Born at the Burnt Land

2015, Health  -   12 Comments
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Following the resolution of Operation Desert Storm in 1991, American troops returned home to a rousing welcome from a grateful public. But for many of these veterans, their war had just begun. Widespread incidents of memory loss, eyesight impairment and cancer were reported among the troops, and their offspring born after the conflict often presented with physical abnormalities and severely debilitating conditions like leukemia. Were these the effects of some highly advanced form of post-traumatic stress syndrome, or something else?

The troubling answers to that mystery lay the foundation for Born at the Burnt Land, a thought-provoking exploration of the deadly unforeseen complications which linger long after a war has come to a close. In the case of the Gulf War, these complications weren't limited to American troops. Many Iraqi citizens experienced these symptoms as well, particularly those who resided closest to the regions of battle.

Thus, health investigators began an exhaustive search to uncover the possible culprits behind these mystifying illnesses and maladies. The single common denominator among the afflicted was an exposure to depleted uranium, a hazardous element used to create various destructive weapons of war. Essentially a waste product of the nuclear industry, depleted uranium is an inexpensive ingredient used in the construction of protective armor and projectile weaponry such as missiles and bullets. It also contains the most elevated toxicity level of all the elements, and burns at an alarmingly high temperature. When even the smallest amount of depleted uranium is absorbed within the body, its presence remains for an entire life span as it "attaches" itself to a person's DNA and causes irreparable damage.

In spite of these findings, United States government and Iraqi Ministry of Health officials hesitate to confirm the harmful consequences associated with the use of depleted uranium. The film speculates that this defiant stance is motivated in large part by greed. After all, weapons manufacturing is big business, and the banning of depleted uranium could result in a significant loss of revenue. Relying on the expertise of assorted scientists and health officials, Born at the Burnt Land makes a compelling and harrowing argument for change, and successfully shows that the wounds of war can often resound for generations.

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  1. JD Straw

    This is an "old" documentary, but it is still relevant as well as so awesomely sad. I hate all that our governments are responsible for in how they treat people—so awesomely sad, such an unnecessary waste of human beings, their lives and their well-being—SAD! :-(

    And may God have mercy on their arrogant, evil, pride-filled souls

  2. Vege-tater

    Wow, what a great way to get rid of that pesky nuclear waste you don't know what to do with, go decimate and doom an entire civilization across the pond with it, especially the innocents! We used to be proud to be Americans, now it is humiliating.

  3. winter

    Only United States is allowed to wipe out civilians. All others are war criminals.

  4. war pig

    Excellent doc!
    Weapons like that would make all the people leave the country an move to another country for sure

  5. JD

    'Uranium has the highest atomic number of any element' Yeah...except the other 22 which are higher. This is a joke

  6. kender

    Well, that's what happens, when you fight another man's war FOR him, ya dumb cluck! Why should we then hold your hand, "commiserate" with you over your own poor choices? So, you have nightmares about killing children? Serves you right! You have unheard of diseases because you bombed ancient cities to ashes....and you want sympathy? LOL! Go die in a corner somewhere, and stop bothering us! Wow, what total asinine ignorance! It's called a CONSEQUENCE. Duh.

  7. John Doherty

    Dirk Adriaensens hit the nail on the head stating that as 29% of US workforce is engaged in the MIC, as an economy, US needs ongoing global instability. Shocking indictment, that.

  8. sonibvc

    The fruits of "democracy" and "freedom" the USA "freely" spreads around the globe ;)

  9. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Excellent Doc!


  10. THCjunky

    The american government are criminals.

  11. dmxi

    these are the symptoms of a system that regards their citizens/troops as a commodity & regards common 'life' as pawns on a chess/ & thus adequate for immolation in the game of world dominance !

    1. ZeissIkon

      You're not wrong there. The rotten truth of neoclassical economics is that, in the long run, it isn't just the land that becomes capital, but the people suffer the same fate too. It's true that the world is run by accountants, some would say inevitable, but when they set to work within the framework of the wrong economic model, terrible and inhumane things happen.