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Buddha Wild: Monk in a Hut

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Buddha Wild - Monk in a HutBuddhist monks aren't usually described as wild(at least not in our urban dictionary), but director Anna Wilding's intriguing feature documentary debut stirs up the meditation room a bit. Buddha Wild explores what really goes on behind the monastery doors, touching on hot-button issues like the roles of women, racism, and celibacy in a monk's daily life. Buddha Wild is a refreshing synthesis of Eastern and Western politics and culture, without a nibble of Hollywood cheese.

"The religion of the future should transcend a personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both natural and spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description… If ever there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism." – Einstein.

Buddha Wild provides viewers with a well-judged glimpse into the monastery world of the Buddhist Monk and the real world of those who follow the precepts and principals of Buddhism. The documentary centers on the life of the Buddhist monks. They are a kind lot of warm hearted and enlightened men. Buddha Wild is a journey of discovery.

The monks were clearly enamored by Ms. Wilding and their generosity of information from taboo subjects exhibits this fact. A well judged mix of seriousness and humor. "Anna Wilding was compelled to make this upbeat film to counteract racism she witnessed in a region".

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  1. Devin W

    no full screen from cultural unplugged?

  2. Vlatko

    Apparently not. You can go to their site and watch the video there along with many others.

  3. Charles B.


  4. Patrick H.

    Very enjoyable.

  5. Bluesmanwalking

    Well done and contemporary. It's no interview with the Dalai Lama mind you but very simple and honest.

  6. Anthony

    Interesting to see and hear from the monks themselves.

  7. yourboycal

    For the love of all that is holy!or For the love of monkey business whichever you subscribe too! All i wanna do is watch some documentary , but when they dont work you just wanna punch someone in the face. ARGH!!

  8. orixaguy

    Why did they use African music in the background?

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