Brexit: The Movie

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Should Britain stay in or exit the European Union? On June 23, 2016, voters can voice which side of the issue they fall on when they take part in a public referendum. In the lead-up to this crucial vote, the new feature-length documentary titled Brexit: The Movie poses an emphatic and persuasive argument for leaving the EU.

A collaboration between 28 European countries, the EU began in the aftermath of World War II. Back then, it was largely viewed as a noble endeavor designed to enhance economic stability and peaceful interests across the continent. But increasing opposition contends that the EU has become nothing but a corrupt and all-powerful political tool which effectively works against the will of the very people it should serve. In their view, the EU proposes and passes new laws and regulations which negatively impact ordinary citizens while benefiting the bureaucrats and select few corporations who remain beyond reproach.

The film explores the formation and make-up of the EU, the lack of transparency and accountability in their operations, the plight of industries and individuals who have struggled under their rule, and warns of their capacity for creating economic calamity, inefficient living conditions, and barriers to advantageous trade deals with other regions throughout the globe.

What would a move away from the EU mean for Britain? The film travels to Switzerland, a country that has steadfastly refused to join the EU, to find the answer. What the filmmakers discover is a country steeped in growing wealth, decreasing unemployment, and a quality of life many steps improved from their neighboring countries. The Swiss believe that their good fortunes are almost entirely a by-product of abstaining from the EU.

Brexit recognizes the EU referendum as one of the most consequential votes the citizens of Britain are likely to cast in their lifetime. After all, it's been more than 40 years since the fate of the organization was in the hands of the citizens. According to the film and its many interview subjects, the first and most egregious casualty of continued EU reign is democracy itself.

Directed by: Martin Durkin

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25 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Ant

    Geez, talk about balanced opinion for a an informed choice! Hard to believe the EU ever got off the ground!

  2. eddy
  3. eddy

    The future of western civilization depends on the U.K.'s vote to LEAVE the E.U.
    My biggest fear would be the E.U. leadership (along with British Parliament in favor of remaining in the E.U.) not honoring a vote favoring an EXIT, either by a corrupt count, or just a flat-out denial of a vote to exit...

  4. cindy dickinson
  5. cindy dickinson

    so true, this needs to be widely broadcast before its too late, I dread our future for our children if this 'scandal' is to continue.

  6. Frances
  7. Frances

    According to various sources, the EU is/was a CIA construct.

  8. User1
  9. User1

    Yes, it would have been nice to hear the other side of the story. Great to see that the UK is all about "fair and balanced". :-))

  10. Cedric B
  11. Cedric B

    This was eye-opening! I wonder how many people will get to see it before voting? It would be good to see a "stayin" version to get a balanced view.

  12. Michael
  13. Michael

    Frankly all the "debate" is risible. If the establishment has decided UK will remain in the EU, nothing's going to change. Probably the barrage of brain-conditioning propaganda will be enough to ensure the "right" vote from voters led like sheep. But even if not they will ignore it and "negotiate" a few more cosmetic "reforms" to firm up Cameron's farcical party-political scheme and do another referendum until they get the "right" result. It would not surprise me if they even fiddled the figures. No doubt 50% plus for out but a bare majority of votes cast for in.

  14. Michael Fanning
  15. Michael Fanning

    This was indeed eye opening! My father was born in Glasgow and was very well educated in economics. I wish he were alive to hear the latest on all that is going on at the present moment . I believe the EU is not a good situation for the UK to stay in.

  16. ben
  17. ben

    A lot of us have already voted by post...!

  18. Drew
  19. Drew

    Just in case you all haven't noticed, a very one-sided nationalist view. The Leave party is by the rich for the rich, using scare tactics on the working class. Be sure to hear out the Stay party before voting!

  20. joe
  21. joe

    How has the mighty fallen!! Who would have thought that the mighty empire once known as the British Empire would cease to exist in the 21st century. Now we will read about this once powerful nation in textbooks. I say its Karma, let the colonization of Britain continue, let them be just a byword.

  22. David Dos Passos
  23. David Dos Passos

    My bullshit meter has been ringing off the hook, it seems to have lots of assumptions and speculation and very little facts. What little facts it has seem to be manipulated in order to ONLY show their point without providing explanations. it's like "here look at Switzerland they're not in the EU and they're doing great!! get out of the EU and we will do great too!!!" if this isn't a single cause fallacy I don't know what is...

  24. David
  25. David

    Excellent documentary,i hope it receives a lot of views,but i fear David Cameron's 'a scare a day will keep the brexit away'will sway the vote.

  26. Anna Longobardo
  27. Anna Longobardo

    I need to study this more! But frankly I see no reason for Great Britain to stay in the EU. But I need to continue reading ! But i am an American so I need to understand why
    any Englishman would answer in the POSITIVe !

  28. JayJay
  29. JayJay

    Why did they leave out the most important reason for protectionism? Jobs. EU consumers won't be able to buy these imports if they don't have jobs. Of course, we see the removal of protections and then a long line of unemployed, did anyone see through this propaganda? They are protecting jobs, not corporations.

  30. JayJay
  31. JayJay

    We are slowly moving towards slave labour, wages and jobs that unions have worked for, for decades are being slowly eroded and it's the labour force who won't be able to compete, to the point where minimum wages will be lower and lower and so will standards of living. Why do we earn so much more than Chinese workers? Of course corps are pushing to remove these protections.

  32. Rivas
  33. Rivas

    I am from India and I may not be the best person to gauge this documentary. But watching this documentary, I feel that this looks too one sided. And I am also not so sure if the facts given in this are entirely true or not.

    I have a friend who is owning a startup in Britain. From the documentary, my initial feeling was that supporting Brexit was positive for him. But he says that it is not true. One, there are no hassles in creating a startup in Britain ("It's super easy", he quotes). In fact, he is against the opting out of EU stating that now laborers from other places (after Britain opts out of EU) are more difficult to hire.

    Another friend who is in the financial domain says that this is more likely a move by Britain to not follow the dictum of Germany (he might be a victim of prejudice and if you say it isnt so, then it probably isnt so). He feels that the move out of EU is triggered by 3 main factors:

    1. Cultural - As with every globalization phenomenon, Britain feels that its culture is being eroded.

    2. Shift of immigrants into Britain economy - The staggering number of migrants from other lesser economies in Europe were displacing jobs in Britain.

    3. British's want of independence from Europe (and Germany's) orders - Britain has a rich historical past and they do not identify with the rest of Europe. Germany who was on the losing end of WW2 was actually a more stronger economy and Britain resents this.

  34. Luyang
  35. Luyang

    It is really funny that the doc claims Brexit is for the future of the country and next generation, while most of young people chose to stay and most of old people chose to leave.

  36. mimilu
  37. mimilu

    Even tough Swiss may believe they are not part of the EU, they have a very elaborate set of negotiations and deals with the community for it to participate in the unified market. Those agreements took Switzerland (and Norway, and Iceland, and Canada) decades to negotiate and compromises were made. The mistake Brexit voters made was the assumption that the EU would just give the UK the same set of deals right away without asking for anything in return to benefit the Union. GB had the best deal among all the Eu countries (no Schengen, strong currency) and, as a founder member and the winner of WWII, had one of the strongest voices within the Union. Now they have just kissed all that goodbye. They have lost all their privileges and will have to start renegotiating each deal with the EU from a much lower ground. Also, just one of the many things that were not taken into consideration, they will have to rewrite and approve all the regulations that were previously made in the European Union over the past 40+ years. This will not only stall the government for a very long time, but in the event of recession and economical difficulties, workers and citizen might see all the rights and benefits taken away. It's true that the EU was somehow strict and somehow unbalanced regarding economic matters but also guaranteed unprecedented level of freedom and protection for his citizen regarding human rights, civil rights and so on. Before the EU we had Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar... we were killing each other in the most atrocious wars. The EU gifted us with the longest peace time in European history. I believe that is a very high price to pay.

  38. Green
  39. Green

    mimilu, Peace is nothing to be sneered at, but it also isn't the only value worth considering. Had the Nazis been unopposed they would have brought a peaceful Europe. Horrible, murderous, oppressive, genocidal, yes, but peaceful. In comparison to that nightmare, the EU is a delight. Unfortunately, it is also a regulatory nightmare that threatens to make a profit of Kafka. I can understand those who wish to exit. It is my hope that the Brexit will bring needed reforms and accountability within the EU as well.

  40. Michael Ridley
  41. Michael Ridley

    It's just as well the Great British public didn't listen to the politicians and all the doom and gloom merchants.Iam so extatic and overjoyed we showed them all what the ordinary man and woman can achieve if we stick together.Thank you the great British public. Well most of you xxxxxxx.

  42. Michael
  43. Michael

    I have been studying the EU in college for the past 3 years and most of the so called facts they lay out are not only wrong but also intentionally misguiding. They also leave out every gain the EU has had over the UK, and because they know that painting both sides of the picture would inevitably result in a documentary for staying in the EU.

    Watch John Oliver's Last Week Tonight Show for an episode on the Brexit Matter with proper facts and statistics which puts parts of this documentary to shame.

  44. billrob
  45. billrob

    Excellent film exposing the truth about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the ruling class elitists and their banking/corporate masters. If people actually paid attention and knew what was going on here in the US with the AU plans there'd be some lynching demanded. Nobody seemed to notice that the first thing President Obama did after the Brexit was to meet with the president of Mexico & the Canadian Prime minister I guess for reassurances on their closed door deal to sell out their sovereignty & people completely to the string pulling puppet masters.

  46. TheOtherGuy
  47. TheOtherGuy

    Got to say That it has a lot of parody in this movie. You get same results if you ask on the street who was 'Anne Boleyn' probably only few will know. STUPID DOCUMENTARY

  48. Emma
  49. Emma

    As someone who actually does know all the ins and outs about the European Union, I can tell you that a lot of this information is incorrect. Yes, you might say EU officials make too much money and the way it functions isn't always effective. And yes, while representing 28 countries together it is harder to make your voice heard compared to national level. But there are some good reasons behind its structure and the European officials we can elect do actually have quite some power! I bet most of these people do not know they can even vote to elect their representatives in the EU or refuse to. If this is the case please don't complain about not having a say of what happens at EU level.

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