Breaking The Mirror: The Murdoch Effect

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Breaking The Mirror: The Murdoch EffectThe Daily Mirror was the best of them. It was a tabloid when tabloids still meant a peoples' paper that respected its' readers and earned their trust and affection...This film is a personal tribute, but it's also the story of what happened to the once popular Mirror. How the reporting of the blood, sweat, and tears of ordinary people has changed out of all recognition. Above all, it's the story of a rise of a new kind of tabloid and a new kind of media power now set to dominate much of the world.

The British public were told that the new information technology, heralded by The Sun's move to Wapping, would bring a greater variety of newspapers and a more diverse media. But it produced a contracted press controlled by ever fewer proprietors. John Pilger describes the downfall of his old paper and the all-pervasive influence of Rupert Murdoch.

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  1. hmm

    great doco!

  2. robe33
  3. robe33

    The image is not to good, but the documentary and the issue is very interesting.

  4. BeepBeepImaJeep
  5. BeepBeepImaJeep

    not what I expected. amazing documentary. recommended!

  6. zanzibar
  7. zanzibar

    This documentary makes me angry and made me realize the great importance of independant press free from the tyranny of the rich media moguls. A free press from the people and for the people is what we need for public enlightenment.

    Sadly, money can corrupt even good men.

  8. hogisland
  9. hogisland

    its a commi propaganda. waste of time and would not recommend it.

  10. just1truth
  11. just1truth


    yeah because anything that questions the mainstream view, the view that is pounded in your head everyday, is commy propaganda. Right?

  12. Rory
  13. Rory

    He probably heard someone calling someone a bit left-wing a Commie once and thought it sounded really rather clever.

  14. habler
  15. habler

    This documentary is 15 years old , Murdoch has consolidated his stranglehold.

    The 'news' papers are merely conveyors of celebrity gossip and television aims for the lowest form of entertainment to please the masses.

    Celebrity gossip is taken as BEING the news these days, many people have been dumbed down so much that they are not capable of absorbing anything else.

  16. IslamRose
  17. IslamRose

    @Habler, That's so True!.

    Wow That was actually Interesting. Very Good. This is my first John Pilger Documentary.

    Thanks for the Documentary.



  18. Ryan Jones
  19. Ryan Jones

    one only has to look at the massive profits of magazines like "Heat" to see the sickness of our society and the interest in useless information.

    People actually laugh when I buy New Scientist.

    When did ignorance become cool?

  20. Ligaya James
  21. Ligaya James

    defo worth watching. since this doc murdoch's power has increased an alarming amount. eek!

  22. bld11
  23. bld11

    Murdoch, ug

  24. M. Kelly
  25. M. Kelly

    Too bad. CNN appears to have joined the ranks of tabloid media now. I cannot even turn it on any more. Cheesy grins, vacant and seemingly ignorant newscasters, useless tabloid style stories.

  26. peter g w young
  27. peter g w young

    Not in Britain he's gone down down down..not C.E.O of B.S.B. anymore due too his British wing being in hot water over the tactics of his media arm run by his son.

  28. peter g w young
  29. peter g w young

    How old are you ...makes a big difference..i am with you ..but Celebrity status and goings on among the under 30s is implanted they live by every word.

  30. peter g w young
  31. peter g w young

    I agree with you 100pc

  32. clara
  33. clara

    it is worse in america these people are beyond stupid - reality shows with desperate housewives, porn everywhere, the kardashians who are plastic surgery porn stars are the new royals apparently here and lets not forget donald trump is running for president

    trust me i am irish everything europe has as regards our culture and humanity which in ireland is in spades THEY LACK HERE


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