieben Stern

      because they live their lives to get married - so they start young to attract men. lovely prince charmings who will lock them in a trailer to cook and clean the rest of their lives. inverse cinderella - princesses that turn into scullery maids XD

    2. leonardobdas

      They area mimicking their older siblings and TV, and are just having fun. Kids of all ages and all over the world do the same exact thing, mimicking MTV, cartoons, barbies and brats and whatever stuff they are showing on children's channels this month.

      Im telling ya... you would be surprised to know that there are parents who put their 5 year olds on private schools and their lunch has salmon and asparagus, they must shower 3 times a day and put on a brand new set of clothes that was starched and ironed , they pick between 2 different kinds of perfume.... have shampoo and conditioner and jewelry........ this is by the hundreds that I know in one school in Brazil... now..... to me that is a whole lot worse than having a 6 year old dancing around having absolutely no clue that 20 years down the road somebody will show that videotape on christmas.... ehehe

      now let's talk about the documentary jesus camp... .now that is freaky my friends...

    3. Meaghen :P

      I remember wearing similar stuff for dance recitals when I was little. I didn't dance like that for fun at parties, but my child-hood was pre-Britney Spears. My pop icons were from Saved by the Bell. I don't remember anyone dancing like that on TV when I was growing up, but damn, do they now. I also didn't see any men at those parties except for little boys who were barely out of diapers. I'm not saying I'd let my hypothetical kid run around like that, but, at a private family party, it's not my place to judge.

      Except for the TV cameras, but still.

  25. anuragawasthi

    It is sad to see that even after centuries the settlers still hate the nomadic people,this message board is full of messages of hatred against these colourful people.


    1. Placeboaddict

      But.. they are not nomadic, they just live in caravans on welfare.

      If they were in living with no power or sanitation, in the middle of a desert or forest it would be something different.

    2. Earthwinger

      In an ideal world, I'd agree with you. The truth of the matter is though, I live in an English town, which has a large traveller community, and I know from first hand experience, the trouble that is all too often caused when travellers treat urban areas as if they're the middle of the countryside.

      In my home town, the local park and football pitch are regularly ploughed up, and what few nature trails we have, with all their flora and fauna, are decimated by grazing horses, and on more than one occasion I've witnessed the horses breaking loose, and galloping across the park, where young children play. Then when they're done trashing the place with horses, they dump the scrap metal that they can't sell, onto the riverbank.

      Residents are kept awake all night by cockerels which crow constantly, probably because the street lights keep them active all night. Perhaps though, we should be grateful that the barking dogs (which have been driven psychotic because they're left permanently chained up outside) help to drown out the noise.

      If you try to talk to them reasonably about any of these things, chances are, you'll get either a death threat or a brick through your window. And going to the police or the local council rarely helps, as they're loathed to get involved.

      So yes, if these "colourful people" lived a truly nomadic life, and kept their livestock out in the countryside, where they belong, I'd say live and let live. The truth is though, when they bump against the settled community in the UK, their inconsiderate behaviour is all too often a living nightmare for the local residents. You should also bear in mind, that it's the local people who ultimately end up footing the bill to put right all the damage that these people cause.

      So if the resentment you see here saddens you, I'd suggest you try living alongside them yourself.

      Respect is something that has to be earned.

  26. Imightberiding

    I guess Great Britain does have an equal to what we have in North America. White trailer trash. Tacky, trashy, uneducated people. Family values or not, which I suspect are not unlike any average family, lots of deceit from children towards their parents when it comes to sexual activity & consumption of otherwise illicit substances. Sixteen year old girls dressing like whores & marrying boys who barely even shave yet does not exactly inspire confidence in their character, morals & life choices. What completely archaic attitudes & mentalities these people have towards the fairer sex. I mean, we're not talking about a lost tribe or community of peoples untouched by western civilization & ideals or even Amish or Hutterite communities . They live immersed in a culture they take from but supposedly neglect our deplorable values. Sorry for coming across as a complete crotchety old man but I just can't subscribe to their abuse of their children. These kids don't have a clue what they want. They of course think they do & recite what they have been fed their entire lives. They should be encourage to grow up & mature a bit, get an education of any sort & see some of the world prior to committing themselves in a marriage relationship while still children. All I can hope is that some of them have the sense to break free from this ridiculous cult to which they belong. This is the 21st century. We no longer need to marry as teens & have babies right away. Our lifestyles & life expectancy has changed dramatically in the past 500 years. I am not advocating to rid oneself of a legitimate heritage or ethnicity, only to become a complete & fulfilled individual free from harmful expectations of tradition where the tradition is clearly harmful to the individual. Celebrate who you are & your family history but my god, getting married as a child in this society we live in, & they do too, I just can't buy.

    1. leonardobdas

      'Average' american young family today: barely reproducing to replace themselves, involved in religious cults that inspire homophobia, xenophobia, war mongering, conspiracy BS, and a plethora of esoteric bull crap, desperately trying to match their neighbors DVD collection, having 50 sex partners by 25 because it is so cool to be a STD collector, usually intellectually incapable to house train a pet, masters of remote controlled TV watching, never taking a decent vacation, drinking and partying from 14 hiding from parents and plagued by guilt, dressing like 'whores' by the scores, drinking 'fancy' coffee and splurging at pf changs once a month, having at least one experience sugardadding a stripper on the side, dreaming of 50cent crib and penis, 50 pounds overweight and owners of unused gym memberships, incredibly happy at the line for percocet refills at walmart, proficient at quoting Oprah and Cheers, worried about wardrobe malfunctions, raising latch key children that ace at being average, owing a couple hundred grand in college loans, emotoinally cheating on facebook, scared shitless of being sued, wallowing in credit card debt by the thousands......and as of recent barely able to drive their cars to the unemployment office.... oh that is so much better than being a gypsy!

      just saying that to me, gypsies are like anybody out there.....full of good and bad things.... such is life.........but I say gypsies are having a whole lot more fun.......

      now Afghani women.... well... those could very well look good in kinky outfits and be proud of it if given the chance....... maybe the US need to invade Afghanistan to resolve that issue... oh wait, they already did!

    2. patriotbill

      Lol,such a spot on analogy of a 2011 American.This is what we have let ourselves become,sad...

  27. Bouncity

    them pikey birds are well fit, innit

  28. Nakor420

    Gypsie culture is nomadic because long ago, they would come to an area, set up fortune telling shops and carnivals and stuff,then they would scam the locals out of their money, then pick up shop and leave before the locals could catch on and lynch their asses. Their entire culture is based on a dishonest, parasitic, lifestyle. Constantly on the move to avoid the wrath of their victims.

  29. Nakor420

    Josie is freakin sexy.

    1. adilrye

      She's got a really hot bod, seriously...

    2. Nakor420

      Yeah, it's amazing how they can pretend to be so clean and wholesome whilst
      dressing like whores at the same time. But I don't mind, it's nice scenery.
      I have a problem with letting little 6 and 7 year old girls dress like
      prostitutes though. That shit is just wrong. I'm in the U.S., if someone
      here dressed there child like that, they would end up in jail for child

  30. Mario Isita

    unfortunately the gypies in Italy are VERY different from these ones....

    1. Bogdan

      the gypsies in Romania as well although I do see some similarities

  31. Nakor420

    I used to work with a guy from Ukrain that told me how gypsies would steal anything from you. He said the caught a gypsie kid from his area wearing his underwear, which he had written his name on the waistband. LOL How do you steal someones underwear and where them right in front of the person?! LOLOL Dumb gypsies.

    1. adilrye did he see the waistband? Was he wearing the underwear inside out?

    2. Nakor420

      No, he could see the waistband sticking up from the top of the kids pants.

  32. adilrye

    This is a really fascinating. I know of the Travellers, but very little. I always thought they were just nomadic people, but their way of life seems to be a mix of contemporary British life AND traditional Romani ways. It's weird how they are adamant about living at home and not having sex before marriage, yet they wear very little clothes and dance up a storm at nightclubs.

    Say what you want, approve or disapprove, but this documentary is surprisingly really interesting.

  33. King Vitaman


  34. Peter Lindhard

    ... It's a rather large demographic to go without learning to read or write properly, witch detaches them from regular society. The celebrations seems like some feeble attempt to claim traditions, when in fact they are no more than childish Disney fantasies. Their tradition was to travel... now they don't... period. Get with the freaking program losers. Contribute to society, instead of living out this sad, phony, leech existence. Obviously they work the lowest end jobs, I don't even want to think about were the rest comes from.

    I'm glad to know my government is trying to integrate them, by forcing them off the map with their caravans... Disney-style.

    1. Tammy Cantellia

      "... It's a rather large demographic to go without learning to read or write properly, witch detaches them from regular society."

      It is spelled "which", but you knew that right? lol

    2. Peter Lindhard

      Thank you for sharing the full weight of your insights.

    3. adilrye


    4. Ultrasound Novi Sad

      hahah, that peter sounds and looks like a right cock

    5. Placeboaddict

      Please insert bs here:

    6. Guest

      Really? There are just as many philosophers that would say, contributing to society, getting a job, is just a sad phony existence as well. Considering that we live on a giant floating rock in space, I don't think it really much matters what OTHER people are doing with their lives... Why don't you go f*** off?

      Capitalism will surely bring about the destruction of the world as we know it, and sadly, people like you welcome it and think traditionalist viewpoints are ignorant.

      Wake up! There is no such thing as IGNORANCE, only death, none of us really know jack shit. So why does it matter if they enjoy living a free life.

    7. Peter Lindhard

      I made a comment, so did you. Why are you so rude?

      Exactly because we all share the same rock, floating through space with incredible complex issues to manage, we need everybody educated and contributing. When someone falls into alcoholism, drugs or crime, its a loss for all of us.

      ".....There is no such thing as IGNORANCE, only death, none of us really know jack shit. So why does it matter if they enjoy living a free life..."

      That is just plain old strange. Nothing in life is free, and they are often on welfare, scamming or thieving. That means somebody else is paying. Please tell me exactly how u define this free life? I'm sure it will be good fun for all.

    8. Peter Lindhard

      Strange stuff. Good luck with that.

    9. Guest

      ROFLMAO, Really? You're going to continue this?

      If an eagle egg rolls out of it's nest, and dies, or an eagle becomes an alcoholic, does that also affect our planet and well being?

      You put entirely too much importance on the human species, let me guess, creationist? lawl

      I'm over it, I'll take you to school son.

      K bai

    10. Peter Lindhard

      .... Good point(?).

      So in your opinion a human, and an eagle has the same environmental impact... Must be some darn huge eagles. We have an impact, that was the reference of these "complex issues". Check some numbers on the global population growth, and you're likely to find that we are facing a rather interesting couple of decades.

      The alcoholism, drugs or crime is a bigger problem for the uneducated and unfortunate, why my point was, that removing kids from school is a rather bad idea.

      I imagine the points are wasted, but in any case i felt like clarifying. And I'm not religious, if that was supposed to be insulting I'm very sorry.

    11. The3Spirit

      Sounds to me like you have a lot of hate for these people calling them phoney and saying they live a leech experience and that you are glad that your government are trying to change them and mold them into the 'obviously' happier idle puppet.. i mean citizen that you are.

      At least while your sitting here on a computer whinging and spreading your hate about other cultures, the gypsies are out there enjoying their lives. Sounds to me like your more jealous of their existence than anything else. Maybe you should try be one for a while, and THEN judge.

    12. Peter Lindhard

      Everything you just said, could be turned on yourself. Strange lack of basic logic fella. You really are simple and righteous.

      Tell me why they are not leeches and describe to me their contribution to society from your point of view.

      They live an unlawful existence, even removing their children from school to postpone integration, and leave them trapped in this strange existence. You even lack imagination... they are smiling on camera yes. But how do u think the 50% of married gypsy women being battered are feeling? Should i batter my spouse to better understand their ways? Of course some of them are lovely people, but generally they are uneducated criminals, with zero knowledge of or contribution to society.

    13. The3Spirit

      I have to reply to my message as it won't allow me to reply to yours for some strange reason.

      I'm going to assume you meant my response sounded contradictory, and I agree with the fact that it can be looked at that way. After all, there are two sides to everything.

      Most you have said so far, and I don't wish to make this sound like a personal attack on you (honestly the last thing I wish to do is make anyone feel offended), has been in great favour of political and government views.

      The fact that everyone should be forced into integration and not live a 'lifestyle' of their choice, no matter how disturbing it may be to some people especially those who consider them better and more valuable than others.. I mean high class.

      Everyone should be force to attend school, which more and more people are realising today that more can be learnt on the street than in class rooms. Class rooms these days are seen by many as a form of shaping the mind so that children grow up to be ideal citizens and play out the role dictated to them by society, never really having to think for themselves. When I went to school there were 9 planets in our solar system, now there are 8. Why? Because a select few people decided that they wanted to change it. Makes you wonder how concrete everything we learn in school really is.

      I don't agree with physical abuse of a spouse, though if a woman chooses to remain in an abusive relationship, she is entitled to exercise her free will. We, looking from the outside, would see that as something we would wish to abolish from this beautiful world, but she is maybe in so much 'love' with the man (term used loosely of course), that she is not even aware of the pain and suffering she is physically going through. It's a matter of perspective.

      Which returns me to my original argument which is that to 'hate' or feel that other people are living a 'wrong' life / lifestyle is not for anyone to judge and only creates more distance between groups and societies. It is what encourages and often results in wars.

      Even by trying to live in a different way can only give you a perspective of what is a more positive or negative lifestyle in regards to the way in which you were brought up thinking and as measured in comparison to the standard of living you think is right for you.

      There is no wrong way to live, and as more and more people of this world start to realise that, hopefully we can reduce and abolish hate and wars, not gypsies and other 'others'.

      But, in saying that Peter, it would be wrong of me to say my opinion is more valid than yours. After all, it's all just a matter of perspective. Thanks for the compliments though! :)

    14. Peter Lindhard

      Lovely reply, i find this system a little buggy as well.

      I honestly don't hate anybody or anything, and different lifestyles makes for a more diverse and exciting world. You were offensive and it was a personal attack, but why take offense in the truth. In some areas i do indeed trust my government, and I'm not ashamed to be a socialist. It's indeed a matter of perspective, and i might have offended a bit more than intended.

      Teachings in schools can be contradictory over time, but that is part of the beauty: it can change! You will be shaped, since everybody gets the same "treatment", but it also lets the next generation meet other cultures and form their own opinions. Beyond that, being literate in the 21. century is a tragedy, and must be a bare minimum for anybody really.

      There's a lot of comments, like "..oh i wish the travelers in my country was more like these". That's exactly what I'm on about, these folks obviously know how to have a good time and seem friendly. The general picture is much different though, with people taking to live in forests and shanty-towns outside major cities, completely isolated and with very little prospects for improvement for later generations. In other cases they are provided housing, and mismanage it badly enough to drop property values in the neighborhood. How is that fair?

      The region where I'm from, we pay 50%+ income tax, with 25% VAT. In that perspective, you would certainly agree that everybody needs to chip-in.

      I could go on, but I'll shorten/sharpen the point: This is not a lost Indian tribe, robbed of their lands. They are free to do, and live however they wish. But when it becomes a major expense to the idle puppets, and the government WHICH they pay dearly to run, there must be some basic will to contribute and integrate if you want the benefits(welfare, healthcare etc.).

      It would be interesting if the traveler community did their own doc, on their traditions and lifestyle, since they feel this is a misrepresentation. It's impossible to understand what is kept secret.

  35. leonardobdas

    Kudos to the gypsy culture: i love it. To me it rubs on people's faces just how the phony intelectual pretentiousnessthat most of the western world is wallowing in is just not as much fun, and it is most likely to yield similar results. Actually, imagine growing up in a large family, boys getting to be boys, getting your anger out by tackling pretty little blondes as part of your culture. Imagine laughing your ass off and not caring at all about what others think because you have 30 cousins around to defend you. Then you get married and live your life just as you would if you follow the regular 'catholic' life. It is not like everyone will get to go to oxford and drive aston martins..... so I say you go gypsies, winningggggggggggg!

    1. MICHAEL

      i know quite a few local travelers and have worked for some of them,... let me assure you now.. boys dont get to be boys in the traveler life, they get bred to become a man long before your average counrty suberban lad is anywhere near finished being a child

    2. leonardobdas

      is that bad michael? tell us more.

    3. Amber Gruszeczka

      So the girl children enjoy which part of being called pretty little blondes and being tackled? Are they not feeling human beings?

    4. leonardobdas

      they seemed pretty happy to me...... and it beats going to bars and being called a fattie....... look, im just saying that the prejudice is unfounded....... these are normal people to me, doing acceptable things amongst themselves.