Biggest Things in Space

2009, Science  -   22 Comments
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Biggest Things in SpaceWe can't compare anything on earth to the biggest things known in space. The Lymann Alpha blob is a bubble like structure containing countless galaxies - perhaps the biggest object in the entire universe.

Regions of radio-emitting gas called "radio lobes" could be even bigger. Then there are super galaxy clusters which are hundreds of galaxies merged together due to cosmic collisions.

Discover which is the largest planet, star, star cluster, constellation, black hole, volcano, galaxy, explosions, moon, storm, impact crater and "void" in space.

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  1. Andy Einstein

    The big bang is the most self-contradictory theory ever proposed. It only exists because Hubble and others did not know enough about electromagnetic energy that he could only conclude that redshifted light meant expansion. A real astronomer would have to acknowledge the two posibilities, either the universe is expanding or it is not, and would have to propose 2 theories based on these two possibilities. The speed of light is constant but the frequency of light is not. This could very well be the reason we see more red shift the farther we look. Red shift increasing over distance due to distance itself makes infinitely more sense than an ever increasing velocity of expansion and recession of space and matter which defies the laws of physics. Another thing to consider is that from our place in the observable cosmos, the Earth is and always will be, the center of the universe. This doesnt mean it really is the center, but for us here, it is and always will be. The big bang cannot be modeled. Every attempt to model the big bang expanding universe is flawed beyond belief, which makes the theory just as flawed and unbelievable. Every statement i have made here is true (not just a bunch of facts, which are not held to the higher standard of truth) but you will not find one astronomer or cosmologist on the planet who is willing to debate me on this subject. They know the truth trumps their make believe theory. Imagine having to throw away almost 100 years of big bang teet sucking flawed pseudoscience. That would be like the id folks burning their bibles. Truthful science is easy. Made up garbage like the big bang is hard because it is not truthful science.

  2. g j

    Y keep this here? It's useless and wastes everyone time by clicking on it. Clean it up here please. Thx

    1. over the edge

      g j
      if you look one post down someone provided an alternative link that works.

  3. Bones2pick

    Big Bang? That's a lame theory...most bangs that happen spread chaos and nothing exists in or around its radius, our earth is perfect in its spot, even its axis and size are signs of an intelligent design. We were definatley created, and stupid videos like this just reaffirm that.

    1. Achems_Razor


      Don't even know why I am replying to your completely inane comment about ID, and what can you possibly know about the big bang?

      "Our earth is perfect in its spot"? why do you think that? do you think that one of your gods that you seem to have a pipeline too made everything just for us little tiny almost invisible carbon units?

      The universe (including the earth) and its constants are not fine-tuned for life and humanity.

      Instead life and humanity, through evolution, are fine-tuned to the universe (especially the earth) as it is.

    2. Harbinger

      Mr Razor

      The theory of evolution has many problems associated with it, acknowledged by Darwin himself. Yet you seem to rely on it as some sort of absolute truth in your comment.

      Many Nobel Laureates (eg George Wald) would beg to differ with your views Mr Razor. I wonder what makes you think you are qualified to make such "all knowing" statements.

    3. Achems_Razor

      What makes you think that I am not qualified to make such statements? Do I have to show you pieces of paper hanging on the walls from my peers?

      What views does George Wald have that would differ from mine? What problems does evolution present? do you think that there is no problems with ID?

    4. Harbinger

      Hello Mr Razor

      Evolution, for one thing, does not account for the origin of life.
      In addition, the Cambrian explosion in itself does create problems for the theory of evolution; however in saying that, I am not saying that ID has no problems.

      Many brilliant minds, past and present, scientific and otherwise, have taken a position on either side of the fence. So, why treat these differing opinions to yours with such disdain ? It seems your aversity/hatred for religion has affected your attitude to the concept of ID.


    5. Achems_Razor

      Nothing accounts for the origin of life as yet, when the scientists come up with TOE, then we may know. No I do not hate religions at all because it is a fallacy made up as is all the gods, devils, demons, lucifers, et al. in recorded history, all only in the minds of the human race. What is there to hate, not real.

      Unless you can prove to me all that is real with undisputed, empirical evidence?

      I made no claims, was asking questions, you are making the claims, the burden of proof lies on you to prove.

    6. Harbinger

      Hello Mr Razor

      I have to agree with you; that is, something considered not real cannot be hated.

      Regarding the origin of life, I would like to hear any opinion or thoughts you may have on this matter.

      Given the incredible amount of information(DNA) found even in the simplest single-celled organism, do you believe this information could have occurred by mere accident/chance, in the absence of any force ?
      Can it be proved scientifically that DNA can arise through mere chance ? I would think not; but on the other hand it could not be scientifically proven that DNA could arise through a deliberate act or design.

      Food for thought


    7. Tobias MacRobie

      Few things: Darwin's theory was not complete. Survival of the fittest and natural selection are sometimes part of the picture of evolution, but they are not the end-all. Anyone with education post 1990's should know this. Further, constants do not exist. Our mathematics are inherently flawed, string theory is the bandage to make them work (temporarily) until the next contradiction. Zero and infinity do not exist. As for DNA, they have already synthesized amino acids (building blocks of DNA) by natural, geologic, and solar actions. The chain of events in history is not known exactly, because the scale of it is immeasurable. It is like saying that you, human, could know what every human is doing right now, and every other living organism of a higher order than a virus. You can't? Ok, then don't ask me to know either, especially in circumstances of planetary and carbon-life origins. All that aside, I haven't watched the video yet, but I found these back-and forth comments were in dire need of some clarifications. Please, proceed accordingly.

    8. ng

      ...said the catholic church some 500 years ago. you still believe the sun revolves around the earth too?

  4. Cody Cubilla

    This is really mind blowing, Great watch. I recommend to all intrested in space.

  5. Miguel Mnomnomnom

    I wish I could slap the guy who was in charge for the sound fx. It ruined the video.

  6. L.Walker

    i think their comets are wrong at the end - the tails aren't left behind because they are moving, like the tail of a jet, but they always face away from the sun because the solar wind is burning off the ice and dust, regardless of which direction the comet is heading.


    1. the555hit

      yeah. not the first time you'll see these 'documentaries' handing out totally klutz information like that. i guess they think that if they portray comets as they are, kind of running backwards, the poor proly public will just worry it's pretty little head and start thinkin' 'bout stuff.. and then where would we be?

    2. Sieben Stern

      true, but seeing it the way it should be is fascinating - you can say how a comet works, but a good animation / visuals really drive the point home ^^

  7. df

    Thanks for the documentary; its a real fascination for a space enthusiast like me..

  8. Ddub

    the history channel does over use the same generic sound fx's and the same over dramatized directing/narration style for pretty much all its doc's. sometimes I just turn off the audio, turn on music and watch the cool visuals.

  9. crhsitina

    really weird docu, too many strange sound FX, and nascar race style commentary

  10. rman


  11. Nameless

    Nice video. Doesnt matter how big or small the timeframe of the doco is. Thanks vlatko for sharing it over here.