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BloodlineBloodline investigates the popular belief that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, who fled to southern France with their child.

In an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones, filmmaker Bruce Burgess and team crack the shadowy secret society, known as the Priory of Sion.

Their investigation follows clues linking the Knights Templar and the legend of Mary Magdalene with messages embedded in the decor of the famed church at Rennes-le-Chateau in France, leading ultimately to stunning discoveries.

A buried chest with artifacts dating to 1st century Jerusalem and a hidden tomb filled with treasure and a mummified corpse draped in a shroud bearing a distinctive red cross.

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93 Comments / User Reviews

    Yannick Gadget Vaughan
  1. Yannick Gadget Vaughan

    **** off. after reading what the doc is about, i have to watch it now, though i highly doubt its factual. infact it sounds like a book i read once, perhaps someone else has read it too? -they made a movie about it

  2. leewebster
  3. leewebster

    seems legit

  4. Atu Z
  5. Atu Z

    popular belief?

  6. Mary Shamblin Rotio
  7. Mary Shamblin Rotio

    Compelling, though the video states that the archeology is shoddy. If it's true that an excavation is planned, I would be interested in the results. Also, Bruce is way into shots of himself looking inquisitive.

  8. dmxi
  9. dmxi

    very bad acting courtesy of a slim british version of michael moore (thank god,they didn't cast ben afleck!) & dubious other twist-eyed looking english gentlemen!
    one question should be asked by even the highest believers:
    why would anyone plant a mixture of coins from different epochs in a chest with reliques from the divine?

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    Read The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail when I was about 14, loved it and still have a soft spot for it now. My favourite fairytale. Don't care either way whether it's fact, fiction or fact-ion. Quite like the Rev Lionel Fanthorp too, he did a series some years back on channel 4, he likes ufos. Obviously happy to believe all sorts :) Daft and entertaining. Earthwinger where are you ? I've got the kettle on :)

  12. TomazZzz
  13. TomazZzz

    Sorry you alls... But if you don't know it yet... You fell for some religions modulated branch which is anyway the oldest human defect. As Dawkins puts it well "God delusion".
    Pierre Plantard, this french dude that made up this Sion trick knew exactly what he was doing.. He was pulling by the ballix the people that anyway like to be pulled, tricked into beliving some funny sheet.. about the god in the sky, about his son walking on watter and his wife that forgot their sons birth certificate before she ran...
    Not to mention that this 'The-Coolest-Family-till-TheEndTimes' was first mentioned 2 to 3 hundered years after they lived in some XXL combic book, so it was really dangerous that someone would find that birth certificate (carved in stone) and F***** it all up around year 1099... Thats why the making of priory of sion in that year has so much sense. Mentioning of jesuses sonnyboy in diBaibl would be taken for granted by all intelectual people that know 616% that snakes used to talk few thousand years ago:'(
    I feel ashamed for living in the same star system with people that accept this as a fact!! At least we now know that the earth really is flat, uff...

  14. Xercès Des Stèles
  15. Xercès Des Stèles

    i don't know if it's true or not but i find their archelogic methods kinda hollywoodian or amateurish. like he goes right on and move the cloath over momified body with a metal stick throught a hole watching on a camera like oh look its spooky looking... wouldn't commun sens imply to first excavate the walls and i don't know wear gloves when manipulating old parchemins. the rest makes perfect sens tho : church goes by a lie that shouldn't be exposed so they kill people.

    i think this one guy (sorry you'll have to find which one) resumed the situation well when he was saying that whether or not the anointment jar and cup were the orinal ones, it does not matter if the info is real : doesn't matter if this is all a hoax, everyone knows the church is a big lie, no?

  16. ProudinUS
  17. ProudinUS

    Hey I just published the 'Holy Hillbilly'! No really, I did. Everyone should read it and think of it as law! :-)......unless your happily married, divorced, sober, intellegent, vertically challenged, hopeful, baptized, non-American...ect..ect.

  18. dewflirt
  19. dewflirt

    Sounds great, I fall into all those categories though. Guess I'll have to pass :(

  20. ProudinUS
  21. ProudinUS

    I don't blame you. It's not for the week at heart....but it does make a great divider space on the bed for me and the ol' lady. I dare ..I double dare her to cross that line! :-)

  22. Elaine Howells
  23. Elaine Howells

    What a farce.

  24. thereisonlyus
  25. thereisonlyus

    it would sound right being married it was the done thing ...or maybe he was gay .prob not but whos to say anyway just because someone wrote on paper years after telling the story of a man they didnt know only for a hand few ..i do beleave he walked the earth lets just hope he will come back to put the world right and stop all the wars and hunger ..we are the only thing on this earth the will hurt another living thing and think it was the right thing to do ,,maybe in 2012 than day will come when we step back and take a look at what we realy are ...all one

  26. Kristianne Bilodeau
  27. Kristianne Bilodeau

    By 21 March 2012 Ben Hammott confessed and apologised on Podcast interview (using his real name Bill Wilkinson) that everything to do with the tomb and related artifacts was a hoax; revealing that the actual tomb was now destroyed, being part of a full sized set located in a warehouse in England.


  28. Sieben Stern
  29. Sieben Stern

    well, that's egg on bruce's face.

  30. Sieben Stern
  31. Sieben Stern

    truth, proof? how about they prove that jesus even existed before making wild conspiracy theories and claims. *eyeroll*

  32. pissedupslapper
  33. pissedupslapper

    From the first 30 seconds:

    "Do not tell lies for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will not be uncovered."
    -The Gospel of Thomas

    How embarrassing, hahaha.

  34. philpilgrim
  35. philpilgrim

    oh really, where's the confession podcast ?, it's not on hammott's site

  36. SrqSeo
  37. SrqSeo

    I watch movies from this site form time to time with each time wondering how left leaning a slant this site is. Well today I know. Here we are, Easter, the holiest day for Christians and the documentary today is about the possibility Jesus had a child with Mary Madeline.

    Oh, and one more thing about liberals and their hypocrisy: I am quite confident my comments will be wistfully removed from viewers eyes as liberals never tolerate dissent.

  38. dewflirt
  39. dewflirt

    Or maybe a hint ;)

  40. Nikita2012
  41. Nikita2012

    laughable... hope the admin will remove this from TDF

  42. ProudinUS
  43. ProudinUS

    I"ll say it's embarrassing!. I just walked around the house in my wifes underwear singing " Just beat it." from the Michael Jackson "Thriller" album!....D*m gospel of Thomas!!!

  44. Vlatko
  45. Vlatko


    No your comments will not be removed, unless you violate the Comment Policy. See the "liberals" respect your opinions.

    Joke aside, I'm not left or right leaning, nor the site is. That is your imagination working.

    I'm not religious and if that means left leaning, so be it, I'm guilty.

    The Easter and the timing of this film is just coincidence. Further more, lot of people celebrate Easter on 15th of April. What makes you confident that your date is correct.

    April 8 - Easter Sunday (Western Christianity - Roman Catholic, Anglican Communion, Protestant Churches, etc.)

    April 15 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox Christianity - Eastern Orthodox Churches)

  46. David Ewer
  47. David Ewer

    Interesting doc - with amazing footage of possible MM tomb. Important topic as Catholic Church is perhaps most evil organisation ever and this imformation if true should hasten its demise. I think it's important to say that if this is all proved true then we should beware folk trying to use it to bolster religion.

  48. Earthwinger
  49. Earthwinger

    David, you should probably scroll and read the comments. ;)

    @ Flirty, builders tea for me please, and two sugars.....I'm nowhere near sweet enough. :D

    Not had time to watch this hokey nonsense yet, but looking forward to finding time for it later. :)

  50. Steve Howard
  51. Steve Howard

    Ben Hammott /Bill Wilkinson confession aside, I still wonder about the other stuff. Was the weird Mason, the death threats, murders, ect all b.s as well?

  52. Heather
  53. Heather

    wikipedia: "By 21 March 2012 Ben Hammott confessed and apologised on Podcast interview (using his real name Bill Wilkinson) that everything to do with the tomb and related artifacts was a hoax; revealing that the actual tomb was now destroyed, being part of a full sized set located in a warehouse in England."

  54. Achems_Razor
  55. Achems_Razor


    Vlatko is correct when he said the dates may not be correct, Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25, because of the council of Nicea in 325 AD that said Easter follows after the "Pascal Full Moon"

    The Pascal full moon can vary as much as two days from the date of the actual full moon, with dates ranging from March 21 to April18, as a result Easter dates can range from Mar. 22 through Apr. 25 in western Christianity.

  56. Atu Z
  57. Atu Z

    maybe the pope threatened to shave ben's beard unless he recanted the whole story.

  58. misterwong
  59. misterwong

    This wasn't very good.The show has an artificial feel.contrived tension that is actually somewhat insulting,or at least a bit condescending.That said,the premise of the mystery is pretty tantalising!Intrigue.Murder.Earth shattering secrets of the Church..Cool..Blasphemous.I do understand more delicate sensibilities might have been ruffled by this on Easter(not Greek Easter)Sunday..Like announcing to kids there's no Easter Bunny at the egg hunt.But,hey,YOU read the synopsis and watched it anyway,didn't you?..Happy Easter everyone

  60. misterwong
  61. misterwong

    Left leaning..Liberals..slant..Wistful?.hypocrisy? Liberals never tolerate dissent...I see.Happy Easter

  62. pissedupslapper
  63. pissedupslapper

    Sounds more like sexy to me.

    At least now we can all agree that one thing from the bible came true!

  64. SeedyShaman
  65. SeedyShaman

    easter is dictated by the phases of the moon....not by some supposed historical event.......if you were born on a friday or died for that matter the anniversary of that event would not be on the same fri-mon every year....use your brains people! buy more chocolate!! lmao

  66. SeedyShaman
  67. SeedyShaman

    onwards christian soldier!!!! CENSORSHIP IS WRONG!!!!!!!

  68. Brandon Costa
  69. Brandon Costa

    Im suprised Zeitgiest wasnt shown today. In 3D even.

  70. Brandon Costa
  71. Brandon Costa

    coincidence?? LOL...yeah right


    that deffinatly is some fingers .....bloody hell .An English man making supposetly the discovery of the century ! Priceless ! I rest my case.

  74. Nikita2012
  75. Nikita2012

    I think you misunderstood my one line comment! I mentioned to remove this from TDF not because of the documentary is about the bloodline of Jesus, but because the way this documentary is made is a farce! Don’t you think Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is more realistic? btw I resist singing “onwards christian soldiers” :)

  76. SeedyShaman
  77. SeedyShaman

    theres truth in every every religion for that matter, you need to know all the angles to form an opinion....ever think maybe the hoax of this was on purpose?? to deflect attn? these subjects are far beyond the sheeple of the world...

  78. mor4humanity
  79. mor4humanity

    That man is sounds scared for his life....

  80. LordBob2001
  81. LordBob2001

    Yeah, it had a "Blair witch project" feel to me.

  82. misterwong
  83. misterwong

    The Red Herring idea is possible,but unlikely.Create an adventure/mystery doc with invisible agents of a secret order.Then demolish the shadow play by exposing it as spurious....back at square one..Folks are still out there searching for JFK's killers,the Garden of Eden,The lost city of Shangrila,and Elvis..face it,you don't have to work that hard to fool people these days.The truth often is stupefying enough

  84. SrqSeo
  85. SrqSeo

    Yesterday, I made a comment about what I considered to be a disrespectful timing of this video on Easter day.

    And what do my (liberal) secularist brethren respond with?

    They respond that the date the Latin calendar uses is not the same as others, as if THE DATE was subjective so this far flung hoax was of no intentional insult.

    It matters little if all or part of Christianity recognizes the Julian calendar in celebrating Easter, rather the fact that nearly 2 billion celebrate Easter under the Julian calendar and by that sheer number the timing of this farce on such a day was, in my opinion, suspect.

    For the last decade or so, I have recognized an intolerant effort on the part of secularist to not only dismiss Christianity, but more so, to ridicule it.

    If you are an atheist, that is your right to be, but is it possible that the secularist could show just a modicum of restraint, if not respect, for the billions of Christians in this world and their belief system?

    I have no issues with an individual who is an atheist or agnostic, but I find it hypocritical that the same can not be offered to us Christians.

    In short: it is everyone's right to believe or not believe what you want, but I think it is everyone's duty as civil people to be mindful and respectful of other peoples' belief system, and it is that lack of respect that I believe broadcasting this farce on such a day demonstrates insofaras the hypocritical nature of my secular brothers.

  86. misterwong
  87. misterwong

    If you wanna chuckle,"Age of Deceit" on this site is a wacky,zany doc on this site.Pro-Theosophist second-coming predictions quoted from the Bible with NWO villians,UFOs,.it's an all-star lineup of Antichrist bad guys.The doc is presented in IDENTICAL fashion to the Zeitgeist films but from the pro-religious camp

  88. SrqSeo
  89. SrqSeo

    And yet the band still plays on, even after someone in the crowd shouts "Enough already with the group hating".

  90. misterwong
  91. misterwong

    Boy,what's with the 'Liberalphobic' obsession?I was at Mass yesterday(the missa in Latin is quite eerily beautiful)and as I was stewing in my intolerant hypocrisy,I reflected that I don't have a problem with my faith.I have issues with Religion.I feel religion is a destructive force and a poor substitute for critical thought.The absurd notion of using the holy scripture to explain EVERYTHING in the world through its' literal context is just plain dumb.It is open to is a solid truth that faith,like everything else in life ,does not come out of a book

  92. SeedyShaman
  93. SeedyShaman

    doesnt our christain overlords worship the dragon anyhow?..lmao....babble babble, blah secularist another term for heathens and infidels? thinks buddy used an ipod app to formulate his speech.....i think its suspect when an intellect spouts his devotion to the church.....he doesnt seem very intellectual then.......rather regurgitating blah blahs claiming proprietary thought.....oh and the red herring idea was in reference to protecting themselves from the evil doers! lol... like they were saying the truth is slowly being revealed....i dont think i would want to see this planet after it was revealed jesus/god etc didnt exist, resurrection didnt happen or what have you......would just give a bunch of sociopaths a reason to be psychopaths!! oh and by the way i believe in the message (jesus's)just not its delivery in present society ....

  94. Achems_Razor
  95. Achems_Razor

    Believe what you will but please do not try to push your religious beliefs on others as most religious are wont to do. And to try and stop the world because of beliefs. Just because a doc goes against your holy day beliefs then you try and lay a big guilt trip, forget it!

    There are no holy days, any earth day is the same as any other day, the googleplex's of billions, trillions, septillions, or highest Planck number, bodies orbiting stars and galaxies not counting the 10^500 power of parallel universes do not stop in their tracks and say, hey, a deity on a tiny blue planet circling a average class 4 star on the outer edge of a comparatively small galaxy called the milky way, 6 thousand years ago earth time which is a blink, decided to think all that is, and had a tiny, tiny, tiny, carbon unit whom he murdered 2 thousand years ago.

  96. Guest
  97. Guest

    I actually think the timing was great. What's wrong with posting a religious doc on a religious day? What would be wrong with Jesus having a child? What would be wrong with MM having loved Jesus beyond the way of a nun? And if you think it is so bad, why were you watching such a doc on Easter? And if you didn't watch it, why do you think the doc is such an abomination?
    What would have been even worse in my view is a doc on pig farming, it would have been hard to watch after those ham lunches or diners.

  98. dewflirt
  99. dewflirt

    Only 39 days 'til Christi Himmelfahrt !

  100. taffiongy
  101. taffiongy

    wanna know who Jesus was ? read Quran

  102. Charles Alderson
  103. Charles Alderson

    Finding the liberal agenda of this website is as easy as uncovering the grave of Mary Mag. in France, just need a couple of nuts and the preconceived notion that its there and BAM! You find it!

    Site is pretty normal SrqSeo. You find documentaries on all sorts of conspiracies, ones on fast cars, social issues, religion, aliens, music, sports, etc etc. If you want the site to be "left" just watch all the ones you've been watching. Maybe I see the balance and normality of the site cuz I just check everyday and make sure I've watched all the new additions no matter what they are about. Please remember you always have the option to not watch the videos if you dislike them, instead of watching and being tormented by the leftist agenda of one all day.

  104. Elle Roux
  105. Elle Roux

    What was finally discovered in the tomb? Has the French goverment analyzed exhumated remains? I would like to hear more about this.

  106. over the edge
  107. over the edge

    so you are upset that a religious doc was added near a religious holiday (in my time zone i think it was added on sat). so no religious docs added near or on the holy days of any of the religious days regardless of faith? what about national,cultural,scientific or politically important days do you suggest do related docs on those days? if the site was sanitized to offend nobody there would be hardly any material ever added if any at all. or is it only the Christians that require to be treated with kid gloves?

  108. Epicurus
  109. Epicurus

    "If you are an atheist, that is your right to be, but is it possible that the secularist could show just a modicum of restraint, if not respect, for the billions of Christians in this world and their belief system?"

    those same christians that think we are all going to hell because we dont believe in the same fairy tale as they do?

    those people you think deserve restraint and respect?

    dont play the christian persecution card. if you dont like your beliefs being laughed at, STOP HAVING SUCH FUNNY BELIEFS.

    respect is not given it is earned.

  110. dmxi
  111. dmxi

    & i guess you are the shepard with concise knowledge to form a legitimate opinion of the world ? how sheeplish is that !

  112. misterwong
  113. misterwong

    *Shepherd,baby..Shepherd.I believe Shepard is the Astronaut.Anyhoo,this discussion became a concussion pretty quickly,huh?

  114. misterwong
  115. misterwong

    Oh,you're just a stinker,Ep..but I know you enjoy these litttle theological rapartees

  116. misterwong
  117. misterwong

    I would be interested too,Elle.But I suspect it's probably just a swindle.The clues,the messages in the bottles the easily deciphered codes,like Treasure Island.X marks the spot,Indiana..

  118. petescag
  119. petescag

    DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME wikipedia: "By 21 March 2012 Ben Hammott confessed and apologised on Podcast interview (using his real name Bill Wilkinson) that everything to do with the tomb and related artifacts was a hoax; revealing that the actual tomb was now destroyed, being part of a full sized set located in a warehouse in England."

  120. Guest
  121. Guest

    Strange that none of that info can be found on the net anymore, it was there a couple days ago. Even Wiki changed it's page. May be TDF put the doc back on the burner.
    I actually enjoyed this doc more than the movie based on the novel. Fiction or not...sure makes it look more real and more interesting to follow.

  122. dmxi
  123. dmxi

    oh,got the pun then,well done !should have put the 'astronaut' in apostrophes for you.........or shall i explain a little more,in case you don't understand,huh ?hope you are recovering from that concussion!
    aren't you that troll that has issues with whitey?

  124. misterwong
  125. misterwong

    Yes.Explain the pun please

  126. dmxi
  127. dmxi

    the worst thing is, that i just bought a book by one of the authors (baigent-lee,not sure if i spelled him right)concerning this topic !?that's 3 euros i won't get back....not to mention the time i'll have to invest ,reading it (with a smirk,hopefully)!but(t),everyone likes to enjoy a 'challenging' scripture whilst residing on the loo,don't they?

  128. Pat McAul-Ramsden
  129. Pat McAul-Ramsden


  130. dmxi
  131. dmxi

    i posted a comment replying to mrwong two days ago, which hasn't been included to this topic segment.....dare i ask why ?it held no foul language nor was it insulting,which FAQ'n-law have i breached ?

  132. Achems_Razor
  133. Achems_Razor


    Have found your reply to @mrwong, and included it.

  134. Vlatko
  135. Vlatko


    Well there you go, @Achems did it.

  136. donotbuylies
  137. donotbuylies

    The Catholic Church has done worse things than hiding Jesus ordinary human kindness. This new movement about the descents of Jesus is sort of another of their manipulations. What is next? find Jesus decent and give him all the power of the world?
    We have to be very careful with the implications this new revelation. Buddha, Confucius are also beings as Jesus that have transcended the material world. They also have descends.The east knows that a descend of the one who did the work doesn't make the descend any special. We are living a time of proliferating information towards promoting a new order of the word that will create a totalitarianism where the hope of freedom will be irradiated. Research the International banks the relation they have with all human needs with one clear intention to rule the world. Do your own research about those families and find by yourself the true that needs to be shared. The change will have to come from the majority, all of us. Including you.

  138. ramessesniblickthethird
  139. ramessesniblickthethird

    Donotbuylies:cannotwriteenglish-Your comments would have been more enlightening if they had made any real sense as it seems you have something to say- but then isn't all religion subjective? All smoke and mirrors.Despite being an atheist I found this to be entertaining, if not a bit suspect.

  140. Ashton Lloyd
  141. Ashton Lloyd

    even though this was a hoax am i the only one wondering where he dot the corpse ?

  142. Pappy Longford
  143. Pappy Longford

    Whatever the actual truth is with regards to Jesus, and his bloodline, it will never see the light of day. The institution of organized religion has always been based on fantasy, myth and ignorance. People who have committed their life to these falsehoods cannot admit that their life has been a waste.

  144. D
  145. D

    you forgot: "and please leave your dollars in the collection plate"

  146. Achems_Razor
  147. Achems_Razor


    Goddammit! that is all I am going to say.

    And oh yeah! funny religee's!

  148. SteinerNKDEL1
  149. SteinerNKDEL1

    to Jesuslordofall
    Dear friend, you will never understand the love of wonderful Santa until you surrender your life to Him. He will never force you, neither scare you to believe in Him. His power, love, and promises are all around us in nature. Just behave say I have been good this year.
    I promise, you will never be the same. Santa is the bringer of al gifts and Leader of all Elf's. And He bring nice presents for you, so you may live a happy life. I see you have strong conviction, but try Santa and make your final decision, If you are so sure, what do you loss by trying. It could change your life forever. Have a good Jul!

  150. blue berry
  151. blue berry

    can some please clarify if the blood line is still in existence even today - are there any living people who are direct desecdants of jesus.

  152. Laween
  153. Laween

    am sorry to say this but i really feel sorry for Christians and i wish you will know the truth and accept it one day that Jesus wasn't a god or the son of god he was the prophet of god, at the judgment day god will ask Jesus did you tell people that you were a god he would answer how could i say something like that i never said that ,thank god i came to this world as Muslim- if you wish to know Jesus read Koran

  154. Mark Clavelle
  155. Mark Clavelle

    The true marriage of heaven and earth can be found in the marriage of Jesus and Mary. The traditional story of the death and sacrifice of Jesus has put a corrupt ideology into practice of both the church and government. However, the beautiful pictures of Union (Mary and Jesus) with child need to be our vision of the celebration and veneration of God (the Mother/Father)

  156. citalotus8
  157. citalotus8

    And the award for the most accepted crazy people on earth go to (drum roll...) Religious crackpots that believe in GOD when they themselves are racist,judgemental,egotistical warmongers that believe only their religion is correct and everyone else is going to HELL! I truly feel bad for these people.

  158. .drea.
  159. .drea.

    Hmph. Every time they pulled out a bottle, I found it difficult to believe that the messages were that old. I mean, the font/text didn't look it. What a shame, though. I'm not Christian (or religious at all for that matter), but I def got sucked in.

  160. Michael
  161. Michael

    too bad.. why does every ethnicity at every corner of the world, have religion? religion is just sacred ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation.. so for you that say that you are not religious is disappointing. i hate when people say that. our ancestors fought and died protecting the sacred information of the origins of men and father of men.. people just dismiss these legends as simply that, because they cannot read between the lines or understand metaphors. i'm not just going to pay you before you wash my car.. you better make that ish sparkle first. in other words you gotta work to find the truth. to understand religion you must learn them ALL. wax on... wax off.

  162. LU
  163. LU

    First of all, if there is no evidence any where that Jesus was a real person, I don't see how this hard wash idea can be investigated and sustained by any sane person. Historical Jesus is irrelevant lets talk if we can about the meaning on his legend because that's what it is........

  164. George Vojnovic
  165. George Vojnovic

    Kind of like "Spinal Tap" but about archaeology. Love it!

  166. Bongbongbong
  167. Bongbongbong

    You can't call that a documentary, it's a fiction with light effects and one could even wonder if the interviewed people are not acting ! If your IQ reaches above 50, you won't like it.

  168. David Foster
  169. David Foster

    Right! Anything BIG that get's passed down from generation to generation eventually takes on the cloak of religion. I would guarantee (if I could live so long) that in another couple hundred years or so, Martin Luther King will have achieved Jesus status --hell, we're already naming roads and parks after him-- and there will be just as many goofballs insisting that he never existed as there are denying Jesus today!

  170. Robbi McMillen
  171. Robbi McMillen

    I have to agree, most of them do look like stereotypical wide-eyed weirdos... definitely actors.

  172. Maddie Green
  173. Maddie Green

    There is proof jesus was a real person! get your facts straight.. Now there may or may of not been a blood line but we will never know. And thats that. But even if it is true there was a blood line than jesus would of have to been maried to marry cause in the bible it was a sin to have "sex" and have a baby without marriage. And theere is no where in the bible where it says jesus was married, but you have to consider the bible today has been modernized, a long time ago there is proof that a king took out some of the books in the bible, but like i said we will never knnow the truth about jesus and marry.
    ~Maddie G.

  174. M1979
  175. M1979

    Before bothering with his documentary please research the Priory of Sion. The whole thing was a hoax.

  176. Sfgzz
  177. Sfgzz

    what a crock....

  178. Victor Arcega
  179. Victor Arcega

    Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and the psychic Sylvia Browne got all these covered. What's new? The Priory of Sion said the whole narrative was a hoax. What's there to reverse this? A piece of Egyptian papyrus had quoted Jesus as referring to a "wife". The investigators are still questioning the claim, and there was no mention of Mary Magdalen. The Book of Philip mentioned how Jesus was apparently kissing a female, reportedly Mary Magdalen. How can we verify this claim? Admittedly, there is a widespread desire to marry Jesus and the Magdalen; but we are at the lowest stage of a fact -- wistful thinking. Sorry, Bruce.

  180. RealDeal147
  181. RealDeal147

    nice job on the skeleton. looked real. tomb was way too cute, but great (plastic) skeleton

  182. Apurva Pai
  183. Apurva Pai

    if its fake then what bout the guy who died

  184. Chris Avera
  185. Chris Avera

    If they can get the body in,they could get the body out of the cave

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