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Blackadder Rides Again

2008, Comedy  -   12 Comments
Ratings: 5.87/10 from 15 users.

Blackadder Rides AgainTo mark the 25th anniversary since the first transmission of Blackadder in 1983, the iconic cast of the much-loved sitcom appear together in a documentary for the first time.

The show includes an exclusive in-depth interview with Edmund Blackadder himself, Rowan Atkinson - the first time he has agreed to be interviewed about his experience making the show.

Also reflecting on their time in the show are the other key members of the team: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Rik Mayall, Miriam Margoyles, Miranda Richardson and Tony Robinson.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. toddy

    wow. This has brought back memories of seeing it on PBS in CT during the early 80's. Also faulty towers was funny as hell and the infamous Benny Hill. I love British humor

  2. Pascale1

    I enjoyed Black Adder but this is boring, boring, boring.

  3. Aldo Solari

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  4. Intbel

    I'd love to see a series with Rowan Atkinson & Rick Myal as leaders of opposing political parties.

    They both are most excellent at paroding the arrogant yet ignorant toffs.

    Add a touch of "Yes Minister" and they'd have another hit series.

  5. Guest

    Pretty cool past for Mr Bean.

  6. Eric Tchadej

    Thanks! This was great!

  7. Jen Dando

    I'm not keen on their humor as individuals even Stephen Fry who I absolutely love for other things but together in Blackadder they are amazing, the eptimone of English sarcasm and being able to take the p*... micky of ourselves :D
    EDIT: Possibly should be called British sarcasm as I got mine from my Scottish dad :0)

  8. wald0

    Thanks guys, Vlatko is right though- I found them with a simple search. I had assumed they would be hard to find as I thought the show was a bit more obscure than it really is, I suppose because I had never heard of it before seeing this doc. However, apparently this is very well known to my friends across the pond- and after watching a few episodes I see why. Its very easily found for anyone interested in watching a few episodes.

  9. June O

    that was awesome ! I slip off to sleep can only imagine the dreams I will have after watching all those characters again :~) pure entertainment

  10. Sean Finn

    brilliant doco loved this show, final season is comedy gold!

  11. wald0

    I watched this sometime ago, pretty good. I am from the states so I had never heard of Black Adder. I know Rowan as Mr. Bean, hilarious. My favorite episode is the one when he can't figure out which car is his cause they all look the same, or the one where he is on the military base and starts leading the company around the parking lot doing drills. I think that may be the same episode, its been forever since I saw it. Anyway, good stuff!! English comedy is great!! Does anyone know where I can see episodes of Black Adder?

    1. chernet asnake

      It's all over youtube or go to ovguide.