The Boy Who Cried Warming

The Boy Who Cried Warming

2012, Environment  -   135 Comments
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The Boy Who Cried WarmingThis feature length documentary approaches the subject of Climate Change from a more scientific point of view than previous films on the subject. The film evaluates on many of the common held misconceptions associated with Global Warming, offers a scientific overview of Carbon Dioxide on our planet, and takes an in depth look at various Carbon Trading legislation and its potential negative effects on the economies of the world.

The film offers new interplanetary data on the topic of climate change. Also unique to The Boy Who Cried Warming is that the story of the film runs parallel to the Aesop fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

This is shown through the movie to portray that the shepherds of global warming most known are usually those who cry the loudest and make the boldest predictions.

Authors believe that this film will strike the perfect informational and entertainment balance, and thus will prove to be a truly worthwhile cause and topic that you can enjoy and be proud of participating in.

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135 Comments / User Reviews

  1. I'm sure during this they stated that there is no increase in CO2 on Mars and Mars is experiencing global warming, Mars ice caps are melting and in the same documentary saying Mars ice caps are composed of Massive amounts of Solid CO2 that is evaporating?

    1. It is now 2023 will all these people that refuted climate change stand up and still say there is nothing to worry about.

  2. Well done, thanks for the public comments refuting the climate alarmists.

  3. Co2. Pump it out! More plants, more food! I like to eat. Heating causes more evaporation and clouds thus more rain. Earth knows what she is doing. Sun too. The warming people are communists that want to take away our property rights. They will use anything to scare people into submision.

  4. The utter arrogance of most of the respondents here is upsetting. That you people believe you and the rest of mankind could pose such a burden on the enorminty of nature would be laughable if it wasn't so frightening. You attack well educated people who are offering an alternative point of view. You do it such a manner that feels to me like you are afraid of losing your life mission to save the world from the "deniers"! Good grief. Live you life. Be respectful of nature but don't be "busybodying" around in everyones garbage looking for links to "global cooling", no wait "global warming" no wait "climate change", yeah that's it!, "man made climate change". The earth is 4.5 billion years old, you have the audacity to think that here in 2015 in your precious lifetime that the earth is melting. The only thing wrong with this documentary is that they have the anology wrong. It's not "The Boy Who Cried Wolf, it should be "Chicken Little"...."the sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

    1. Well said, John. It's pathetic how the True Believers are so threatened by anything that questions their bizarre view that the sky is falling and the only thing that can save us is to exchange inexpensive energy for totally uneconomic and incredibly expensive subsidized alternative sources. And all because a bunch of flawed and biased computer models are predicting what they are set up to predict.

    2. No facts here either. Do I see a trend?

    3. I see no facts in this post.

    4. David Rockefeller and Maurice Strongs ghosts are reading this and doing their happy dance.

  5. That old guy falls into the category of deniers. By far the minority on this issue. yet he tries to tell us that he's the majority. OK dude, whatever. Delusion and Denial go together.

  6. Inaccurate statements, missing pertinent information. Any reasonably informed individual will see right through this film.

  7. More propaganda bought and paid for by the industries that pollute our planet. Seems like we could find just one issue that both right and left could agree on - like the effective stewardship of our shared planet. But this doesnt happen due to partisan politics and lazy, inept, corrupt media.
    In order to believe that global climate change is a hoax, or better yet, an idea dreamed up by Al Gore for him to make money (weird), one must ignore/discount hundreds of scientific papers. That means ALL scientists would have to be liberal and they ALL would have to be in on the conspiracy to mislead the public. That makes no sense whatsoever.

  8. Wow.. This documentary has really opened my eyes! I did some research and found that Global Warming is a much bigger problem than I though! Holy Crap!!! We're screwed if we can't find a good way to capture the carbon out of the atmosphere. The Ice Caps have Co2 locked into the ice as well. If they melt...... btw, this documentary is laughable. The conservative brain is flawed. It senses fear 3 times as intensely as a normal brain. This piece of trash documentary is just created to make them feel better.....HOly Crap! I hope Earth doesn't turn into another Venus!

  9. The only "debate" about whether climate change is occurring or not is being done by the politicians and media who have an agenda to say that it's NOT happening. I'm not interested in anyone who attacks the scientists without even reading their papers. The next generation are going to be eating each other (literally) due to our decisions now, raises questions about anyone who has kids and refuses to actually spend the time to educate themselves on the scientific method and read the scientific literature (yet have no problem in using their computer which has been built on the same principles). When you finally realize it's too late, and your kids are going to *SUFFER* because of your own stupidity, I'll be laughing.

  10. This documentary completely contradicts itself in the first 5mins considering that the vast majority of evidence suggests that global warming is currently occurring. These are NOT short sighted educated guesses but about as solid scientific evidence as you can get. Additionally, almost everything in science is a hypothesis, it takes an exceptionally long period of scrutiny before a hypothesis is considered a theory. This documentary is pure propaganda aimed at people who do not understand science or its methodology.

    1. Thousands of leading scientists have quietly signed a declaration admitting that catastrophic global warming is a hoax created to advance a far-left globalist political agenda.
      The World Climate Declaration states that climate science “should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.”
      “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures,” the declaration states. reports: The declaration was organized by Climate Intelligence, an independent policy foundation founded in 2019 by Dutch emeritus professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and Dutch science journalist Marcel Crok.
      The U.K. website the Daily Sceptic reported one of the lead authors of the declaration, atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen, has called the current climate narrative “absurd.” Yet relentless propaganda from grant-dependent academics and agenda-driven journalists has generated a widely accepted narrative that the science is “settled.”
      “We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models,” the WCD states. “”In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.”

  11. This is ridiculous, it is clearly aimed at people who do not understand the scientific method. Yes, it is only a hypothesis, every potential idea within science is a hypothesis. Once founded, you then collect your data, analyse it statistically and determine if your results support what you hypothesized. After that, people in your field run the same experiment following your procedure. If multiple experiments get similar results, then what you have hypothesized is well supported.
    In the case of global warming, scientist have tested this hypothesis from many different fields of science (they are easy to find, just look then up on scholar). The vast majority of findings has found evidence supporting current global warming.
    Additionally, there is no such thing as an alarmist in science, only skeptics. All scientists are skeptics, even if they are close colleagues they will still question everything that you do. This bullshit documentary is just trying to create fear where there is none. The real fear is that people will not react in time to mitigate the detrimental effects of global warming.

    1. Do you still believe in Global Warming?

  12. In contrast to the views previously posted regarding this documentary, I recommend viewers check out this program. (a breath of fresh air/pun intended) Although some things in science are non intuitive,(general relativity/quantum mechanics) the vast majority of scientific inquiry makes complete sense once a person has expended a little effort in trying to understanding it.
    Note: I am not suggesting that people ignore the idea of humanity working in symbiotic cooperation with the planet. (sorry corporate greed) The awful truth is the logic of this documentary is undeniable, not just from the scientific data, but from a reasonable perspective of intellectual thought. What surprises me is that so many people accept what they are being told without questioning the validity of it. At what point do people actually think for themselves, and run information through what I call the 'sniff test'. (if it smells like bull**it, it probably is)
    Humanity is a work in progress, and much of what we think we know, will not stand up a 100 years from now. So, put on your thinking cap, check out this documentary, and ask yourself; Whose future is more at risk, the planet, or the petty meddlesome species that is presently occupying it?
    P.S: If your answer is the planet, I have some swamp land for you in Florida at a great price; any buyers?

    1. "What surprises me is that so many people accept what they are being told without questioning the validity of it. "

      If you read Gustave LeBons "The Crowd" and Edward Bernays "The Crystalization of Public Opinion", it will no longer surprise you. The subject matter may change over time, but the techniques used to attain the desired result is consistent across genre's.

  13. The biggest problem we face is not the "warming" that comes with CO2 emissions, which is irrefutable and it is true that the Sun does have a huge affect on our global climate. The biggest problem is the industrial decimacations of our ecosystem, i.e. rainforests, oceans, water tables, wetlands, grasslands, rivers through over consumption and pollution.
    The poisoning and gutting of the earth will see us all starve and thirst to death before we drown due to rising sea levels.

    1. Do you still believe in Global Warming?

  14. Although this video does rise some interesting questions and point out certain truths, I find it generally misleading and deliberately incomplete.
    The wolf story is lame and it invites invalid/erroneous trains of thought.

    Some of the people in this video contradict each other, for example, at one point one man admits we humans influence the climate just by building cities, a few minutes later another man states that we humans don't inluence the climate at all and that we are being arrogant just by thinking so...

    Using polar bears, some articles from the 70's about global cooling and Al Gore to challenge human influence in global warming isn't serious. However, I will learn more about that medieval hot period, in my opinion, that was one of the most interesting elements of the whole video.

    The fact that global warming may be happening in other planets too, doesn't rule out any human influence in Earth's global warming.
    This video repeatedly attempts to discredit and ridiculize human influence on Earth by presenting misleading arguments/statements.
    Well, I don't care what they say, I know I'm not able to see the other side of my city due to polluted air and that in certain cities you can't even breathe without feeling sick. I know there is far less fish in the sea because of humans and I also know fish can't survive in huge areas near the coast of the US because the water is poisoned.

    I don't care who says what or what are their credentials, these are facts I know and are evident to me. Humans shape the land, change the chemical composition of huge amounts of water, land and air, it's absurd to think we have no impact on the planet whatsoever.
    And while I'm on the subject of planets, it's interesting to see how none of these astronauts, astronomers, climatologists, etc. say a thing about Venus... It's the hottest planet in the Solar System althought Mercury is millions of km closer to The Sun. Unlike Mercury, Venus has a constant average temperature both during night and daytime, on the equator and the poles, it's a hellish oven of around 735ºK (462ºC, 863ºF) everywhere.
    Mercury, on the other hand, experiences radical temperature changes between night and day that range from around -180ºC during the night to nearly 500ºC during the day. What's the difference? Mercury has no atmosphere whereas Venus has a tick atmosphere with high concentration of CO2 followed by other greenhouse gases.
    I guess the fact that Venus is a constant hell thanks to its thick atmosphere of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is not important enough to mention in this video, right?

    Later on they say CO2 isn't poisonous, that's another example of how misleading this video can be, they systematically select the parts of reality that agree with their arguments and leave out the elements that don't

    CO2 is poisonous to humans and several other animals, that's why you die when you stop breathing, your cells start accumulating CO2 which isn't removed from your body via respiration and they stop working. Put a bag on your head, don't let air in or out, wait and see how good CO2 is for you (and don't even think about answering stuff like "water would also kill you if you tried to breathe it, but isn't poisonous". Our lungs are not designed to breathe in the water, we need to drink it, but we can, however, turn water into breathable air using electricity, that's how nuclear submarines fabricate their own air, for example.)

    Nobody said CO2 was completely bad for us, without it life on Earth wouldn't be possible. This doesn't mean CO2 is only good and the more we have the better, Venus is the ultimate example of CO2 abundance, and nothing can survive there.
    We need CO2 but only in certain amounts, too much or too little would kill us, that's what the "experts" in this video fail to point out.
    The fact is that we are sending unknown levels of CO2 and other stuff into the atmosphere without really knowing how this will play out

    in the long run.This stuff has never happened before on Earth because this is the first time there are 7 billion humans on the planet who are sending CO2 to the atmosphere 24/7.

    Our planet is 4 billion years old and has changed radically since it was created, it has been much colder and much hotter than it is today, its atmosphere composition has changed many times thus driving mass extinctions and "life explosions". We depend on our blue shield to survive, we always have. Atmospheric composition is not a thing we should play with and the amounts of CO2 we are emitting are probably significant (it doesn't necessarily mean big or drastic, it simply means significant, important enough to trigger some kind of chain reaction), this is what makes sense to me. I don't care about hockey sticks, Al Gores and biased data from both sides, I care about atmosphere composition and its effects on life, that seems the less absurd approach to me.
    A banana has Potassium-40, this is a radioactive isotope of Potassium and can kill you if ingested in significant amounts, this doesn't mean you'll die due to radioactive poisoning if you eat a lot of bananas, the amount of bananas you'd need to eat is so large you couldn't possibly eat them all, but the danger is still there.

    If you ever found a way to eat billions of bananas/potatoes, etc. at the same time, you should start worrying about radiation, because you'd have found a way to bypass your natural limits thus separating yourself from the rest of Earthlings and opening a door no other being had ever opened.
    That's what might be happening with human CO2 emissions on Earth, our planet has had extremely high amounts of CO2 during different periods of its history, but those were very different periods in which humans and most of today's animals didn't exist, they couldn't possibly exist because they'd die instantly.

    1. Do you still believe in Global Warming?

  15. This propaganda is so typical of the tactics used by the National Rifle Association (30,000 gun deaths a year + 80,000 injured) and the tobacco industry (440,000 lung cancer deaths per year; 44 million US tobacco addicts injured to varying degrees; 38,000 deaths inflicted by second-hand smoke; and 1.1 million respiratory and inner ear infections in smokers' children). Both make products that, if used as instructed, are designed to kill, injure or disable people.

    The point that is being missed entirely is the fact that we are
    exponentially running out of fossil fuels, with inadequately funded
    technologies to replace them. Unfortunately, like Jesuit priests, they
    focus on hair-splitting details, instead of the big picture: What kind of world are we handing to our grandchildren, after conspicuous, greedy consumption, which is currently costing 4 planets worth for every American?

    1. Is this parody? Where do the methane lakes of Titan come from? Oh right. The NRA!

    2. You have a point ronsfi, I never thought of the NRA in that way, but yes, you are right, the NRA are full of it. Thanks for the tip ;)

    3. IPCC is non-scientific. It's a political body. The IPCC have
      contributed to the rise in this pseudo-science of so called Global
      Warming. Did you even watch this documentary? Their theories are not
      tested ..... they are just theories. History can disprove these
      alarmist theories because it is FACT that the world was a lot warmer
      than it is now. The world didn't end then .... and it won't now.

    4. It's called 'cognitive dissonance' and 'being in denial' - of the obvious, especially if you happen to live in Greenland or Alaska, which I bet you don't...

    5. If I lived in Greenland or on the Equator the fact remains - the IPCC is politically motivated and governments raise crippling taxes for no reason. The IPCC data is not even allowed to be peer-reviewed without discrimination. CO2 is not a pollutant - fact. The Earth is warming up - fact. It's NOT man-made - fact (if you open your eyes to the truth). Please don't DERP.

    6. A: But you don't..! So you can't pontificate with no actual experience, or facts and figures.
      B: If I'm Mr Derp, you must be Alex Jones..?

    7. I don't need to live in Greenland to know it's cold ...... I don't need to go to the equator to know it's hot. Obviously.
      And the facts are everywhere should you choose to look, rather than
      being in denial about the hoax of global warming. Open you mind - I
      thought you were the Space Cadet? Is that a reference to the amount of
      drugs you've taken or a reference to your open mind. I doubt it's the
      latter due to your comments. 1952? Well then you should know better.
      Oh and what's wrong with Alex Jones? No fun going through life as a
      sheep - following everyone else and believing everything the 'powers at
      be' tell you. If mankind causes Global Warming - PROVE IT !!! (with
      science not speculation). The big question: what type of world we leave to our grandchildren? A world where political leaders lie about global warming to champion nuclear power. And a world where people believe anything they are fed. You can see the corruption regarding tobacco and firearms - why be so blinkered about this issue?

    8. Oh and there are PLENTY of fossil fuels left in the world ...... like
      under the Arctic for example. It's the same situation regarding
      diamonds. They get hidden to keep the price high. I shouldn't need to tell you all this, surely it's obvious to all?

    9. You must add too that had there been no climate change, there would be no life on Earth. Life is a product of change and the dynamic twist and turn of possibilities.

    10. Do you still believe in Global Warming?

  16. I wonder how liberal revisionists will downplay historical facts such as the Medieval Warm Period or the Little Ice so that they can make climate change a reality. Probably in the same way they have revised history to make capitalism and western culture seem negative. It is so sad to see our institutions completely one sided. History is about geographical determinism and luck, not about superior cultures and ideas. Over the top political correctness makes me sick.

  17. I wonder how many of negative views about this documentary are actually made by scientists, field workers, or educators. Most earth science professionals do not believe that global warming is a concern- and believe we are simply in another fluctuation of global climate. This documentary does not ask for money (as you find with global warming 'alarmists') or speculate, it simply provides facts from scientists. For real reference about how the common population is a flock of sheep- please watch Penn and Teller's Bullshit (di hydogen monoxide)

    I for one thought this was a fantastic documentary offering a side not swayed by political greed

    1. could you point me to some evidence to back up " Most earth science professionals do not believe that global warming is a
      concern- and believe we are simply in another fluctuation of global
      climate" ? please give me recent evidence. older studies and polls might give some support to your claim but recent studies/polls disagree with you completely

  18. We all have right wing views. Which is why we bought the iPads were watching this on.

  19. propaganda

  20. it has not much to do with documentaries. It ridicolize climate change theories. It's also political as it contains an attack to Obama.

  21. All talk and no scientific back-up. These guys need to learn how to make a documentary..

  22. What's the public to do? How about stop being sheep to fleece and cheap mutton to the psychopaths that would be your 'good shepherds', examine all their ways and your own, and act on your best conscience, where any is left?

  23. they start documentary with f*cking bears i think this documentary sucks its pure propaganda material

  24. If you want to see the effect of CO2 on the temperature of a planet, it's easy enough to look at Venus.

    I wouldn't waste your time with this. A biased and one sided argument, regardless of what some of the other comments are saying. I got 25 minutes in and didn't see a single environmental scientist interviewed, perhaps I missed it but I'd suspect there are few if any in the entire film.

  25. Iam not a scientist , but when I see this all TC Propaganda about "Global Warning" an "Climate Change" , I belive mor this documentary and this people , than all hysterical "Green" people and their "scientific" reasearches."Green industry" become large buisness today , for whom benefit...........Data which "Green" show ia merly 100 years all , this real scientific researches showin data collected before years - and that is what I call science.........Wallstreet and politics enter in every aspect of our life, even here in Europe, this is for tham just one scam for the sheeps "Green Industrial Revolution" where huge bucks are made.

    1. You are 100% correct...You are NOT a scientist...Hell, you don't even understand basic science! You are one really confused person! Of course there is money in Green Energy just like there is money in the internet or any other ground breaking advance in technology. Do you & folks like you even bother to THINK before you speak? Or is just easier for simpletons to just dismiss everything as a Conspiracy Theory? BTW- Anyone who uses the term "sheep" is discredited by default.

  26. What products of the system you are. I think I'll light up another cigarette and see if the ice caps on Mars melt a little more. Climate change is NORMAL! CO2 is how all living things grow! Yes, pollution is real. That's why the corporatocracy wants us to look away from pollution toward CO2! Wake up!!!

  27. The stages of paradigm shift are
    1. Deny the evidence/new truth
    2. Explain/spin the evidence/new truth in terms of the old paradigm
    3. Accept the evidence/new truth when the data is too overwhelming to do otherwise

    The Right first adopted an anti-science paradigm and rejected the global warming evidence

    As this film exemplifies, The Right now attempts to explain/spin global warming data in psuedo-scientific language

    Stage 3 must be right around the corner.

    Question is are we past a tipping point, i.e. should the discussion now be on how to deal with it rather than how to stop it?

  28. Such nonesense.....will be the end of us all.

  29. Dan Courtney, it is YOU who have bought into propaganda and LIES from the major industries LOL. Carbon Taxation is going to be one of the most profitable sectors in the world. Just follow the money and see who will profit, oh ya, the leaders of all the fortune 500 companies lol. No one denies climate change, we just deny the "hockey stick" view of past temps. The medieval warm period when grapes were grown in England (they cant be grown outdoors there anymore) are fine examples of this. The narrative in this could be better but the information is accurate, the debate between scientists on this subject is far from over. Don't let them trick you just because they say in human history it has never been this high, we are but a spec of dust on the timeline of this planet. During the Middle Miocene (the time period approximately 14 to 20 million years ago), carbon dioxide levels were sustained at about 400 parts per million, which is about where we are today. Lots of creatures went extinct during this period but many more new lifeforms developed to the climate and plant-life was abundant. This was actually when our grass grazing animals started to spread like wild because plant-life was so voracious. Dogs, raccoons, horses, beaver, deer, camels, and whales all came around in this era. Inform yourself before you make wild assumptions based on the associated press and Al Gore.

  30. The film makers are not attempting to deny climate change. They in fact give lots of supporting evidence to show long and short term climate change over previous decades/centuries.

    The point they are making, one which i have to say i am intrigued by, is that CARBON DIOXIDE! 'they are VERY specific' CARBON DIOXIDE is not... ill repeat that :p ... global carbon dioxide levels are NOT something that controls global temperatures, and that it is actually the other way around! and almost defy's their imagination that people are getting away with acting like it is causing anything bad at all. dont give me volumes as weight, give me volumes as percentages of total atmosphere. CO2 is so small and as such a small effect anyway that even if we increase it by 100 TIMES! it would still be in the very low decimal percentile.

    They are attempting to argue that there is a lot of evidence for global warming being a natural and expected/predictable pattern. and/or that other things like the SUN are what actually controls global temperatues, NOT CO2.

    etc etc im not gonna explain the whole film. its quite simple stuff for all you ''science'' people acting like santa has just been disproved. its called a hypothosis, they collect data and put forward a conclusion.
    If u disagree, prove it.

    All they are saying is CO2 is NOT what is causing the OBVIOUS global warming we are seeing, and that maybe... just maybe... it is something else causing it, weather it be our fault, or not.

    1. Perhaps you should read NOAH's studies on this topic.
      This film's claim is simple, but it is simply incorrect.

    2. NOTHING you have said is anything even close to refuting the claim that CO2 is not the problem....

      climate chage and pollution are real things..

      carbon MONOXIDE is a good example of a human produced harmfull gass... not CO2

      show me where co2 is directly responsible for global temp's!

      anyone?? cos this guy just wants to say everyone is wrong and offer not a shred of evidence or even suggestions.

      its not just about stopping pollution.. its about knowing what is causing the effects we DONT want and seeing if we can change them... if its the SUN, were out of luck... if its something smaller we may have a chance.

      but its NOT co2.

  31. Typical industry funded misinformation and propaganda masquerading as science. Don't waste your time.

    1. Do you still believe in Global Warming?

  32. Okay, I am not going to deny that the manner in which this documentary purports its view on the causes of global warming is completely patronizing to its audience- LUL WUT IS SCIENCE, I TEST HYPOTHESIS?? and it is especially awful paralleled with that awful woman's narrative rendition of Aesop's fable, completely dissolving the SCIENTIFIC perspective it is attempting to create, BUT (this is a big but), the information conveyed in this documentary contains a good amount of accuracy. I have verified elsewhere the data of stellar warming, as well as other mentions as to other causes of global warming. (sorry this is non specific). So while the information is really poorly presented, it isn't inaccurate.

  33. The person who made the documentary, misses one big point, those of us who watch documentaries usually are scientifically literate, thus we can see through BS. I usually watch physics documentaries, and I kinda wasted my time, trying to see things from other perspectives, well this is was a sad attempt.

  34. Not worth watching!!! Just a fairy tale - as it is described on top. It does mention energy, but it does NOT mention how do we get it, how do we produce it, how do we deliver it and what is the cost of it, not in money, but in resources, in the impact to the environment, CO2 LEVELS WHICH HAS INCREASED A LOT OVER THE LAST CENTURY and etc. This is the first thing that you have to know when you even start talking about the environment, environmental and climate change!

  35. Some American documentary film makers should give us a break from the orchestral accompaniment, it really is persistently annoying & detracts from the intellectual content ~ it all gets transformed into histrionic "schmaltz." In fact, why spend a fortune on a motion picture when the information can be far more effectively presented in radio format? This is a worthwhile effort, but not exhaustive (no pun.) We need a far more comprehensive overview than this, that includes a greater diversity of perspectives. It's a helpful start and a welcome contribution, but is woefully unrepresentative of many points of view, like for example indigenous experience, micro-climate effects, possible weather-engineering and other immensely significant factors like deforestation. It's tone is far too comfortable for the majority of humanity facing environmental catastrophe directly due to industrial impacts. In that respect, global climate change is a straw man.

  36. I really should have read the comments before tuning in. Climate change is irrefutable. Politics, capital, and peoples' desires to continue living extravagantly is what's getting in the way of better judgement. In my opinion, even if you deny that human-induced climate change is occurring, there is still a massive need to conserve resources because they are finite. I think that's something everyone can get behind.

  37. Is it a coincidence that this "documentary" is released now, when Shell wants to drill for oil in the Arctic?!?
    Think with your own brain people!

  38. Great doco! Spread far and wide!

  39. once again they fail to see the issue, the issue is not wether or not Global warming is true or not, the issue is not wether We are the cause of it...

    the question is : IF things get 3-6 degrees warmer : will we be able to cope with it?

    naysayers say : it will be a waste of money that can cause a financial collapse
    yaysayers say : if we don't do anything we will have climate catastrophy, health catastrophy AND Financial collapse....

    disregarding who is right
    what would you choose: financial collapse or

    financial, environmental and health collapse...

    whatever is true, whoever is right... I know where I would put my vote...

    1. I think it is important to know whether we are the cause of it or not, because when it comes down to coping with it there is only one way to go, and that is forward... everybody else doesnt want to cope with it gets left behind.

  40. Wow.... just wow. This wasn't a documentary. This was pure propaganda.

  41. Pezevenchiul, I agree. Ocean acidification is just as evil as global warming... it's just not as sexy though

    1. Acidification is part of climate change...

      This is the problem, the oceans thin from the water of the melting ice caps, and deepen. Dark areas of ocean grow meaning the waters heat up further and cause more damage to the icecaps, releasing more freshwater and thinning the oceans further.
      Meanwhile the the changes to quality of sea water, kill of the blue green algae that would normally help regulate Global CO2 and cool the planet. Keeping more CO2 in the ecosphere, heating up the planet further. Ad infinitum. The changes to the temperatures of the Oceans, change the flow of weather inland, causing more volatile weather systems in most areas, increasing tornados, hurricanes, storms and droughts.
      Temperature ranges shift more dramatically, killing plants, trees and crops. With fewer plants to absorb the CO2 inland, more of it becomes trapped in the atmosphere, heating the planet.

      I find it hilarious when people seem to agree that climate change is happening but then try to shift the blame away from humans.
      As though the fact that we're felling miles upon miles of rainforest, has no effect on the CO2 absorption rate. As though the cattle grazing that replaces the lost forest, doesn't increase the methane (another greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere.
      As though the fossil fuels we're buring, faster than we can find them, don't release huge amounts of more CO2, which is no longer being absorbed by the rain-forests or blue green algae at a the rate in once was, which was insufficient for our needs in the first place.
      As though our tarmac cities and roads, don't absorb and trap the incredible heat, we, our homes, our vehicles our very way of life, produces.

      Seriously. This isn't rocket science.

  42. Brought to you by, the people of Mobil, Exxon, BP, Ford, GM and the Coal Lobby.

  43. is this "documentary" a joke?

  44. I'm Mitt Romney and I authorized this message.

  45. Ocean acidification anybody?!

  46. I thought this debate was settled. Man-made global warming is fiction.

    1. Science is not a debate. It is a careful examination of evidence in order to make a comprehensive hypothesis supported by testable predictions and in that matter global warming is not fiction. The earth is heating up. The question of why, and conversely how, is another matter. There is evidence that shows that man made green house gasses are accelerating a normal geocentric cycle. There is evidence to show that it might be part of a 10 million year solar cycle. There is evidence that shows that the entire solar system is heating up as a result of an as yet not understood system wide cycle. As well as alot of evidence that CO2 makes the earth hotter. To blanketedly state that "the debate is over" is to completely miss the point, and misunderstand anything about the function of the scientific method.

    2. Is there anything to refute the contrary, that the earth getting hotter would force CO2 levels to rise?
      One thing that's always bothered me is there are so many that imply science is bereft of human bias and influence based upon emotion or ideology. Climate change research, think about it. Would anyone pursue a life's work of trying to prove the field you chose was all malarky? Isn't it true that most of them took that path from a concern about the environment?
      It seems they are all devoted to proving the dire need for their research, and it's accompanied with the knowledge that if enough of them formed a consensus to prove global warming wasn't happening the vast majority would be cleaning out their desks looking for a new field of work in weeks, not months.
      So I think we have a whole branch of science that is inevitably tainted. When taken into consideration most hard core promoters intertwine environmental ideology with global socialism ideology that is a contradictory agenda.

  47. Ha, I didn't recognized any of the, so called scientists in this story. Did you? The powers that be are selling snake oil again,just in a different bottle. Stay sharp, we are NOT stupid.

  48. CO2 is a natural and healthy part of our atmosphere, and plants do love it, however...plants absorb it over millions and millions of years. When they die, all the CO2 they collected is stored underground. When we mine and consume oil and natural gases, we are releasing stored CO2 from millions of years in a matter of a few centuries.
    Like the documentary says, CO2 does cause warming, but it's "natural." Unforuntely for us, it's a natural process our society is speeding up. The negative effects it will have on our environment are well known...just look at Venus...the Earth will be fine, but will we?

  49. Let's say there is a scientific theory which - if true - urgently requires heavy burdons on big business. If the chances are 50/50 it is infact true, YOU BET more than 50% of scientists oppose it...
    Now, what does that tell you about a scientific theory that requires heavy burdons on big business and is still supported by practically everyone who has seen a university from the inside?
    It tells you that the theory is as firm as the "theory" that smoking hurts your health...

  50. "This feature length documentary approaches the subject of Climate Change from a more scientific point of view than previous films on the subject."

    Huh? It was a very poor attempt at presenting a balanced scientific view on the matter. No rebuttal or anything..

    There are scientifically consensus that GW is happening.
    There are scientifically consensus that we are to blame.

    Wether(?) or not we are the only cause, we still have to react to a potential serious situation, by backing up and awaiting further understanding before we proceed with our current style of global 'management'. It's that easy..

  51. Fascinating how lost are they! and they made the biggest blunder ever, One thing I have managed to see in my life is that the better the production and the more expensive it has been to make, the more of a lie it is! Simply put Follow the money! (Google: Independently funded, this indie documentary in not associated with any Da Da Da) Fascinating three pages with the same text, you could not with 25.000.000 USD get that on the three first pages ask any web master, How stupid do they believe we are?) But one point here is that the issues they refer too have inadvertently been used against the truth since the beginning of time!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Suffer the Children and the horror of all future lost generations.

    Before our century' increasing mechanization in industry was only seen as a boon by industry chiefs. Less outlay on labor of course translated to more profit. In the twenty-first century, industries increasingly fell under the control of the state, while continuing mechanization (Crew oil refining) and 'social justice' created an ever-growing underclass of unemployed and unemployable. This class was generally kept under control by the medias bread and circuses of our times, (Soap operas and football to name but a few), but problems increase with the exponential growth in numbers of people being displaced by increasingly 'expert' mechanization and ever increasing proliferate use of hydrocarbons – Increasing masses of people less easy to control. To manage this, the political classes chose to find employment for them; chose to bring them into the fold by creating a huge and pointless bureaucracy, in addition a global fictive terror threat was invented and fueled to quell and constrain the masses, but even that had its limits. It soon became evident that not all could be thus employed. The old world were 10% of the population used 90% of the energy did not exist anymore. It soon also became evident that with population booms and ever increasing percentages of third world countries rapidly developing into second and first world economies, Still too many educated people were available. The answer was simple: cripple education Systems, Banksters given free hands to gamble and rob blind all and dis-inform that growth is GOD but in reality it is death. Feed the masses with processed food devoid of micro nutrients and necessary vitamins, but full of chemicals, additives, Preservatives, pesticides and more! ensuring bovine stupor; this fact can be clearly seen in most sick obese persons. Unregulated the health and social professionals = drug dealers not healers, issuing pacifying drugs (Prozac and Retalin but to name a few), mutilating both tiny bodies and minds even while still in mother’s wombs, ensuring more numbers end up in the more easily controlled, obese, depressed, incarcerated and or drugged underclass. However even this has proven only a temporary solution, as the biomass of + and counting blind, deaf and dumb humans that each one on average uses 10 calories of non-renewable energy for every calorie consumed is far past un-sustainable. The only individuals raising grave concern and complaining, are deemed Luddites, catastrophists and/or conspiracy theorists, subsequently totally ignored by the vassal masses in their mindless sullen naivety (who only see the microscopic areas between their TV,s and the shelves of processed food in the local shopping mall). Organized religions turn a blind eye to the undeniable fact of Gods truth and the decimation that is coming due to overpopulation. It is a mathematically certainty and factual truth that more drastic measures will need to be applied, and this very soon as the global species extinction rate is so alarming high, its past any form of realistic contrivable savior except potentially by a mass extinction of humans be that by an extreme plague of a virulent airborne Ebola virus strain or God forbid (delayed) by the final mass extinction when available fossil fuels run out and the ecosystem has totally collapsed (25-32 years’ time). The longer we take to become conscious and alert the more horror we will see and ever increasing multitudes will succumb. Monsanto and their like are propagating destruction of the soil by chemical poisons and genetic manipulated foods “throwing dice like Gods” but with infinite incompetence. In an utopian world where one child per woman and vegetarian life styles was by law strictly enforced, where craft and corruption would constitute serious penalty’s, and where honors, accolades were given to persons who create, plant trees, save bio diversity and engineer solutions striving for a better cleaner natural world there could still be a glimmer of hope, not as present where praise is given to banksters, usurious thieves, leaches and evil persons who by their actions and insane profit driven policies and lies are committing despicable heinous crimes against the innocent unborn children and all future earthlings, each and every day, primarily due to stupidity, malicious materialism and greed. These individuals should be convicted of infanticide and genocide. We use our limited finite finances and resources instead on invented terror threats, media disinformation and blatant lies, banal politics, absurd media circuses, trade wars, bloated military’s and space programs, "ensuring the demise of GAIA our blue and green home", NOT ON THE ONLY DECENT, virtuous CAUSE, our only home, our mother, and the one world where the biosphere of once abundant infinite life that kept us warn, well fed and safe. The few surviving children of the next generations will look back at us and our lack of right actions with disgust and incomprehension, in much the same manner as we look back upon Hitler, Pol Pot, and the Nero’s of our short history on this planet. The unbelievable paradox is that these blind and malicious individuals also have children that will die before their time! they also all live and should coexists on this solitary, formerly beautiful world of ours.
    PSD Oct 2012.

  52. Mars is the old causes a planet to warm...when it gets too hot life goes elsewhere if its smart enough.

  53. ****in politicians want to drive us into the ground with bills and taxes. Easiest way to enslave the people.

    1. Let's examine what you just said. The gov't is driving us into the ground with bills and taxes. And since we're talking about the global warming let's bring one of the top polluters into the discussion - the car.

      A car is about 20% efficient, that is only 20% of the energy consumed goes into moving the car from A to B. The rest is pretty much wasted. So if you pay $5.00/gal US you're only getting a dollar's worth of usable energy. In essence you are taxing yourself 400% to drive a car.

      It ain't the gov't driving (literally) you down with taxes you're doing it to yourself. Matter-of-fact if increased taxes cause you to drive less then the government is actually saving you money and lowering your self- imposed tax.

  54. So many people make their living from the global warming scam. Until the pot runs dry, they're going to keep flogging that horse. The fact that Gore built his house on the coast that is supposed to be under so many feet of water, very soon, should raise red flags.

  55. If governments printed their own money instead of paying interest to world banksters..for non-existent money..Banksters who get paid because who they are.. not because they take any risks or put up anything tangible to back any currency... we wouldn't need to be each and every individual..taxed on breathing and our animals farting.. the governments could and should finance any changes that are needed.. In the future will they want to tax the people because they supplied depleted uranium shells and armour to the soldiers to fight their wars.

  56. kind of funny that 4 decades ago they forced us to put catalytic converters in cars to convert CO and excess O2 into CO2 as a "green agenda". same for the cat beds in power plants and such. now it's an evil gas that is destroying our planet as we know it. why arent they just mandating the removal of all such devices??

    1. Because CO is a bad pollutant, and it does turn into CO2 over time. So removing the converter does nothing toward CO2 removal.

    2. CO is a bad pollutant, CO2 is not. I haven't heard anybody crow as much about CO as they do about CO2. If they did talk more about CO, they may get more traction with their BS.

  57. Good Doc... Shove it Al Gore!

  58. You've got to be kidding?

  59. Wow.... just ridiculous. And I'm a skeptic!
    They get a very few scientists who are skeptics, interview them, and try to give us the "opposing view"

  60. One big lie from beginning to end! If you believe anything in this you are have not looked at this issue.

  61. What's a person to say about this documentary? Shake my head and laugh or get angry? Maybe I should feel sad because I know there will be some people who will use this to support their social mythology.
    Instead I will listen intently and try to understand how the techniques of propaganda are used to manipulate the mind of those who do not use critical and skeptical thinking. Perhaps I will be able to save somone from becoming a victim. Perhaps I will help encourage someone to investigate the science for themselves and not rely on alligorical claims.

  62. I may agree that is healthy to be skeptical, and that Global Warming and CO2 fear is becoming a religion(this may be due manipulation and heard psychology, the emotional response to every crisis) but there is to much political(just search the background of the people interviewed and follow the money) and public relations bs to take this documentary a joke, I was expecting at any moment to hear that evolution is just a theory :)

    The human impact on the environment is not limited to CO2 and the repercussions on everybody health is more direct than Climate Change.
    Anyway "they" admit Climate Change is happening, regardless of the cause, but their implied position is that you shouldn't worry and go and shop and consume as usual as there are no consequences.

    You can't trust nobody, the politicians, the alarmist or the skeptics.

  63. pot noodles...oh yeah...

  64. oh they have Lord Mockton talking in the documentary. I think that's enough....and he dares to say "we scientists" :)

    1. You don't consider classic literature and journalism as part of the sciences?

      (Because it is the internet I should point out that wasn't a serious question, just in case.)

  65. why is the Moon so ridiculously close to the Earth in the initial animation which is otherwise trying to look realistic?

  66. There is defiantly more to the "Climate change" story than meets the eye.

    But geologically, Earth's temperature and climate has shifted from both extremes, and this was long before the Industrial era.

    The question remains though, has the Industrial era accelerated the process of climate change? is it truly human interference that has changed the climate or rather a natural cyclical event?

    One thing is certain, humans have polluted the water-supply, cut down forests, and released toxic chemicals (No I don't mean Co2) into our Eco-system. This is certainly a cause for concern... But nobody is talking about these issues!? (Canadian Tar sands anyone?).

    I don't trust the skeptics; equally I don't truth the alarmists either.
    Being of a cynical nature, I'm more interested in why powerful interests are so intent on alarming us (real or not)? I'm extremely doubtful its for our benefit.

    1. "intent on alarming us" "doubtful its for our benefit" . All you can manage is a Doubtful. I think you'll find the answer to your dilemma is called Money, greed and power. For that they'll con their own mothers and yes we still have pollution in all its many guises and that needs to addressed but the program was about the corrupt political manipulation of science to raise prices and sell us the air we breath. Great con if you can get one

    2. Cynicism, like gullibility is a symptom of underdeveloped critical faculties.

    3. Do you often plagiarize?

    4. Formal writing etiquette is a requirement in the comment section of a Video stream site?
      It is a well known quote from ? Jamie Whyte's Crimes Against Logic:
      I didn't think there was any danger of someone mistaking the quote for my own.

    5. Perhaps I was a little harsh but it's always a good idea to cite and attribute a quote.

    6. I am glad to see people that are thinking, cool.

  67. Think they could use their scientists to invent ways to power and heat our homes. Power our cars. Everything and anything which needs that power. But I guess they couldn't tax that. Or make billions off natural gas and oil. Silly me!

    Don't listen to this side or that side. Use your head and look into the facts presented from both sides to make your own decision. Unless of course your all about the freedom to have someone else think for you. Then scratch that whole using your head and looking into the facts thing...
    Again silly me!

    Great Documentary! Not to sure which repeating documentary some of you have been watching. I surely didn't watch it.

  68. Haha, Ive said it before, Co2 is not a pollutant... It may be a greenhouse gas but its not a pollutant, we just need more green stuff growing in our local environments. Now if only we could tackle the components of smog (ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide) our practices and techniques sustaining our 'modern way of life' such as industrial farming, deforestation etc etc... these are the ones wreaking havoc on our health, environments and possibly our weather systems.

    1. Well said Paul, let us not forget either the massive pollution entering the oceans from pesticides, plastics, solvents & radiation to name just a few.
      Did you all know that just 17 of the largest container ships (think the big light blue MERSK ones) burning Bunker Fuel pump the same amount of bad particulate matter (what Paul above mentions) as the WHOLE 760M GLOBAL FLEET OF VEHICLES!!! Pathetic, governments are only using the global warming mantra as a vehicle for taxation revenues, if there is a tax involved there is something corrupt going on.

    2. The reality of climate change and the measures governments are taking to prevent or profit from it are two separate issues don't mix them together.

      Having said that the debate should be on the government policies and preventive measures and not on whether it is actually occurring. Climate change is a Fact and can not be debated( the science of it not the sensational headlines).

      How and what will be effective, responsible measures for dealing with it in communities and in government is very much open for debate and should be the real focus of discussion.

  69. abit longwinded and repetative, maybe even tangential.

  70. Is this Proctor / Gamble propaganda? I noticed the logo and that is what instantly came to mind. If so, then this doc is bull****, can already tell you that without even watching it.

  71. Are these people serious?

  72. Other than argue chicken or egg should we not concede that the earth is warming. It is you know.

  73. thingadonta at 20:13 PM on 11 July, 2009
    Greenland was relatively warm between about 800-1300 AD due to the well-defined 1500 year solar cycle, as detailed by Singer and Avery in:

    "Unstoppable global warming every 1500 years".

    We are currently in another upswing in the solar cycle, which started about 1750, and which will probably rise about another 0.5-1 degree C over the next few hundred years. Current T to the 21st century is entirely in line with this solar cyle trend. C02 is irrelevant to this cycle,it has been traced 600 times over the last 1 million years in ice cores, and is a result of an overlap between the 87 and 210 year solar cycles.

    It is well documented, world wide, and climatologists have conveniently forgotten about it (see reference given above).

    Greenland was settled by vikings during the last solar warming period, which is also why they travelled so far in general during this time period-the northern world was warm.

  74. This documentary is a joke. They didn't mention the clathrate gun hypothesis and ocean temperature increase.

    Carbon Dioxide Reduction

    "During photosynthesis plants naturally extract carbon dioxide and exchange it with fresh oxygen. Based on modest estimates of existing and emerging data, it has been calculated that a minimum of 300g (10 oz) of carbon dioxide can be eliminated from the enclosed environment for every square meter of leaf surface in the area per year. Over a years time this amounts to a removal of 6 cubic feet of Co2 gas. In areas where there exists an abundance of natural light, this process is amplified, affording even more absorption."

  75. Bad film bad Science total waste of time!

  76. La Excellence :D

  77. Great film!

    Talks about a lot of the conveniently ignored science of CO2. And about Mars' ice caps melting at the same rate... no factories or cars on Mars, right? It's just another hysteria to profit from. Thats not to say that we should trash the Earth, just not TAX CO2... you know, because we are carbon-based lifeforms. That's what we exhale at 1/4 a ton per year = humans exhale 1 ton CO2 in four years. How about we don't tax that.

    We can and should build a better Earth, but we should be absolutely positive that we don't take a step back because of a giant knee-jerk reaction... the Earth is Billions of years old. The climate has always changed and will continue to do so. We have been keeping temperature for just over 100 years. That is a minuscule sample size in context. Humanity do not yet understand the full scope of influences on our Earth climate system, thats a fact.

    1. um, Pete, can i ask you a serious question? i couldnt help but notice your avi is the same as the film companies logo, and that the initials of the producer (Peter Garcia II) just happens to be the components of said logo/avi.... would you by any chance happen to be that Peter Garcia II?? lol, i think you done been "busted"... but all else being equal, i did find some compelling info in your piece, at least enough to rate a more sceptical examination of the phenomena. but, honestly, you really shouldn't "troll" opinion boards related to your work without IDing yourself, it tends to remove credibility from both your work and yourself.

    2. It's a fact that you know little or nothing of the influences on our 'Earth climate system.' We may have been keeping temperature readings for only a few hundred years, but we have been able to tell what the temperatures have been well over tens of thousands of years in the past, and the amount of permafrost melting is more than any time for at least six hundred thousand years.
      I like how all these m*rons think they know something climatologists don't. Give me a break with your conspiracy theories. Go to gristmill where you will see every one of your pathetic claims debunked. Solar cycles, Mars' supposed parallels - everything.
      Give me a break, you don't know what you are talking about, and your claims have all the hallmarks of pseudoscience.

  78. Silly from the get-go.

  79. A one side (skeptical) film. Why can't these people just come out and admit they have a conservative, right wing view? I can find climate scientists who disagree with every word these people have said. At least be honest in the preview as to who is making films like this. I wouldn't have to waste my time watching this crap.

  80. There have been many gloom and doom scare tactics down through the ages, since the beginning of time, that are of evil origin. Such tactics are always meant for the demise and destruction of mankind; this time through the influence of economics and politics. The threat of global warming is just another example of that. Thank you for the scientific explanation that shines the light on the truth of the matter!

  81. What ever player your using it is unwatchable, why don't you just use you tube and stop using these players that for a lot are unusable, it plays for a second then stops for 10, lol a joke, but youtube plays fine.

    1. lol, as soon as i saw it was on "vimeo", i said to myself "oh well, this is going to be unwatchable for me." it's a high bandwidth HD player that requires a fairly large bank of memory in the viewers computer, a fast by todays standards CPU, and a GOOD high speed internet connection (i fall short on all counts, apparently). unfortunately, some films are only on vimeo, it would seem. one "workaround"" for this is to start the film, pause it, and let it buffer for a while.

    2. I have a long distance highly unstable wireless 5 mbps connection, a Intel Celeron dual core running at 1.86 GHz and 4GB RAM (3.8 GB usable) and it runs just fine on this laptop. I waited less than 2 minutes before starting the video.

      The quality of the video was very nice, I'm happy this wasn't a youtube video.

    3. it only took a 5 minute buffer break in the beginning and middle for me. my system is primitive compared to yours, and my adsl connection is problematic at times. the video quality was awesome indeed, i love HD even if my system doesnt so much, lol

    4. turn off HD option lol;)

  82. are seriously healing the internet lately