Building Green
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Building Green

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Building GreenBuilding Green is pioneering and entertaining television with an eco-friendly twist, on a mission is to inspire viewers to discover just how easy, cost-effective and healthy it can be to go green, and to dispel myths about environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

Host Kevin Contreras leads an interactive exploration of green building techniques and alternatives, from the eye-popping extreme to the green mainstream, all while demonstrating that healthy choices don't mean sacrificing style or comfort.

From blue jean insulation to bamboo flooring, Kevin Contreras, host and creator of Building Green, will introduce viewers to every aspect of green building using the design and construction of his own green Santa Barbara dream home as a living workshop.

These series includes 13 videos (each 25 minutes long): Breaking Ground, Foundation, Framing and Roofing, Straw Bales, Doors and Windows, Exterior Finishes, Interior Finishes, Floors and Closets, Lighting, Water, Landscaping, Interior Design and The Finale.

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11 years ago

Inspiring :)

11 years ago

FYI...Mr.Diesel never made it of the ship , Well in a way he did, However a new fuel was manufactured by J D Rockafeller . Diesel fuel...Humm No Big Oil murder / conspiericy there..

11 years ago

There might be some useful information here if I could sit through it long enough. It is mostly talking, talking, talking, and some nice photos, but not a lot of straight information.

13 years ago

Great stuff. Its good to see really thought about design. Its all to often that people are only conserned about the cost of building rather than the health or environmental benifits. These homes can cost more, but they are also worth more, with the benifits of health, efficincy and being environmental responsible. Need to see more docos of the likes

13 years ago

documentary meets paid programming = docummercial

13 years ago

Hakima. There are quite a few communities in the UK living in low impact dwellings. Do a google search for low impact community. That might come up with something. If not I can give you more information.
I like the 'earthship' design personally. I'd suggest a search on that too. I intend to build one for myself this year but without paying 1000's of dollars to the guy who came up with the idea. All you really need is a load of old tyres and some windows, all of which can be found for free. People are living in them in sub zero temperatures with no heating. Very simple but effective.

13 years ago

if anyone knows of how to go and live in an eco village cheaply please let me know. im looking how tobuild a cheap eco home ie with straw bale and render with clay on the cheap as iam a single mother on low income. also where can i go is there a commuity somewhere in uk? also how to keep warm as my child not well needs warmth. post here please. ta

13 years ago

Pretty long...but very interesting. Maybe not so economic afterall, but, they have done quiet a villa...Anyway, there are many things I´ve learned, and I just can´t wait for the spring to come to put them in practic. Why not living in a cleaner environment, if you can?

I´m not very pleased with the idea of mice and insects hiding into those walls and I have doubts about the durability of the mud plasture. Also I don´t know how such a construction will face a colder climate, or a temperate-continental one, with significent variations of temperature and humidity. Anyway, compared with wood structure box walls houses, it´s a step forward, especially thinking about the advantages of these materials and not in the second place about protecting the environment.

13 years ago

Price Tag: $1 200 000.00 but I bet it was more.