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The Bin Laden Conspiracy: Dead or Alive


The Bin Laden ConspiracyWhatever happened to the hunt for Bin Laden? In the wake of 9/11, President Bush vowed not to rest until we find him. But five years into the most expensive manhunt the world has ever seen, Public Enemy Number One remains at large.

How has he continually evaded capture? In this controversial and fascinating documentary, key personnel involved in the search speak out.

Was Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9/11? The Bush Administration says yes, citing a grainy, badly-edited videotape that surfaced in December, 2001.

In that tape, a fat guy who vaguely resembles Bin Laden chortles about the success of the 9/11 attacks. (In earlier interviews, Bin Laden had denied responsibility for 9/11, once even deploring the loss of civilian life in the attacks and calling them un-Islamic.)

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  1. Rona

    There are two sides of a coin as I see in this doc. First of all I think its so disgraceful how the American government administration and to some of the American people who are not educated and are brainwashed by their own demeaning of political jargon about the real truth behind the wars bewteen the Middle East and West and the U.S.A. Obamar makes an anouncement to the world stating that Bin Laden was killed? yet as the narrator in this doc says "there are no photos of proof". This may have been a political conspiracy so the people of America can vote Obamar to gain Presidency once again. It's about power, greed and money. On the other hand maybe Obamar and Bin Lardens connections were having open discussions and as a result decided to direct the attention, pressure and media frizzy of Bin Larden away from the public eye. God bless

  2. Roe

    There are two sides of a coin as I see in this doc. First of all I think its so disgraceful how the American government administration and to the American people who are not educated and are brainwashed by their own demeaning of political jargon about the real truth behind the wars bewteen the Middle East and West and the U.S.A. Obamar makes an anouncement to the world stating that Bin Laden was killed? yet as the narrator in this doc says "there are no photos of proof". This may have been a political conspiracy so the people of America can vote Obamar to gain Presidency once again. It's about power, greed and money. On the other hand maybe Obamar and Bin Lardens connections were continuing for open discussions and as a result decided to give Bin Larden a peace of mind, not only for all Americans but also to the world to make this announcement less pressure from the media uppon Bin Larden.

  3. Duncan R.M.Decapolis

    I was thinking Osama just died of kidney failure, and Pakastani courier came to collect month to month payment in case ol' Bin had to book. Then showed back up to military outpost, and the brass are like where's the jack? Courier is like all in shock still stammering, The wicked Bin is dead! Should we inform world media RT, France vingh catre etc. And of course those sneaky Americans? No! You fool, don't say a word to anyone! Can't you see this a prime opportunity for us to really come up, on top of our double dipping from harboring Osama, and collecting massive amounts of aid from US!?! We will tell our CIA contacts only, and see what they wanna do. Of course, we know they'll contrive a Hollywood like movie production, complete with crashing chopper for realism, and strangely a no-show of the body, even though their children witness something like 10,000 murders on TV by time they're eighteen, yet again strangely they blur out woman's buttocks and even side view of breast, while ironically their number one export is pornography, er is it revolution?(breath/exasperated sigh, then attempts restart but raspy so clears throat)

    But I recently saw a Owen Wilson film, and you think these celebrity infactuated experts would be able to put two and two together! Look at the snoz on Wilson, and match to any pictures of Bin Laden, I mean even both their names start with an O! Silly Americans, Owen Wilson was done up to be Osama Bin Laden, and the Twin Towers were computer generated with Technicolor added, all from that old King Kong movie! They just rubbed out the big monkey, just like they'll claim Osama Bin Laden, and that old movie actress too from building, but they're both alive and well, even showed up together recently in that movie No Escape, except they were eating chilled monkey brains, no wait, that old has been James Bond said it was dog! 9/7/2015 Duncan R.M.Decapolis, and I approve of this conspiracy theory.

  4. spencer

    Dna meens nothing when we never had anything to begin with to compare it to. We have no info on bin laden period. Our government is full of s*it. We never got him or there was never a threat from him to begin with, it was all orchestrated by our own government. He was simply a face for the american people to hate to benefit the american government as usual. Anyone who thinks different is just blind

  5. spencer

    We had no info at all about bin laden, they supposedly killed someone that looked like him with no dna proof. We never got him, its all politics and our shady a** government. For all we know there may have never been bin laden and we orchestrated all of it.

  6. fender24

    Leaked Snowden docs show for first time that DNA test verified identity of Osama bin Laden's bodyThe Independent.

  7. abakusss

    Bin laden was killed in Abattabad Pakistan in 2011 as we now know. Pakistan not told beforehand as USA no longer trusts Pakistan due to its duplicity in providing support, weapons and haven in NW Pakistan to the Taliban. Reasons for this lack of trust of Pakistan are revealed in two part doco “Secret Pakistan”. In first part of this doco tells how several hundred Taliban and Al Qaeda were trapped in Tora Bora mountains in NW Afghanistan in 2001. Bin Laden was thought to be with them. They escaped into Pakistan during a phony two day truce where the Taliban and Al Qaeda promised to lay down their weapons and surrender and Pakistan reneged on its agreed role and did not man the border to prevent their escape into Pakistan

    This "Secret pakistan" doco paints a scary picture about Pakistan’s duplicity and the depth of penetration of the extremist Islamic groups in Pakistan including in sections of the Pakistan Security service the ISI.

    This "Secret Pakistan" doco is a must see.
    Also try to find and see the Doco "Al Qaeda Confidential". Lot of sensitive facts released in 2011 shows total Al Qaeda development timeline, Bin laden role in attacks on buildings since 1993 UN building in NY and various USA embassies and you see actual video of people who flew planes in 9/11.

    Bin Laden was never friendly to USA and David Ray Griffen is a phony talking utter rubbish to sell his book and make money. After getting Bin laden in 2011, makes Griffin look like a real clown.

    Ruths, did you post 1 month ago that Bin laden died in 2001?
    They got him in Pakistan in 2011.

    Goodness some of you guys post incredible crap. beats the truth any day.
    Do you read any papers or listen to any current affairs or watch any of the many accurate docos. BBC will publish facts accurately as they are given them. Surprised that they would be involved with the clown ideas of Griffen when they are privy to more sound facts.

  8. ruths

    this entire video is a fraud , first of all you cant trust BBC , second Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Bin Laden has been used by both PM's and presidents for re- elections , we are all on tho their games .

    1. disqus_leifsfH4CV

      I, for one, am not familiar with their 'games.' I have not seen this video yet, and am not as privy as I'd like to be to this topic. I know I am not alone, so please explain your allusions.

  9. ruths

    this video is just a cover up , first of all Bin Laden was never put on the FBI's most wanted list, i could go on but its not neccessary we all know Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Bin Laden has been used by all the presidents re-election . its all a game .

  10. Winston Pity

    Some of the information is definately untrue. You have to ask your self why.

  11. todd

    Most of this video tries to claim that Osama is still alive debunking the rumors that he died in 01. It is the BBC after all. They are very dishonest to England like Fox news is here. In my opinion, he is dead, but not because Obama got him, lol. Obama's approval ratings were at an all time low, and he probably heard that Osama is dead so he used this to raise his ratings, which it did, for a few weeks anyway. I still hear people sometimes say in Obama's defense "But he got Osama!"
    The Bush's are very close to the bin-laden's. George was probably told not to actually kill him, just bomb Afghanistan (give him time to get out- which we did, what like 6 weeks?).
    People in the video act like it would be preposterous for the Bush administration to act like he's alive if in fact he is dead. Bush used 9/11 as a way to pass the Patriot Act which was written a few years prior to 9/11 and the crisis gave them perfect timing to implement it. It's all about taking away our freedoms. Now we have the NDAA from Obama. Fema camps are supposedly looking for more contractors now that they are no longer working with Halliburton, and now we have a new bill expected in committee later this month (forgot the bill #) to remove American citizenship if you are one of those "terrorists" or associated forces" mentioned in NDAA. I guess that's how they plan to get around detaining "Americans" indefinitely. When the SHTF, the gov't wants to make sure we are defenseless with no rights to protect ourselves under.
    It was an interesting video, but I guess you would have to believe the official story of 9/11 to actually believe this video.

  12. David Dunford

    Considering that the Bush family and the bin Laden family were very close and both had mutual investments in both oil and military weapons, that you can look at video of the two planes striking the twin towers and notice that they have no passenger windows, and that Bush personally had every piece of the two towers removed from the scene before any portion of it could be analyzed and shipped it over to China and India where it disappeared forever...and now, while they say they killed Osama but refuse to show even the slightest proof of it and conveniently dumped his body in the ocean so as to never allow anyone to ever have the actual chance to see for themselves that he was actually seems quite likely that he is not dead. What gets me is that we can track a sick chicken to the specific farm in china that caused the bird flu within months down to the actual chicken that caused the flu, but we couldn't find Osama for over 10 years. Outwardly the 9/11 story looks sound. But the plane that hit the towers was not a commercial one. Commercial ones have windows. No plane hit the Pentagon as no parts remained of any plane, and the video they gave the public was from one camera, the other over 200 cameras that watch ever inch of it oddly all not working that day. And the plane that hit the ground not only did not leave any debris at all, but the original plane number they gave for it ended up landing in Cleveland and had no terrorists aboard it. Oddly, the flight they did give never existed save in a few documents the White House put out.
    These planes are huge, multi-leveled flying buildings. They do not just vaporize. If the planes that hit the twin towers were not commercial planes, and the planes that hit the Pentagon and the field could not be planes because they did not leave debris, then Osama bin Laden did not carry out the attack. He could not have. And if he could not have, then we must turn our eyes to the ones who say he was responsible and question their innocence in the matter. Don't be a blind sheep. Research it yourself.

  13. da-bro-u-luv-2-hate

    Damn! Now they probably gonna blame me for their next despicable act! "Freedom of speech, just be careful what you say" - Ice-T.

  14. da-bro-u-luv-2-hate

    One of the lies is that the troops is in Iraq to liberate the people. What happened to the "War on Drugs?" While drug cartels are practically ruling Central & South America, we skip over that issue to fight way on the other side of the world and for what? Oh! that's right, the rich kids & the Lindsey Lohans can't party without their "Pedico" (Cocaine). The Feds: "Well da-bro-u-luv-2-hate, it's like this, The war on drugs is actually the war on poor ghetto niggers who we alow to make some money selling the coke we put on the streets to other worthless niggers who use it, then we kill 2 birds with 1 stone with drug raids, and all the proceeds remain with us." The U.S. is in Iraq & Afghanistan to enforce them to get with the program with the global "Anglo Agenda". There you have it, in a nutshell!

    1. David Dunford

      You hit things pretty much on the head there, da-bro. The war on drugs started with Reagan/Bush. However, they were allowing Noriega to send in huge amounts of cocaine from Panama as well as paying him 100k per year while he gave them great amounts of intel on Columbia, Brazil and the rest of South America. When the Reagan cartel began the arms sale to the Contras, Noriega used all the new American planes he got that delivered the arms to also deliver far more drugs into the U.S. It wasn't until the Reagan cartel was busted for their illegal arms dealing that they began to put the crunch on the Panamanian leader, trying to take more control of his country than he was prepared to let them. The two big guys in America that profited from all the drugs Noriega pushed through were Bush and Cheney. When Noriega wouldn't play nice with them, they started an illegal war against Panama, killing over 4k civilians. They wiped out the poor district of Panama and took control of the whole country via a puppet leader. They continued to make enormous profits off of pot and cocaine until Clinton came into office.
      At home the story was a little different. They didn't care of some "stupid niggers" got doped up and died from the drugs they did. What they did care about was something far more simple. Poor people are the first to see problems, complain about problems and fight back against problems. Unfortunately, cocaine was a little too expensive for the general poor population. So they brought in two new kinds of drugs. Crack and Meth. Meth was actually invented back in the 1940's by the Nazi party. They were hoping to make a strong, faster and more powerful human killing machine that didn't feel fatigue, especially in the frozen Russian climate. It failed and the drug was shelved. 40 years later they brought it back and began pushing it into the noses of the poor and college age kids in California. Republicans don't like liberals, especially the loudmouth Hollywood kind. On the East Coast they pushed the crack. They gave it time to brew and get popular, then started hunting them down and locking them up. If you bring fear and worry really close to home, you aren't going to be watching what the government is doing. This mentality came to a head with Bush jr. with Cheney as his master, teaching little Bush how they did things in Panama.
      If you want to look at those who still want this process to continue, simply look at those politicians and CEOs that are against medical weed and the legalization of pot. They could care less if it was legal, and their reasons to be against it are laughable. But pot lowers the stress level without the bad side severe depression...that the pharms do. And when you are relaxed, you start to see what is going on around you. Can't have that.

    2. grace o

      The troops guard the poppy fields. Google for pictures of it. Hell, even Geraldo did some show about it. The war on drugs is a war on Americans and the CIA brings it in. If you look at levels of heroine here in America over the last few decades, it is way more prevalent now than before. Coincidence? I don't think so!

  15. Jack Delaney

    <_< Hes dead now. 2011 ftw.

  16. Puppyupper

    I heard he died long ago from an infected hang nail that he refused to treat. Kind of like Hitler, huh?

  17. JoeyMack

    Rational question here...Can anyone please explain why the U.S. supposedly dumped him at sea?? The only thing that has been spoonfed to me by the U.S. and the mainstream media is that "it was in accordance with Islamic custom". However, there have been more than a handful of people of Islamic faith who have called this b.s., noting there is no such custom in Islam as it is stated by the U.S., and that burial at sea would never be an option in this particular situation. This is driving me insane! Noone has yet legitimately answered my question, so the only "evidence" I have points to the U.S. lying.

    1. over the edge

      take this answer with a grain of salt. i am not claiming this is a fact, but what i heard was that a burial at sea would remove the possibility of a grave site becoming a shrine and a symbol of martyrdom. also the rumor was his body was offered to Saudi Arabia and they refused and that no country would accept his body (again only speculation). hope that helps

    2. Guest

      I heard the same reasons but who believed the whole story?
      We are spoonfed bull and we are many to know or believe that.

    3. JoeyMack

      Yes, that is one unofficial reason that has been circulating. But it still doesn't address the issue of the U.S. deliberately maintaining that the sea burial was "correct" under Islamic law, when it most certainly wasn't. So either 1) The government is blatantly lying (and either there was no body or the body was disposed of for different reasons) or 2) President Obama was consulting the book "Islam for Dummies" during the entire raid.

    4. over the edge

      i thought the burial within 24 hours was the claim they said was according to the Islamic faith not the burial at sea.

    5. JoeyMack

      My understanding from reading several sources is that they claimed since the body could not be buried in the ground within 24 hours (under Islamic law) it had to be buried at sea (under Islamic law), which was an incorrect interpretation of clear Islamic language.

    6. wald0

      I also heard they did this to stop his grave site from becoming a shrine or symbol. I haven't heard anything about it being correct or incorrect according to Islamic law. Then again I don't follow these kinds of stories past the basic facts, they claim they killed him- nuff said. Is it true, I have no idea. Does it matter, not to me. It doesn't change anything and it sure can't be called a military conquest. Even if it could be thought of this way this isn't the ninth grade play ground and a p*ss*ng contest helps no one. I really fail to see why it is being taken so seriousely. Some say it shows that America stands behind its threats, maybe so but I would rather they stood behind their promises. Some say he was a huge symbol for terrorism and so forth, blah-blah-blah. How many times are we to fall for that kind of b.s.? Radical religees bent on war don't need Osama to wipe thier a*s and it does nothing to stop other radical religious movements that are just as dangerous in different ways, like the christian end timers or Jewish fundamentalist. If anything the world celebrating this mans death and turning against Islam emboldens these other radical factions. It reinforces thier distorted idea that they are some how the true religion or the chosen peoples.

      Sorry, I realize that was way more than just answering your question. I didn't mean to be arguementative or imply anything about what your views may be. I'll shut up now, I need to get outside for awhile and stop watching all these documentaries. I am getting to self righteous and pumped up.

  18. who_me_yeah_you

    Aaron, have you ever considered trying to do more with less? If you're gonna post commentary try and keep it simple and sane sounding. If you have too much info for mere commentary posts then use video. Remember simple.


    The Death of Osama Bin Laden and the Obama Illuminati Conspiracy

    My name is Aaron Fleszar and I’d like to expose, with your help, the largest conspiracy in world history. Most people don’t believe in conspiracies or conspiracy theories, I know because I was one of them. The thing about a conspiracy is it cannot be proven, if it could, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy. I will try and make this as simple as possible so that you can follow my logic and likely reach the same conclusions.

    What do we know about Osama Bin Laden that we haven’t been told by the media? We know that he is a spokesperson for Al-Qaeda. Once or twice a year, this guy appears in video, pointing his finger, from a tape that mysteriously gets sent to the Al-Jazeera network. If Osama Bin Laden is only spokesperson, and not a mastermind, who makes up the organization behind him?

    Even a president is only a spokesperson. A president surrounds himself with an administration that advises him. There is always a force behind a president with an agenda. Sometimes that agenda is known, sometimes it’s not.

    Are we being mislead by Osama Bin Laden and the organization behind him? Could Osama be the spokesperson for a New World Order, the richest people in the world who would like to take over the government? Could Osama be a distraction, and a catalyst, for starting an endless war on terror, increasing defense department spending, lining the pockets of defense contractors, and driving up the price of oil?

    Could the attacks on 9/11 be attacks against capitalism? Is Al-Qaeda or New World Order’s goal to destroy capitalism? Would destroying capitalism allow the richest people in the world a chance to implement socialism, get wealthier by collapsing the dollar, and allow them to institute a one world currency, only to enslave the rest of the world to their New World Order government?

    Everyone knows that something happened on 9/11 that is being covered up, but what is it? Is it that planes didn’t collapse 2 buildings which fell with precision as if they were being brought down by a controlled demolition? Is it that no one ever talks about the third building which collapsed that never got hit by an airplane? Were the planes nothing more than misdirection, or an illusion, created by Al-Qaeda/New World Order, also known as “the Illuminati?”

    Written across thousands of get rich quick scams online there is a code. Al-Qaeda or NWO appears to be using the internet to take over all e-commerce and media. Several people making up this code are look a likes for people associated with the current administration, in addition to media moguls, and CEO’s.

    Several of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists make up this code online. They are wanted for US embassy bombings in Kenya, Obama’s family’s birthplace, and Indonesia, a place where Obama spent many years as a child.

    What’s interesting about the organization of scam artists online, who literally own the internet, is that this same group of marketing experts ran the last election on Youtube. Could the organization behind Osama Bin Laden be the New World Order Illuminati? Could the organization behind the election of Obama, be the same group? Could Osama be the look a like to represent Obama, and Biden, Bi(nla)den?

    It’s not a conspiracy when it’s taking place right in front of you. There is just an overwhelming amount of misinformation to try and prevent you from connecting the dots. Keep in mind that the Illuminati, or New World Order, are masters at illusion.

    It’s important for the future of America that you tell others immediately about this website. Email, text, and Twitter everyone you know and tell them to read this website. When enough people start demanding honest answers, we will finally learn the truth to what really happened on 9/11.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Aaron M Fleszar


    The Death of Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy and the New World Order

    My name is Aaron M Fleszar, and for the last several weeks I’ve tried getting people to read and understand some of what I’ve written online. For most, its way too complicated. On a number of blogs I made the mistake of trying to optimize for keyword phrases, which took away from the information I was revealing. There should be more than enough information online now for people to connect the dots. It’s important to get everyone’s attention by telling them about sites like this one.

    The media is being heavily controlled in an effort to stop the story spreading about Obama/Osama and the New World Order. This is why I think the death of OBL story was released. I cracked Al-Qaeda’s code over 3 years ago. It was about 6 months before the presidential election. This is part of the reason why I know that everything regarding Sarah Palin is completely fabricated. There’s a reason why her family has such odd names. There’s also a reason why on her TV show it appeared that everything they did in Alaska was for the first time. Wouldn’t the group who wanted to elect Obama, be more likely to pull it off if they also decided who his opponent, or opponents, would be?

    If you search who I am online and read about what I’ve written, you should also know that the Feds sorted out all of this before the election. Think if my theory is accurate Bush would hand over the presidency to his nemesis? Did you notice that immediately after Obama won the election, he completely disappeared for 2 weeks? When Obama reappeared and sat next to “senator” McCain for a photoshoot, did you notice how happy and refreshed McCain was? Did you notice how Obama had that sleep deprivation, cooperating with authorities, look on his face?

    I also know that this story is considered embarrassing to intelligence agencies and the FBI who have been after Al-Qaeda for years. They claim that this information is a matter of National Security. Misusing the words national security all the time is a threat to our nation’s security. Avoiding the court systems, warrants, judges, trashing the constitution, and operating in an above-the-law capacity, is a threat to national security. Using the words national security, in exchange for the words job security, is a threat to national security. Turning people who are part of this organization in an effort to catch bigger fish, and catching bigger fish only to have unelected officials silence and manipulate elected officials, is a threat to national security. The American people want their freedoms and democracy back. Together we can restore the constitution before unelected officials begin using it as toilet paper.

    The feds have recruited journalists, editors, and moderators, in order to control the media and suppress this story. Forums, blogs, and major media comment sections are being manipulated, altered, and deleted. Most comments on these sites are nothing more than misdirection. Anyone speaking negative about the administration, or poking holes in the Death of Osama Bin Laden story, are being immediately discredited, some by the FEDS and others by Al-Qaeda. Tell everyone about this site.

    Commenting at major news sites isn’t spamming unless you’re selling something. Here are the best ways to get attention to this story.

    First, email and text everyone you know and tell them about this website. It’s quick, easy, and simple.

    Next, post questions at the biggest major media sites to all political stories. Ask if the person is part of the New World Order Conspiracy, or use Obama Osama Illuminati conspiracy. Comment on stories regarding Obama as well, he’s in the news an awful lot. Reply to the most viewed and most replied comments. This is America. Don’t ever be scared for a minute to speak out. When you see others drawing attention to this story or this site, support them online.

    Simply reading this story is meaningless, unless you spread this information. Even if you don’t understand it all, if everyone begins to share it, actual journalists, maybe from outside the United States, will pick up on it and be able to expose it without being limited to a short little blog post. Spread the news today and help us take back our democracy, the constitution, and our freedom of speech.

    Thank you,
    Aaron Fleszar



    This is the story the federal government is covering up. This is a code I cracked online 6 months before the presidential election. When I reported it to the FBI, my entire family’s lives, my life, and everyone I care about, has been destroyed. I’ve been told “I can’t know what I know, who am I to question the federal government,” and that I “embarrassed the professionals who do this stuff for a living.” Are these the same professionals that had every thing under control on the morning of 9/11?

    My name is Aaron M Fleszar and back in 2006 I set out to find a way to make money online and ended up learning a lot more than I bargained for by cracking a code no one ever knew existed.

    Scam artists (Al-Qaeda) have cornered the market on affiliate marketing education. Their sites use aliases, bogus whois info, and registrations in different states and countries. What are they hiding?

    After many years researching, a link appeared on Armand Morin’s blog to Al-Qaeda. A number of these con artist's faces matched up with the FBI’s MOST WANTED TERRORISTS.

    Here are wanted terrorists and their online aliases. Some are wanted for U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya & Indonesia. Do these two places ring any bells?

    Search Google Images for;
    Mark Joyner Simpleology-Seif Al Adel (Sarah Palin’s book Palinology)
    John Ferrero-Ramadan Shallah
    Yaro Starak-Umar Patek
    Armand Morin-Noordin M Top (said to have been killed in Indonesia and now removed from the FBI’s most wanted list)
    Michael Filsaime-Ali Sayyid Muhamed Mustafa al-Bakri (Die Hard 4 “Fire Sale” The cyber attack on our infrastructure)
    Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian-Ammar Mansour Bouslim
    Carl Galletti-Ahmed Garbaya, Samir Salwwan
    Ted Ciuba-Abdul Rahman Yasin

    Many get rich quick scams serve as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies, and logos, some sold through Clickbank. The people appearing in testimonials are part of the expansion of this organization and are often pitching other high priced products and services. They all link to one another through their marketing strategies and ability to optimize in search rankings.

    Between the aliases the use, and the way in which they speak about things, everything they do has double meaning. There faces in Google image search is similar to the picture book of symbols mentioned in The Da Vinci Code. Here is a code of look a likes pitching all sorts of stuff who are interconnected.

    Selling a program on making millions online is Professor James Bradley who looks like the Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

    Jay Conrad Levinson is behind a number of “guerilla” marketing and advertising books. He looks like George Soros, who’s last name is a (palin)drome. Soros has been credited for collapsing a number of nation’s currencies. George Soros has been quoted several times regarding his views on a New World Order.

    The Super Affiliate Handbook is sold by someone who looks like Jill Biden, her name is Rosalind Gardner. Some appear to represent people, more in how they pose, rather then a direct look a like. Stephen Pierce appears to represent radical Van Jones, Brett McFall-Austan Goolsbee, John Childers-Andy Stern, and Jay Abraham as Ayman al-Zawahri.

    Problem with your Google Adwords PPC ads and can’t get a straight answer? You could try Yanik Silver who looks a lot like Sergei Brin, but he probably won’t know. He sells 33 Days to Online Profits (prophets.) Why not try Perry Marshall, who looks like Obama’s priest Reverend Pfleger? He sells The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, infringing upon Google’s trademark.

    Many more can be seen at Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s Red-Hot-Copy blog such as; 72 Virgin Records Richard Branson, & White House Party Crashers the Salahi’s with Valerie Jarrett’s daughter.

    The Rich Jerk sent out emails promoting Stompernet in Atlanta Georgia. The staff included Brad Fallon, an airline pilot, and Eben Pagan selling a seminar "Get Altitude". 3 days after reporting this code to the FBI, Delta in Atlanta canceled a large number of flights due to safety reasons. In the Youtube videos related to the Rich Jerk, it appears that Mark Cuban is the Rich Jerk. He’s the billionaire who owns the Dallas Maverick’s basketball team. Think O'bomber or Barrac-uda Palin would play for him? Another guy seen on Youtube claiming to be Robert Johnson Rich Jerk, is Tony Rezko.

    Obama announced his run for office on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Have you ever noticed that Oprah’s friend Gayle King looks like Whitney Houston? Did you ever think that her name could be a code, Whit_ney White-Hous_ton House?

    It appears the internet marketing experts controlled the comments, the headlines, and the finance of the last election online with the highest ranking site in Google search, Youtube.

    In my strongest opinion this is the last piece of the puzzle, Osama Bin Laden is also a spokesperson, and a look-a-like. Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)n La(den.)

  22. aaronfleszar

    Nobody here thinks that the death of Osama Bin Laden is a conspiracy?

    Nobody finds the timing a bit odd that the minute the Obama birther issue was “debunked” all of sudden a super elite fighting force pinned down Bin Laden and couldn’t take him alive? After all, we’ve only been after him for how many decades? Do you think if we really caught him he couldn’t be hit with an elephant tranquilizer gun? OBL or UBL possess no credible intelligence?

    Did anyone notice that Obama has the same birthday as Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat? Yasser Arafat is said to have multiple birth places and is also known as the inventor of modern day terrorism. Is this just a mere coincidence?

    Still don’t think that the Osama Bin Laden killed story is a total conspiracy? You don’t think the story may have been released to cover up my story, the real story, from leaking out?

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that the only people optimized for stories in search engines regarding Osama Bin Laden conspiracy theories are major media sources that either have comment boards closed for comments, computer glitches when trying to post, or require moderation? This doesn’t seem like free speech to me. Once the story broke about capturing, killing, and then throwing Bin Laden into the ocean, no one finds it odd that message boards at Yahoo were closed for comments and heavily altered?

    If you do manage to post anything on a message board regarding the Osama conspiracy, it’s amazing how quickly you’re attacked by other posters. They never attack the information you provide, they just immediately try and steer attention away from your comment. God forbid anyone ever learns the truth.

    Have you noticed the number of CIA agents expressing their opinions in the news who are said to be retired? Why are they always retired? Do any of them ever retire, honestly?

    I honestly believe after pinpointing a number of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists on the internet who are posing as internet marketing experts and copywriters, that this large group of people communicating in code represent the entire Al-Qaeda playbook, finance, and communication of their organization. They put the commie in “commie-unity organizing.”

    As mentioned earlier, here are some names of people posing as spokespeople for internet marketing, copywriting, and software products.

    Mark Joyner Simpleology-FBI Wanted Seif Al Adel “Sarah Palin’s” book Palinology
    John Ferrero-FBI Wanted Ramadan Shallah
    Yaro Starak-FBI Wanted Umar Patek
    Armand Morin FBI Wanted and now “dead” Noordin M Top

    Last, did you know that Obama announced his run for office on The Oprah Winfrey Show? Do you think that Oprah’s friend Gayle King looks anything like Whitney Houston? If she does, could Whitney mean Whit_e and Houston mean Hous_e?

    This whole Osama Bin Laden killed conspiracy theory is almost too complicated for people with little pea sized brains to understand. If you actually researched the names I previously mentioned in the look a like code, you might start to see the truth, and not what the media or the government wants you to believe.

    I believe 100% without any doubt, only because all my information was acted upon by the FBI, that Osama Bin Laden is a code. In my strongest suppressed opinion, Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)nla(den)

    1. Atom Colideer


    2. Bambi L

      I just wtf'd HARD. Then again this crack is really good.

    3. Puppyupper

      When a conspiracy theory gets to be too complicated to understand it's a sign that it never happened. You write a lot here but have no proof of anything. Why should I believe your "Too complicated" story over anyone elses, including the governments?

    4. shh_your_embarrassing_yourself

      See thats the thing stop just listening to anything your told. Look at things in a logical way and maybe you wont be so baffled. Or just get on with your life as you will never know anything other than what your spoon fed anyway.

    5. David Foster

      Heh. Well, I have no proof one way or the other. But I do have my doubts as to whether they actually did kill Bin Laden; because I'm sure that if they ever did have his body, they would want to have it laminated and put on display at ground-zero for at least a couple of days, before they dumped in the ocean!

  23. Johnnie Theteddy

    It seems that the American people are very naive, they believe everything their Government is telling them. They don't want to hear if Osama was really involved in the 9/11 and already had decided he was guilty, because they believe their Government. They forget about their own constitution and treaties which guarantee a hearing before executing. The Government told the American people that Osama was responsible for the 9/11 and issued possible fake videos of Osama, admitting his involvement and everyone is believing and happy about the murder of a person, possibly not guilty in playing a part in the 9/11 tragedy. The American people had lost confidence in Busch, yet they still believe all the stories coming from the Busch era.

    Maybe it is true that Osama already died of natural causes years ago and may be the 9/11 was a conspiracy from the Busch administration or maybe the Bush Administration had put the 9/11 blame on Osama in order to attack Iraq because of their it's oil reserves. Why is the American people so concern about Kaddafi and Libya (another oil producing country) but doing nothing to Zimbabwe except instituting sanctions (which will never have any results, because of the helping hand of South Africa). Why is it that America is taking up arms only against oil producing countries? The Americans will never know, because they are all happy and believing everything their Government is telling them. The American people will never know whether Osama was really killed or whether he had died by natural causes, years ago. Its seems the American Government can tell it's citizens anything and they will believe it. They can even tell them that they had killed Osama and then dumped his body in the ocean, and they are still believing it. What is it that the American Government is hiding?

    America, you need to wake up from your comfort zone or you will be meeting your downfall sooner than you think. Don't believe everything your Government wants you to believe and ask questions for their actions. I am also a Christian and hate Osama if he was responsible for the killing of innocent people, but he should have been given an opportunity to tell his side of the story. Should he be given such an opportunity, the real truth could have been determined. Now everyone will just guess, like the cases of the death of Marlin Monroe (about where and how she had died) and J F Kennedy (Why he was murdered and the Vietnam War). The question to be asked is why was Sadam captured, brought before justice and executed, but not Osama? Why dumping the body of Osama in the ocean and what is it the American Government don't want you to know?

    Was it not Hitler by way of propaganda making use of the media, to have the blessing of his people to murder so many Jewish People? (those who hate Jewish people, Jesus was born a Jew). Those who believe everything they read in the newspapers and see on television, are like a flock of sheep taken to be slaughtered, without even knowing it.

    Was it not the Caesar of Rome blaming Christians for the burning of Rome which lead the Roman Citizens to believe that all Christian people are bad and who were killed without any hearing in contravention to the principle of the Roman Empire and the Roman Law.

    Isn't it true that both the Roman Empire and the Nazi Government of German had come to a fall because it's citizens were believing and following everything their governments had told them.

    From Johnniesayit.

    1. Puppyupper

      Hey Johnnie, Al Qaeda admitted to the 9/11 attacks. They also admitted that Bin Laden was killed in the recent raid in Pakistan. The UN is taking charge of the events in Libya at the request of other Arab nations, not the US, who has been reluctant in getting involved in Libya. Also, Libyan oil is used mostly in Europe, very little of their oil goes to the US. The rest of your rant is an example of Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies.

    2. shh_your_embarrassing_yourself

      Al Qaeda hasnt admitted to the attacks as there is no such thing as Al Qaeda as a formal group. Seeing as no member of "Al Qaeda" was present or still alive at the compound how can they say what happend to him? For all anyone knows they did bag him alive,they just havent had any contact so presume the yanks are telling the truth(why i dont know, yanks cant even lie straight in bed). And as for Lybia thanks for pointing out that unless america has something to gain financially humans can go rot. And as for nazis has anyone brought them up before you? If not your the fool.

    3. Puppyupper


      Did you know Hitler was a Nazi? Or do you have a conspiracy theory that proves this wrong too?

    4. shh_your_embarrassing_yourself

      No Hitler was a person. The party was national socialist. And whats with all your rather ill thought out assumptions? I never put forward a theory just corrected everything you spouted. maybe you think theres a conspiracy against you by people being able to think for themselves.

  24. Frank

    It does not matter weather osama is dead or not. He is only a character in our alternate reality. A made up enemy
    for the American public.
    We only know what the media tells us and the media only relays information from the government.and we have been
    getting the wrong message and its time to wake up.I just think its sad when I see so many americans working like
    slaves saying they're free. Then drown themselves in
    alcohol, pills, and fastfood to get away from reality. I am a proud american jsut voicing my opinion. And I am
    worried for our country. I'm worried for any country that worries about bin ladin, britany spears, or the newest
    Iphone. When at the same time unimployment is at an all time high and climbing. when at the same time Oil prices are
    at an all time high and climbing. when at the same time world hunger is at an all time high and climbing. And the
    same for our food.

    Our freedom is slowly but surely getting takin away day by day. By the time you realize what is going on it will
    be too late. but we're too blind by propiganda. People are afriad to question who
    who is in charge because it questions their personal origin. The plan that is in place by those in charge is so
    well thought out, it is believed there is nothing we can do. You see America is the first country to be free. But
    what if we prove we cannot handle freedom by ignoring the big picture? by ignoring the world? Well they have a plan for that. The signs
    are all around us however
    you will not see them on CNN, ABC, or FOX news. Osama bin ladins death is merly a stepping stone to get the world on
    their side. Because America hasn't been lookin so good lately with our debt that has been affecting the world. Not
    that theres anything they can do about it because we spend more on our military than our top 5 competitors combined.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Osama bin ladin is still alive.

  25. Puppyupper

    What a bunch of idiots!!!! What the hell are you people smoking down there in your parents basement? I suppose you think Paul McCartney died in an auto accident in 1966 and was replaced with a look-alike too. Pull your heads out of your @$$'s and think logically for once. If you can't do that and still believe 9-11 was an "inside job", I suggest you finish eating your Soylent Green and go back to your puckerd, hind side Matrix.

    1. Alex Noon

      Why are you even on this page if you feel that way? We're idiots? You're just the type of sheep that is running this country into the ground. Why don't you stop believing whatever is being spoon fed to you through corrupted sources and investigate what is going on in this world for yourself. Ignorant prick.

    2. Puppyupper

      Alex: "Why are you even on this page if you feel that way?"

      Puppy: Because I don't want to believe what is being spoon fed to me through possible corrupted sources.

      Alex: "We're idiots?"

      Puppy: Okay, maybe that's a bit strong and rude. However, I do believe you are highly misguided and a bit paranoid.

      Alex: "Why don't you stop believing whatever is being spoon fed to you through corrupted sources and investigate what is going on in this world for yourself?"

      Puppy: I am. As far as 9-11 goes, I have found that the alternative stories ignore a lot of evidence that the mainstream story answers. The alternative stories are more complicated explanations of the evidence that is used. The proofs offered in the alternative arguments are poorly constructed, loaded with fallacies of logic and often misleading. The amount of people, organizations and companies to perpetrate a 9-11 "inside job" would be in the thousands and would not benefit most in any way, but would surely harm many. Of all these thousands of people who have not gained anything from their participation in the destruction, none of them have brought the scheme to light, even by accident. There is no demolition expert, structural engineer, high rise architect etc. in the world who in any way agrees with the alternative stories which have been put together by people who are admittedly ignorant in these fields. With that said, if you still consider me a sheep, it would be better than the alternative.

  26. Puppyupper

    What a bunch of idiots!!!! What the hell are you people smoking down there in your parents basement? I suppose you think Paul McCartney died in an auto accident in 1966 and was replaced with a look-alike too. Pull your heads out of your @$$'s and think logically. If you can't do that and still believe 9-11 was an "inside job", I suggest you finish eating your Soylent Green and go back to your puckered hind side Matrix.

    1. da-bro-u-luv-2-hate

      You're probably a federal agent your damn self & just trying to help with the coverups. Your name should be PUPPET YUPPIE! Ass hole!

  27. Ana Me

    He's finally dead - or so they say. But what will it change? What was done is done. No single person is never behind a single attack. 9/11 was the result of way too many political causes that they all put in "Osama Ben Laden". People need to blame someone and it was just easy to put it all on one person and easier for them to justify the American attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you think it will stop now? Do you think Qaeda will cease to exist? Do you think Americans will be any less greedy for oil?
    No! Of course not! And it's funny people are so naive to give any significance to the death of Osama Ben Laden (that's if he's even dead, or if he was alive - who knows, who cares).

  28. Smiley Dave

    As I type this they are announcing the Death Of Bin laden.
    His Body is in Us custody sounds weird.
    I was glad then a thought why would they insist on a Death.
    Keeps him for naming backers.
    Im just going from what Military Friends have told me.
    And all the friends in Ground Zero.
    The Building were demolished By Explosives Put their
    prior to airplanes crash's.
    And the cover up no american group of employees move that fast too remove all the cameras.
    Showing the hits.
    They wanted to control the view.

  29. proclone

    Funny how the "blurry photo" of Osama has his gray on the outside of his beard but the "real" images of Osama has the gray in the middle of his beard.

  30. proclone

    Funny how the "blurry photo" of Osama has his gray on the outside of his beard but the "real" images of Osama has the gray in the middle of his beard.

  31. David Bain

    The US government would have to contract out? When talking about the altering of tape. Really? So not the wealthiest most advanced nation? Really? Who believes these counters?

  32. David Bain

    Buto said IF in the supposed hes currently alive scene. She said IF Bin Laden were alive I would hope I could find him without the Americans. IF, IF. Very important distinction.


    If he is so wanted, why is he not on the most wanted list with the FBi?

    1. Tommy D

      He is #1 on their list my friend


      but not for 911.

  34. niger

    Al queda is the one faking the tapes ? LMFAO!!!

  35. a brother

    There are plenty of good movies around and instead of wasting time with this, just check what the guy Aaron Russo R.I.P. had to say about this War on Terror. All other particularities, mistakes, failures, misunderstandings and so on, are just separate individual cases that may be refuted or may be supported, may be true may be not. So in a nutshell, what each and every time matters, is not who said or done what, when or how, but the Big Picture. The Big Picture is always about some idea, some philosophy, some sacred cause, an ideology, a religious creed, a program, which has some sacred end, some final destiny, some bright future, some nirvana at its end and which is nurtured constantly, years and years before any catastrophic event happens at all. The whole confusion and mutual accusations, all these camps trying to explain these events, stem from this basic lack of ability to see the Big Picture, the Philosophy of Life. The idea about what life should be, what is Man, what is his/her destiny in this world is spiritual in its substance. There cannot be understanding of it until man understands his/her own nature. So in spiritual terms, the basic reason there is a war, and particularly the war on terror is not really a conspiracy, not these guys or that guys, but the human greed for power, coupled with love of differences and hatred towards similarities. The ability to see differences and similarities simultaneously is a basic feature of our consciousness. Our fixation to the differences makes possible all atrocities in the name of them whether its a religious, sexual, economic, biological, professional or some other differences. People are too inventive when it comes to creating differences. Some people just hate different people. This constant comparison, this mindless entanglement in competition and matching goes all the way from even your particular floor where you and your neighbors live, then the neighborhood, then the school where you study, then your local team you support against others, then the town you live is better than others, then your country is better than others, then your civilization is superior to others, and finally your way of life is superior to others. It's always been the Chosen people with the Promised land, my God against the inferior idol worshipers idea. This idea is a mystical and prophetic one. It says the whole lot of what we are and how we relate to one another as human beings. And that's why this idea is destroyed by (indeed) the superior idea of brotherly love, the similarities which Christ talked about. Where You and I are the same in spirit although we inhabit different bodies.
    Finally I can say that there is indeed a worldwide conspiracy, insofar as this "I'm the best and you die" attitude is expressed by certain groups in power and control, but the wise men on this planet have always known - the conspiracy belongs to God. Thats why the end of all this chaos belongs to Him in glory.

    1. da-bro-u-luv-2-hate

      makes sense to me. good comment.

  36. Ajax

    Kind of like OJ searching for his wife's killers.

  37. marco

    It's all about the gas/oil pipelines, just follow the money trail, USA consumes 65% of oil production with only 3% world population DO THE MATH!!!! plus its about the $$$$$$$ don't believe what u see, question it, research it and then digest it!!! americans are the only real terrorists!!!

  38. Tim Osman

    I LIVE!

  39. Cindy

    Back in 1999 whilst driving independently from UK to Kathmandu (our honeymoon) my husband and I DID find the secret hide out of Osama whilst driving back through Pakistan along the Afghan border. We had to be rescued by the British Embassy because of it and taken to a secret location for a number of days for our safety. Our discovery was written in the local newspapers. Whilst in the care of the British Embassy we were invited to a garden party, where American aid workers KNEW EXACTLY where Osama was. So if it was known where he was, why was he never caught????

    He was never meant to be caught. He was a patsy to create terror for the people and to ease the passing of ever more rules and ebbing away of freedoms. The secret services are extremely good at eliminating those they don't want, and leaving a trail of false blame at another's door, so why couldn't they find Osama?

    When we arrived back in the UK and Osama was on the front pages AGAIN and wanted for a $5 reward as the MOST WANTED TERRORIST IN THE WORLD, I wrote to the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, BBC & CBN news telling them our story. NO ONE EVEN BOTHERED TO ACKNOWLEDGE WE EVEN EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!! WHY, WHY, WHY??????

    ...of course, it has to all be a lie by the authorities. We have been made out to be nutters for having stumbled across the hide out of Osama's at the cost of a few £1,000. The Americans and the British tried to "find" him in Afghanistan at a massive cost to the tax payers and FAILED, killing 1,000s of other INNOCENT people in the process, under the false flag of democracy and freedom. Think of all the tax payers' money that could have been saved if the governments had listened to us. We perhaps would't have to endure all these cut backs we are now having because of wasted monies.

    You can find our full story on page 399 of Alice In Wonderland and the WTC Disaster.

    I most certainly am not a nutter. I know what I saw and experienced whilst in Pakistan, and back in the UK. I DON"T believe the governments anymore. I think they are all lying and scheming slime balls, out for their own ends and glory. They don' care about us, so long as they get what they want.

    It is time we all sat up and looked at what is going on, before it's too late.

    "What good fortune for the government that the people don't think." Hitler..

    1. Snoodeer

      ...Because your full of shit

    2. Snoodeer

      And you finish with a quote from Hitler?!?...twat

    3. Guest

      was that necessary? I wish this kind of reply was erased from here.

    4. Tommy D

      Don't you think it's because you saw him in '99, he hadn't murdered 2000 Americans till 2001, chances are he moved!

  40. Malco

    I think they found Bin Laden.
    Under the tree at Spar...

  41. jonas

    @ tom, osama doesnt exist that guys real name is john smith, so nobody can win that 25 million dollar jackpot! :(

  42. Thomas D

    Interesting, but as someone already pointed out, BBC very carefully chooses what to put into the documentary (same as with their 9/11 documentary). Whenever I see someone with a title such as "head of the Bin Laden taskforce" I always become suspicious. This guy is never going to say "you know what? The guy is dead" because his superiors would respond "good work, you are out of a job now."

  43. julien

    look at the size of his nose on various videos.
    early and late videos.
    his nose is considerably bigger nowadays.

  44. Corey

    Good doc. I also enjoyed the fact that the girl sounded like the girl from Hitman xD It added to it's overall awesomeness.

  45. heyle shalem

    there are a lot of wierd inconsistancys involved in the whole 9-11 mess. and yes osama worked for the us government for years fighting communist forces. Our government tends to create monsters for us to slay. just like the US bankers backed the nazis because we didnt want germany to turn socialist.

  46. sufihasan

    i loved the doc, wel 1 man can put world on its knees , never hapened in history but osama did it,
    and the most powerfull nation cant find 1 superman osama.
    amazing is he superman? i m starting to bleive that.

  47. Jhef

    Keep in mind this show is VERY biased. Keep in mind this is not the entire story. Keep in mind their words and information are chosen very carefully. I suggest the "Conspiracy Files" episode featuring 9/11 as evidence.

    Still good information, but if you're really interested, keep digging. I know I will.

  48. Tom

    Or perhaps.... he never existed.

  49. tony the tiger

    yeah there are definetely a lot of lies, bush was the real terrorist. and they talk about not being able to hide that usama bin laden was in dubai, and yet there was a hamas leader killed in dubai in his hotel room and they still dont know who did it, and that was just a couple months ago. lies lies lies, as long as the boogey man is alive the gov. can justify the all evils it does to the world and the American people. plus why are we trusting the cia about what they tell us about cia secrets. do we honestly think they will come out with top secret info just becuase someone is making a documentary. BS

  50. I Pay You. You Program Me.

    "Ayaz Ali
    February 7th, 2010 at 21:44
    Afghans are the most “animal-like” nation of th world. They would blame anyone in the world but not themselves. They are the trouble creators of the world."

    ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Im pretty sure you made a spelling mistake with Afghans and you ment AMERICANS

    I would love to see AL-CIA-DUH wander the streets in the states. Oh wait... they already are!

    Ahhh the people who fail to use their brains make me laugh!

  51. oring

    its an amaizing site....thanks for showing all this

  52. Ayaz Ali

    Afghans are the most "animal-like" nation of th world. They would blame anyone in the world but not themselves. They are the trouble creators of the world.

  53. Yavanna

    From memory there is a very important pipe line running through there.....

  54. for truth

    So, put aside who is Bin Laden and Al Queda, did the American's accomplish their mission? ---to get Osama Bin Laden ----and is he the most dangerous terrorist in the world? Why are the American's really in Afghanistan? If you ask questions, it doesn't add up that Osama Bin Laden is why they are in Afghanistan.

  55. burnout the rich to keep warm


  56. yavanna

    I think he may be commenting on my YouTube funny rather than the actual doc :)

  57. Matt C

    Um... E.S., I know you mean well, but that didn't make your point very effectively. I agree with most of what you seem to hint at, but you aren't going to convince most people who don't already know about this stuff. You made it sound kind of odd.

  58. ElishaShemuel

    This is more propaganda miss information. The guy the world Central Banker is a paid liar. What was the story he is days before retiring? from what paid liar too a documentary paid liar? You cannot trust a banker and especially one who works for a bank that is cloaked in bull shit, fraud, and saying they are the world central bank. I never voted for them, I never have use for a world bank nor does any government. They have self worship and set themselves up as if they are with a country or for a country. So much for that idiots lies. Sick murderer shitty liar.

    The USA government has set Ohsamah as thier fall guy. They as all the world governments today are blackmailed into making terror on their own people to get more control over their own people, stealing property and killing the masses that they cannot stand to be on earth. The corporations want oil lands, national forests, etc, so they set up dictators and take them down and set up other corporation puppets and governments so they can steal the lands they want when ever they want. They find a man who hates his brother with great historic hatred. They create one villager who is a greedy murderer, train him as a special operations killer and give him big ideas and guns. He kills whoever he hates and then takes over his village. then they kill him so no one can point to the real killers and genocide architects. They cover it all up with the news channels that they own. The rich elite, At the same time they are all paid for each war they start. They all own the companies for the military guns and ammo, tanks etc. They play both sides and make puppets out of all the actors in these wars. Just as this supposed French supreme group. One minute they say USA guns are given to both sides. the next minute they say the french are to be attacked at any minute by one of those sides. The french have been set up as puppets? by USA they are over their to fight for the USA, but the USA is giving guns weapons to the Taliban who the french are supposed to kill for the USA 911 attacks. What kind of lie is this?

    The documentary is supposed to tell us that Benlauden is ?????? for???? what???? We know the governments are puppets set up to look like terrorists, they then attack their own people with there one play, a big bomb or planes to look like a big bomb, car bombs, trade center bombings train bombings, to get there slaves to let them do more terror every minute to their slaves. What is new about this?
    So they want us to think the French are fighting for America, but America is giving guns to the French enemies. How stupid are the slaves? How stupid are the governments of men? The Word states they are the basest of men. They are taken of men. As the slaves do so do the governments of men. The governments are just as the slaves in their wickedness. So slaves do right and the governments have to do right. The slaves do wrong and the governments of men and their representatives have to do wrong.

    George Bush tells a lie today and tomorrow he believes his own lie. Obama a Corporation puppet, who is a master deceiver raised and groomed by the rich elite, to be a curse on earth a curse sent by God upon the USA people who deny God and His Son Christ. Bush a curse sent by God upon the American people, who are wicked as Sodom and Gomorra. This generations great tribulation beginning or pre beginning is hear upon the whole world, for all are affected by one mans wicked deeds and all are affected by one righteous man who is Doyle Davidson. And for one man God will come and correct the rest for touching one righteous man. The whole earth will be corrected for one man who turns from his sin. God bless you all, peace, mercy and grace.

  59. todd

    He had kidney failure and a few other problems.He died december 2001 and is buried in a non marked grave. He was a cia asset for many years trained and funded by good old uncle sam.Dale is correct about Mrs. Bhuto,and she was murdered for telling the truth,by the same man responsible for the murder of Paul Wellstone.Do some homework people,connect the dots.
    Bin laden had nothing to do with 9/11

  60. Dale Gervais

    osama bin laden is dead people.If you remember he needed constant medical attention for his kidneys,there is documented evidence of a visit to an american hospital in dubai before 911.After in 2002 he visited a hospital in pakistan,he then disappears off the map.A very brave lady named Bhenazir Bhutto gave an interview which can be found on youtube,where she states Bin laden was killed.Bin laden never claimed responsibility for 911 anyway.

    1. Guest

      Hum....that should bring some new comments! I have no tv and rarely the radio on...what is the world gonna make out of that one!

  61. Ddub

    is this only the first half?