Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil

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How did the Western world become so engaged in the Middle East? Why did the Ottoman Empire - now known as the Middle East become involved with World War I which was a European affair?

Anyone interested in learning and understanding the timeline of events that has lead us to the modern day conflict in the Middle East, should watch this film created by Marty Callaghan. 'Blood and Oil' is a detailed account about the motivation behind the birth of the Middle Eastern nations and the insatiable greed for oil.

The invasion by the British during WWI with the intent to quickly secure the city of Istanbul, ended up being an eight month-long series of battles, heavy with loss of life. Landing on the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula at Anzac Cove 1915, the British forces were held back from taking the high ground by the defending Turkish troops, and therefore leaving their forces exposed and trapped on the beaches. During the initial landing, the British ship SS River Clyde became beached and under heavy Turkish fire from the shore. Many soldiers who emerged from the ship are shot and killed instantly, without ever making it to the beach. The sea was red with the blood of the slain, fifty yards deep from the shore.

Thus begins the entangled destinies of the Middle East and the Western world that will span decades. The tale of foreign occupation and misery with grisly chapters still being added - to this very day. Watch this film to learn the controversial truth behind the Middle Eastern occupation by U.S forces. 'Peacekeeping operations' and the 'War on Terror' are perhaps thinly veiled cover-ups for the Western fear with having oil supplies cut off. The Western economy would suffer greatly without such a steady oil supply, resulting in gas and fuel rationing.

The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 and events at the end of World War I, has led the Middle East into a dangerously discontent and torn land. As the author David Fromkin argues; the treaty forced upon the Muslim world was indeed -"The peace to end all peace".

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David W Kugel
4 years ago

This is a good documentary. We seldom hear about the Middle Eastern Front in WW1. One needs to understand the past before one can begin to understand what is currently going on in the Middle East. More Westerners need to watch this documentary.

Gregory Hays
4 years ago

The temperature in Iraq never reached 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The all time highest temperature for the entire planet is 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley CA. I think you mean 'feels like' temperature, also known as the 'apparent' temperature, it's what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature. Measured using the heat index formula.

5 years ago

The Ottoman empire was an evil empire as well. Look further back at what they did prior to this slice of history.

The victims become the perpetrators and back again. The few that learn die out while their progeny are indoctrinated and propagandized, and then the cycle repeats. When do you hear Middle Easterners looking back at how evil their conquering empires were? No, only the West is Satan! Haha ha.

It seems most empires were/are evil. There is no govt that is benevolent or it would not try (and succeed) to expand and control more at everyone else's expense.

The truly sad thing is, history is repeating with the propaganda machine duping and indoctrinated the young into thinking govt is the answer ...when govt IS the problem. Always was and always will be.

Why do we need any govt at all? Because of the very type of people that go into govt. And any others who will take advantage or lord power over another if they have the opportunity and low to no consequences. And people think more of these type of people are the answer?! And also desire to be defenseless against them (gun control).

It is amazing what limiting your input only to propaganda can do. I am thankful to websites like this one where there is opportunity for other input. The "conspiracy" section is quite interesting ...since a number of conspiracies are Not theories. Another Bankster-Corpro-Govt-Media complex indoctrination that conspiracies are rare, when most of the world powers that be operate that way.

It seems the Swiss implemented what the framers of the US Constitution intended (at least last I heard quite some time ago): Every able bodied male has a military rifle in their closet and trained to use it. That is the militia. The govt cannot get too far out of hand, invasion less likely. And the Swiss are not invading other countries ...well not militarily. Financially may be another story since they facilitate negative things via banks.

Our rotted govt has a full time standing army which I have no doubt someone like Hillary would unleash on its own citizenry. Obama cleared out all the good generals and put in socialist yes men so that she could. It would take some time before the army soldier on the street realized their orders were not only immoral but illegal. At that point our govt would just hire some other country's army to prevent the people from taking their country back.

For these reasons and those in the documentary, people need to see to it the right people are NOMINATED to run, not just sit on your hiney waiting to vote for whomever the powers that be send up from both sides.

Carl Hanny
6 years ago

Hi L thought it was a very good video. We have to get off this oil ASAP. What are we doing to
your only planet, GET THESE money hungry bastards in this oil. I NOW what to do..
SEND THEM ALL TO A ONE WAY TRIP TO MARS. I'am just as bad!!!!!!..


6 years ago

Very informative and excellent documentory

6 years ago

yeah sure, the battle of gallipolli was won thanks to german model of army(!). It was the bravery of the turkish troops and the leadership of Mustafa Kemal, dont twist the history.

6 years ago

The greed for power and control. The empire. After the Brits let war and a measure of welfare/socialism make them insolvent ...Under any convenient guise of "help" has the usa govt followed this horrible example and continued to install those favorable to its oil and oil traded only in us currency interests; in order for the banksters to capture the currency exchange fees thereby underpinning their otherwise fiat currency. The real reason for the invasion of Iraq and Libya and the removal of their dictators who were setting up to trade their oil in other currencies.

Since the banksters own the oil companies what better way to drive prices higher than war? And due to those higher prices came a new technology called Fracking. The usa no longer obtains much oil from the middle east. Most is from Mexico, Canada, and our own.

It seems enough people are waking up to the fact that such fossil fuels are better left in the ground. Less war, less pollution, less power and control by those who should be put in jail.

For those who are thoughtless enough to ask, "What is the viable alternative to oil?" rather than simply using their computer to investigate, you could start with ethanol. Anyone can make it. Refer to alcohol can be a gas dot c om for a primer of its history and dispelling of the myths and misinformation regarding it.

Waiting for someone else to provide for your freedom, financial, and energy security is like expecting a politician or lawyer to be honest. You were sold out to the oil companies long ago. Isn't about time you dumped them for something better?

temp nazi
7 years ago

no way temperatures reached more than 150 degrees... thats like 65 celsius... pretty sure the hottest recorded is like 51 :p

7 years ago

The Zionist Jews wheedled a homeland out of Arab Lands. The world has paid a big price ever since. Henry Ford said, "At the center of every International Conflict is the Eternal Jew". He knew what he was talking about. There will be no peace until the Jew is defeated.

LE Alba
7 years ago

This is a great primer on the Middle East and its origins. It's not slick or flashy by current documentary standards but if you want to learn about this turbulent area in world politics and how & why it emerged on the world stage, this is it. You'll learn such things as...why a tribal, desert people might just have a legitimate grudge against the West for arbitrarily carving up the Arabian Peninsula over glasses of British Port; etc.

7 years ago

this is highly inaccurate

7 years ago

Excellent. I never thought I would understand the conflict in the East but this documentary was done well enough for anyone to grasp. I took lots of notes and, of course, I had to pause the documentary many times to refer to my world atlas. A great history lesson that leads to a better understanding of current events.

8 years ago

I hop 4 a part 2, like it very much, appreciated.

E Cicchini
8 years ago

Very informative, simple and concise presentation. Needs be aired and shown to wide audiences. This type of information goes a long way in explaining/ refreshing the memory of the masses, as to what had taken place and to the consequences of those decisions and actions, that are to this day, creating the chaos we all witness and endure.
Human nature of greed, power, deceit and control is as old as history and continues to repeat itself.
Let us all acknowledge that we are now in a nuclear age and that someones patience will eventually run out.

8 years ago

Too bad it leaves out the 911-anthrax false flag attacks that served as pretext for the invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq. Two invasions planned well ahead of the attacks on the US (engineered by insiders, as a large amount of concordant facts clearly indicate) that served as pretext not just for preemptive warfare at the will of the President but of the executions of Americans, and their children and family members, (the Al awaki case) without any due process, transparency of the evidence used to justify the setting of such a dangerous precedent.

9 years ago

finally peoples would have some idea ,how evil the British and French Empire was they created the conflict for Palestine and promise the Jews and give them what wasn't theirs to give ,and they still pay the prize for that

9 years ago

Excellent excellent work... This documentary is long overdue. A must watch for understanding modern geopolitics.

9 years ago

yeah...pretty much all the problems in the middle east are at some point or another the fault of a british person...damned empire. more trouble than it was worth!

9 years ago

An excellent historical reference providing insight as to why the last 100 years has only seen one world war (not two) which continues to this day! Of course, historians do not record it this way since most political/cultural ideologies find it unpalatable to acknowledge their previous behaviour, and decisions.

9 years ago

I enjoy watching documentaries on this site. I find some documentaries more interesting than others. It would be helpful if the producer (source) of the documentary was listed along with the name and date of the film.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

Excellent Documentary!!! The history is well laid out and both presented and explained!! I enjoyed this immensely and have come away with a much clearer understanding of the problems facing the middle east to this day !!! Peace!!!