Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

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Cancer claims the lives of thousands of Americans every day, but it also results in tens of billions of dollars in revenue for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Why would these industries champion a cure for the disease when they enjoy such stratospheric profits in its treatment? This is the premise of the documentary titled Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, a cynical indictment of medical establishment ethics.

The film opens with a rudimentary examination of the disease, including how it develops and spreads in the human body, and the damage it inflicts along the way. The filmmakers' main focus lies in the three mainstays of modern cancer treatment - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Their points of view on each of these options are damning. Chemotherapy alone is a toxic compound that has been shown to produce severe illness, diminished immune system capabilities and cognition malfunction. Meanwhile, many suspect that prolonged exposure to radioactive therapies can inspire the same cancers they're employed to treat. Are these really the best solutions we have at our disposal?

Leaders in the field of oncology over a hundred years ago prescribed a treatment regimen that was largely free of toxicity and heavily reliant upon nutritional value. The film contends that all of this changed when the wealthiest members of society began making sizable donations to medical universities in exchange for placement on their boards. The financial prospects of cancer treatment started to outweigh humanitarian concerns almost overnight, according to the film's interview subjects. Drug companies prospered, the cost of additional treatment resources such as radium doubled many times over, research dollars were devoted to pharmaceutical endeavors instead of those aimed at finding a cure, critics within the medical community were discredited as "quacks", and promising alternative therapies were never given an opportunity to succeed.

The filmmakers seem too eager in their willingness to endorse those who claim to have discovered the next miraculous alternative therapy. Largely absent are the voices of those who work tirelessly and with great compassion to defeat the scourge of cancer in our lifetime, and do so while operating within the confines of the same medical establishment the film criticizes. Still, the film's premise of rampant greed working to impede the tides of true progress is valid and worthy of exploration.

Directed by: Massimo Mazzucco

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2 years ago

Thoroughly research information at 1:03 Mark. Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer (German New Medicine) His findings are scientifically sound. Those CT Scan centric rings don’t lie. 🙌🏼

Paula C.
4 years ago

How many of you who are against alternative treatment actually have cancer or have watched a loved one die from cancer and suffer from the side effects of chemo and radiation? I watched my father suffer through chemo and I am currently watching my mother suffer from long term side effects of radiation to her neck 7 years ago. Her teeth are currently falling out and she is having constant pain in her jaw. I am a Registered Nurse but I am totally open to alternative treatment. Learn how your cells work. Learn how your body works. Maybe then you might understand why I believe in alternative treatments. God gave us these natural resources for a reason. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about you. They only care about how much money they make.

5 years ago

Read “The Cancer Cure that Worked”. Then rethink the Western Medicine paradigm. Big Pharma, profit and greed kill.

6 years ago

My wife was diagnosed in January of 2017 with Stage 3a breast cancer.

Treatment with B17, B15, NO Sugar diet and only fresh greens for 60 days killed 99% of the cancer.

An additional 60 days (to present with the B17 and B15 and reduced sugar and greens and a semblance of normal foods) and the cancer is gone.

Biopsy and a test for Nagalase in the blood shows the range well within the normal area.

Say what you will but an all natural way to cure cancer is 100% true. Diet is the culprit. Cells go crazy and start using sugar to operate instead of O2. For whatever reason this happens, it does, but B17 has two glucose molecules, 2 analgesics and ONE Cyanide molecule. When you starve the cancer cell of sugar it grabs the B17 and kills itself.

6 years ago

I think that 90% of you all are "self medicating" with some kind of "unCOOL-AID" read what you all have been carping on each other about, put down the UNCOOL AID, think about it and keep your BS to yourself. NUFF SAID

6 years ago

Well its true but recently i have heard about a cancer treatment , according to them taking 1 Table Spoon Sodium Bi carbonate for three to four weeks well cure Cancer.

Dr Chamberlain (not my real name obviously)
6 years ago

Medical student here with my take.
The video uses analogies of planes and phones and the progress of technology to imply that cancer research has intentionally been manipulated for profits.

Several mutations have to occur in a cell so that it's tumor surprising genes and genes that control mitotic capacity are changed in function and where the cell isn't killed with apoptosis. This will create the first cancerous tumor but in these regulatory genes going beyond regulatory control where the epithelial cells that make up over 90% of cancers, can now grow outside of the membrane that healthy epithelial cells cannot grow outside of. In the fact that these regulatory genes don't work, they are more likely to have additional mutations that will create entirely new strains of cancer within the same individual. The more advanced a patient has cancer the further the heterogeneity of strains of cancer cells will exist in the body and can easily be seen by a cancer pathologist trained to do so. THIS IS WHY CANCER IS SO NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TREAT.

The analogies to a phone or plane fall apart when you realize that mutation is so inherent in biology that the idea of fully eliminating or preventing cancer is impossible. The quickest we can even detect cancer right now in January of 2017 is when a cancer tumor is already a billion cells in size.

I will say that I personally do not like the pharmaceutical industry for a multitude of reasons but lets not use this as an excuse to decent baseless conspiracy theories. These alternative cures peddled so often have yet to been shown under laboratory conditions using the scientific method to be more effective than traditional therapies. If there is a miracle cure out there I personally would love to see it because I haven't yet and as soon as someone can find one they will be billionaires a hundred times over. Of course nobody has come up with actual evidence in spite of these incredible incentives and this is why I am skeptical until the evidence actually comes forward.

6 years ago

Why is "full body hyperthermia" not available in North America (i.e. Canada and USA)? Drug companies? Go to Dr Herzog germany or enter "Hyperthermia Mexico" on your browser and read all about it! I have a sister who went to Dr Herzog some 9 years ago. She is cancer free at the age of 87.

6 years ago

over the edge;
You are a Troll. You fail to see that the current system is broken, hence the reason for all the concern and discussion. Most people want nothing more than quality research and development toward some kind of progress. The current institutions have been using one method of treatment for decades. Do you honestly think that people would go out of their way to search out alternative forms of treatment if the current methodology was working well.

These snake oil treatment people you talk about are the conspiracies that big pharma likes to exploit the uneducated with. The doctors that are trying to help are the ones we never hear about because they are being silenced.

Cancer is an industry in and of itself.

Many people are trying to get through to you on here with no luck.

Seems to me you need to open your eyes and do some self exploration. Maybe read a book and inform yourself, because it truly is important to have a detailed look at all sides before running your mouth.

You act like cancer is only affecting you, you ignorant SOB.

6 years ago

If chemotherapy is so good why is it that a recent survey was taken of american physicians who were asked one question. If you had advanced cancer would you continue with chemotherapy? The overwhelming answer was....No!!!!
So why do physicians expect their patients to do the opposite and endure horrific chemotherapy until they're dead?

6 years ago

The issue is, the huge pharmas, and through them the Gov will lose trillions of dollars, not to mention the increase in cancers from the chemicals we spray on our crops, GMO foods etc etc. The pharmas do not want to cure you, they want you taking their expensive pills for as long as you live. Research the increase in cancer rates from 1900 to 2017, you will be horrified

Bo Jangles
7 years ago

Western medicine is so full of BS. Notice they are always demanding the double blind studies that prove a treatment is better? They really don't believe that as there is no shortage of regular treatments that have no studies(read the insert to the flu shot-no studies no proof it even works). Ok I had hypothyroidism and studied it for years. The standard treatment for it is synthetic T4 which replaced the former treatment of dessicated thyroid(dried ground pig thyroid made into a pill) as the treatment for hypothyroidism based on zero studies. Seriously take a look at how many articles are written by doctors telling you to synthetic T4 and a list of 10 points of why you shouldnt take desiccated thyroid. Now if you actually look at the studies that have been done 5/5 show that desiccated is superior.2-1 patient preference, and 1/2 to 1/3 of the negative side effects across the board(which wouldyou prefer to try just based on those two statements?) 100% is a very rare thing in medical studies. Synthetic T-4 was so successful it became the number one drug in the US at one point. Their makers got nailed once because they had commissioned a study to show their drug was better than the generics-it wasnt. So they tried to hide the study and got caught doing it. Class action lawsuit and the lost millions. So here is the history of how a drastically inferior treatment made it to number one. Is it really so hard to believe they really don't want a cure for cancer? Doctors sold out to Big Pharma just to make a little more cash on a pill.

7 years ago

Hm, they seem to left out what cancer is. Odd.

It's almost as if they want the viewer to believe that there is ONE cure for the numerous different cancers that all behave differently and cannot be treated the same without also attacking the body.

A well... Popcorn, soda and tinfoil hat at the ready. Play!

7 years ago

I never get why people are so against industrial medicine. They create the medicine according to how the body works. Natural remedies my a**. You can take a natural remedy and make it better by simply looking at how the mechanisms works. Period. Molecules are molecules, everything is natural.
By the way, there is no 1 magic cure for cancer, every cancer works different. You have to optimize your medicine for different patients. If you can prove your stuff works, if your medicine can pass double blinded studies, if you have a better medicine than the one available, the scientific community will accept it. If your sh*t works you don't have to call Big Pharma to ask if you can throw it out in the open.

7 years ago

2 minutes on the work of Dr Hamer and that's it??! Very disappointing. And making people believe that sharks are supercreatures who don't get cancer is exactly why most of them have been killed. Other than that, it's a somewhat relevant documentary. Thanks for sharing.

Philo zischkale
7 years ago

Who wants to be a millionaire?

William Larmond
7 years ago

I think that the research for cures, should be taken out of the hands of the Pharma's who have a vested interest in repeat business.
There has in the past, been interesting results that have been sabotaged by the medical professions with connections to the pharma interests, and using toxins is not a natural way of curing an affliction in the human body, how many animals in the wild die from cancer or other un-natural causes, they do die off from pesticides and herbicides.
And peer review is nothing more than like minded idiots who agree with common wisdom, that isn't so common.

Brad Campbell
7 years ago


Thanks for your information! My research indicates that what you've encountered and been willing to share is accurate. But the biologic detail that that you have is more extensive than I was fully aware of. Like you, I have come across the same suppression techniques used in a broad range of fields: energy, medicine, politics, etc. Thanks for all your efforts to share it with people. Some, like your negative commenters either aren't willing to do their own research or are likely trolls posing as truly interested parties, or their strong defense of the sad standard AMA sanctioned medicine available to most Americans wouldn't be so intense. Having to translate everything into english would be time consuming. I have not encountered the possibility of electrical microcurrent applied to the wrist before. I have encountered foot baths using microcurrent that results in extensive detoxification. Have you heard of Harvey Bigelsen who also has had much success with his protocols based on Antoine Beuchamp's Cellular theory of disease, among others. He was also driven to Mexico as well as Gerson, and Hoxey. My mother and I have had good results with a derivative of Rife's machine. Beuchamp's approach seems to me, from my research and personal experience to be considerably more accurate than the Allopathic approach, germ theory.

Keep up the good work! Brad

Adem Gunes
7 years ago

One should go for alternative cancer treatments as the natural ways can be way to better.

7 years ago

**I meant to say that like the origins of many medicines, the cure lies in the hands of Mother Nature

7 years ago

I do believe that there are things big businesses don't want to cure for fear of losing money (which is, of course, more important than the lives that could have been saved), and I think that like many medicines, the cure for cancer lies in natural remedies. However, my questions is, if all of these people were so magnanimous that they wouldn't sell their cures unless they would be distributed free to everyone, why didn't they just make the recipes available to the general public? That would have removed any power that their opponents held.

7 years ago

To quote Dr. Brush, president Kennedy's personal physician: Essiac is a cure for cancer, period.

We need the truth
7 years ago

I have read everything that everyone said. I have to add that it is a pity that people love money so much to watch their fellow human perish every day in diseases that can be easily cured with safe natural medicines. I started researching natural medicine when my 94 years old mother was told to go on dialysis 4 years ago when she was 90 years. I was on dialysis myself and had a kidney transplant once before . I believed so much in the doctors and the hospitals, I did not know that much about natural medicines. I started researching natural medicine because I thought that my mom will not survive dialysis because of her age. I found that there were several options of natural medicine that are not toxic and have no side effect. I decided to try one for her. Six months later we went to the hospital for testing. The doctor said that my mom was healthy and her kidney function was normal. She has been on that natural medicine she drinks with juices every morning for over 4 years.

Recently, she had abdominal pain and was bleeding. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was told that it is risky for her to have surgery because of her age. Because of my extensive research, I know that chemo and radiation kill most of the cancer patients and not the cancer, so, I told the doctors that there will be no radiation or chemo for my mom. They advice me that if she has any problem I should not bring her back to the hospital. I disagreed with that.

I started my mom on several natural medicine. I am not sure if I can mention them here. I got something to help gain body weight and muscles, another to detox the liver pathway and get the liver ready to get out the dead cancer cells, something to help direct oxygen into the cells and then started her on pure vegetable diet, no animal protein, no carbohydrate. Just two weeks the bleeding was gone completely and the pain was gone. She does not even take tylenol. Just this simple change of diet I read has cured stage one cancer for many. I just added natural medicine to help reduce tumor, another to help remove the protein from cancer cell so that it can be identified and destroyed by the natural killer, she is taking another that will help lock up the toxic that cancer cell produce when it ferment carbohydrate and sauger for energy. The toxic will be lock up inside the cancer cell and it will prevent those toxics from affecting normal cells and turning them to cancer cell and those toxic build up will also kill the cancer cells when it gets too much. She takes another one to help strengthen the immune system and keep the body strong. She takes high dosage of vitamin D and another natural medicine to help with the heart rate. For months now the pain and bleeding has been gone.

Natural medicine works. Hospitals should try and incorporate them with their treatment instead of trying to stop it. Everyday, people are getting the awareness that these natural medicines are safe and they heal. A time will come that people that have cancer will stay away from hospitals. In the future, maybe about 40 years or less, Chemo and radiation will be a thing of the past that it supposed to already be.

There are wonderful safe natural medicines for various diseases . Thank God for internet, you cannot keep them away from us anymore.

8 years ago

So many victims of our federally funded education system...Even when you are confronted with the obvious...(The US Govt sold its citizens out when the "Banking Cartels" of 1913 managed to create (without the vote of Americans btw) a central banking system. Which is its the money that is the smoking long as there are massive amounts of funds going towards: "finding the cure", scientists being funded, universities, etc...then we will continue to people dying of cancer. It's not conspiracy...when there's facts to back it up...why would ANY government make it ILLEGAL to treat cancer using any alternate methods? Wake up are being fed the lies manufactured for you, enlightened through the media providers that are reporting only what they are given to report...if you can't see past the lies and the social conditioning to see that we are indeed slaves in a prison created by our "leaders" and paid for by US...then go back to watching your American Gladiators...let the rest of us plant the seeds so the future generations aren't nearly as fluoridated into passivity.

8 years ago

Dr. Gerson was poisoned at least twice, and he died from the last poisoning. His nurse took over his practice and wrote books to keep his reports alive! When Dr. Gerson came into the USA legally and he properly setup an office, the G0V ram-sacked his office, taking his patient files, and they detained him several times. This doctor's record was clean and exemplary for healing patients of various diseases including cancer with herbs and natural organic food.

If only we had the internet then, perhaps Big Pharmaceutical Companies wouldn't have been as trusted, and rightly so. How many people do you know that has been taking chemical drugs most of their life, and now are ailing with other symptoms? That's the power of chemical drugs.

Natural remedies can cure you. Chemical drugs treat the symptoms and cause new ones over time. GOD gave us natural medicines for a reason!

Now, that doesn't stop me from taking cold medicine when I need it. I've just not found the right natural remedy to give me enough relief, yet.

However, in 1992, when a doctor was concerned about my enlarged thyroid, the test came back positive for Hypo-Thyroidism. The doctor said that I would have to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life. But, when the Holy Spirit received this news, I instantly and rather boldly laughed in the doctor's face! I was almost as embarrassed as I was amazed. I had no idea what was going on until I had left the office. Then it hit me!! I just knew that I was not thyroid sick, as that old devil tried to give to me, and I did not fill that prescription. Instead, I followed up with a new doctor, after I moved to Celina, and I asked him to test my thyroid too. He asked why and I told him of my results just a few months ago. So, he ran the test, which came back negative. Then he told me that something must have been wrong with that test because Thyroid issues just do not disappear. I replied, "All things are possible when you know God!", and he looked at me strange. I told him that he should request those test results because I believe that God wants to show him something. He replied that he has seen some of God's work. I answered, "Me too, that's why I'm drug free!!"
~ Rebecca aka. Respect2Glory

susan g
9 years ago

Simoncini lost his license because he left a trail of dead patients all across Europe! He did not go to prison because he used an unapproved treatment he went to prison and lost his license because he was killing off his patients with his quack treatment. Simoncini never cured anyone of cancer with soda bicarb. The entire thing preposterous.

susan g
9 years ago

Suzanne Somers is a liar. She was diagnosed with a very early breast cancer. She had a lymph node biopsy and lumpectomy followed by radiation. She was offered adjuvant (in addition) chemotherapy which she declined. Most woman diagnosed with an EARLY breast cancer and negative lymph nodes like Suzanne would decline chemo. The tiny increase in being cured wasn't worth the risks associated with chemo. The reason she is alive today is because of traditional mainstream medicine! She had surgery and radiation.

How dare her try to rewrite history and claim that her natural b.s. cured her. She should be thanking her doctors.

Simoncini the i*iot in the doc. that claims ALL cancer is a fungus is beyond a joke. I guess he missed the lecture on cancer that described how a patients tumor is made up of the bodies own cells. Oh by the way, Simoncini is no longer a doctor. He killed several patients by giving them soda bicarb and causing fatal electrolyte imbalance. His cancer theories are laughable. But then again he NEVER was a trained oncologist.

Svetlana Vigliaturo
9 years ago

Out of the Wood of Ignorance toward Light of Knowledge!

10 years ago

one can research garlic and cancer there are hundreds of studies
not to mention other foods ..
nutritional facts dot org is a great site for learning the top ten causes of disease. Nutritional science is fantastic...he has two lectures one is called the leading causes of death..

10 years ago

my dad cured his own cancer... he refused chemo and drugs, He did it his own way with herbs and weeds and onions.He was 80 when he was pronounced as cured, He is 90 now and fit as a fiddle

James Quirk
10 years ago

Wow, so many mainstream medical apologists, especially a_no_n. Doctors and they fan base are such dicks, virtually every time. Always knowing it all even though their treatments SUCK and FAIL most of the time. The hubris of humans "educated" to believe they have superior wisdom.

10 years ago

You know, this is an excellent documentary. I only watched it after reading the blogs going back and forth between several bloggers from the another cancer related documentary. Ultimately, people will believe what they want, but I think this one hits the head directly on the nail. TDF should put this on their main page. Of course, this is my opinion, and people who view it can decide for themselves!

10 years ago

There are a couple of inconsistencies in the posts. On the one hand, antioxidants are proposed as a cure to starve cancer: on the other, hyper oxygenation (using free radicals) kills off the cancer cells.
Anybody care to comment

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

There are numerous very effective natural cures for cancer, all requiring the same common components: organic diet, exercise and natural supplements to rebuild the immune system. Radiation and chemo suppress the immune system, hence the secondary cancers caused by those treatments.

I have never understood why conventional medicine would even consider using carcinogens (like chemo & radiation) to treat cancer. Makes no sense unless you're trying to build a sustainable source of income.

bonfe roni
10 years ago

"the only thing that has not changed in the last hundred years is the apparent incapacity of medical science to understand and conquer a disease like cancer"...

I'm about to watch 29 minutes of ignorance!

10 years ago

There seem to be more supporters of the "possibility" of success of alternative treatment (or preventive approach) than this thread.
I think this speaks volume of what humans know deep down or perhaps it's a result of all the mishandling of pharmaceutical money power.

Donna Martin
10 years ago

I appreciate all of your comments, its too bad most of the links you gave have been removed :(

Travis Goede
10 years ago

Toutmosis my heart goes out to you. You remind me of the person that broke free in Plato's cave, argueing against the people that have been looking at shadows on a wall for such a time they have come to belief the truth of those shadows. It even comes to a point that they get angry and agressive defending their own ignorant beliefs about truth, because they are scared of the things they don't know, which is a great amount i'd imagine. That fear is still no reason to build a mental prison for yourself. The way some people on this forum seem to bask in their own intellectual farts is just baffling. I would reccomend philosophy to the people that study science because it gives lovely insights in epistemology the discipline of knowledge and how we say that one has knowledge or can obtain it(and how fragile that knowledge seems to be once obtained) and metaphysics (and its relations to math and physics, read Kant or Descartes and don't agree with them(or do) just read it and add it to your own wonderfull syntesis). I find it seriously amazing to see sertain 'scientific' people denounce philosophy as 'mumbo-jumbo' while it contributed so much to scientific and critical thinking, I would dare say that it gave birth to modern science or atleast stood at its cradle and helped it mature(in some cases). In any way, please be humble and try to be less cynical, I know it is a common side effect when you study science without having a clue 'why' you where accually studying it. Toutmosis ones again I don't know you and I haven't read all your posts, still the way you precent yourself gives me hope, my little Nicola Tesla is what you are<3

10 years ago

Of course anyone who has not studied ethnobotony, pharmacology, or biochemistry would not understand that herbs have chemicals which give them various properties such as antiviral, antimicrobial, antineoplastic and so forth.

Herbs have chemicals, though drugs are usually one isolated chemical. Both work. The difference is how they work. Sugar is really a drug... sucrose is not found in nature by itself and as such destroys health. Why? because everything that assists the sucrose to be digested and utilized in the human body is removed. Now fresh squeezed sugar cane juice is beneficial because it has various nutrients that build up the human body such as enzymes, calcium, iron etc. Since these nutrients have not been stripped away the sucrose is mostly neutralized (much more so inside a plant with fiber) . Foods and herbs are a symbiotic package that work symbiotically within the human body.

Conversely, drugs are synonymous with sugar. Drugs have only one chemical component without that symbiotic package that assists the body in utilizing those chemicals that are within the plant and they become a poison. Why? because studies have been done with isolated components of foods (bioflavonoids aka phenols)/herbs (isolated chemicals) and caused disease including death when injected. Furthermore, studies have been done showing that bioflavonoids (rutin, hesperidin etc) contained in various citrus fruits help chemical components (in this case vitamin c) be utilized and absorbed by the human body. The difference is that once components are removed they become problematic (hence gmo crops). Bioflavonoids have been isolated and injected and they have caused disease.

All drugs are measured on a chart to determine their toxicity(as they all are toxic thus the reason for the chart) in ml/mg/ug and then the ideal amount within a very narrow range is then administered. Though this chart is very dangerous as it does not consider in hepatotoxicity, immunology and more of the individual patient. Furthermore only a small amount of overdose can cause death.This is crucial as many drugs are cumulative in nature and patients die every year because of these omitted factors. If one limits their use to benign herbs and foods this is not problematic.

Thus understanding that herbs have chemicals and these chemicals in herbs and foods contained within the whole plant possess healing properties such as antineoplastic, antimicrobial, antiviral and are safer than drugs is quite simple.

10 years ago

Its funny when they are talking about "combination of herbs". I am skeptical of these "formulas" that cure cancer. I am sorry but its not as simple as that. I look at cancer this way, its a lot like war and violence around world, we know its "bad", we always try to figure a way to promote peace through negotiation or force. There are just so many factors that revolve around these complicated situations, but it just takes time, be patient. It is unfortunate that we can only help cancer patients to an extent, but I believe we have to learn to accept that there is no absolute cure. That is why some researchers began identifying as cancer being specific to each and every one of us. If you really wish to seek the truth, then dedicate your entire life to understanding cancer. Don't make arguments about throwing random numbers from studies, nobody cares what those numbers mean. Experiments are not proof, it is just a journal publishing their ideas and results, does not mean it is the truth. Talking about the politics behind cancer is irrelevant, good luck wasting your time because it gets us no where. We complain about cancer politically more than we do biologically. Come back in 50 years just don't start complaining about FDA this and that. Tell me that you've uncovered some molecular structure specific to this mutated gene and can be degraded with this molecule blah blah blah and discuss that with everyone else we might just become a little smarter instead of spreading conspiracies and making everyone a dumb f*cking politician.

10 years ago

Anyone who has seen chemo works knows its not a cure. Why because it does not remove the cause. What are some causes of cancer; a bad diet(aka sad standard north American diet; meat, sugar, junk food,deep fried potatoes,etc), bad relationships, toxic working environment, toxic living environment etc Any child can understand chemo and radiation does not remove these causes of cancer and as such they are a failure. Conversely, a good vegan diet, exercise, cleansing with herbs, living and working in a non toxic environment, and having a non toxic relationship will promote health and prevent cancer. Just because cancer is in remission for a couple years does not mean its a cure.

10 years ago

Don't people and their loved ones in large corporations and government regulatory agencies get cancer, too? Why would they be blocking effective treatments to consolidate money and power? Although science tends toward entrenchment, as it reflects the human nature of its occupants, there is a long history of unpopular ideas eventually finding acceptance through empirical data. Much of alternative medicine and conspiracy theories seem like pseudoscience embraced by those who do not understand the scientific method or peer review process, which is unfortunately a huge part of the population. Some notable exceptions exist, however, including the cigarette industry and GMOs, which provide credible examples of the power of corporate influence. I just don't find this particular topic regarding alternative cancer treatments compelling.

10 years ago

As far as I understand the only way to find out the truth is to change the world medical industry to the old Chinese way. Doctors and medical stuff only get paid if their patients are healthy.
Contempt prior to complete investergation will enslave a man to ignorance.

10 years ago

If you you use Essiac as an example to describe a working anticancer drug,then I know this film is nothing but paranoid malarkey.

10 years ago

Can't see the documentary... Entertained by the comments.... Bravo Toutmosis .

10 years ago

it took hundreds of years to convince Dr to wash there hands before seeing another patient, many DR's went from the morgue to the hospital bed with out washing their hands and despite glowing evidence and reduced numbers of dead victims they refused to obey the rules. .

One DR hundreds of yrs ago was classed as insane and carted away.

Just ask your self WHAT IF???

10 years ago

i would like to have a copy of this video.... but i can find it any were... where can i get or buy it...but i went on line and found some of the recipes from the video...

10 years ago

I don't believe the stupidity here. You people are absurd, you go out of your way to defend charlatans and you gang up on anyone who dares to have a rational opinion that doesn't cater to your rebellious anti-government anti-everything mindset.

America is being "dumbed down" because people can no longer filter the information they consume. The only thing people like y'all care about is being able to consume it non-stop 24/7.

You are worse than sheep, you people are like zombies. You just need to feed your paranoia, to h-ll with the truth.

Unbelievable. I'm outta here and I'm going to make sure none of my friends visit this website. It's a shame too, I always thought a documentary site would attract people who have the capacity for rational thought. People who care more about the truth than they care about how palatable it is.

10 years ago

When I see things like this it makes me physically ill to know people
could be helped if it weren't for our very,very crooked, greedy
government & the powerfull greedy AMA. They have destroyed more
lives than many wars over their selfish greed and no respect for anyones
life but their own! They're all just a bunch of scumbags that prey on
the ignorant Americans that are too lazy or brainless to notice what
they have done and are doing to our people and country everyday!!

People just need to WAKE UP! Get your head out of the sand for Gods sake!

10 years ago

toutmosis, an advocate of natural health here too, and i focus entirely on nutrition for self-healing.. can you shed me light on the alternative methods you used that were effective in curing diseases like cancer. i'm eager to learn more. you can PM me on this twitter acct. thanks in advance