The British Wrestler

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The British WrestlerFrom the debris of Britain's 1970s pantomime wrestling, a new legion of wrestlers who are using their camera phones to shoot promo videos for YouTube has been born.

We meet Grado, the ultimate wrestling fanboy who has finally been given his own shot at stardom.

He gives us a brief history of his roots and hardened ascent into wrestling. Then he prepares for his first Insane Championship Wrestling match against local champ Red Lightning.

It's ICW kingpin Mark Dallas' birthday, and he's asked that all the wrestlers come clubbing in costume. As Grado gets wasted with the rest of the gang, we meet the Bucky Boys, a Glaswegian wrestling duo who give us a surprisingly sentimental description of the Scottish wrestling community.

Grado looks to wrestling peer Wolfgang in the wake of his ICW debut, then finally gets his chance to show his worth to the fans and haters alike, against Red Lightning in the Championship Title Fight.

VICE looks at the UK's raucous underground wrestling scene, from the community centers of Plymouth to the streets of Glasgow.

A far cry from the now faded memories of terrestrial TV's World Of Sport and even further from the glitz and glamour of the stateside WWE, Brits across the country have been escaping the banality of their everyday lives by moonlighting as pro-wrestlers in the largely unheard scene of today.

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dewflirt

    Apart from lycra, wrestlings biggest problem is that it's not boxing :)

  2. dmxi

    brits in fancy pants.....a pity that missing aesthetic can't knock you out!

  3. eli costello

    so much awesome!!

  4. Milosc

    Society is almost over

  5. lakhotason

    Wrestling is an event at the Olympic Games. When you pretend to wrestle it is called Wrasslin'.

  6. dewflirt

    They have wrasslin in Cornwall, the ref is called a stickler :)

  7. lakhotason

    Are you serious? They call the ref a stickler? A stickler for what?

  8. dewflirt

    Pedantry ;)

  9. lakhotason

    "They Have Wrasslin' in Cornwall". Sounds like a country music song.

  10. Ladyface Ponting

    LOL Forgive me for stating the obvious but these wrestlers aren't too bright.

  11. Oaie Adrian

    The end is near

  12. Roger Gordon

    Why in the world would Vice spend time on such rubbish.

  13. logan jory

    Are you high?

  14. Stephen Slagle

    Living in Chicago, all I can say is thank God this video has subtitles b/c even though they are speaking English, I truly can't understand a word these guys are saying. Entertaining documentary, though

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