Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope

Bounce: Behind the Velvet RopeA chronicle of the lives of bouncers - the burly boys who guard both sides of the door in nightclubs across America.

The documentary takes an inside look at the mindset of these frequently ridiculed, but always feared enforcers of the night and examines whether they are skilled experts in security, hired to anticipate trouble, or just hired thugs meant to intimidate.

Revealed within is a world of notorious nightclub bouncers, including New York's Terence "The Black Prince" Buckley and British legend Lenny "The Guv'nor" McLean who appeared in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 10 minutes)

Ratings: 8.25/10 from 4 users.

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  1. quickymart

    "When Im 50 it is gonna be legal to just kill people for no reason." woa

  2. richard

    good doc! i actually liked the whole thing....crazy. anyway. the poem at the end!? friggin' awesome. trying to search it...any help? thnx

  3. Dan_sir

    Love Lenny The Guv’nor. Love to see Jordan get curb stomped. Jordan is what is wrong with that whole scene not just as a bouncer but also just the kind of people who go to bars and clubs. Those people who want nothing more than to fight, they are not there cause they want to help or protect people there just bullies, with no purpose. They don't need a reason to fight, if they were not the bouncers they would be the ones being bounced.

  4. Sixmoons

    Great doco, thanks. Part #4 has no audio though :(

  5. His Forever

    Is this doc for real? Good grief! A doc about bouncers. The sad thing about it is . . . THIS is the one that seems most interesting tonight, and I've never even been to a nightclub! Oh wait . . . I used to work in a semi restaurant bar/club restaurant that had raunchy comedy twice a week--but we didn't have a bouncer that I remember. LOL Yeah, it really was that boring to me!

  6. davy11

    haha i know they say sunbeds cause cancer, i dont care, at least ill die with a nice tan. i thought their would be a bit of real action in it. did u see the scene where they were throwin the fella out and kicking him. it was like bad wrestlers from WWE

  7. Guest

    Fat heads, skinny legs.

  8. magarac

    Really interesting doc!
    That one guy who´s only doing the job because he likes to beat people up is just plain insane. Might fit in the military for some good old fashioned war crimes.

  9. Alex1389er

    I can't believe that steroid violence guy hates working gay night. Gay night and Japanese parties are the best to work at cos your getting paid for doing nothing. Gay guys are not violent and when u ask them to leave for intox they do without any trouble also gay guys always have 2 or 3 hot straight girls with them. Lesbians are a bit rougher but, but in the end they leave peacefully too. Also sometimes we have Japanese parties, and they are the best nights to work. Japanese people are extremely respectful, so respectful that I feel bad knocking them back or asking them to go even though they can barely stand on their feet. If only westerners were as respectful and understanding...

  10. Alex April

    Bouncer Documentary (Part 4) has muted audio because of an unauthorized audio track.

  11. greyspoppa

    Oh ya The Prince story may be the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile. He said his mom was a miracle and he meant that ****.

  12. greyspoppa

    The only thing in this doc that wasn't as surreal as a David Lynch movie was the Gov' . I was blown away by this cat. Awesome Doc worth the watch!

  13. willem_nld

    bouncers are trash handling other trash

  14. Ivan Croatia

    i was driving whores and stripers to some terrible shitholes full of drunken men and never had problems. yes they would telling me that they will kick Me and rape her but when you have calm, possitive attitude, and I love people. Once was one another guy who carried a gun and knife and showing in front that he is the main, he always got himself into some trouble. Me never. maybe I am a lucky one, but psychology is always stronger than muscles.

    1. David Choi


    2. Tom

      Nice quote "but psychology is always stronger than muscles." I have found that too.

  15. Deejay Es

    big up to prince

  16. Alex1389er

    I do security for clubs to pay my way while I study. It's the worst job ever, your weekends are spent dealing with human trash. I lost all respect for people due to seeing how disgusting they are. People are like animals. Especially these days everybody is a hard dude, tough guy, everybody has something to prove, women will just about lick your ass crack to get in. My fists are always bruised and cut up, i been stabbed with everything from broken bottles to miniature meat cleavers and cut with razors. U go home with black eyes, bruised head, u gotta go get your blood work done every time some a--holes blood splatter on you. And in the end u go to court because some nutt off his face on ice and liquor gets his head beat in for attacking you or other staff and other patrons. Also arguing with people aaaalllllll night, fighting is better then the arguing cos u literally get so angry at these sacks of crap that u just wanna push them into on coming traffic. Also in the media they are always trying to make 'bouncers' look like bad guys who bash everyone when in fact those same bad guys are what's stopping the rest of those animals from tearing each other up...

    1. PavolvsBitch

      With your attitude, you'd never make it in to anywhere half decent. With your attitude, you'd do well to join the ranks of other psycho bastards in the military/police. With your attitude, you'll do well in college, regurgitating the garbage fed to you on a budget which will most likely qualify you to bounce bigger clubs. If that's the best idea you can come up with to support yourself through college, I don't know why you're bothering at all.

    2. Alex1389er

      Security isn't a career, it's a leads no where dead end job. I only do it until I finish my degree, and i'm good at what I do, that's why i'm 23 and im the security supervisor in one of the only rnb/hip hop clubs in my city. This isn't a big deal but u don't have to be a genius to do it. In the club i work at we only get the worst of the worst wannabe thugs, wannabe gangsta's, wannabe ufc fighters. Everybody claims they are a black belt in this, golden gloves champ in that. U can't even begin to imagine how people conduct themselves, I'm pulling dumb bitches out of the toilet cos the are over dosing every half hour, guys who cant be stuffed going to the toilet so they just piss and crap on the dance floor or on some girl. Try dealing with the crack heads and meth nutts all night and we don't get to have the power that the police have we gotta practically wait to get stabbed before we can use any force. And i'm no psycho, I never try to start trouble or inflict any pain, but how would u react to being shanked from behind cos u didn't let some guys friend in earlier that night? How would you react to being abused non stop all night long? Crowd controllers (Bouncers) have one of the hardest jobs to do. We're put in a place full of out of control intoxicated people, we're outnumbered and we are held liable for any trouble that may occur. So while everybody is drinking, do drugs and having a good old time we're their watching your back so u don't get beat for looking at someone wrong, bumping in someone or starring at someones girl...

    3. Tyler Partridge

      You sound ridiculous.

      Stop watching Road House.

    4. Alex1389er

      Really, and i suppose u know cos your a doorman/bouncer/security right? Your prolly the guy begging to get in every other night. I'm telling u how it is so u club goers can have some respect and appreciate your local security crew. Their not all steroid, violent freaks like the dude from the doc, most are uni students, or full time blue collar workers that take on security work to make just a little more money to provide for their families. Love how people talk **** bout things they don't know anything about. alcohol + drugs + ego's = trouble every single time. Or would u rather be in a club that's full of hard dudes wanting to start **** unchecked, wasted people sleeping in every corner and overcrowding so u can't even move around. Security do shovel **** all night long, just so the rest of u can't smell it...

  17. drinker69

    Bouncers are fkkin losers who think they can get the loser chicks that line up to get into those loser clubs. Losers.

    1. JezusVanNazareth

      Hahahaha, funny, your probably one of those nerds that got booted at the door alot. Probably too frustrated because you get booted at the door everywhere, and now FINALLY got ur revenge in a comment on a documentary website... cool beans! Congrats man!