Blue Gold: World Water Wars
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Blue Gold: World Water Wars

2009, Environment  -   66 Comments
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Blue Gold: World Water WarsIn every corner of the globe, we are polluting, diverting, pumping, and wasting our limited supply of fresh water at an expediential level as population and technology grows.

The rampant overdevelopment of agriculture, housing and industry increase the demands for fresh water well beyond the finite supply, resulting in the desertification of the earth.

Corporate giants force developing countries to privatize their water supply for profit.

Wall Street investors target desalination and mass bulk water export schemes. Corrupt governments use water for economic and political gain.

Military control of water emerges and a new geopolitical map and power structure forms, setting the stage for world water wars.

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  1. Dr.BoZark

    This Documentary should cause each and everyone who is really concern to do a real self examination.

  2. Clelia Sheppard

    and they do care, but they need to care more.

  3. Clelia Sheppard

    If only people cared.

  4. logan payne

    english class lmao


      Explain a “Blue Alternative” discussed in the film or another idea you have found?


      Discuss one of the most important issues that stood out to you while watching the film. What solution is there and does it seem realistic?

  5. Jacqueline Reimer

    When the Rain Stops Falling has been removed from here and DW. Why is that?

  6. Lisa Wilhelmi

    I must inquire re: industrial hemp desalinated and purifies water and nuclear waste! Let's just see about that and another thing.... Think about your children or just "the children" because between 2000 - 2003 over 700.000, under age 5, died per year in Sub Sahara Africa. So Asia = 683,000 or 2000/day. UN is aware and leaves it up to our States democracy or our local government. Think it best we first look at our local government to lead us to water so we can drink. Water, of course, is a basic human need, one which we are supposed to be guaranteed. This is what the United Nations said in their last report and ain't them the big guys?

  7. Nicole

    Industrial Hemp desalinated and purifies water. It even cleans nuclear waste as seen in Chernobyl.

  8. Ativeer sangwan

    Very nice film a must watch to be aware of what's happening outside. really eye opening guys.

  9. The Vegan Junction

    A good film and definitely worthwhile to watch it.

  10. g j

    The world is becoming over populated....PERIOD! More being born that dying. Let's say we start with my statement. Now, what do you propose we do about that? When there is a solution to that, we can then get a handle on our water issues.

  11. barkway

    If you don't secure your own sources for water, food, energy within the next decade, prepare to be a ward of the State/Feds aka Corps.

  12. William Graant

    I can gather a lot of hard work has gone in to it. It’s actually good.

  13. Paige Melius

    This is why I'm getting my masters in Hydrology.

    1. 1concept1

      Hydrology, I didn't know that was aval. Good going Paige!

  14. Mohd Iqbal


  15. helenasarina

    There is enough on this planet fore everyone, but never enough fore the greet of one man.

    1. Roy


  16. Legal-Diva

    silver iodide = chemtrails

  17. Hanny Palmen

    Read the book many years ago, alarming ... and agree with Bob, air will be next. Question is: what can we do about it, how can we change this? On a micro scale, I refuse to buy or drink bottled water, but ... how can we make people aware of this? As companies and governments divide their citizens more and more instead of uniting them. The true criminals are the ones that are in charge ... and they get away with it all the time!

    1. Eli Eitan

      Exactly. It takes a social collective to put a resistance against those in charge

  18. bob

    air will be next

  19. Patt Lopez

    Everything seems to be based on profit....nothing new, right!
    Please take the time to watch......have a nice glass of Kangen water :-)


  20. Donna Jacocks

    Sam Bozo...good name

  21. Toematoe

    I smell anarchy in the near future! The intentional wastefulness of water resulting in forced desalination, all in the name of profit.

  22. Guest

    I smell anarchy in the near future.

  23. panthera

    And America is insane: first they choose their government, and then they don't trust them.
    Someone call a shrink.

    1. Greg Cox

      You clearly don't understand how the two party system works. We are only allowed to choose from between the lesser of evils. The system is fine-tuned to give the illusion of choice while ensuring the power paradigm remain unaffected.

  24. panthera

    People heading for extinction even more rapidly.
    Good news for anti-natalists.

  25. Rachel Baroni

    Huh, could we plant trees and use the desalinated water to jump start the process towards mending? Could we do that using Al-Gathafi's Great Man Made River as a model?

  26. Denis

    The problem of using the desalination is that you have to usee 5 liters of slat water to produce 1 liter of fresh water. So we will still be creating a new problem

    1. Tashi

      not to mention the massive economic cost, power consumption and pollution of waterways.

  27. Reasons Voice

    @Farren; Looked it up today. I found that most desalnation plants are of the "reverse osmosis" variety. In which the water is pressurized and forced through a dense filtration that removes 99% of the salt making potable water. The energy use there is greater since one has to utilize pumps to force the water. The other type which is used more in the Middle East and North Africa is an evaporation type. The best of those utilize the excess heat generated by the power plants to heat salt water to a boil and collects the vapor. Since power plants are already being used in their typical function the only cost here is initial outfitting and maintenance of the evaporation chambers. That process uses no dedicated energy source of its own. However even the Reverse osmosis type sets its overhead at about $3.00 per 1000 gallons of water produced so is fairly eco friendly.
    Having read all of that I stand by my assessment that the "we are running out of water" theory is bunk. The tech is there, it is being used with success, and it is economical. So go ahead people take a nice hot shower.

    1. Laura De Vito

      I have a question as I am not an expert. if you take too much water from the sea is there the possibility to put the coasts at risk of desertification in arid and semi-arid regions?

    2. Caroline LeCourtois

      It will all depend on how much water you take from the sea, they are just like rivers, only larger basins. They still need constant replenishment. As long as you take out as much or less as is being replenished, then the water use is sustainable. However, if you are to de-saline salt water, you are generally using more resources than you are giving in return due to carbon emissions from the process.

    3. waiting90days

      I have worked with RO, it does not do as you say. It is more than pressurization of water through filters, and does not work like filtration at your house and is not Eco friendly.
      First the water is superheated (or close to superheated), this takes alot of energy... the first drawback of RO systems. Second it creates two streams of water, one that is potable (drinkable), the other contains all the salt. This hot, extra salty water needs to be placed somewhere, and usually back into the environment, this heat and salt is damaging to the ecosystems near the RO plant. Not to mention there are eight, VERY expensive filtration tubes filled special sand, and other minerals...
      To get an idea of how UNeconomical RO is, Southern California transports water over 1,000 miles from other sources rather than Desal the water right next door from the Pacific Ocean.
      A misunderstanding you might have is how many bottled water companies use a form of RO to filter water from tap water. It is a simplified version without the same filtration traps as true RO. They don't need to clean tap water like salt water since tap water is already clean... its more a marketing pitch rather than RO.

    4. Caroline LeCourtois

      Its not so much that we are running out of water, but rather that we are polluting and making freshwater inaccessible to everyone as a basic human resource. And more and more we are seeing companies taking water and turning it into profit as a commodity rather than an accessible resource.

    5. Eli Eitan

      So how do you recycle water?

    6. lakhotason

      You piss.

    7. Eli Eitan


  28. Reasons Voice

    @Farren. Busy day today (football and beer) I'll look into those numbers later on or tomorrow and get back to the thread. True enough about the energy but quite possible that in that environment temperature would assist in a vaporization processor.

  29. Farren

    "The nations of the Middle East have been utilizing desalination for their water supply for quite some time and are doing just fine. Not saying this is a non issue just that the solution is already known and applied in countries without large fresh water resources."

    @ReasonsVoice, do you know if the desalinization is energy-efficient? I haven't looked at the figures myself, but I've heard that desalinization requires a ton of energy. They do have oil over there, which would enable that. But it's a poor solution, because oil will get more and more expensive until it's just impractical to use it to make the energy to desalinize.

  30. ungovernable

    when will people learn that you cant live off stupid bits of paper they call money?

  31. DaftAida

    True. Another point of interest is the juxtoposition of oil and water as both fuel and consumables. Currently, we eat oil-based products (i.e. margarine)when it is known that we can run cars on converted WATER - so what else?

    Spearheaded by the Rockefellers, natural fuel sources were gradually outlawed in favour of petrofuels from which the world economy has been reliant at so much cost for so little positive return since the late 1800s. Prior to this, fuel was cheaply available via hemp, kerosene, what have you direct from source, thereby ensuring individual autonomy.

    Now, the public perception is being fashioned to fear water-borne disease, shortage, scarcity, contamination. All I have to do is dig a little deep enough in my back yard to access underground water, same as most others in UK, the World. Nature is abundant with solutions to any man-made problem which are after all, a corruption of what already. Easily vanquished back to the vaults of insanity by applying common sense and reason.

    Are we so far gone so as not to questin the veracity of any Globalist UN Agenda propaganda? Our children and certainly our grandchildren won't be able to see beyond the indoctrination any better than their tv-lifestyle forbears.

    Everything we can think of is mismanaged for a reason and none for the reason or purposes of LIFE. This film is artfully weaving the truth of the tragedy (engineered problem) calling for certain actions (reaction) to support the 'final' solution according to UN and tentacle operation policies, applied up front and personal on the local 'authority' level.

    What always stunns me is our collective and individual engagement of MAD. Those propagating deception are themselves deceived but with the smart drugs, they'll soon forget, as life on Earth morphs into a dreamscape of horrific sterility and we cease to be nothing more than a potential that failed, largely through deception.

  32. Reasons Voice

    The nations of the Middle East have been utilizing desalination for their water supply for quite some time and are doing just fine. Not saying this is a non issue just that the solution is already known and applied in countries without large fresh water resources.

  33. Bryan

    Well said DaftAida.

    There are none so blind as those that WILL not see.

  34. DaftAida

    Dennis, this viewpoint is an over-populated programmed lie. I guess it's always OK to talk of depopulation as long as it doesn't affect YOU or yours, huh? There is NO population 'problem'; there is a BIG problem with lying, conniving, psycopathic cesspit-for-brains hell bent on genocide. See Club of Rome for the genesis of this crazy idea of overpopulation and climate change. Flood cities with rural and overseas displaced persons (displaced by psychopathic elite policies) and it sure seems as if there are way too many of us. And there are - in cities. Cities designed as open prisons by same overpopulation-propagating Elite. There are too many ..... of THEM in control and far too many of US zombified parrots.

  35. Dennis

    The World does not have a fresh water problem, the world has an over population problem. We are about 3 billion humans too heavy and getting fatter. The coming water shortage and the resulting food shortage will correct this.

  36. DaftAida

    Even suggesting, as this film does, that the UN will provide a solution (when they created the problem intentionally) shows this otherwise brilliantly composed presentation, has an Agenda 21 climate change message. Making it a sanction under Human Rights that no-one is denied water for lack of ability to pay is not the final twist in this tale. It could be argued that you relinquished your right to water by sabotaging your ability to pay. If you lose your designated slave labour job, for example. Rather like the housing law where someone 'intentionally' makes themselves homeless, thereby losing the right to housing provision.

  37. DaftAida

    IMF dictating to Kenya to export priceless water in repayment of its 'debt'. Ireland's water crises hit within days of the hostile IMF takeover there. NAFTA trade agreements and freemarket trade economics hark back to the dawn of the empire when trade routes were pirated, manipulated and managed. Depopulation, Agenda 21 with overcrowded infested cities and nowhere else to go. We see it everywhere from Kingston JA to Bangkok to Cairo.

  38. DaftAida

    This business of a corporate identity having equal rights with a human individual is logical when we realise that the Birth Certificate bonds each child to the purposes of The State, or legalistic system. As a product, the child is allocated a burden of debt for which it must slave. The human rights legislation was formed in order to give the conglomorates carte' blanche'. Robots too, will be afforded equal rights. Worse, due to their 'special needs' they will be 'more equal than others'. If we really 'worry' about the childrens' future, we'll de-register the certificate, or bondage contract. We will set our children free.

  39. Dillon

    my dad runs a bottled water company. source is from a natural spring and has recently been voted second best in the world. we are out there providing a sustainable source of natural fluoride for the human body. there is a reason why tap water is cheap.

    1. RealisticThinker

      fluoride is poisonous unless its calcium fluroide which is not commonly found in water. you have drank the kool aid my friend.

  40. DaftAida

    Absolutely shocking expose' I've reached the point of viewing where the question is asked 'Why'? Why not use the planet's resources wisely? The reason is always given as profit; yet behind the profit what impells a system which demands profit at any price? What conceivable reason would there be to condemn billions of people to an agonising death, even as they are drowning in the solution? An unparallelled hatred of humanity, nature, and all of creation. BP blowout equals their Core Exit - over and out. Profit is small change.

  41. julio coyote

    People we’ll survive somehow…we’re the new roaches & rats of this era…water won’t be a problem because we can’t consume all the oceans in a billion years…as far as the big corporations taking advantage & making profits, well that’s the way it’s been since the big bang! But don’t be mistaken, we humans will take on ANYBODY that is in the way of our own survival, big corp. or not…we’ll run over it don’t matter how big they are…we’re here to stay…we’re not dinosaurs; we are a lot better…copish?

  42. Bad_conduct

    Napoleon knew how to run the rich out of a country. That's what the French knew about this.

  43. Vitor Mendes

    We live very worrying times,the good thing in all this is that at least we are aware of the problems and hopefully one day all will be fine.

    I worry for the children and their future.

  44. Stone

    Nice Documentary!

    WOW We rly do live in a sick world cuz 3% of earths water is fresh water and have the French privatizing water since the time of NAPOLEON?! Napoleon lived 1769 - 1814. WTF, do the French know about this?!

  45. grey area

    'were running out? who cares someone else will take care of it. now water my lawn for 3 hours , wash my car spotless and run the sprinkler so i can dance through its wet-watery goodness' - the average american

  46. Paul

    I might be naive but i continually question why each time desal is brought up, it is immediately disregarded as too expensive or taking too much energy. The defeatist attitude and submission to corporate interest is startling in the American culture today. Not trying to sound tin foil here but the institution always pushes their interests as far as they can, and attempt to control and manage to their benefit. Its a fact. Consider the drug lords of Columbia fighting so very hard to continue their livelihoods. It seems despite having mature democracies in this day and age the pattern of rule and revolution is entrenched in history and doomed to be repeated over and over with no lesson learned. (Personally i blame the willingly ignorant LA lifestyle so many of the world strive for. Yes I'm talking to you too Europe)

    In my view: world crisis, desertification and starvation due to increasingly smaller farm yields are inevitable. Cash crops will have made alot of the worlds arable farm land unusable without intense fertilizer and water use (which are unavailable or too expensive due to oil and water shortage).

    This doesn't mean the stone age is in store for us like those stupid camera/publicitity whores spill. Loads of ingenious technology predates the use of oil and human ingenuity will progress past it.

  47. Daveandconfused

    Desalination maybe. But who will own the processors, and how much will they sell the water for? Hmmm.... Maybe selling us our air back to us will be next?

  48. Leonardo

    MUST WATCH, what a disgusting situation. wake up!

  49. Waldo

    @ kimdracula

    It taste like, well- water. I have tasted it before. It is currently a very expensive procedure, but hopefully that will change. Of course the water I drank was bought at a rock festival in Mertle Beach, I have often wondered if it was simply bottled water. They were also selling the sea salt crystals that formed in the process, they said. They were beautiful but still do not prove they actually desalinated the water.

  50. kimdracula

    I really see desalination as the hot new water trend in 10 years.
    A bottle of desalinated water will be so expensive...and I wonder what it will taste like.

    1. Areebah Ayaz

      Well I am here 10 years later and we haven't gone very fa