Call of the Snow Lion

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Call of the Snow LionCall of the Snow Lion is a new documentary series from Tibet Foundation revealing a history of the unsettled Tibetan Diaspora.

In 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army marched into the Kham region of east Tibet creating unprecedented upheaval which, in 1959, resulted in thousands of Tibetans moving into exile in India, Nepal and beyond.

Sixty years later in 2010, we look back into the reality of the history of the unsettled Tibetan Diaspora, their expectations, hopes and vision for the future.

From 13th November 2010, we will take you on a journey across India with a chosen witness of the past and present events - born in Tibet, he has been a monk, a freedom fighter, a diplomat, The Dalai Lama's representative and a member of parliament before founding a unique charity that has successfully been working for the past 25 years both inside Tibet and in exile.

Beyond what we hear and what we are told, we will look into the daily life of individuals - young and old, monks and nuns, students and teachers, artists and musicians, ordinary people and officials, and many others including professionals writers and filmmakers.

We will try to catch a glimpse of this thrilling community and uncover the complexity between tantric Buddhism and modern life, theocracy and democracy, and resignation and determination. The 8th story is the end of our journey, concluded by an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Also check out Cry of the Snow Lion.

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  1. Mike

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks to Vlatko!!

  2. esma

    only one comment?mike u look so alone here..go to the 'Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War' page..the party is there...

  3. Jesse

    @esma That actually made me laugh out loud. I really like how its presented in such a personal way.

  4. esma

    thank you jesse :)

  5. Steve

    Thanks for posting this. I'm so glad I could watch here instead of on Youtube. Every time documentaries about Tibet, Tibetan people, or the Dalia Lama are posted on Youtube there are so many negative comments mainly from China. It is really sad, I think.

  6. Alan

    Great stuff. Very instructive. A snapshot of the current situation. I'm wondering what will happen to the refugees when HH the Dalai Lama will be gone.

  7. a_no_n

    considering his class of elitist monks is a slave keeping culture, that is just as oppressive as the Chinese government, probably not much.

  8. a_no_n

    China, or people who watched Penn and Teller's episode of Bullshit on the Dali Llama

  9. TSE

    tibetan prefer their own master choosen among themselves to rule them rather then forced from outsider just like chinese.will france accept british rule ,will india accept china rule, and will iran accept usa rule.foreigne rule is not acceptable to any nation then why special case for tibetans. china cant justify their rule by saying we developed tibet since last 60 years and so it's his right to rule tibet. in reality,china used tibet for natural resources and it gained trillion dollars wealth .

  10. PocketG

    I think Tibetan Buddhists are now working off the bad karma they earned when they suppressed and killed off the early, indigenous followers of the Bon religion...pretty much exactly like China has done to them.

  11. ST

    The Dalai Lama, Hollywood's pet Buddhist.

    Venerated by the naive who are unaware of Tibet's history as a brutal theocracy.

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