Can the Gulf Survive?

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Can the Gulf Survive?With startling imagery and intimate accounts, Can the Gulf Survive? chronicles the activities of a number of individuals taking part in the first response whose work and expertise is especially critical in stopping the spill at the well head and cleaning up its effects in the weeks and months that follow.

With exclusive access to BP's clean-up operations, National Geographic investigates what happened to the 4.9 million barrels of oil that poured from the sea floor in one of the worst environmental disasters of all time.

From the front lines of the cleanup efforts, NGC follows the first two months after the spill, tracking cleanup efforts as experts seek to learn the ongoing effects and BP battles the spill and the public outcry.

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  1. FreeRangeRadical

    I think the bigger question is, will the Earth survive US? We're throwing common sense to the wind and pursuing a course of "prosperity" over a course of ecology. The same people who are most vociferous about protecting their children are the worst polluters and resource users. Drive through virtually any American suburb and look at the houses you see; 3000-4000 square foot monstrosities that are far above what's necessary for comfortable living and individual space. Look at the trains of trash that line up at landfills to be disposed, so much of which could be recycled, a program that goes completely lacking in many rural areas that have curbside waste removal. I live in such an area and have tried for years to have the program add a simple recycling bin to the pickup, but to no avail. The woman who coordinates the plan for the county has a sinecure. She not only won't consider a recycling plan, she refuses to initiate an online payment program, meaning that there's no option for a paper-free billing process.

    Like the majority of issues accelerating the destruction of our planet, greed plays the overarching role. This woman doesn't want to see her job eliminated by automation, but she's also a staunch conservative and favors the Tea Party (she had Tea Party banners and signs in her office and on the lawn). Total double standard: Cut or deny logical, resource-saving measures while insuring that she has a job forever. The same is true for the oil and coal industries, and many more.

    They would rather see the Gulf saturated with crude oil than face the loss of even a single perk. I cite as reference BP's former CEO, Tony Hayward, who was disturbed by the Gulf spill only because "I want my life back", he said. Right, a privileged life free from pollution, trash, recycling bins, or those pesky people who understand that if we continue down the road we're headed, we're going to end up knee-deep in garbage, pollution, and dirty water - if any fresh water is to be had at all. But you can be certain that Tony Hayward and those who share his opinions, regardless whether they share his wealth or not, will ride this pony until it falls over dead. Dead like much of our oceans now, including the formerly-beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

  2. David Ewer
  3. David Ewer

    Great post

  4. Crab_Nebula
  5. Crab_Nebula

    for me the video stops at 21.50 but if I set the slider past that point I can watch the rest. Something about burning the oil on the water someone doesn't want anyone to see? or just my screwy connection,hmm..

  6. lakhotason
  7. lakhotason

    You get the same thing on NG's website. I'm thinking it's a glitch caused by removing a commercial that was in that spot.

  8. dewflirt
  9. dewflirt

    How is burning the oil any better than oil in the water? :)

  10. Bart Luyckx
  11. Bart Luyckx

    I can't watch ANY of these National Geographic documentaries!

    Every time I'm watching, almost exactly after 1 minute I get the message: "There is a problem in loading this video, please check your connection and try again.".

    I tried viewing other docs directly from their website, as a logged in user and everything, but they all pop up the same message after 1 minute.

    I am sure it has nothing to do with my Internet connection because the problem exists only with the National Geographic docs.

  12. Vlatko
  13. Vlatko

    @Bart Luyckx,

    I don't know if anyone else has that problem, but the video is fine from my end. Could be your ISP, blocking their stream.

  14. Giacomo della Svezia
  15. Giacomo della Svezia

    I have the same problem but it happens later. It must have something to do with NatGeo, not TDF. The film stops after roughly 20:50 minutes. The second time I scrolled a bit further and then back, before it froze.
    It's not the films themselves, I think, but a problem with the connection or it has to do with the location (Netherlands), or maybe some sort of timeout occurs.

  16. Giacomo della Svezia
  17. Giacomo della Svezia

    I threw away the internet cache (Firefox), then tried again, but the film stopped again at 20:52.
    After a hard refresh I scrolled about 30 seconds past the moment it stopped. From there on, the film continues to play until it ends.

  18. Bart Luyckx
  19. Bart Luyckx

    Thanks for the suggestions people.

    I think I've found a workaround for my Nat Geo docs viewing problem :)

    Apparantly I only have it when I'm use Google Chrome to view their documentaries. I tried deleting all the cache and even stopped my AdBlock plugin but the problem remained: a stop after 1 minute of viewing.

    BUT when I use Internet Explorer (without plugins because I never use this browser) to view the National Geographic docs it works just fine ;)

    I suspect it has something to do with me having the AdBlock plugin installed in Chrome, but so be it. I am not gonna uninstall it and just watch the NG docs in IE and continue using Chrome for everything else :P

  20. Smokey
  21. Smokey

    There's no doubt about the stupidity which led to this mega disaster it seems that homo sapiens has to learn the hard way 'by experience'.Multi National companies like BHP and Shell are not interested in the environment or people anyway,there areforms of clean energy that could already known and tested and more to be discovered but Government by the Multi Nationals for the Multi Nationals seems to be the order of the day.One thing most everybody could do is write to their Politicians and remind them that a clean environment is far more important than money which only gets invested in more pollution and wars and to do their job in representing thein the interest of the people and community.

  22. Reginaswee
  23. Reginaswee

    Same thing just happened over here!

  24. Mercenarry ForHire
  25. Mercenarry ForHire

    Tuna in Oil :3

  26. Rob Riddell
  27. Rob Riddell

    the thing they didnt mention is that bp and other oil companies buy patents on clean energy or efficient engines for example to suppress technology that would free us from these hazards, in the end we must make choices ie not supporting oil companies as much as is possible. think about it, our very future is being held ransom just to make investors a profit, sick

  28. Øyvind Tunge Wixøe
  29. Øyvind Tunge Wixøe

    this is bull shit,what a crap docu.

  30. manfruss
  31. manfruss

    Why do you feel that way?

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