Bruce Lee: In His Own Words

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Bruce Lee: In His Own WordsBruce Lee (27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was an American-born martial artist, philosopher, instructor, martial arts actor and the founder of the Jeet Kune Do combat form.

He was widely regarded as the most influential martial artist of the twentieth century and a cultural icon. He was also the father of actor Brandon Lee and of actress Shannon Lee. Lee was born in San Francisco, California, and raised in Hong Kong.

His Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced films elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts film to a new level of popularity and acclaim, and sparked the first major surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West.

The direction and tone of his films changed and influenced martial arts and martial arts films in Hong Kong and the rest of the world as well. Lee became an iconic figure particularly to the Chinese, as he portrayed Chinese national pride and Chinese nationalism in his movies. He primarily practiced Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu).

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  1. Martial Arts Videos

    I love martial arts. Thanks for the great info. I have been collecting martial arts videos for ages

  2. Tom
  3. Tom

    This amazing human being really speaks from the heart. You can fell it in the air. Martial artist and philosopher. A man who speaks from his heart.

  4. anbu
  5. anbu

    my man!!!

  6. Dave
  7. Dave

    Mine too!

  8. john doe
  9. john doe

    This fighting style is for the make believe movies.

  10. Davd
  11. Davd

    True oriental? He should have married a chinese woman instead of the white woman.

  12. ProudinUS
  13. ProudinUS

    Truely one cool cat.His passion for life can be an insperation to us all.

  14. Alex
  15. Alex

    Love you Bruce, sleep well.

  16. bee pee
  17. bee pee

    bruce lee is awaken he live thru us...

  18. Janis Paegle
  19. Janis Paegle

    We miss you dude :/

  20. Irish Sweetness
  21. Irish Sweetness

    R.I.P. Sifu

  22. Dylan Charles
  23. Dylan Charles

    Thank you Bruce for teaching me in a way

  24. pang kwok cheung
  25. pang kwok cheung

    what is it you want i want...what they want,and every other guy who came over here,and split guts and gave everything had,wants...for our country to love us as much as we love it.that's what I want

  26. pang kwok cheung
  27. pang kwok cheung

    this is what it is ok ,empty your mind,be formless,shapeless,like water,you put water into a cup,it becomes the cup,you put water into a bottle,it becomes the bottle,you put water into a teapot,it becomes the teapot,now water can flow or it can crash,be water my friend,be water pang kwok cheung

  28. pang kwok cheung
  29. pang kwok cheung

    under the sky,under the heavens,there is but one family,man there is but one family,i think of myself as a human being.

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