Black Box UFO Secrets

Black Box UFO Secrets

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Black Box UFO SecretsSince the earliest years of man flight, pilots and astronauts from around the world have encountered UFOs high in our skies and beyond.

The History Channel's Black Box UFO Secrets reveals for the first time the cockpit and control tower audio recordings of pilot and astronaut confrontations and sightings of unidentified flying objects high in our skies.

From a detailed account of one of the very the first reported pilot case - the Arnold case in 1947 - to recent recordings over New England and Texas and NASA recordings and video from 2005, the programme features interviews with pilots, witness and experts, including UCLA's Joseph Nagy, actor Ed Asner, and pilot/UFO researcher Don Berliner.

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Wayne Redman
2 years ago

What is the deal with the clickbait? If you can not show certain programs you should not have them on your website,

6 years ago

Meteorites can have green trails, and can look like they are traveling horizontally. Sounds like they saw a meteorite. Even the pilot says he's 'not sure' when asked if it could have been a meteorite.

Sten Hereli
8 years ago

These shows would be much more useful if they both:
1) Clearly marked on-screen which information (e.g. audio, film) was reenactments, obtained through FOIA, etc - i.e. information helping those who want to separate fact (or record at least) from fiction (reenactments)
2) Create a companion site (e.g. on wikipedia) on which every source is referenced

This show is better than most such shows in my experience as it doesn't overly sensationalize the information it presents. But such shows need to be more trustable by providing full disclosure and references.

Chris Murphy
9 years ago

if a ufo landed ppl wood still say it didn't happen.

9 years ago

Informative information is crucial to inform the two legged human sleeping human sheep that we are being visited & that there's more than one off world beings already among us. What you don't realize this may shock you, most of them look like you. These lights are enter-dimensional beings. There able to bend space & time, time travel abduct animals & human at will. Your own secret government knows about them, this is no secret. We have been in a star wars program for many years. This is why the government has concentration camps in America because they know what's coming there must be a brave new world coming from the horizon.

9 years ago

Airline pilots and astronauts are among the most credible of persons when it comes to making reliable, trustworthy observations in both the field and sky. Because of the training they've undergone and the years of personal experience an individual pilot may have, one might be hard pressed to doubt the authenticity of the reports given. If they were reporting on anything other than a UFO, no one would question as to what it was they saw. It's only when UFOs or flying saucers are mentioned, that people raise their eyebrows and begin to doubt, despite the credibility of the witness(es) This is because of the years of conditioning we here in America have undergone. When government, as well as media, responds to UFO and alien reports with a scoff or a well-timed joke, it tells people that this is something that is going to bring ridicule and embarrassment to those who go public. Incidentally, this runs contradictory to what some skeptics claim about witnesses who fabricate sightings in order to gain attention, popularity and money from the telling of their stories. The fact is, those who do go public with claims of contact from aliens or have UFO photos are inviting great ridicule, humiliation, harassment and intimidation into their lives. Some witnesses have lost jobs, been forced to move and even lost friends and suffered the break up of their family because of the negative attitudes society has towards those who claim UFO and alien interaction.

10 years ago

its good step.

10 years ago

aircraft pilots don't use telecommunications for fun and when they report something they are extra cautious about what they say. Even more than them, are astronauts. So when these particular people say they are having UFO contact, I believe them. Period.

10 years ago

Where the hell is Mary-Land?

10 years ago

Love this documentary. Nothing more convincing than hearing actual recordings of airline pilots and radar operatives. Where are those debunkers now eh? WHERE I ask you?!?!?! Hiding in their narrow minded little mental prison cells, that's where......

11 years ago

I watched another doco somewhere years ago stating that we are being studied by these UFOs which is why they follow planes and float around but so far haven't been hostile or friendly. I believe this is what we would do if we found an alien world so it seems pretty legit that thats whats happening here on earth

11 years ago

I tell ya what when i read any comments on anything on the web...damn...wth is everyone so mad for?? jesus...find some other way to vent

11 years ago

as an unapologetic "conspiracy theorist" (love that term) I believe that people have seen these anomalies. However, its just a distraction from things that I really want to see answered.

Right now, unless there is, as I saw in MIB an immediate threat from these Aliens...I'd rather just concentrate on the fact that we no longer have any say in the day to day dealings of our planet...

If there are Aliens...I hope that Money didn't make them space explorers... cause we have enough of that idiocy here.

And if they are infinitely more advanced than us...they would have probably just contacted ... well'm pretty unassuming and I can rock a global podium.

All I really want, is an audit of the entities who currently call themselves our leaders...there is something definitely alien about them.

11 years ago

@Everyone who didn't see a UFO yet:
Visit James Gilliland, ECETI Project, Troutlake, WA, close to Mt. Rainier, and stay there for a night or two. Chances are quite good you will see one or more.

12 years ago

Its getting silly now, so much is coming out, how long will the government take to tell us the truth? we are not stupid and can handle the truth. Learn you true history. Take a look ay my blog for more conspiracy theories

12 years ago

I am too skeptical but have an open mind, I see, I know that there are events that can not be explained over the centuries, but I still can not find myself believing even when I want to believe. I have even been in a car with friends driving in the country late at night, that was followed by lights in the sky for a while and that could not be explained. But, they were just lights, no prove of anything at all.

Clayton Bigsby
12 years ago

Why do I watch this? UFOs and Bigfoot will never be proven because.........just because.

12 years ago


"This documentary shows evidence of ‘unidentified flying objects’. It then invites the viewer to identify these objects as evidence of alien life. No additional evidence is produced to support the conclusion that UFO sightings are evidence of alien life. This means that very big claims are made on very flimsy foundations."

alrite then, lets look at this case from a logical point of view shall we? with ALL the info this documentary adds, the only logical reason is to believe there is something there, making up excuses like "oh its a wether balloon, hurr durr durr" are completely nonsense, and these people talking about this really have MUCH more credibility than the government, as it is a very secretive place

lets have some more logic, there MUST be civilizations out there that are much MUCH more advanced than us, why isnt it reasonable to think that they want to search out new life too, like we do, and i would really like to hear your opinion on this, cause you cant argue against that, unless ure a biblef*g who believes mankind is 5k years old (hahahahahaah)

but then again, why am i discussing this with you? you seem completely lost in all that is called logic. have fun living your empty live in this extremely small world you call your head. you really show how narrowminded some of mankind are. illogical and narrowminded, so grow up

12 years ago

haroon > so your saying that the government made an extremely enormous craft to follow and scare their own space missions?? and gave it the ability to change its flight path drastically at high speed? cmon open your eyes!

12 years ago

so who you gonna call

12 years ago

This documentary shows evidence of 'unidentified flying objects'. It then invites the viewer to identify these objects as evidence of alien life. No additional evidence is produced to support the conclusion that UFO sightings are evidence of alien life. This means that very big claims are made on very flimsy foundations.

I do not care whether there is alien life or not, either way it is still a wonderful world. I do object when people hand me a bucket of stinking fish and tell me to breathe deep and enjoy the beautiful fragrance. The 'UFO are aliens' crowd make illogical and incredible assertions so I reject them. The 'authorities' are just as crass so I reject them too. I prefer to make up my own mind. And when the evidence is inconclusive my position remains unpersuaded either way.

I watch 'conspiracy theory' documentaries to see if anyone has something more to offer than another load of rotten codswallop in a bucket. Nope. So far, none of these claims adds up to anything. Chalk this documntary up with the others.

12 years ago

Locky, you may be waiting a long time to personally see an alien ship. But there are several areas in the US and around the world that have increased sitings.

If military and FAA and pilot evidence over and over isn't enough for you, then you may want to keep your head in the sand.

12 years ago


So incident after incident of recorded FAA and military aircraft audio transcripts mean nothing to you?

Unfortunately yes. FAA and military aircraft audio transcripts mean little to me. Without proper evidence, these sightings could be any number of things (meteors, comets, ships, beacons, lightening balls etc etc) . Also, Don't forget that people make a lot of money selling these stories to media outlets. Until i see real footage of a alien ship, I will be the first one to believe it. I mean cmon, if you believe the footage presented by the NZ crew as full proof, then there is absolutely no point of us talking.

They ignore evidence that is impossible for them to deny, and focus on making fun of or belittling the subject...

When real evidence is provided, my belittling will cease.

12 years ago


So incident after incident of recorded FAA and military aircraft audio transcripts mean nothing to you? The pseudo-skeptics who are really just deniers (won't acknowledge truth even if it's presented, whereas true skeptics would see evidence that refutes their stance, and adapt, as all science does in progressing forward) love to do this. They ignore evidence that is impossible for them to deny, and focus on making fun of or belittling the subject.

12 years ago

Not 1 convincing video confirming the existence of an alien craft. The video of the crew in NZ is laughable! It is obviously fake. If you don't believe me go out and buy a lazer pointer, then point and shake it against a wall.

I will never deny that they COULD exist, however I need much better footage then this.

Very entertaining though ;)

12 years ago

Haroon, "how the heck are u believing in UFO's being impossible!!"

Much evidence refutes the naive notion that it is impossible for other advanced races to be among us. Much evidence even shows that they have been here for much longer than we have.

12 years ago

Ever wondered that how hard could it be for any government to make a UFO prototype and fly it in the sky to scare the s*** out of people or to make other people wonder if it's really an alien ship from outer space?

I'm not saying that there is no life outside our galaxy but come on people, how the heck are u believing in UFO's being real!!

Watch the "through the wormhole" documentary on this site and you will know what I mean.

Carl Hendershot
12 years ago

@celticwarrior Thanks. I have seen it a while back. Very interesting for sure. Good looking out. =)

12 years ago

great documentary and to hear the nasa tapes just blows my mind,and im with you steve,when they arrive im with them.lets hope they dont bring that frog from mars you mentioned on your mars post..hahaha i laughed my head off to that..RE CARL HENDERSHOT check out the discloure project documentary on this site for somthing a bit different to the run of the mill ufo documentary....

12 years ago

This was an excellent documentary! So why don't they just tell us the truth? What's the big deal? I am excited to know we are not alone. I think it is a beautiful thing.

Carl Hendershot
12 years ago

I need a new UFO DOCU. Getting sick of the same old same old.
Still its entertaining.

13 years ago

Excellent documentary.

13 years ago

Guys ,,,, we have seen what next..have you noticed its shape.. and
also have you noticed one thing..most of the UFOs are eliptical/circular disc shape..and they
move forward backward sideward very fast and also rotate just like any other planet rotate and move....
so what i had thought in my mind was... just notice our planets ..they are eliptical/round what ever it is..they rotate themselves..and also revolve with a lot of speed..
probably due to gravitational pull and centrifugal reaction..
Is the planets shape..and their speed of rotation/revolving galaxy..
made the extra terrestrial species to design/movement of their jets like thay can achieve that unbelievabe speed?

13 years ago

Very well done but who in the government is talking? The proof is there its just so easy to see. Its also easy to see the government are craping themselves regarding this stuff.

rob combs
13 years ago

I am praying president obama finally is the president who has the balls to reveal what our government has know for 100 years; these people put US here millions of years ago; wake UP sheeple; they are REAL....

13 years ago

when the s*** hits the fan, I'm with the aliens...are you reading this my masters!

13 years ago

I feel this is one of the better efforts to bring accurate accounts to those interested.It was good to see David Sereda doing his usual fine work. Personally, I'm past the nuts 'n' bolts aspect of ufo studies and I mention this because of my own encounters. Hope this one gets many views.