Biology of Dads

Biology of Dads

2010, Psychology  -   126 Comments
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Biology of DadsEvery child needs a father is a phrase heard often enough, but is there any evidence to support it? In this enlightening documentary, child psychologist Laverne Antrobus goes on a quest to discover why a dad's relationship with his offspring is so important. She uncovers fascinating new research which is shedding light onto the science of fatherhood.

Laverne meets a new dad who is experiencing Couvade Syndrome, a condition sometimes known as sympathetic pregnancy. She is keen to explore if the symptoms - which are similar to those felt by pregnant women, such as nausea and sickness - might be physiological as well as psychological. The dad takes a blood test shortly after the birth of his third child and Antrobus discovers that hormones could be the cause of his symptoms: possibly nature's way of priming him to become a more nurturing father.

Laverne then meets one of the UK's leading experts in the father's role within the family. While observing father and toddler play in his lab, she finds out how the rough-and-tumble play they witness is classic dad behavior. It is believed that this type of fatherly play is essential in teaching toddlers the boundaries of aggression and discipline.

In the final investigation, Antrobus looks into recent research which claims that men who have a good relationship with their daughters can influence the kind of husband the daughters choose. The study also found that girls whose fathers were absent during their formative years tend to reach puberty sooner and age quicker. Laverne recruits a team of married women to take part in one final, fascinating experiment.

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126 Comments / User Reviews

  1. What a ridiculous 'experiment' where the baby's heart rate increases more when the father spoke to the baby as opposed to the mom? It could have been anyone else speaking!

  2. The documentary is well achieved. I appreciate these investigations.

  3. It's amazing, isn't it? I wonder how the psychology affect upon a child who never live with dad.

  4. I am amazed not to have read more comment from Femi_Nazi on these post ! normally they would be all over it. SO here is (before watching this video) my opinion on the mater .This, being that i am an open Equal parenting right activist. not a hard line fathers right proponent .

    Man Prior to the industrial revolution , have had one task , and it was to hunt for the goods and the women care for the nest and raise the children. As simple as that , you can see this exact model throughout the under develop civilization or , as i like to call them go get the lucky one who are not trap in our idea of society and the rat race . even today i saw an add on the tele about how much mother and women had to suffer to walk miles to get water for their home in Africa, making it as the man were lazy and waiting on their asses when in reality this is a normal , not abusive daily task, as they would like you to believe, so that you send them money (CARE and OXFAM ) they need to fill up their fat pockets} after all, {less t then 10% of money send ever reach the one who needs it} .Reality is that man have to fight tribal wars , they have to hunt wild beast all at the risk of their life, while women plant little garden and care for their offspring, you cannot really hunt with a child on your hips can you ? And forget about dishes and vacuuming in a dirt hut when you eat with your hands. So to our society of today . since the 60 and the 70's the emergence of the women in the work force and the new age of , "i want everything now and i can always get better ", we have become a society of divorces and single parent, 70% of family are in that case if they are even been married at all .And for the first time in human history women actually in America and Canada makes for 51% of the employed work force , I guess its still cheaper to employ women (ouch, sorry) So the financial reward from our government for women is huge (welfare and baby bonus) and the divorce industry is a billion dollars industry . SO the hell with it we have to be single parents divided by a court system that is based an the commerce admiralty law . Our kids are commodity.(please Look it up if you have reason to question my say). Anyways truth is this , the 80"s were all about the pink man , the new father and we totally got it , we learn to be a different image of father and we want to be part of our children's life. and we are more then capable , that is those who got the message. There are still those who do not believe in it , too bad. Long story short , look at all of the problems we have with the juvenile these days and the majority of school drop out, recidivist young offender by far the majority, are raised in single family dwelling,and at the helm , a single mother . screeeecchhhh!!!! , I know I may have pissed you off there! But its a fact, see the real statistics. And that by far over 85% of children brought to the emergency with bodily injury cause at the hand of a parent ARE at the hand of a mother due to loosing their mind on their children. yes another real statistic, or better just go to your local emergency and ask the staff that report the matter to children's aids societies ! And lets not forget that the gross majority of infanticide are also at the hand of mother( for that one,you have simply to watch CNN or the BBC) followed by close family member like step fathers or step mothers and at the bottom of that list is father ....that should tell you lots, you still don't believe me? Look it up!. Anyway , Society has still to adapt a whole lot to this reality and find real solution for equal parenting to give our children the best of both world . Hopefully sooner then later .Listen women are not the problem , just that like us male they are stuck in this new reality and are trying to cope with what they are offered as reference So therefore a new real distribution of responsibility adapted to our society must be created allowing both parents to raise these children, before you are the next old age person going down the street and attack by a gang of teenager in search for their next trill to compensate for the lack of guidance.
    Hmmm that could have went better, not my best comment, but again, still reality ,maybe someone will make a docu on these statistic someday.without fearing the oppressive retribution of the femi-nazi heavy foot.

  5. if the mother wasn't the homemaker and child-tender, she could be as fathering as any father, and vice versa. "mummy cleaning" and "mummy washing up" could just as easily be "daddy (insert task)" -- so there's no reason that two men or two women couldn't raise equally well-balanced children. it's all a matter of role-playing, not gender identity.

    1. No they can't. Mother's have a different effect on their child. Mother's cannot be fathering. They nurture differently and father cannot be mothers. It seems you're trying to take the credit away from good fathers and saying mother do the same. But there is a much deeper effect in parenting than you think. It's psychological, emotional, biological, mentally and development. Mothers cannot provide the fatherly-emotional effect or biological effect to their sons. So no, it is base on gender.

    2. I agree with Joy. A mother is biologically, and psychologically different from a father. Their behavior is differ from each other and therefore affect and contribute differently to the child. So its sad that a mother or in most cases a father abandons a child of both.

  6. " I had facebook on because I multitask", LOL.

  7. I wish my dad was more caring and 'there' for me. Even as an adult, it's pretty hard to not have that connection.

  8. My daughter inlaw has interesting intrests.(Claire)

  9. We all, biologically speaking, need both Mother and Father, and they need a supportive, empathic community within which they too have grown and been nurtured.

    Empathy is the best possible long term survival 'trait' of all and it stems from self empathy, which is then extended to others. Empathy enables a deep sensing of the world in which we live, and leads to appropriate nurturant behaviour and is a deeper basis for interaction with others than 'morals' imposed by Religion, Ideology or 'Society'.

    The Industrial Hierarchical Society, just like other Hierarchical Societies disrupts the natural child-mother and child-father bonding processes that are mandated by our biology in order to preserve it's Power and to distract, undermine and alienate those born into it - check out the work of James W. Prescott... Google his name and 'violence' you will find much of use there.

  10. I never had a dad, when I extend my mind to draw some sort of idea on what to do with my infant son, I have nothing to draw on. Mothers are most important I guess, but I'm not running off on my son, like my asswipe prick father did,though I just draw a blank. I already know babies can hear inside the womb, so I always used to talk to her stomach everyday, youre a good boy etc. Just things I wish I heard, but man did he kick when I talked to him in the womb. Still I draw a blank, I hope I can be for him what I wanted. I guess thats why I'm watching this.The stuff about my hormones changing, huh? I'm too much of a guy, in fact I've found I smoke more and snot wankers more often for tail gating me while my baby son's in the car. No one dare endangers my son. I never have become feminine, my son wants a blokey dad not a two mums, besides when you carry around a baby to shut the bugger up at three a.m. you tend to get a damn good work out, I'm just as tough.

  11. I enjoyed some aspects of this documentry, for example, the noted hormonal differences. But little thought was put into why it might be like this aside from questionable evolutionary inference. While evolutionary inferences 'make sense', they often present a palatable confirmation bias OR imply that 'this is the way it has always been, the way it is now and this the way it is (and should) always be - which seems at ends with progress in general.

    Some of the physical differences are related to our evolution (e.g the hormonal changes), likewise some of the different parenting styles stem from previous needs of the species - but I would argue that these are less about fundamental physical differences between men and women (who are relatively similar) and more about pervasive, perpetuated social roles - that the social roles date back to an earlier stage in our evolution where it was 'needed' . yet there is little physical difference in terms of brain-sex (5% differences in a few areas spatial/language yada yada :P). I see no reason why most aspects cannot be provided by either sex.

    But if this is the case, perhaps we should focus less on trying to 'find value' in fathers or mothers as two separate entities - and instead learn the benefits of different parenting styles (from their evolutionary basis) to overcome the rigid social roles and to develop the naturally androginous characteristics of people, instead of inhibiting it and pigeon-holing them into ideal gendered-models. A child will still benefit from having multiple (positive) role models even if those role models are not polar opposites, but rather uniquely balanced individuals. Thus fathers are important, they are another positive influence who is invested in the growth of the child - I don't think we need to find a special 'father niche' (or 'mother-niche') to know that they are important, in so far as they want to be.

    Just a note on a few comments - That a mother was able to claim her husband beat her and abandon her children isn't really caused by feminism - rather it is a result of a system which says women are or should be nurturing, passive, victims. Such that she must present a reason why she (a 'nurturing women') would abandon her children and being beaten is that reason, it is accepted as reasonable because of the view that she is passive/victim/weak. It is the same system in which a man whom is beaten may not admit it because he is expected to be 'macho'. It is precisely that system which feminism is against.

    .... of course because these systems still exists it is difficult to tell when a women is actually beaten because others consider her weak, or she recognises that others see her as weak and uses that to escape the expectation that she is nurturing - and of course the same potential behaviour applies for all regardless of gender (i.e it's not crazy feminists abusing the system : / - its just human).

  12. My father didn't do crap to help raise me, my brothers, or sister. He was always out drinking. I never had a fun parent, but I'd prefer mom over dad because her yelling was easier to tolerate than dad's explosive tantrums and beatings. I became a very solitary person because I hated being around both parents, even when I was in grade school I'd shut myself up in my room and read. I actually didn't develop normal social skills, I met my first friend in the 5th grade. Other than that I read.
    As for my choice in men, most of them do not look like my dad, but I have noticed a tendency towards neglecting, verbally, and sexually abusive men. Although my dad never sexually abused anyone as far as I know, he seriously abuses my whole family on a daily basis.
    Sometimes I look at these girls with good, healthy relationships with their parents- especially dads- and I can't quite figure out how they do it or how it feels. I guess it will always be a mystery to us girls with a father who was always in the house but never there for any of us.

    1. I am so sad for you. You should get a good therapist. You do not deserve abusive men who are like you father. You might be better off with him dead, hate to say.

    2. People like you sicken me. How dare you give some person you have no idea about or no concept on there mental state your personal opinion on what they should do when it 's concerning the health of somebody be it mental or physical.
      You have no idea of their mental state or how they are going to react to such advice, as this is only a forum to discuss the documentary and it's content. It over steps the boundaries of having compassion for someone and putting your nose into a situation you have no knowledge about what so ever.
      You may have caused detrimental damage to a person who may have found the inner peace that one looks for to have a happy life.
      I agree that no one deserves an abusive parent be it their mother or father, however you have no right to tell them that they would be better off if the parent was dead. How would you take it or feel if some complete stranger told you that you would be better off if one or both your parents were dead.
      I have strong views toward child abuse in any form however this forum is not the place to give any type of advise especially when one is talking about someone family.
      After reading her post several time to ensure I was correct in my appraisal of it, I can say without any hesitation that at no point in her post was she asking for advise. She was only expressing her experience and relaying an all to familiar story.
      She also stated that her mother was the lesser of the two evils would she be better off if she was dead as well or are you gender bias?

    3. You appear to be on a fighting mode the last few day. Too much UFO?

      She says to the writer that she is sad to read the situation (perhaps she has lived something similar).

      A therapist is not a person who is going to prescribe medicine and send the writer to a looney ward, it is someone to talk with (something she may have done herself).

      I agree the writer needs to brake the flow of abusive men in her life especially if it includes alcoholism.

      And when she says: "You might be better off with him dead, hate to say". In some case that is very true.

      "You may have caused detrimental damage to a person who may have found the inner peace that one looks for to have a happy life". This might have caused the same to the one you responded to, although I doubt that very much in both case.

    4. It has nothing to do with being in "fighting mode" what so ever....

      Your right about a therapist not prescribing medication but they are or should be a trained mental health professional. That being said they have the capabilities to seek out the medical staff expose the patient to such treatment.

      The reason for I find her comments offensive is the writer appear to be relaying a life experience and for anyone to express the view that some one would be better off if someone was dead could trigger repercussions that may lead to a violent act that may have been avoided.

      If some one told me that I would be better off if either one of my parents were dead without know the full circumstance to the situation I would be extremely upset.

      For argument sake she may be correct however I think it is over stepping the boundary of some laymans opinion on someone else's family matters.

      I have read the post numerous time prior to my response and I can not see any where in the post the writer asking for advice.

      I actually think there are circumstances where the children may be better of with out the parent but to say that they would be better off dead is an extreme measure to say the least.

      By what I read the mother wasn't that far behind the father, so by Lauriesheri thought process would she be better off without either parent living. As you know there are many forms of abuse and children are the ones normally exposed to such abuse.

    5. "He seriously abuses my whole family on a daily basis." I doubt, jackmax, from this statement that the writer has found any inner peace. How can you find peace living in this kind of turmoil? A family cannot possibly begin to heal from abuse, when that abuse is still ongoing.
      I am probably a lot older than you; and I have seen situations like this, where the family emerges from the pain, after the abuser's death. How can life not be better for them, when they cease to be some sicko's victims? And good therapy is helpful. Suggesting a person might benefit from it is not causing detrimental damage, as you say, that's just silly.

    6. You seem to make a lot of assumption without very little knowledge on the subjects!
      e.g. How old am I and you for that matter?
      Is the writer express what is going on right know or was she opening of about her past?
      Why did you not comment on the mother as she basically said she was the lessor of the two evils in that family, would she be better off if she was also dead?
      How do you know that she has not received professional help for that and many other issues that she may have been facing.
      What is my background why do you assume that I have not experienced or seen these situation before?
      You seem to make yourself appear like some type of life experience expert with all powering knowledge that other can't possibly know which is unfounded.

  13. I was just terrified of my father, as he had a very bad temper and was very controlling. He died when I was 15, but I wish my parents had gotten divorced before then.

  14. Im gonna say this is partly based on the patriarchal system. But then again, they base it on the evolutionary theory.

    What about male figures in a young girls life that arent her father, and vise verse?

    What about the limited surveys and how random was the small amount of figures?

    They look alike? What are the percentages, and what about the surroundings? e.g., multicultural areas (interracial couples), homosexuality, spinsters(sorry for the term) and vise versa??

    also, implies that women CHOOSE their mates? I thought it went both ways, and i suppose if u disagree, your a man whos has bad social skills:)

    regardless, you will extract about 20% decent information from this.

    1. Women hold the keys to sex. And so they should. They are the ones who fall pregnant. So i guess i disagree. I must have poor social skills.

  15. My father was the disciplinarian, he was not to be messed with. Definitely not a fun dad - he barley talked to me. I would have been better off if my Mom had divorced him.

  16. awesome docu, feminazis (not feminists) won't like it though. makes them look secondary although i know that's not what the docu was about. it shows that BOTH parents are important in a child's life, that neither is more so than the other.

  17. So, mothers cant talk to their babies in "adult language"? This study is based on deductive reasoning, a woman has also the capacity to teach "long words" to a child, and even talk to them in form of sarcasm or any other form. I would like to see a man feeding, working, educating and playing with their childreen. Childreen begin to see the father as the more popular fun parent? Is by any chance the mother cooking in the kitchen? Cleaning? The job of educating and playing should be equally divided, and even shared by both parents; also house work. This documentary only promotes a man's power in society, where women are left in the kitchen, and men are "the good ones". You are not teaching childreen equality in this dinamic. Both women and men tested on this documentary, probably grew up in a strong patriarcal society, and prolonging this system can also mean that inequality will be perpetuated in our "civilized world". I think that both women and men should be educated to be abble to educated childreen with both parents, or also to be able to educated being a single mother or dad. A mother can build independence and strong values, and so do men.

    1. Actually if you stopped being blindly feminist you would have heard the words studies show that fathers use less baby language not that mother DONT use adult language just that they use less of it. and as to your little rant im pretty sure they pointed out that its not just the AMOUNT that a dad plays its HOW dads are more likely to play sports, or act foolish with thier kids than mothers who tend to be more serious when it comes to children because its a genetic parenting style not because the woman should be in th kitchen bla bla bla your archiac feminist butt hurting doesnt apply i know alot of men who do all the cooking and cleaning then proceed to go act like a classic male with thier kids it isnt the amount of play its the type of play. mothers get alot more scared when a child is doing dangerous or risky things. this isnt always true but mern are naturally more likely to act stupid and young kids think thats hilarious and awesome. so sick of how a documentary that simply says that fathers are good for a kid and you act all but hurt because it shows that women arent the be all end all in a kids life. women like you make me sick and its women like you that got me abandoned in a hospital by a physocotic mother because the feminist s beleived her when she told them her husband (a man who is incredibly calm and gentle) beat her. because of feminists like you me and my brother were treated to a life of hell because your sexism doesnt allow you to see that you are as guilty of judging based on sex as the imaginary enemies you create around you

    2. I feel for you. I hate feminazis too. People do not realize that men and women are a lot similar than we think and that 40% of all domestic abuse is borne by men. Obviously this statement is going to hurt a few more feminazis but i dont give a f--k about them. TBH I was lucky to grow up in a family where both my parents shared all responsiblities equally and I still think of my father as the fun parent. I remember the 'Rough and tumble" style of play. I used to wait eagerly for my father to return home each day. And he did end up spending a LOOOOT of his free time with me.

    3. I do not believe you are an expert in the field. Do you have any formal education in developmental physcology? or is this mealy your own opinion. The documentary is based on science and fact. You are actually supporting the documentaries theory, rather then using logic and reasoning, you are personalizing it. Your opinion should be dismissed

  18. Playing with your kid is not "raising". If the fathers took more responsibility of the household (cooking, cleaning, washing) then the moms could have a chance to play with their kids instead the mom is left raising children and a grown man-baby. Pathetic.

    1. Wow, can't believe that you live in a world where fathers DON'T do that.

    2. Not true. I grew up with only having a Father and he played with me as a child and still does, even in my adult hood, and he did the housework. Raising your child, I think, is spending time with it, caring for it, enjoying the time with it and teaching it everything you know and hope it goes into the work prepared to learn and grow.

  19. Having raised my daughter alone as a single parent I was always wondering what exactly she was missing, and though through all her life I was trying to fulfill this lack and balance male and female approach in her upbringing, I was totally shocked, when she grew up, that I did not quite succeed in this. This is a very good educational movie for every parent who wants his or her kid to be prepared for life and be successful in it. Highly recommended.

    1. I was raised by a single mother who, bless her, did all she could for me. She even put me on baseball teams with male coach role models. Living with my husband has had so many amazing surprises and I am in shock at how much I was missing out on not having a real man around the house!!! I become misty when I realize that my children are going to have a father!! A REAL MAN who knows how to dicipline with great patience and an incomprehensibly firm yet gentle strength.

    2. And you can't???? I am a woman and I am the disciplinarian in my house and possess many of the characteristics you define as being "a real man." Does this make me and many other women men? I see those characteristics as being important for parents in general not to only fathers. Single parents do well with their children when they possess both sides of the spectrum and when I say that I mean what society claims is more male or female. But the truth is no man or woman can follow these strict rules 100%.

    3. No you're not a man, but you can take on the disciplinarian and independence side. But research shows it has a stronger effect on the child when it comes from the father. Both father and mothers have different ways of parenting and the effects are very different even though you may share some of the masculine qualities. It is impossible to have all though. You do not have the same biological, psychological or emotional aspect as a father does.

    4. People are unique and you cannot label phchological attributes as only male or female. You can say generally male or female but to include all in one category is wrong. To say I can't possibly give my children the emotional aspect a father does is ignorant. Males range from very emotional to less emotional with males generally being less emotional. Same with females with more tending to be more emotional. You have to consider both sides of the spectrum.

  20. My Father was killed by Chinese Communist Party in China when I was 7 years old. I am truely sorry that I did not have a father who could protect and guide me in my early life. It took me many years to realize that I have Heavenly Father looks through my whole life. Praise The Lord!

  21. if you like this documentary, i highly recommend "The Other F Word" it's about rock stars turned fathers...interesting and sweet

  22. a mother always knows it's her baby? nope, immediately take a baby away, and you'll have that lost connection. far as i've heard, it's pheromonal, and only takes a few seconds to make it.

  23. Hey Bosses, due to the time zone thing and Pysmythe wishing to be discreet, is there anyway you can tell if he has received our messages and then delete this stuff for him? Is that allowed? Thanks :)

  24. Let her read your comment below about being a should tenderize her heart and hands.

  25. I don't know how they came to these conclusions because they can't compare the results of 2 treatments on the same individual; with dad and without dad. Even the voice recognitions. There are other possible variables that could effect. This is not reliable nor valid.

    1. SashaOT:

      I've read that about voice recognition in my baby book as well. This was just a quick synopsis, not a complete scientific exposition on the subject. They concluded that that newborns were more likely to be "calmed" by the sound of the voice of the man that was in the house while the mother was preganant rather than a stranger's voice. Therefore, the only place they could have became familiar with the man's voice (usually the father), was while they were still in the womb.

      Your criticism where you state that you cannot test the same situation on the same person is really very weak, as that is true for EVERYTHING! How can we say that a molested child was harmed from the molestation? Because we see the trend in many of them. You can't "test" to see the harm or benefit for anything in the same person when it's a life-changing event such as having or not having a father in the house while you're growing up.

      Furthermore, the statistic for fatherless children and those that had fathers is pretty simple statistical data. Just compare the number of criminals in prison, teen pregnancies, and poor schoolastic performance, etc. and find out how many came from fatherless families and how many didn't, etc. I'm sure such studies have been done more than once. I thought the documentary was well done and supports other pieces of information I've read and seen from other sources.

  26. I don't know how they could come to this conclusion when they can't test 2 treatments on the same sample to see if the same individual would come out with different results. Not very reliable.

  27. I was a lucky one for having a father that was truly inspiring, soft, funny, strong, hard working, multi tasker and a great lover and teacher of nature. Now that i am a grown woman what i recognize the most in him is that he was always a great man for my mom. At 75 and 77 they are still this almost perfect couple walking hand in hand, kissing all the time, giving each other attention and patience and loving their kids equally. I was truly lucky!

    1. Wow, Az! You're so lucky! My dad wasn't such a good dad in some ways my mom and dad divorced when I was young. But, he did instill a strong faith in God when I was a child, and for that I'm exceedingly very grateful. The other stuff I can overlook. I have a good relationship with him now however. He's 84 and I miss him so much here in Asia.

  28. 10+ documentary!

    Ok, funny true story time: While Watching the part about dads checking the newborn for his own physical characteristics, I thought about when my son was born (in Asia) and the first non-Korean born in that particular clinic, I made all the nurses mad at me following him around making sure they didn't "switch" him with another baby! Only later did I laugh at myself realizing I would have known pretty quick if they had given me a full-blooded Korean instead of my own little darling mix!

    Question: Is voilence against step children (not your own) such as shaken baby syndrom, greater than among your own biological children?

  29. This is a GREAT documentary and very true when it comes to the changes in dads after their first child is born. Before kids I worked 12 hour days, was easily irritated, aggressive and controlling. After three kids you would not have recognized me. Easy going stay at home dad home schooling the kids. Problems? What problems? Very patient. Very easy going. Very co-operative with the needs of my kids. Do kids change the biology of dads? Absolutely!

  30. C_and_N
    id ran out of space if i'll tell u the things my father did for us...
    but i guess i can sum it up to two things..unconditional love and time..the former is a given while the latter is a bit hard specially in this time and age when everyone seems to be too busy with father,tho bz with work and other stuff, always finds time to be with us..

    1. Ha! I thought of this doc this morning. Dawn: The time when my 3-year-old decided Daddy was the perfect shape and texture for "Tonka Mountain" complete with singing and car sounds. She said something about "Daddy, I love you too much!" as she drove her brother's car up and over tummy blubber cliff at least a dozen times. She's been an early bird from day one. Her brother is a night owl. I would add "sleep deprivation" to the list of "unconditional love and time" for any good parent in this generation. :-)

    2. lol..i can imagine what my parents went through when i was in my toddler yrs.i used to wake up at around 3 to 4 am and literally shout at the top of my lungs that im hungry and needs to eat asap.this happened everyday for years...

  31. this doc made me appreciate my father more,even though i only had 16 good yrs with him...i can relate to growing up faster without a father...

    1. Firefly88:
      I sometimes worry my time with my kids will be short also. It's very important to me to let them know how much I love them now, so even if I'm with them for a short time only they'll be ok. What did your dad do right that made you appreciate him?

  32. I will openly admit my bias. I am a single father, not part time but every day from runny noses to parent conferences to awards - full custody. I wouldn't change a thing. My father missed out on the joys of child rearing. He was/is a good man but those were womanly duties. I have a 7 yr old son who is rough and tumble but will still give me a hug or kiss and shout " I love you" in front of his friends. With that said, if anything,he is missing out on a good mother figure. I am blessed to be the one who helps him learn to skateboard and also how to bake, to build a rocket and to snuggle with for bedtime story. in my opinion being father helps make me a better man and person. Again this is only my experience .

    1. Good goin man, I'm trying to get custody of my 8yr old, before it's too late.

  33. There's some science and some pseudoscience in this documentary, but overall it's worth the one hour viewing time, especially for those who are interested in what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

  34. Having a father figure in your life is important there are things that a child must learn that a mother cannot give that a father can and there are things that a father cannot give that a mother can...I did not grow up having my biological father around I knew him just was not connected to him...I did have a father figure that I learned from that helped guide me..thats so important great film...Peace

    1. Iz: You're right---it's better with two! No one can replace mom at bed time, especially. My baby girl soon realized everything about dad is uh . . . . . . . ornamental! Blush. ;-) Also, according to my baby (and/or son), I can't wipe her bottom like mom, cut apples like mom, give her a bath like mom (No Dad! Pink soap!), make breakfast oatmeal like mom, sweep the floor like mom . . . I can't even properly put the darn toothpaste on the toothbrush like mom! But only dad can do the Daddy Danger Dance (which involves high-speed circles and/or being upside-down like a bell clapper (ding-dong!), or both at the same time)! Ha ha ha!

    2. Yeah its good with having both a mom and dad C @ N, AWW such sweet stories to share Lol makes me smile ;)....

      @Az Like your share of your story too Lol... @Pysmythe I Think You Will Enjoy This One :)...Peace

    3. I watched this one several days ago and started to comment, but...

      Like a lot of guys here, I can vouch for the immediate and profound power of a child over a man's life. I was there when my children were born, and it was (both times!) the most intense rush and natural high I've ever had by orders of magnitude...I felt shaky and light, and IMMENSE joy, like I might just float up to the ceiling and disperse in tears and happiness. I know newborns can't focus and see anything definite, but I've always taken pride in the fact that when my baby girl was being born, as she was making her entrance, her head was turned to me and her eyes slowly opened. I'm the first thing she saw in this world; hopefully, when it's time for me to leave it, my children's faces will be the last images I carry into eternity.

      This is a very good documentary, imo, and I can understand and sympathize with all of it. A child makes a "woman" out of a man, and he is all the better because of it, and so are they.

    4. Hey Pysmythe I knew we were missing the other Slice Of Pizza! :D
      I thought you would get a Burst out of watching this...Man that last sentence in your reply dude thats hard right there I am feeling you on that one WOAH...You should put that in a song :)....Hope all is well with Ya Smile....Peace :D

    5. Hi, hows the abstinence going? :)

    6. That is one fine may be giving them by the drop these days, this one contains an ocean.

    7. Hey Invisible Man how you doing? hope you and yours are well ;)

    8. ...

    9. Sending good thoughts....
      take care of yourself...lots of greens, wheatgrass does miracle.
      I am happy i caught your message in time before you deleted.
      i was wondering...about your long silence...although i haven't been very active here either.
      My like is not a like for the condition.

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    11. May be wait until tomorrow, fifty4fourty is on a different time zone. I am sure she would like to know what is going on.

    12. ...

    13. Heal Soon Pysmythe okay..Massage helps sooth the pain maybe you can ask your wife to help ya LoL for that condition wonderful oils to use are chamomile, peppermint, rosemary, clove, and carrier oils just a few drops in a clockwise position on the abdomen...I hope that helps have given me some great advice lol want to do the same... Peace To You And @Az.

    14. Nice to read you my friend. I am sure Mrs Moosie will be happy to help.

    15. Thanks nice to see you refer to me as "My Friend" Az. I hope you know that I consider a few here that I have really gotten to know and share some personal things about myself with as friends. You and Pysmythe were the first two that I bonded with LoL.. but anyway I know vlatko will have a fit if we keep chatting...maybe you can e-me kay....Pysmythe needs to hurry and get better he has truly been missed....Peace

    16. ...

    17. I know if you sprinkle a Little of the oil on you the sweet aroma will be so strong she won't be able to keep her hands off ya Pysmythe! Its a win win! Nothing wrong with spoiling your wifey thats sweet! But hurry and get better though! Peace To You Guys

    18. our lips are sealed !

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    20. What are you doing out of bed? Off you go and no argument! Mothers know best :)

    21. darn...he took your words seriously...gone he seem to be.
      edit: i see...ouf! i thought Py had deleted his whole file.

    22. Now why on earth would you have jumped to that conclusion? lolol. :)
      (sleepless night with lots of chicken-broth. Yay.)

    23.'ve done it once and it looked just like that.
      Happy to have you here.
      The photo that came on the condition (wiki page)...was not a pretty thing. lol

    24. No kidding...I hate the thought of that 'crap' in me. Like an old athletic sock, full of marbles.

    25. Well I will be and your vanishings lol.. I was going to tell you something else the other day and it was gone you are something lol...But goodness i can't leave for five minutes lol I have to start having the gift of gabb lmao to keep playing what do you think Pysmythe LoL its all in fun though.....Peace

    26. Lovely post there Pysmythe - your wife is a lucky woman

  35. I've heard a theory that fatherhood is something that makes humanity wholly unique. There aren't any other complex species in existence (as far as we know) where the father takes a role in providing for the child...except for us. Thus, fatherhood has an immensely important biological and psychological function as well.

    And of course, the powerful cultural and social notions of what a father is and does, are fascinating to analyze as well. Personally, I feel fatherhood is a beautiful thing.

    1. actually, fathers are the primary and in cases the sole care provider in fish -- there is an interesting theory regarding parenting roles and the method of reproduction: in mammals, for example, insemination occurs inside the female and so she is "stuck" raising the offspring and the male is free to leave; in fish, females lay the eggs outside of their bodies and the males must inseminate them after they are laid, this means the female can leave right after laying eggs and the male is "stuck" caring for and defending nests - there are exceptions to any rule, of course, but it seems to be the general trend.

    2. KooKooKaChoo: Seahorses take it a step further and the males actually get "pregnant" and carry the litters inside them. Just visited the Oceanarium in Manila, thank you very much! :-)

    3. They sure do! they carry the offspring in a pouch like a kangaroo - so cool! and male fruit bats actually lactate, except there is a bit of controversy as to whether they actually feed young or not.

    4. Actually, the eggs are attached to the belly of the male and within a very short time due to certain hormones a membrane of skin is formed around the eggs.
      Not a true pregnancy, but close enough.

    5. sorry. ignorant. see birds. reptiles. fishes. Find out your facts for yourself.

  36. in my country, we have this kind of belief that if you are pregnant and you dont want to undergo the symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness, craving for lots of food, etc) you should step over your husband and he'll be the one to bear it all... now i know that the scientific explanation to that through this docu...

  37. I think this documentary highlights how important fatherhood is, and that it's not just a sociological but a biological thing. I think fathers are almost stigmatised in society today, because people seem to view it as a trap rather then something to be celebrated. I hope that society catches up to fact that fatherhood is perfectly natural, with a biological basis.

  38. It's blocked in the UK it seems.

    1. Yep, I'm in the UK too. Google: Hotspot Shield.

  39. Bullshit! I'm So glad I never had a Dad.

    1. My sympathies to you. For me that's like saying, "I'm so glad I never had that Billion dollars!"

    2. I'm SOOOOOO glad I never had a Billion dollars!

    3. Why are you so glad that you never had a father? I think the aspect of having a variety of perspectives, norms and attitudes contributes greatly to an individual's emotional and mental development. I agree having a father is NOT analogous to having a billion dollars. In fact, having a healthy, loving, supportive father is priceless.

  40. wow, makes me really appreciate my dad's point of view - especially the part about "not going out dressed like that" lol! but it was neat what the researcher said in response to that kind of logic. I feel really lucky that my dad was always an active participant in my life and this documentary reminded me of that.