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Born To Be Wild: Giraffes on the Move

2002 ,    »  -   24 Comments
Ratings: 7.50/10 from 16 users.

Born To Be Wild: Giraffes on the MoveThere are less than 300 Rothschild Giraffes left, in the whole of Africa and their numbers continue to decline.

Giraffes on the Move follows the translocation of seven of these endangered giants to a new home in the hope that they will establish a new breeding herd.

Joanna Lumley, joins the giraffes on their dangerous journey. Firstly the giraffes must survive the trauma of being captured, and then they face the two hour trip in an open roofed lorry along bumpy and very busy roads.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Malchik

    These animals are too tall. Stop being so tall.

  2. Mercenarry ForHire
  3. Mercenarry ForHire

    There buying all the jewelry! >:O plus, one day they will grow Sooo tall that they will destroy them selfs . O.O

  4. thursday child
  5. thursday child

    Omg... it's Patsy! Sweetie! Darling...

    I cried when they put the giraffes in the truck too.

    I want to see more Joanna Lumley documentaries, Vlatko.

  6. kaffy4x4
  7. kaffy4x4

    A wonderful and tear jerking documentary. I have a new fondness for the Giraffes

  8. S.E.T.H
  9. S.E.T.H

    I wasn't left convinced the giraffe capture team has what it takes sorry :P

  10. robertallen1
  11. robertallen1

    Joanna's repertoire of grimaces quickly began to cloy, as did all those close-ups of her. Also, who cares about her living quarters? It should have been the giraffes and Joanna, not Joanna and the giraffes.

  12. teacherpru
  13. teacherpru

    What? Are you expressionless, emotionless, or unaware? Perhaps a reality cam on your face for a week would show how your face changes depending on the information you receive or the situation you find yourself in.
    Also, other than NatGeo, have you seen many docs that don't give some time to the people who make them, and the people who add information and context to the story? They deserve the recognition because usually they're unsung heroes.
    Finally, giraffes are not so dynamic. They eat leaves, they swish their tails, they stare at cameras, and they lick. I saw a lot of this .. would you have watched the full-length film if that was all that was in it with a narrative? Doubtful!
    I found this film inspiring. I was sad for the fear the giraffes felt, but happy for the good care that was taken of them, and the hope that this species will survive from this action.

  14. teacherpru
  15. teacherpru

    The good thing is that they'll do better next time. We learn from our mistakes, and there'll be a giraffe whisperer somewhere who'll be able to offer some insight into how to handle these beautiful creatures well.
    That said, imagine how you would best capture a wild animal. As gently as possible, I suspect.
    Now imagine yourself being captured .. no matter how gently, wouldn't you fight like hell to be free, and stay at home, even if it weren't in your best interest to stay there?
    How would that look like on film?

  16. teacherpru
  17. teacherpru

    Me too!

  18. Paul MacLeod
  19. Paul MacLeod

    Dude, I could just imagine Patsy & Eddie doing this documentary! They'd be getting the giraffes drunk on champagne and trying to bling them up with some fashion tips. ;D

    And what sod named them Rothschild Giraffes? The elite class of banker giraffes, they also need a bail out? :S

    Seriously it's inspiring to see people taking care of animals, instead of killing them off and then going "Oops shouldn't have done that, oh well where's the next target Jeeves!"

  20. Guest
  21. Guest

    I like the host, she is a mixture of being beautiful, smart, swanky, adventurous, interesting, well spoken, and obviously has much respect and love for giraffes, nature and Africa.
    Yes, it could have been presented by David Attenborough but not all docs have to have him as a host.
    I must say her personnality and the content of the doc kept me interested all the way.

  22. robertallen1
  23. robertallen1

    As I stated before, there was too much of her and not enough of the giraffes. All too often, when the camera should have been on the giraffes, it was on her and her mugging. Also, what do her living quarters have to do with a documentary about giraffes, except to give her another opportunity to make love to the camera? Basically she comes off as being more concerned about her performance than about the welfare of the giraffes--and I'll take those beautiful giraffes to her any day.

  24. Achems_Razor
  25. Achems_Razor

    Well I don't know, the giraffes? or the broad? I'll have to say for me it's a no brainer!

    Damn, probably off topic again, Its Azilda's fault.

  26. robertallen1
  27. robertallen1

    No, you're not off topic, but if you say it's a no-brainer, how about clearly indicating your choice. I opt for the Rothschild giraffes--there's no shortage of broads.

    On "Wild Thing," the documentary on the Smithsonian Zoos, although the handlers and others were an important part of the action, unlike Miss Joanna, they were never intrusive and they never discussed themselves other than to state their position at the zoo and their qualifications for holding that position. The spotlight was always on the animals, even in scenes in which the animals did not appear.

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    You may be off topic while i am on topic.
    I agree with Robert...some will like her and some won't. I totally liked the subject...and i don't really care at this point who presents it as long as it's someone with interest in the subject, something she obviously has.
    Would i watched a bunch of docs with her as a host? Quite possibly not....her style would end up boring me but for was ok, kind of interesting to see her kissing/feeding giraffes...not many would do it that way for sure.

  30. sknb
  31. sknb

    Today I learned that there are different species of giraffes. Neato!

  32. sknb
  33. sknb

    Yeah I know the name is pretty funny.

  34. Stephen Green
  35. Stephen Green

    I wish the Rothschild's would decline!

  36. F Garoutte
  37. F Garoutte

    enjoyed watching, but that lady host has got to go. shes horrible

  38. Guest
  39. Guest

    Joanna Lumley is the worst nature presenter EVER!!! Too much focus on her. They could have easily covered other animals or something else with the amount of time spent covering her.

    Otherwise, the content covering the giraffe's is educational.

  40. qzqzqz
  41. qzqzqz

    yes,should be more giraffes less joanna,who i love in most stuff she is in,probebly not her fault,she is well informed and well spoken,and easy on the eye,but do we need to see her instead of the subject..a slur to the makers,rather than her.that said, plenty to interest wildlife lovers at a slow pace

  42. shaneScallan
  43. shaneScallan

    Like all sob stories in the world this one is economic and pop culture related... increased tourism could give most the scarce animals a purpose and therefore incentive for natives to perserve natural habitats. for this to happen there needs to be serious infastructrual investment and development. something that the so called rich nations of the world are already having a hard time at. Increased awareness and appreciation for wildlife would also benefit. sad reality is that most people seek pleasure from trivial pursuits like gambling and boozing. nature is obviously suffering as a result.

  44. Lycheborne
  45. Lycheborne

    i like Joanna Lumley , she makes me feel like they pulled a regular person out of a silver spoon life style...she makes me laugh...she is kind of crazy at times...

  46. Rudy Rip
  47. Rudy Rip

    I adore her, she's one of a kind, and herself, far to rare a nature and beauty in this world!

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