Brussels Express

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Brussels ExpressIt’s not just your ordinary courier documentary, it’s a story about how the cars created one of the least cycling friendly cities in Europe.

You might think that Brussels is a very cycling-oriented city, but shot from the view of a two renegade bike couriers, Brussels Express shows that it is not.

With only 4% bicycle traffic, the city suffers from some of the worst congestion in Europe. Some of these shots make Brussels look like Los Angeles at rush hour.

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  1. Pete John Watson

    we need puplic figures cycling. We need a change in attitude towards cyclists. Riding bikes can make our lives better locally and globally.

  2. JohnVideobiographer

    That veteran courier guy has an open minded outlook: He is not a car hater. I'll bet, however, that a large percentage of commuters stuck in Brussels urban gridlock have no affection for the courier who glides past them.

    Cyclists are an ideal target for car-bound commuters to vector their frustration. In truth, it's the drivers who create their own mess. But of course they could never admit that. They want a scapegoat for their rage.

    Add to their anger the distracting technologies drivers have incorporated into their commute. Texting, navigating, even watching video — distracted drivers present yet another danger to the cyclist.

    Here in California, drivers who kill cyclists do not face serious charges. There's got to be a major cultural shift before cyclists are given respect as fellow road users. In the USA, with its sedentary, obese population, I am under no illusions of this happening in my lifetime.

  3. John Mulvihill

    Here I am, a middle-aged Californian cyclist who has lived in awe of tiny Belguim, which has a rabid bike-racing community and has produced numerous world champions. Now my illusions are tarnished. But I quickly remember that Belguim is not Brussels. In fact, my sense is that it's an unattractive nest of office towers filled with Eurocrats. So pah! On you Brussels.

    That courier guy was so cool. Not full of self-important scorn for regular folks as are so many San Francisco "advocates" who go out of their was to piss off motorists.

  4. Enzo Schudel

    I live in Belgium not in Brussels though. In the Flemish part, including my city Ghent, we take better care of our cyclist imho. In the defence of some motorists I must say that where I'm from, a city with loads of students, the motorist is often disregarded too. Cyclist think they own the road, in the centre of the town they actually do since it's a car free zone, but students and bicycles is a dangerous combination nonetheless, they whizz by on all sides which isn't right either, they have become kind of arrogant because the weaker road user is always right, or so they think. But I must admit, he who is without sin... Anyway just wanted to say that this is specific to Brussels and maybe the Walloon parts, couldn't say really, but that much of Flanders has picked up on the importance of cyclists, people on foot and public transportation a while ago, I'd say some 15 years or more. Still room for improvement though.

  5. Guest

    I enjoyed it too, well shot and edited, made me think it was possibly a cinematography school project. I liked the round stairway, great shot!
    I lived in Rixensart Belgium for 3 yrs, so always good to revisited even the negative side. It can't always be about chocolat, beer, waffles and mussels!
    What i remember of Belgium driving is that the city drivers are horribly impatient but the highway driving is way better than in North America...they keep it fast lane/fast driving, slow lane/slow driving...rarely passing on the right.

  6. Earthwinger

    Great little documentary. :)

    Cycling is something that I've always done. I've never had a car, and I've never really wanted one. Fortunately, where I live in the UK, we have a great network of cycle paths, so I don't have to mix it up with the road traffic too often.

    1. Simon Nadin

      I'm 43 and have also never had a car. I've never not had a bike since I was 4. There aren't many of us out there. x

  7. Aaylsworth

    Unfortunately boring, reading the intro was more entertaining...

  8. mjnkhr

    Nice, simple documentary. Being a Belgian and doing almost everything by bike I support the message it brings. One thing I don't get though: why is Hilde Crevits, flemish minister of mobility, in the credits?

  9. Patrick Frynsen Knudsen

    I'm from Copenhagen. And Mr. Bondam is totally right. Public figures need to be the first to set an example. And make a big fuzz about it.
    The newest addition to our streets in Copenhagen, is 4 laned bicycle-paths. Great when you're just crusing around or talking to a friend while riding. Leaves plenty of room for the busy cyclists too. Nice doc, horrible city. (no offense intended)

  10. dewflirt

    Short and sweet :)