Bye Bye Car

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America's love for the automobile is waning. Younger generations are no longer forming attachments to traditional cars. The auto industry is beginning to recognize this trend, and their executives are desperate to find outside-the-box solutions in order to remain viable. Bye Bye Car travels throughout the United States and the Netherlands to investigate the root causes behind this declining interest, and the possibilities for the reinvention of transportation.

Cars don't offer the status or confidence they once did for young people. In large part, other technologies like smart phones have assumed that role. The need for car ownership has been replaced by public transportation use and ride sharing services like Uber. Conscientious consumers may view this as a way of limiting their environmental footprint, but most simply find it a more economical and practical decision that better fits their way of life. No more traffic, no more unnecessary expenses, and no more parking frustrations.

How do car companies plan to compete? Their initial steps are beginning to emerge in the marketplace. Automotive research centers are moving from the car capital of Detroit to Silicon Valley. Like so many other firmly established products that have struggled to stay relevant with changing times, cars are becoming digitized. Today, new technologies allow your car to communicate through your cell phone, and for upgrades to be implemented remotely through a Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, electric cars are becoming cleaner and more efficient, and apps are growing more clever in opening up a wealth of additional options.

The film also explores the most advanced form of modern transportation: the autonomous vehicle. Thanks to the efforts of companies like Google, we are entering the age of the self-driving car. Researchers claim this technology could provide unparalleled convenience and safety, but others worry about the potentially negative implications. Can artificial intelligence really be trusted as a stand-in for basic human instinct?

Bye Bye Car illustrates the age-old contest between the inevitability of change and those who are resistant to it. One way or another, mobility is evolving, and society as a whole will either adapt or be left behind.

Directed by: Martijn Kieft

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  1. Lori

    As far as I have seen the younger generation still loves cars and they are not decreasing there are more on the road then ever.

  2. Ruth Robbins
  3. Ruth Robbins

    where can i purchase these documentaries?

  4. Gunther
  5. Gunther

    Maybe if wages were not so low and the price of cars were not so high, it would be easier to buy a car plus cars are getting so complex to maintain and repair. Many cities used to have excellent public transportation systems; however, the oil, rubber, and auto industries conspire to get rid of them. Also they killed the electric car as well.

  6. Glen
  7. Glen

    Cars today need to be part of your smart phone,,bluetooth WIFI SMS GPS all the things you need to distract the driver and have a head on,,

  8. said
  9. said

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  10. Fico
  11. Fico

    So little focus on mass transportation… TESLA and the rest are so smart for the individual but not for the masses. When technology benefits the wealthy benefits no one.

  12. The Jazz Mann
  13. The Jazz Mann

    As long as you can 'Put a Tiger in the Tank' and 'get a little pussy in the back seat', the traditional car will last forever!!

  14. LaMamaSims
  15. LaMamaSims

    I really wish public transportation and bike lanes were popular everywhere. Here in Moore, Oklahoma if you ride your bike on the street, you'll get run over. People get run over here a lot (hit and runs) just walking. It would be nice to walk/bike to the grocery store...rather than having to load up the kids, drive a couple of miles, load them back up, and then drive a couple of miles back. The buses around here are crap. Takes 4-5 hrs just to get 3 miles one way. Then you can't get back because the buses stop at 5 pm. Not to mention a lot of homeless and people that were just released from jail ride it. Since the bus "main spot" is located right across the street from a prison and in downtown where the homeless are located (so it's not very safe). Multiple time I would ride...(if I needed to get somewhere but had a car ride back) would see people just out of jail/prison harassing people for sex and money. The homeless...I know it isn't their fault but would get on stinking (making bus rides very uncomfortable). There are a lot of improvements needed here before we could live without cars. Especially since everything is so far apart. The closest grocery store to me is a 1 hr walk (one way). With 90+ degree weather kids would not be happy nor would I (biking would be 15 mins, one way...but we have no bike lanes). It sucks I can't go without a car but I can't afford to replace my gas car with an electric/solar one.

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