Bin Laden's Spy In America

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Bin Laden's Spy In AmericaNational Geographic Channel reveals the extraordinary tale of Osama bin Laden’s brilliant intelligence agent who infiltrated the US Army and the FBI.

Bin Laden’s Spy in America, a new two-hour documentary, examines the masterful maneuvering of one man who played a key role in al Qaeda terror plots while triple crossing US officials on the road to 9/11. It’s a real life epic that takes viewers through twists and turns from Brooklyn to Khartoum, Afghanistan to Fort Bragg.

This is the untold story of an ex-Egyptian special forces Major who slipped through many crevices in the US intelligence community while working for Bin Laden. His actions and influence over 20 years of terrorist events reverberate through today.

The documentary further tells the story in depth about how the spy closely monitored the US army’s actions and reported back the events. In a live thriller experience, the story leaves you spell bound at the tactics used by the spy.

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    Thang Tran
  1. Thang Tran

    Its propaganda to accuse sources that don't agree with them of being propaganda.

  2. Imightberiding
  3. Imightberiding

    I am anything but a conspiracy buff or truther or whatever any other title or label you want to apply. But I just have an overwhelming urge to say on this topic: This smacks of U.S. propaganda.

  4. Neal Boyd
  5. Neal Boyd

    I ruined my sleep by staying up and watching this last night... one of the most interesting docs I've seen in any genre in a looooong time. Thanks Vlatko!

  6. Vlatko
  7. Vlatko

    @To All,

    I've deleted lots of comments (here and on the other 9/11 doc), and a dozen of people are already banned. I promise to do the same again and again when discussion deteriorates. In fact I've done this in the past quite often.

    Everyone, no matter how different his opinion is, is welcomed to comment in a civilized manner, without name calling, trolling, flaming etc.

    Before commenting count to ten, read the policy and say what you want to say.

  8. Vlatko
  9. Vlatko

    @To All,

    Also the comments are not threaded anymore. It was hard to see and follow who is replying to whom. Now every comment will appear on top (when sorted by "newest first"). When you reply to someone at the bottom of your comment it is stated "in reply to ..." If you click that link the comment in context will appear.

    Also for the sake of clarity if you you're replying to someone include his name at the beginning of your comment.

  10. Guest
  11. Guest

    Whooh! I was another website, same topics = much controversal since banned in a few contries. Hum, I was watching (Here on TDF) a lot what americans had in mind about a few things...
    Ok, there was a few who were using such a vulgar language (Or sometimes "Local expressions") that it was like mumbling to me, but everything has disapeared now!

    My gosh! Quite a few went by!
    It's like loosing references...

    For the least, those 2 comment listings are less intimidating for the newbies & inviting instead.
    I like it when peoples speak their mind.

    I'll go on with my schedule...


  12. Chris Taylor
  13. Chris Taylor

    worth watching

  14. Joey Marshall
  15. Joey Marshall

    so eventually he'll be released back into the public? after admitting to everything he has? I wonder if he knows what happened to building 7?

  16. katzkid
  17. katzkid

    After watching this documentary I feel that the US government agencies were either hand in hand with the terrorists and turned a blind eye to what was going on under their noses or just plain stupid

  18. Yi Wen Qian
  19. Yi Wen Qian

    I go for plain stupid, look at how chimp like George Bush is.

  20. Dennis Kautz
  21. Dennis Kautz

    There is a perception that all government agencies are incompetent when we go to get our driver's license renewed, etc. However, the powers that be know exactly what is going on. The perception of stupidity is a useful tool to keep many from entertaining the idea of government involvement in 9/11.

  22. Clinton Smith
  23. Clinton Smith

    he was trying to infiltrate yet openly stated many extreme opinions ? that dont fly

  24. Brian Noone
  25. Brian Noone

    It smacks of US propaganda cause it is....Try to keep in mind that national geographic is owned by rupert murdoch, or in other words FOX news! Nuff said

  26. Charlie
  27. Charlie

    Evidence suggests Bin Laden died in 2002. The rest seams to be a fable.

  28. Epicurus
  29. Epicurus

    lol what evidence?

  30. Charlie
  31. Charlie

    Given Bin Laden’s documented kidney problems and consequent need for dialysis, government officials, heads of state and counterterrorism experts have repeatedly opined that Osama Bin Laden has in fact been dead for some time, before Obama made the announcement they got him.

    It is all so questionable. He was unarmed. They shot him. No pictures. No Video. Dumped his body at see. No DNA testing in that time frame could be possible. Welded steel coffin.... Come on. Of course we have the never ending "official animations" on CNN showing the "raid", so they must be telling the truth...right?

    Stinks of a propaganda event, but of course, Epicurus would never questions this.

  32. Epicurus
  33. Epicurus

    "Given Bin Laden’s documented kidney problems and consequent need for dialysis, government officials, heads of state and counterterrorism experts have repeatedly opined that Osama Bin Laden has in fact been dead for some time, before Obama made the announcement they got him."

    what government officials, head of states, and counterterrorism people? how many of them? and what makes a few of their "beliefs" more correct than people who said he was still dead? how come Al Qaeda never came out to say he was dead and the government was lying to us?

    "He was unarmed. They shot him. No pictures. No Video. Dumped his body at see."

    yes they shot him, as would be expected. no pictures and no video for the pubic. because that would be immoral and unethical. they dumped his body at SEA as to avoid any burial spot which could be used as a place of pilgrimage or a temple, and because it was allowed by islamic law.

    "No DNA testing in that time frame could be possible."

    yes it could. what do you know about DNA testing? all they would need is any sample of DNA or fingerprints and get the results within minutes if all they already had it on file.

    why would Epicurus never question this? of course i question it. however i come to different conclusions because i dont believe in live in a comic book world where there are secret evil organizations out to get us.

  34. korydk
  35. korydk

    US Propaganda? Did you watch this video with a brain?

    The net message is the US military, intelligence, and bureaucrats were COLOSSALLY INCOMPETENT!

    For years government agencies' only conspiracy was 3 stooges level of bungling and laziness....

    The phrase good enough for government work comes to mind. Conspiracy theorists please stop using drugs and clear your thinking.

  36. Anish Advani
  37. Anish Advani

    Anybody that reckons this is US propaganda needs their head checked up and I'm only 19 minutes into the doc.

  38. Unice Dweeb
  39. Unice Dweeb

    Osama died the same day they had been showing footage of people tearing down that huge statue of sadam hessein I think it was in 2003. I was listening to npr ~ bbc news hour and I heard them report his death twice that day. He died from his constantly having to move from place to place and not having access to dialysis he was quite Ill... I never understood why the news never made mention after that day...

  40. Epicurus
  41. Epicurus

    so because you heard it on NPR and BBC back in 2003, and never again, you assume that MUST be the moment he died. you dont think possibly the news reports were wrong.

    also can you find me ANY proof that they made those claims in 2003? i just did a search and found nothing. hate to call you a liar.

  42. pjle
  43. pjle

    His statement that America only see's what it wants to see is a sobering revelation that should be a warning to it's own country.The justice system and the intelligence departments were basically ignorant to the fact that the flags being burned and the effigies of Presidents also being burned was a clear sign and should have been taken literally out of textbook JIHAD.These people will stop at nothing to hurt and want the west to fall.WHY? They know that the intelligence was and still is a close guarded secret from each other because whoever prevents another plot wants to gain recognition and be deemed the heroes of the day while other intelligence, chase liers and bogus plots to try and make their intelligence more fruitfull and the cost is the lives of the citicens they are sworn to protect.You hear it as plain as day when this intelligent terrorist plays with the FBI,He stated that a Jihad is set and nothing will stop it from taking place.Right now the West is holding talks with the Taliban for a way to leave Afghanistan and the Taliban without any doubt are using the Government of Pakistan,Afghanistan as a pond and the Presidents of both countries do not give a rats *** as to how the Forces leave.But when they leave make sure we keep putting money into their corrupt Political coffers for so-called security and as a good will Gesture for peace in the region.We have wasted to many lives,destroyed thousands of Western families for what? The Taliban,AlQuaeda,Hesbollah are all holy Jihad murderers.No one will ever convince me that the west is safe because it is not. All Muslims who are peace keeping people in the name of Islam,Are just as blind and ignorant to one thing.They, The terrorists hate the west and no money,promise or peace proclamation will stop these so-called God fearing Extreme Extremists.In the first hours of 9/11 it was clear to see that the **** that hit the fan was the intelligence that was thought as a game between members of the political system and the very counter-intelligence they pay to protect and prevent not play games with a confirmed maniac bent on death and misery

  44. vba
  45. vba

    Everybody knows that bin laden was a cia agent or at least worked for the cia so everything he did he got from the cia,

  46. UnclearFizzyCyst
  47. UnclearFizzyCyst

    Yes, they treated his body like a hero. Shame, I would have fed him to the local dogs. Still, I think he was a patsey(?) all the same.

  48. Trevis Robotie
  49. Trevis Robotie

    one big BS

  50. Jakob Isindahowz
  51. Jakob Isindahowz

    No this could never be propaganda! Seriously? The most believable propaganda is one the appears to criticize its own cause such as look how colossally incompetent we were. Follow me? Its still better than ohhh, say, we weren't incompetent but took advantage of this information to execute an operation that would drastically change international and national affairs to achieve an ends, multiple ends. The fact that you are calling someone brainless just proves the effectiveness of the propaganda. You don't seriously believe that effective propaganda is always as simple as Refer Madness do you? You really buy all these mistakes of Americas massive intel, not to mention the many foriegn intel warnings? Why is it Able Danger operatives have been gagged and its gathered information covered up? Ask yourself, why would this operation be down played and censored? If its that easy to fool Americans, I have little faith in the future of your nation.

  52. David
  53. David

    If you would do what any investigator at a crime scene what do. Follow the money, and look at the evidence. It amazes me how the American people do not know how to think, involving when a crime has been committed. There is always things required for a crime to be committed. Means, motive, and opportunity. It does not require you to have a degree in criminology. This video is called dis-information, another description, propaganda!


    the former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto told David Frost on the tv that Osama Bin Laden was killed

  56. Melanie
  57. Melanie

    It occasionally hints at a few conspiracy theories, but mostly just sticks to the facts. This excellent, balanced piece will probably infuriate Truthers due to its failure to delve deeply into conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Its focus actually isn't 9/11. Rather, it's about a man who was a key player in the events leading up to 9/11, particularly with the founding, development, and early terrorism of al Qaeda. It's fascinating to see how many red flags were raised over the years by his activities and how these red flags were ignored or missed entirely due to poor communication between the military and U.S. intelligence agencies, CIA and FBI. Very much worth watching.

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