Cam Girlz

Cam Girlz

2015, Sexuality  -   42 Comments
Ratings: 7.32/10 from 249 users.

Though it's tastefully shot and insightful in the treatment of its subject, Cam Girlz contains scenes of a sexual nature and viewer discretion is advised. The film is directed by Sean Dunne, the author of American Juggalo and Florida Man.

There's the former pizza restaurant manager who struggled to make ends meet, and despaired over spending more time at her job than at home with her husband and small child. There's the young woman who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, but nevertheless exudes the free-spirited exhibitionist tendencies of an erotic entertainer behind closed doors. There's the ambitious entrepreneur who is driven to market her most precious commodity - herself - to financial independence.

Each of these ladies make their living off the lens of a webcam, providing flirtations and amorous distractions to eager clients over an internet connection. Many of them are defined by a unique beauty you don't see on the covers of mainstream magazines; they're the brand of authenticity that could live across the street, and they appeal to the desires of those who seek a genuine encounter where sexuality is offered without discrimination or shallow judgments.

Cam Girlz takes us into the private lives and thriving home businesses of these women, and works to remove societal barriers by allowing us to recognize ourselves in their shared drive for success, self-fulfillment and security. We see them relating to their husbands, boyfriends and family members. We're also presented with a perspective of the men who watch and interact with these women on the other side of the camera lens.

Many of the women in the film were raised to believe that overt displays of sexuality were inappropriate and unbecoming. Their individual paths to enlightenment are fascinating to observe, and they find their fullest expression in front of the camera. It is there that they feel most empowered to break the chains of oppression by embracing one of the most important aspects of human need. For them, erotic performance is not an act; it is about existing fully in your own skin and being honest about who you are.

Their office is a laptop, and their business is the art of seduction. They're the Cam Girlz, and they're ushering in a new age of sexual expression.

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18 days ago

I am here to witness to you that sexuality is from original desire.obviously, to me, we need to (know) how the first humans came to be to understand our basic sexuality. Everyone of us wonder at some time. I believe that there are theories-people of course, made them. Then, there are those who tell us that there's an all-powerful God who created us. Since God began revealing his character of endless love to me, to LOVE me, I live for him using his help, knowing what's "good" and true, and therefore, what's of illusion and "bad." So, I get to have my Holy Bible which is primarily how God independently teaches me of (his) more than awesome character!! Without his revealing himself to us, we won't know him but God "shows" himself to all, at some point. Without knowing him, we clearly love the perceived happiness of selfishly only trying to please ourselves, using.....ignorance as the reason for living, but having the ability to choose. Please continue reading to discover how this leads to why sexuality even exists. Thus, it's even too hard, I admit, to think wisely. I do not think even I know what wisdom truly is.unless God told me. Thank HIM, he did! Isn't so easy to skip what seems boring, seeking what seems exciting?

What do you learn from the above-the last sentence? Please consider for yourself. It would not hurt for either of us to know. What's the main key word there? Easy? I'd say it's "seems," since imperfect people very often think by what (seems) right to them. Is it illogical naturally to obey authority? God? Pause, please. God? Isn't God indeed the Creator of all? Even without everyone aware of it? Does it take critical thinking to ((create)) God, us being his creators??? Isn't it foolish to always want to be so right? To fail at being who we are meant to be-------but, truthfully? Truth is a reality-beyond opinions. Ok. To show this, please think about something. I just thought about a dot. How is it that you or I are able to do it? Did we really originally come from nothing at all? Don't we matter?? People show they matter by what they don't do-commit suicide. They have a desire to live. We are innately aware of this and that there are good and bad choices.

So, please, why are we all so good at causing problems? I admit I grew up being afraid of being responsible some of the time. Is the answer to have No answer? But, why ignore the most important things? Existence. Please ponder with me: how did we get here as a human race? Sooner or later we'll have the answer if we don't Have it now. You'll see. I'll see. We did not get here on our own. Did you? Did your original ancestor suddenly appear at random? What could be more important-than these very wonders???? Do we not know-how to think? Is this insulting to you? If it is, then I believe being insulted...answers the question: why are we here?

I don't mean this in the negative form: to be foolish. I mean to imply that while imperfect, we all have a deep curiousity for knowledge itself. This includes the pursuit of beliefs and becoming better as a person. Now, following this, if you still are, to become better points at a state of being flawless. But is there a clear path to that? how does a person know? How do they become aware that they know? How are they able to attain the innermost need that humans have? Isn't that to be loved and valued, but perfectly? Accepted, too. If we stop long enough, we find this to be obviously true. So true that we only get convicted internally that we ought to believe this. But, why? Why? Either we'll be honest or we'll ignore ourselves and what we trust is right. This is with all people, everyone. It takes someone who knows something to communicate it in order to let others believe what is already true. What if something is true? Compare it? Did we know to compare?? The way that our brains are made is a clue. It's not randomly formed. Don't our minds serve a good purpose?

Now, as for sexuality, which this message is for, we need to realize that we all have needs. Right? Whether or not one agrees, we will realize this. This points right at morals. Morals just did not enter reality from nothingness! Is my message unusual? Then, why does it reach the innermost part of us that longs for the very reason.we are here? When it's true, then why challenge what's true? What create a lie? Why invent goodness from badness? Please! Why destroy oneself with pride? Does it pay? Is there hope, though? What would one put hope into anyways? God? Isn't there a God before any solution other than God is sought? Are we trying to create ourselves to be a real ourselves? Without knowing? If we're annoyed, we can have peace. I know I can because God gives me his peace. See, it took to me, a God to create me since I am here. Just realize. Just let yourself realize. God is good and I am merely agreeing with him that he is. Good to me!! What is there to know about hating God? Why, nothing!! Hating is based on lies. God is not hatred: 1 John 4:8 in the Holy Bible says God is love. We're going to believe in ourselves or God anyways! To be selfish or selfless. But, not without a cause! You see, God is able to exist all on his own. That is one reason He is called God. You read the meaning of his name? Are we so busy trying to enjoy ourselves that we do not care why we are the first place?

See that? Pleasure alone is pointless. This will be challenged only because it does not feel well to know it. So, bad nature dominates. Hopeless. Right, Hopeless. But it took God alone to have the Bible written by people. It was done for him, for us all, so that both us and God would be fulfilled. This is to know God, not our own selves. We already got trouble by doing what feels good. That isn't something new. But what about seeking to know just who God is? When things are hard enough, then that is when a person indeed begins to seek who God is-for their goodness. There is but one way. You will know the truth and it will set you free, God's Son says to us all! Either we sow what's good in God's mind or we sow what we feel good, going by feelings. We are all so desperate fro God's goodness that we obsess about ourselves. Pride! Vanity. Sin. Stupdity. But wait. isn't it impossible to know when oneself is so blind? Yes. Now, why did God create sexuality?

To cause more people to come and know God's love for themselves! He also made us to know to love him back and love one of the opposite gender whom we marry to commit to each other-by loving them. John 1:9: we love because God first loved us. The problem was never that God was the enemy. But that we started doing what felt good, and despite the bad effects!! There's no point in being foolish, is there? Did God not make for us the One way to heaven, where saved, people of faith in God alone will indeed go to shortly, relatively speaking? Did God then, purpose for only so many to follow him and his design-which involves sexuality? Yes, really! But we must be so careful about how we present that. See, God already is love and never changes. We do not have what it takes to change him. We are powerless to make moral changes alone!! What we percieve to be effective, well, I want to say, is first, worth being (cared) about. What I mean is that everything that we think about matters-it matters to God. God is there, here. He exists on his own!!!! But the question is, why did he want to make us? Everyone finds that acknowleding him as Lord or the one in charge is the point of existing. See, it says in Matthew 22:14 that God destined few for this kingdom or family. So seeing that God is good, then what he does with the others has to be good! But this can only be understood by trusting him. What about sexuality? It's enjoyable to intimately share with one of the opposite sex whom one trusts and loves-under the presence of being married. Marriage is about a commitment and that never changed. I change and I find that to revolt on God is the one thing that is not to be done! Why did God, then, really, really create hell? To punish those who position themselves above and too hignd,-to make themselves more important than their literal Creator, Lover, who is simply God!

Does a perfect God in fact create us and then approve of us to make the rules?To decide that feeling good about whatever we do sexually is good? To ignore this, and lose out on the truly, truly truly good life any ways? To never have known just who God is???? But to have done what was selfish and only benefitting the person who acted as they did? Why? Is sexuality formed out of opinions? Is it really indeed? How would that be going, then? If it is formed of them, then it has no actual meaning! No meaning-not worth knowing! Not worth being stupid in the first place when really it is possible to choose and choose rightly!! To be impulsive is to be stupid and of course my friend, there's always an illusion of goodness to get us the human beings, to be fooled, fooled into believing a lie, doing the wrong thing, but while doing so, trying to get something good. The reality of goodness of in this life is twisted. There is reality and actual goodness but to realize it requires trusting one's whole self in God and not anything else. If we do not care about what sexuality is for, then we are careless and trouble comes and comes and comes, but friend, friend!!!!, so does death. The end of all things? Do you care? Do I care? Does God care? Does he love us? Or is it that the devil is the one being truthful? By no means because the only one telling the truth, Jesus, God's Son, said timelessly that.he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. There was before he became evil. Evil is a way that opposes God's ways for just selfish gain and belief that the perceived benefits are much better than
the ones of being good for God's sake. This is the way of the lie. Many, many take it. Take a look around us. Please, do so and find that the way we dressed in the past was not as now, in that...

...purposeful modesty was there. Now. Why would be there be such? To us, the fallen people, is the right answer from God: sinning or rebeling on God caused many things to lose their innocense. God made us with skin as our outter layer of the body and so he made us naked. Sin then, caused our nakedness to be a bad thing since sin only brings bad consequences. Ignoring and fear are two serious ones that we in fact all deal with. Don't we?? Have I perfectly thought this out? No: if I did, then it would contain more Scriptures-and if something happened to me negatively for doing the wonder of entering this, it shall not prevent me from obeying my loving God who is of ohhhh so loving as I relate with him as his friend daily. Is it not usual to doubt? What is there so pretty or helpful to live in doubt????? Or do we want a lie? Do we invite being judged by God, also? Be stupid?? God did not intend for anyone to be unlike him who is not stupid but is love. Do you understand-and enough? Do you want to be well and better off? Do you love yourself? What this means is, do you value yourself? God is made of values and wants each who will marry to have a meaningful sexual life. To learn about it in due ways. I imagine someone else could cover that and without images of naked people-for God means for only married and loving couples to be naked. but getting to the end of the whole message.

have you stopped to notice that something done or even thought outside of God's ways does not satisfy? It will surely seem that it satisifes but then watch if you will, and the feeling and confidence begin to dissipate and the very premise of having one's own way, inclusive of being self-centered with their sexual ways is not a good idea any more. Does the right to one's own self supercede God's good right to be a he is? Is it simply an illusion to mistreat the story of the account of the Garden of Eden? It's basic history, just like an old biography found from oh, a few billion years back. This story is true because God confirms it and He is one Only One who can and does forgive me of my awful sins and condition. God makes sexuality authentic and exciting but evil ways are lazy and promote that thinking for ouselves and feeling so "good" about our sexuality is the reason for human life. So, as long as the feeling is be good while it isn't? Did God not make this lovingly clear to you and I yet? Am I busy labeling this as a thing that only seems to be? Huh? Am I the one who needs a good change before it's too late and I am hurled into the lake of burning sulfur? Forever and ever? Folks, thee is good and bad, we exist "somehow" and we're able to reproduce with the choice of indeed having a good and moral link with an opposite sex friend and lover.

4 years ago

Some interesting comments here. I'm mostly a liberal person myself so do not agree with this conservative line of thinking that doing this is unnatural in any way... I also do not think it's prostitution, although there are some common elements to both.

What I do agree with is that it emphasizes way too much the good aspects of camming, whereas the bad ones only briefly mentioned... At some points it really sounds like a piece of propaganda by a camming website. As one of the girls say, I'd think the users are indeed mostly very lonely and shy people, and this works not as a coping but as a escape mechanism to them. They become addicted to it, and can end up in financial trouble because of it. It can also be very emotionally debilitating to the girls, and they can get stuck to it since it pays the bills.

I wish these human aspects had been more discussed in the documentary, instead of it just being a defense of camming. I imagine the financial and sexual freedom the girls describe ARE real, but I'd think there's much more to camming than just this.
4 years ago

They never never ever show the eighteen year olds doing this shit. They regret it so much some try and do commit suicide over it years later when older reflecting on it. Also they use their previous cam shows on other sites and are exploited there with no recompense!!! Lives on forever and destroys their spirit their souls...

5 years ago

Camming is "porn". Porn is prostitution. Thus, cam girls are prostitutes; voyeurs are Johns.

Just because the watcher isn't physically engaging in sexual activity, people forget that sex is mostly a spiritual, psychological and emotional experience. It's not just physical. If sex were disconnected from our bodies, that one young lady wouldn't have had to drink 7 bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade to 'lower her inhibitions' for her first show.

Another young lady wouldn't have nightmares of waking up doing "more camming" from working 7hrs a day for 10 days straight.

This is not a judgment nor condemnation. Just truth.

Anyone sexualizing or objectifying themselves for financial gain can not, by definition, love themselves. Both the cam girl and John suffer from low-self esteem and low self- worth. You can not value yourself if your body is your commodity for cash, nor can the viewer respect himself by reducing women to 'sex objects' who's purpose is to "get me off at my command for money".

Both the cam girl and voyeur suffer.

Us men are responsible for the condition we put women in. They're simply acting on mens twisted sexual desires to see them 'spank', gag, drink and 'pour liquids' (including body fluids) all over themselves while calling it 'sexual liberation'. I emphatize with women. Better to be sexually objectified in the comfort of your own home than at a job where you're called a 'slut' for not giving into a guys advances or your 'overlooked for a higher position' because you wouldn't 'cooperate with the boss to get ahead in the company'.

Better to be in control of your own sexual objectification, than to be objectifyed against your will (many, many women I know). Of course, objectifying oneself is hardly better then not doing it at all, but men in society today corner women into having little choice but to use their bodies for career and financial advancement.

The men are not physically abusing them, so they pay the women via camming (live porn) to do it to themselves.

Learned a lot from this documentary. I learned that I want to focus more on helping women financially to be empowered that doesn't involve subjecting them to any sex related activity for them to earn a living to support themselves and their family.

5 years ago

Interesting that the women commenters generally have the more intelligent, affirming and inquisitive remarks and the men have more negative and fixed remarks? Why did people watch this documentary and then get offended and switch off = probably because there are a lot of people who want it all to be bad and to keep people shamed, keeping people down and ignorant, to hide their own insecurities. I thought the documentary showed a thousand points that you have to be in tune with to understand and provided (like camming) a really interesting window on this business. I learned that a lot of women are exploring their sexuality in a controlled, safe environment and, as always, society is always unable to make rules for all the people, men and women, in society. Great video.

5 years ago

3rd year in medical school and fifth year camming. I haven't been involved in any sexual interactions with the people who follow me but they'll spend lots of money on photo sets- which is often lingerie, not completely nude. More of a pinup style. I don't think it makes me any less smart or any less loyal. It brings in good money and I've developed a lot of self confidence from it. It's a very open minded and accepting community but it definitely has a lot of stigma surrounding it (not prostitution). You do you, and enjoy it :)

5 years ago

Great doco.

Its unfortunate that men generate cam girl demand yet still envy women who
make money from it.

5 years ago

First, who the f*ck gave anyone the right to tell what people should do with their bodies.
Second, this whole belief that it is so 'wrong' was caused by what? Religion? Give me a break. Society? The hypocrisy.
Finally, if I could do this and make money, I'd be doing it in a heartbeat.
Comment after comment absolutely baffles me. Like roz, who can't even spell but want to judge someone making 50-200k a year in a business where they set the terms.
If someone is working in a shitty studio in a 3rd world country not making most of the tips they receive...that is not an issue with camming, it is an issue with that society. If workers in a Thai bar didn't get to keep money they were tipped, we wouldn't shame the service industry, we'd shame the offending establishments.

The Cynic
5 years ago

I laughed when i discovered that one of my heterosexual male friend's was prancing around naked in front of a camera in his spare time, for gay men, as a bit of extra cash on the side.

i queried him about this and he laughed back at me saying something on the lines of ''grow up, it's not that weird, a lot of people are doing it these days, it's perfectly normal''.

And like with this documentary all i thought from that was that you're either really naive or insecure and this is like some interpersonal drug for you, or you can straight up remove the context from the activity and treat it like any normal job, or you genuinely do get your rocks off to this and you're having the bonus of making money while you do it.

Regardless though, i can't see how anyone still pays for porn haha

5 years ago

One person says when crazy for offering sex for money. Another post states if men didn't pay there would not be prostitutes. U can blame 1 or the other But maybe its simply something that occurs as a consequence of needs. 1 of money another of sexuality. There is much more going on here. I feel its not bad really as long as both consent. Though I would never pay 4 sex. However what I would or would,not do is only really relevant 2 me. Blah blah blah just a personal current opinion. Nothing worth saying really but there it is

6 years ago

thnx god not all woman are like these, then half of the world workforce would be a big orgy :D // we might end up bk to stone age :D

6 years ago

well if girls who makes money on this cam**** because of poverty, it is understandable and i would give them same respect i give any other hard working woman. but girls who takes easy way using thier body for making easy money that falls below prostitu for me. more than 4 billion women around the world work hard with honnor to provide food and stability for themselves and thier children, but girls who just dont have courage or confidence of having a honnourable job even if they could have one is disgusting. Beleive me these girls not doing cam because they wanna help some men, its all about money and thier insecurity . Eventually the world still need thier service regardless of the**** i said :D:):) :)

Nunya Buniezzz
6 years ago

The blonde girl who sings belongs on stage in NYC. Unreal voice.

John Nobody
6 years ago

@female forty also a whole big part of this is neglected. There's the issue of working in a "studio" for 12 hours a day for less than half of the tips received in poor conditions as it seems a large % of these workers (outside of the USA) are subjected to. Where is their liberation, their empowerment? This documentary has good production values but it's super narrow in it's scope.

female forty
6 years ago

I only watched about half of the documentary because it seemed to me more like soft porn than a documentary and not what i'm into. I don't feel it was a very balanced or honest look at caming, rather a defense of it. The documentary (from what I watched) didn't go beyond the message of how wonderful and empowering caming is. I wish it had revealed little details that people who are not part of this world (as performer or audience) wouldn't know. For example, I am curious more how it works financially, what are common requests the girls get, what are some of the crazy things guy say that you can't say personally, what are the pros and cons, do you ever get bored, are you actually turned on the whole time, are you acting, do you feel safe, do you worry about your image being shared in other places, etc. etc. I just have a hard time believing this is a great job and these girls think they are *helping people* or making true connections with people. I am a feminist who is not against sex work, however the real question is why is this type of job so lucrative for women but your average child care job pays sh*t?

6 years ago

best nudies/yummy boobies.have some more.

Michael Fantin
6 years ago

Hey, I'm happy it works for them! Different strokes for different folks. They've found their niche; bravo!

Joseph Snow
6 years ago

As someone who is conservative with my sexuality I found this documentary to be fairly enlightening. The one thing I noticed that is different from most documentaries is there was no narrator passing judgement or conclusions on what was happening.

Obviously some of the women caming had mental health issues, drug issues, Autism spectrum disorder etc. The ones with partners seemed to be partnered with more docile submissive men who couldn't take care of them financially.

I am not here to pass judgement on these women either negatively or positively. I will say who are they harming? If they are happy they should be allowed to make money however they want. Only that one girl who was spanking herself seemed to be truly unhappy. Obviously there wasn't enough information to know the happiness level of any of the women.

The other thing I noticed in this documentary was that a large majority of the entertainment was just that entertainment. Sure it was sexual entertainment but it was a lot more creative and fun loving than I expected. I had an AHA moment near the end of the documentary where the one woman said she was excited by 1,000 people watching her at once. That is what all women are addicted to attention and I bet caming fills that need.

All in all I would have liked to see a bit more about the industry in general and surprisingly less of the nudity. I am sure that there must be an exploitative and dark side to caming too but that wasn't what this film was about.

7 years ago

This was such a wonderful and empowering documentary to watch as a female interested in caming. It shows a side to it that I have never seen, and gives a lot of insight into the world of these women. It was interesting to watch. I do imagine though, that if you have other aims, that this would be a temporary life stage, but I only hold the highest respect for the mothers that do this and can raise their children this way. There is nothing shameful about sex, and caming may just be a safe way to explore sexuality and find appreciation for oneself.

7 years ago

I found this to be a great watch. Interesting subject from an insiders view, the girls could not be all categorised regarding their personality or physical appearance, leaving me with a good feeling that the narrative was truly a look at the full range of people involved in this growing industry. Lady Cammers don't worry about beady little know it all armchair analysts and keyboard warriors on a SJW mission to be heard- they are simply not yet in touch with their inner sexually perverted self. Keep rockin those binary boobs, those with adult brains salute your commitment to keeping the mojo flowing.

7 years ago

Why are we even bothered to differenciate prostitution and camming? whether right or wrong they both are activity to make money!

7 years ago

First off, I can personally say, this documentary does a wonderful job showing that women can and do enjoy and love doing it. I can say this because I am one of these women. Camming is amazing. I have gained more confidence now than before. I've learned not all people just want that thigh gap, and it's ok to have curves. When I cam, I'm in complete control. I have more control through that lens, than walking down the street.

For the ignorant people in here...
*Please don't pity or feel bad for these amazing, strong, beautiful women.
*It's not prostitution.
*Educate yourself.
*Embrace and be proud of your sexuality.
*Try to masterbating... you might be a happier person.

7 years ago

I personally believe that such an activity is to be understood by open mind person only. Economical advantage that comes out of this is a second issue, the main one is the willing to show up yourself.

7 years ago

I adore the fact that the majority of the comments are written by men..
So, can you all say you've never watched porn?
Never sexualized a woman on the street?
I find that ridiculously hard to believe.
Why is it okay for the men to be watching an paying? And considered sick and degrading when a women provides?
All of these women are consenting adults. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

bob esponja
7 years ago

Congratulations, this show that if you have good boobs, a great vagina and good looking you can make good money; so old like prostitution. Focusing on film quality, it follows the Vice documentary visual style; good music to present not many important things abou this actual market. Definitively, a ****.

7 years ago

I am not interested in watching cam either. Still, I think it's a great idea. They earn good money without physically getting involved with another person, which is a huge difference from prostitutes. They have no chance of being abused or humiliated, they do whatever they want. And as Ashlee explained they can also develop self-appreciation over time. Please explain why you think you can judge who is "normal" and who is not and thereby mark someone as "reject". This is 21st century. As long as you accept my lifesytle I accept yours. There are no rejects. At least not in my world. I think this opportunity is a good altenative to concealed slavery practiced by some "regular" employers in other (not necessarily underdeveloped) countries. The key is choice. Ashlee heads up! Cheers.

7 years ago

I am left completely baffled by some of your comments. First of all you should not judge any of these girls based on their physical appearance; whether they're over weight or have tattoos. Second, THIS IS NOT PROSTITUTION. I myself am a webcam model and it has done nothing but make me appreciate my body and allow me to develop friendships with some really bad ass people! I am a student, have a full time job and I cam. Without camming I would've had to take out loans for school, but because of it I didn't have to and I am so grateful for that. So all you negative nancys can kiss my *ss.

7 years ago

I'm a straight male I watch this for 20 minutes and did not find any of the girls attractive so I guess webcam sites are not for me

7 years ago

Such an unpleasant film to watch. One is fat and has to keep rolling here breasts, the other is tattooed and has rats for pets, others are offering girl on girl sex... I stopped watching there, why waste precious time seeing some rejects flaunting what they don't have on camera?

7 years ago

its merely emotional manipulation of the person for financial gain.

7 years ago

Saw another video..Young girls from Thailand, on this site..Made me sad, but (almost)everyone was OK with it cause $$$..Everyone with their head up their a.s, greedily willing to do whatever for $$$ is prostitution, just like any other "job"...The Thailand video would make the beautiful ladies on this doc nauseated, to say the least...Yet, who am I to judge? I wouldn't want my daughter doing this. If you need to survive its one thing, but just to get money to go clubbing or makeup, well, I feel sorry for you! Try growing a garden instead!

7 years ago

In this context I believe the term sexual labor is preferable to prostitution. The amount of money girls can make with camming is amazing. The idea is great, but if this ever becomes widespread all over the world, it might cause societal issues in less developed countries as this job can easily pay much better than a good white collar job with 10-15 years of experience. I really underestimated the size of this business:/

7 years ago

It is sad to see such beautiful and intelligent women doing something like this to survive. Some I think are addicted to this so they have no desire but to continue because it brings them money. I don't particularly blame them because most of them had rough and tough times before doing this. To me this is prostitution, there's no other way to put it.

7 years ago

The only reason we are born is to procreate ..what you do with your life has nothing to do with Nature..Nature decide what your life will be like..

General lee fabulous
7 years ago

we all prostitute our self's its how our respective governments make money :)

7 years ago

Webcam modeling is not prostitution. Also, if they can raise a family and become rich of it, calling them unemployed is a bit ignorant. You seem quite jealous, Kevin Devill.

7 years ago

It's amazing how easily men and how many men justify paying for sex, when they're in long term relationships or married, which is never covered by any documentaries. If men didn't pay, prostitution wouldn't occur. But men do. So as long as there's a market, women will sell themselves.

Kevin Devill
7 years ago

Once again a generation discovers sex and thinks it's the greatest, and prostitute themselves. Add drugs to their unemployment and think they have learned so much they begin telling you how to raise your children.
It's amazing how easy women justify sex for money in this documentary.