The Cancer Sell

The Cancer Sell

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The Cancer SellThis film came about because Sarah Macdonald wanted to find out more, to investigate the alternative cancer treatments and the clinics behind them.

At first it seemed easy enough. The facilities promote their services through glossy brochures and online video testimonials, such as one from a woman called Lorraine Weaver, who describes how she reacted to suggestions for conventional medical treatment for lung cancer:

"They said they were going to do chemo and radiation and I said I don't think so. I walked out and called my niece and she said you go to Oasis of Hope... and I came down and I was cured and I thank God every day, don't ever give up hope."

She found that this kind of statement was by no means unusual. The clinics often claim survival rates that far outweigh anything a conventional oncologist could offer - a complete cure when all else has failed.

When you have just been told that there is nothing else conventional medicine can do for you, it is easy to understand the attraction. So you abandon rational thought, phone the travel agent and find yourself in Los Angeles about to take a bus tour around the Tijuana clinics.

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Lance Jordan
7 months ago

Where is Sarah MacDonald today?

1 year ago

Cancer quacks are killers. But they make sure they get your money first.

6 years ago

She is so sceptical only cause she was lucky to beat the cancer. If she was really in need she would try absoluttely anything to get well.

7 years ago

Well it seems neither regular nor alternative therapies are curing cancer so might it be a crazy idea that the different treatments ought to be combined? The 2 camps disregarding one another is not helping any patients. Scientists and MD's are better of shedding that god complex and acknowledge that they DON'T know EVERYTHING. To begin with the difference a simple thing as food can make in the body. I'd also like to call dr. Ernst into question cause HIPEC is based on the heating of chemo which makes it more deadly to cells because it's heated: not to 42c but to 40c.

So why is it that hyperthermia doesn't work under 42c again? I'm not saying it does, I have no experience with it but to just dismiss everything cause it's hasn't been tried and tested (most often) is just ignorant and straight up foolish. An MD or scientist MUST be open to the fact that they are not the 'all-knowing' life force. ALL meds are derived from plants, lets not forget that, so to dismiss nature having potential healing effects (Turmeric is a, proven by science, example) is denying possible better treatments options and thats why cancer treatment has not gained numbers in survival rates since the last 40 years. (Not to mention to bias studies and results that are def not trustworthy anymore).

So what is a patient to do? Why don't MD just really get into it instead of just being zombies executing what their told to do. A great example of how a oncologist should keep an open mind is with the Iscador (misletoe) extracts, check out the website It's set up by a woman that defeated her cancer from returning (stage4 colon) for over 5 years. Het oncologist now works with her to set up a trial to confirm the efficacy of the iscador at John Hopkins. Simply cause no pharm. company will fund a trial doesnt mean a product doesnt have beneficial effect.

george lancaster
9 years ago

This is a lame documentary, one of the worst I've seen. There are so many success stories of people treating their cancer without chemo, radiation or drugs that I am surprised it's still being done at all. Like the bloodletting of the Medievel days, conventional cancer treatments of today will be a joke tomorrow.

I am seeing much evidence that even marijuana is being used to treat and cure many serious illnesses WITHOUT the side effects (especially death) of so many pharmaceutical drugs.

One only needs to do minimal studying to see that we have been lied to and cheated millions, if not billions, of times so a few can get rich. MONEY is the biggest disease causing, addictive drug out there.

9 years ago

more studies done on garlic and cancer than any other food med is full of good studies as are other research sites...

9 years ago

just dont do it, dont go to any kind of medical treatment if you have cancer or any other illness. I bet all of you critics will go to the hospital to receive any kind of treatment.

10 years ago


Today I encountered an article entitled "Merck's Anti-PD1 Melanoma Drug Shrinks Tumors in Half of Patients" in "The Street" and another entitled "Merck Anti-PD1 Update" from the Melanoma Research Foundation.
I'm certain that both articles would interest a large number of TDF followers and that links to both articles would be welcome (the one in "The Street" even mentions Roche's PDL1 for which you created two links a while ago).
So much Jordan Nash, Awful Truth and those of their clade.

Cash Johnson
10 years ago

Whoooooops! "He died of the disease at 92" Poor guy, he had such a long life ahead of him. LOL. Rock on, Linus Pauling!

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

"Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world."


"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize Winner)

over the edge
10 years ago

@Jordan Nash
do you have any demonstrable proof that alternative medicine works or not? a yes or no answer will suffice. as of yet absolutely nobody who supports the pseudo science has been able to provide anything other than outdated claims and personal testimonials

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

No medical man during his student days is taught to think. He is expected to assimilate the thoughts of others and to bow to authority. Throughout the whole of his medical career he must accept the current medical fashions of the day or suffer the loss of prestige and place. No public appointments, no coveted preferments are open to the medical man who declines to parrot the popular shibboleths of his profession.
Dr. Hadwen in his book 'The Difficulties of Dr. Deguerre' on why most doctors will accept and perpetuate the status quo in medical treatment, no matter how unsatisfying or unsuccessful.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

...the immune system can hold many problems in check, as long as it is not compromised by powerful procedures. Guess which system is the most important to you at this time, more than it's ever been before in your whole life. Right - the immune system. Guess which system suffers most from chemotherapy and radiation. Right again. A 1992 study in Journal of the American Medical Association of 223 patients concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure. (Johansson)

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

The New England Journal of Medicine Reports— War on Cancer Is a Failure: Despite $30 billion spent on research and treatments since 1970, cancer remains "undefeated," with a death rate not lower but 6% higher in 1997 than 1970.
John C. Bailar III, M.D., Ph.D., and Heather L. Gornik, M.H.S., both of the Department of Health Studies at the University of Chicago in Illinois

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

Medical study shows: untreated patients live up to 4 times longer than those who received conventional cancer therapy
"My studies have proved conclusively that cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation actually live up to FOUR TIMES LONGER THAN TREATED CASES...Beyond a shadow of a doubt, radical surgery on cancer does more harm than good...As for radiation treatment -- most of the time it makes not the slightest difference whether the machine is turned on or not. ...unfortunately, it seems to be only a question of time, usually, before the disease pops up again all over the body... Every cancer patient who keeps in excellent physical shape may have many good years left. The alternative is to squander those years as an invalid through radical medical intervention, which has zero chance of extending life. ...It's utter nonsense to claim that catching cancer symptoms early enough will increase the patient's chances of survival... Furthermore, untreated breast cancer cases show a life expectancy four times longer than treated ones. ~ My wife and I have discussed what she would do if breast cancer was diagnosed in her. And we both agreed that she would do nothing as regards to treatment, except to keep as healthy as possible. I guarantee she would live longer!"
Dr. Hardin Jones, prominent cancer researcher & former physiology professor at the University of California Department of Medical Physics, who has been studying cancer for more than 23 years, travelling the world to collect data on the dreaded disease. Published in Transactions, New York Academy of Science, series 2, v.18, n.3, p. 322.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

Has anyone considered watching the other documentaries on cancer located on this website?

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

In 1956 Fritz ter Meer became chairman of Bayer's supervisory board. He was convicted at the Nuremberg trials for his part in carrying out experiments on human subjects at Auschwitz. He was found "guilty of count two, plunder and spoliation, and count three, slavery and mass murder" and sentenced to seven years imprisonment and served five years.

"After 1978, there were four major companies in the United States engaged in the manufacture, production and sale of Factor VIII and IX: Armour Pharmaceutical Company, Bayer Corporation and its Cutter Biological division, Baxter Healthcare and its Hyland Pharmaceutical division and Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, which have been or are defendants in certain lawsuits.

The plaintiffs allege that the companies manufactured and sold blood factor products as beneficial "medicines" that were, in fact of likely to be contaminated with HIV and/or HCV. This resulted in the mass infection and/or deaths of thousands of haemophiliacs worldwide.

It is believed that three of these companies, Alpha, Baxter, and Cutter, recruited and paid donors from high risk populations, including prisoners (i.e. prison-based collections), intravenous drug users, and plasma centers with predominantly homosexual donors, esp. in cities with large populations thereof, to obtain blood plasma used for the production of Factor VIII and IX. Plaintiffs allege that these companies failed to exclude donors, as mandated by federal law, with a history of viral hepatitis. Such testing could have substantially reduced the likelihood of plasma containing HIV and/ or HCV entering plasma pools."

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

Cerivastatin (Baycol)

Maker: Bayer

Recalled: 2001 (after four years on the market)

Financial damage: Litigation-related damages totaled $1.2 billion

Baycol, prescribed to patients as a treatment for high cholesterol, is reportedly responsible for more than 100,000 deaths and about as many lawsuits. It was connected to a severe muscle disorder known as rhabdomyolysis, which clogs the kidneys with protein from dying muscle tissue.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

Fenfluramine/phentermine (Fen-Phen)

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories

Recalled: 1997 (after 24 years on the market)

Financial damage: Awards to victims close to $14 billion, making it one of the most costly products liability cases in history.

Fen-Phen’s was a hugely popular weight loss drug, its popularity peaking in the 90’s. It is estimated that as many as 6.5 million people took it to help fight obesity. After consumers began experiencing heart disease and other pulmonary problems, the FDA set the recall in motion. American Lawyer reported that more than 50,000 Fen-Phen victims have filed suits against Fen-Phen’s maker Wyeth, and legal expenses combined with awards may have exceeded $21 billion. Lengthy time in the marketplace combined with the severity of both the public reaction and the significant awards granted to its victims make its impact unprecedented.

10 years ago

Over the Edge and, of course, others:
There's an article entitled "3 Cancer Scientists Awarded $500K NY Medical Prize" which might be of general interest. Among other things, It gives the lie to Awful_Truth's statement that obesity causes cancer.

Mary Thomas
10 years ago

If it's quacks they're looking for then one only needs to open their local newspaper on any given week in any given city to find yet another quack medical doctor being found guilty of one form of unethical behaviour or another (sometimes deadly). It makes me wonder how many more of are out there still "practicing" on other victims.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

It wasn't that long ago that those in the field of conventional medicine thought it was crazy to wash their hands and instruments before medical procedures, the very thought of it being dismissed in spite of the rates of death caused by not doing so. No one from their schools taught it so it could no be true. Same holds true today, it seems.

Google: Ignaz Semmelweis and read the sad story of this poor fellow who attempted to bring this simple theory to practice.

10 years ago

Man, where to start:
1) DCA - or Dichloracetic acid has been found in scientific studies to be very successful at reducing malignent tumors in size, sometimes getting rid of them altogether. Since this compound is relatively inexpensive, don't expect it to be embraced by the medical, in particulalr the pharmaceutical community any time soon.
2) Marijuana has been recognized in multiple scientfic studies in the prevention of lung cancer. Since the U.S has a war on everything (especially drugs) don't expect this to be a viable alternative in the medical community.
3) Chemotherapy (basically mustard gas) along with radiation therapy is the standard treatment for most cancers in the medical community. While there has been some success with this treatment, it is soley dependent on the individual who is treated with it. (assuming it hasn't been watered down) Since no one really knows whether they will have success with it, it is potluck at best. for those that are unsuccessful with it, would have been far better off doing nothing, and will likely live longer with no treatment at all.
4) In the 1930's, a man by the name Royal Ray Rife created an electron microscope that could take motion pictures of the highest degree. Furthermore, he had apparently discovered that many pathogens oscilate at different frequenciies (including cancer) which could be obliterated by resonance frequencies that matched the specific mutation. Unlike standard treatment, it left the healthy tissue alone. Supposedly, his machines were confiscated by the FDA or AMA (American medical Association) when doctors who were using it made the mistake of stating that they were consistently 'curing cancer'.
5) The medical community constantly denegrades other non life threatening options. (chiropractic, reflexology, homeopathy, etc) If any of the viewers have had similar experiences like myself, you soon realize that there really is alternatives that work far better than standard treatments, and if the medical community refuses to acknolwedge their benefits, it only reduces their credability, which in turn motivates people to search out alternative treatments. (some good, some rediculously bad)
It is my opinion people research things for themselves, and follow the axiom; believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see. Since all cancer is a mutation, (oncogenes) and everyone has different triggers, a one shot treatment fits all (chemo/radiation) attitude is a poor approach if I ever seen one.
On a final note: Contrary to what you may have been told, obesity is the number one cause of cancer in the world. Thus, the best treatment for life in general is exercise. With that said, genetic predisposition, and environmental factors are not within of our control. Ergo, nothing in life is fair! What you can control is the power of thought, so never dismess it's potential.
This is only one mans opinion, and take it as such. Research for yourself!

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

to anyone reading this blog, I apologize for the comments of robertallen1 and some of my own. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with cancer please explore and make up your own mind, please trust your innate wisdom

healingcancernaturally dot com

cancertutor dot com

youtube: Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

youtube when the body says no dr gabor matte

10 years ago

"Robertallen1'...'Jordan Nash'

Will try to keep pertinent info on between you two. But all personal jabs will be removed.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

"Holistic methods focus on working with the body and boosting whatever immune system the patient still has. Chemotherapy and radiation by contrast, usually devastate the immune system at the one time in you life that you need it the most. Lorraine Day tells us: "Cancer is a disease of the immune system. It's caused by a depressed immune system. How can it possibly be cured by a therapy that further damages the immune system?" Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Any More"
quote by Dr Tim O'Shea in TO THE CANCER PATIENT

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

The War Against Quackery is a carefully orchestrated, heavily endowed campaign sponsored by extremists holding positions of power in the orthodox hierarchy.....The mutimillion-dollar campaign against quackery was never meant to root out incompetent doctors; it was, and is, designed specifically to destroy alternative medicine...The millions were raised and spent because orthodox medicine sees alternative, drugless medicine as a real threat to its economic power. And right they are...the majority of the drug houses will not survive.

10 years ago

Over_the_Edge and, of course, others:
I found more information on MPDL3280A, the drug currently being tested by Roche. Two options:
1. go to gene dot com, select medical professionals, then our pipline, then go down the list to anti-PD-L1 module
2. go to clinicaltrials dot gov and search for MPDL3280.
These clearly give the lie to Jordan Nash and others like him and may prove enlightening .
I would appreciate your comments.

10 years ago

Over_the_Edge and, of course, everyone.
An article just appeared entitled "Roche Immune Therapy Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Early Study." This seems to give the lie to those who claim that "big pharma" is interested only in treatments, not cures. While the study is admittedly small, it appears to be a step in the right direction.
Could you post a link to it and, of course, provide your comments.

10 years ago

I totally agree with the idea that the fear of cancer is abused to make money. Bad people with no mercy take advantage of those who are afraid to die. In line with this thought you may assume that the people who make the biggest profits are probably the biggest crooks, no? How ironic that these people are in fact your doctor, your so called specialists, the pharmaceutical industry who cooks your chemo and arranges your operations... Check the facts and then look again. Read for example 'What doctors don't tell you' by Lynn McTaggert - one of the many scientifically proven books that just state the facts.

10 years ago

i don't think imma waste time watching this......i'll just read the comments.....

over the edge
10 years ago


i noticed the response to the deleted post was to a name i haven't used in many years (name withheld) and never used it here. was that displayed on the thread as that? it is worrying that disqus would err and give an old name.

over the edge
10 years ago


okay lets look at alternative medicine shall we.? please give me your best one example of either a doctor/clinic or specific treatment that best represents your case. please do not bury me under a flood of accusations about the medical profession. i will need something that has been replicated under controlled conditions and subjected to double blind trials. personal testimonials or claims from the supporters without sufficient documentation subjected to the scientific method and basic guidelines of trials will be dismissed as unreliable, what do you say?

Guy van Elsacker
10 years ago

Dear lady

I assume you profession is journalism.
Journalists should bring in information without judging. This despite the fact journalist have the right to have an own opinion.

This whats wrong here.
You stated yourself that you don't have a scientific background.
How can you judge?

Believing the statements of the classical medicine which is backed up by the most criminal infiltrated organization called FDA is your right because every one has the right to be a believer but...

I enjoy the presence of people who think and believe but I prefer people who know and I disgust people who think they know.

My advise to you start studying human bio-chemistry on cellular level and when you are intelligent enough and understand things on cellular level to do the next step going to interactions on genetic level than you can do this whole thing over.

I look forward to hear from you in a few years.

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.
Retired research fellow

Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial* interest that influences my opinion.

* commercial = probably one of the worst evils of this times replacing the religious nonsense. - This is the only point where I agree with you

10 years ago

This is one of the most baseless, unsupported, documentaries I have ever seen. The narrator ruthlessly and unintelligently distorts everything that is said to her to make her point. This is the type of journalism that suits Al Jazira.

10 years ago

Where is your data to support the term "quack"? If you do not understand that that is a fraudulent unsupported claim then your comprehension is very lacking.

"Medicine has made considerable progress over 6000 years" your type of medicine that you refer to has not been around for 6000 years. This is your fraudulent statement. Your type of Medicine cant even cure the common cold, no advances here. Now herbology HAS been around for 6000 years and can rid one of the common cold. Thus if Neanderthals were smart enough to figure this out, then its apparent that they were far more intelligent than many so called modern homo sapiens. Thus Im happy to follow over 6000 years of knowledge with complete confidence. On the other hand, modern medicine has a very questionable track record of mostly around 100 years or less. Even with the most basic of illnesses like the common cold.

There are thousands of falsified studies that can be easily found by actually studying. I know you will never do this as this is your pat answer. The drug Prozac is one of hundreds of drugs as an example. Once again only asking questions but adding nothing of substance but baseless skepticism.

Did someone just fart? Cause it really stinks of manure around here. As usual no real factual data of conclusive evidence at all to support any statements or claims. Just some uneducated opinion masquerading as some sort of expert witness about a field that one has never even studied. Its a good idea not to call anyone a "quack" in any field when its obvious one has no rudimentary knowledge about. At least someone with rudimentary knowledge could give some substantiating argumentative evidence as to their OPINION on the subject...Now its very ironic that someone without rudimentary knowledge in the field they are questioning calls someone who has ACTUALLY studied in that field a "quack" . Now I wonder who the real QUACK is?


10 years ago

Your right; drug dealers masquerading as quack doctors are everywhere. Just say NO to drugs, and the drug cartels ! Including their money laundering banks Wells Fargo and HSBC! Besides at a ratio of 10000-1 or more deaths per patient I like my chances with herbs that have been around for over 6000 yrs not some quack medicine for about 60 years or so.

10 years ago

You can't be close-minded about this issue. Alternative therapies that work are out there. Not every doctor will tell you there is no alternative cure, only the ones who have been trained to think that way. This documentary fails to explain the exorbitant cost of conventional cancer treatment in the U.S. (Last I checked it's $10,000 PER PILL!!!)... for treatment that makes you SICK and DOESN'T WORK!!! Talk about insult to injury! Don't you get it? Chemotherapy DOESN'T WORK. Al Jazeera is happy to keep us misinformed. Why don't you move to Europe and talk to the doctors there, maybe some of the patients who have been cured via alternative methods. This blind faith we have in these pill-pushers we call "doctors" in the U.S. is the most dangerous thing of all.

10 years ago

"And for your information, there's only one type of medicine and that's mainstream.. Anything else is quackery."

There is lots of information that I take time to study, think through and make conclusions of my own, thank you very much. And it does not end on medical education - alone it is absolutely meaningless considering the level of progress that we reached.

The statement above puts you in a position of a very ignorant and narrow minded person, I don't like to say this, but you just said it yourself: if your child, God forbid, would end up in a situation where a doctor send him home to die because there is no MAINSTREAM cure for him, you would let him die, since there is nothing else in the world that would help, according to you, no other treatments, no more bright minds that are working on a greater solution. It seams you are going against your own words. And there is no reason to involve religion, it is a completely different world that deserves a separate discussion.
Just for the record - as I mentioned before, I do not reject any medical treatments provided, because the only way you could reject something is by trying it out yourself and proving it worthless, a scientific conclusion is not enough as long as we don't know and trust the people involved.
I feel that any discussion with you will end up right where it started, as I read you previous attempt to prove something to a person who was giving you rather smart arguments (that you could at least take to mind, before insulting him). If your goal is to deny everyone who DARES to question something that you don't believe in for one reason or another, good luck with that.
Just remember the saying:
“The greatest ignorance is to REJECT something you know nothing about”

10 years ago

There is a good saying "Never argue with fools, they will take you down to their level and beat you with experience". You can only feel sorry for people who see only negativity in life and every other opinion except their own is considered wrong by them. (As I had the luck to meet a lot of those). I am not in this discussion to support or reject any opinion so there is no reason to attack me. Sorry also if in some way I offended you with my previous comment. But I will most definitively not going to join this pointless argument, there for have to ignore your meaningless questions. My point was only that everyone has a right to make their own mind about anything that they want to do with their lives and health and there is no reason to go around fighting over this, spreading confusion, there is enough of that as it is. Although, I would really liked to understand the reasons for such an aggressive response from you... if it would be possible to have a decent civilised discussion with you that is.

10 years ago

People, would you just stop for a second and listen to yourselves... What are you fighting about? You are all right in your own way. But it's not like you even have a reason to reject or support any of the given treatments, no matter who promotes them. It is only for the sick person to decide what to believe and as long as there are many choices, at least there is hope for those who need it. Most of the natural remedies will have side effect one way or another, each and every chemical that is anyway foreign to our body will cause damage no matter if it can combat cancer cells (we can not be sure which of them have more reasons to be banned). The best thing about alternative medicine is that it gives a chance to survive when your all knowing DOCTOR tells you to go home and enjoy your last three months because there is nothing he can do to cure you... In such cases all you can do is to turn to alternative and hope at least for a placebo effect if not a real treatment. Now think about that before starting a fight that won't bring any results. It is absolutely ignorant to believe that mainstream healthcare has all the answers and working only for the benefit of people. But it is also insane to state that chemical drugs would have better healing effect on you than nature would. Thank you, to those who don't give up and try to brake through with any kind of cure that they sincerely believe could help someone in need... As there are many of us (sick or about to loose someone close) looking for that help anywhere we can.

10 years ago

Just because some people con desperate cancer victims into a false cure for financial gain, it does not prove or even suggest that a natural cure cannot exist within the plant kingdom. For example curcumin (found in tumeric) and indol-3-carbinol (found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts) are accepted by the medical establishment as being able to cause apoptosis (organised cell death) to certain types of cancerous cells without causing death to healthy cells. The problem with cancer is that it can arise by literally thousands of different mechanisms. Put simply, a particular genetic mutation alters a particular biochemical pathway, of which there are thousands, in a particular way. The end result may ultimately cause cancer by, for example, switching on or accelerating cell division permanently, or by switching off the ability of the body to recognise and destroy the abnormal cell. This is why some treatments work for some cancers, and not for others. It depends if the biochemical pathway targeted by the treatment (e.g. tumeric) is the same one causing the cancer.
However, if enough of these cancer specific compounds can be found in plants and administered all together in their raw state (i.e. not synthesised or extracted/chemically altered), the result would eventually be a mixture targeting so many biochemical pathways specific only to cancer (most natural compounds that do this actually target multiple pathways),a large proportion of cancer types (say 90%) could be treated with one product.

Various herbal cures have been claimed for a long time now, most notably by Hoxley and also a woman named Caise (herbal cure was named "Esiac"), and also another named "Black Salve". All of these were a mixture of many many different types of herbs, AND THEY REALLY WORKED, do the research. The problem is that if these treatments are released, Big Brother/Pharma will lose billions or even trillions as people stop buying their treatments.
The reason there is no peer reviewed literature confirming Hoxley and others' cures is because no-one will provide the funding for something that is not profitable (natural plants cannot be patented), and because anyone who has ever figured it out has been discredited by Big Brother and labelled as quackery.
Viva la Resistance!

10 years ago

very one sided ,the reporters mind was made up before they even started,and when they did they went straight to the quacks they should of looked at at the people who are being attacked she would of found real results but it would of never seen the light of day, if you want to know about proven cures for cancer look up hoxsey clinic!

10 years ago

Robert not only do you sound like you really dont have any clue what your talking about. But I'm not to sure you dont work for the FDA or NCI. You wrote;
In 1998, three oncologists enlisted by The Cancer Letter to conduct independent reviews of Burzynski's clinical trial research on antineoplastons concluded that the studies were poorly designed, not interpretable and "so flawed that it cannot be determined whether it really works". One of them characterized the research as "scientific nonsense".
which later surfaced to the faults of NCI for not following proper protocol and diluting the medicine so that it would fail in the trials. now for your scientific non sense guy wouldn't have been the doctor who first said we should look into Burzynski's medicine, who later left NCI to go to work for the FDA to approve copycat patents of Burzynski's medicine. PEOPLE OF AMERICA NEED TO KNOW THAT CANCER IS THE #1 WAY THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS POPULATION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE ARE CONTROLLED IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES. So no you will never hear of these alternative options because then to many people would live longer lives. UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY ALONG WITH OUR RIGHTS AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. UNTIL THEN WE CAN DO NOTHING.

10 years ago

This is disappointing. She didn't explore the Japanese medical establishment's measured success rates with the Gherson Therapy, nor did she explore the very real context that many cancers are caused or exaserbated by nutritional deficiencies. She should have read the Journal of Orthomolecular Medecine if she wanted to do "investigative" journalism, rather than a quack assassination piece. This woman has done many people a great disservice by labelling all alternative approaches under one umbrella. This is a disgusting piece.

10 years ago

Unfortunatly this video doesnt include VERY credible alternative therapies with honest and intelligent representatives. It just makes the blanket statement that"all alternative therapies are quackery". yet it fails to mention that the majority people "cured" of cancer by conventional medicine...are dead within 5 yrs. This conventional medicine stranglehold on us re Cancer is very self serving...financially. As I write this ..I see above me(by sheer coincidence) 4 suggested Documentaries to watch. One is called "Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime". Howard Hoxsey ,a wealthy oil biz success ,was curing people of cancer with a natural concoction his father created. He was stopped by the courts. See his story and 5 others who had cures and were stopped, on YouTube... "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures". Or See "Burzynski-The Movie" re Dr Burzyski of Housten fighting the FDA for 30 yrs to allow his patented "Antineoplastons" to be marketed. He has full documentation of all he has cured. He has even cured an inoperable type of cancer young children get. Why doesnt the FDA and the AMA embrace him? Because a simple cure wil;l put a lot of cancer Ind people out of business. This documentarian Sarah Macdonald did an excellent job of being one sided...but not an excellent job on her research. There is a "Gersin Hospital" in Budapest that has been curing 10's of thousands of people of Cancer for 75 years using only the diet of Dr Max Gersin. Charlotte Gersin has a Gersin Hospital in Mexico too...why was she not included here and allowed to show her documented cases as she does in "Dying to Have Known". True Journalism is not one sided.

10 years ago

Search: Oncolyn, Graviola (soup sop), hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, Hulda Clarks 'Cure for all Cancers' (human intestinal fluke), Rick Simpson at Phoenix Tears or 'Run from the Cure', Huffington Post's article on the use of medicinal marijuana, or just the use of fresh/non-psychoactive marijuana juice, Essiac Herbal Tea, Kelp, Carnivora (venus fly trap), etc.... I work for a Natural Health centre and have met many self cured cancer survivors who were told to go home and die by modern or 'western' medical doctors.
Also check out Simply Seven a sea vegetable liquid combo, paud'arco, and a good mushroom combo like Immune & by Purica...just do your research about Natural Health and it will all make sense eventually. Some people are so closed minded it's as if they don't want to see the truth. They haven't met enough people...and those who are open-minded, have suffered the hardships of being a good, open-hearted person that they have learned to keep quiet. Not many people know these things in comparison to Every human being, but Many still do, from what I have seen for only working in the field of natural health for 7 months, (although I have researched the topic for many years.)
(Many other diseases have been known to be reversed with many natural sources, I have met Way too many people who averted joint surgery, diabetes, gluacoma, learning disabilities, skin disorders, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, immune system issues, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, addictions, depression, you name it, there is hope out there in the world of Nature. Why else would we all be alive today?

10 years ago

Allopathic medicine is never going to 'cure' cancer because cancer is not a disease, it is a symptom. You can't 'cure' a symptom, you can only find and remove the cause and this is where alternative or true medicine puts its focus. It's too profitable for big pharma to keep people sick and coming back for more drugs that are never going to cure them. What would motivate them to find a cure for their biggest cash cow?

I would not give a single cent to anyone raising funds for cancer, it's big business, nothing more. They've had billions of our dollars and have come up with nothing more than toxic treatments that kill in the most painful and horrible way. If someone lives it's despite these toxic treatments, if they die, it can all be blamed on the cancer. Time for us to wake up.

10 years ago

Yeah Robert you think your so smart your really just stubborn and defensive to the extreme and your own detriment. I was like you but after 21 years said **** it i'll look elsewhere, and now im in a better space. If it didnt work would I still be investing, not wasting, my money on people like natropaths, would they even be in bussiness? No way i've got a brain and im very sceptical aswel but your just a paranoid fool. Are you enjoying your modern diet? What kind of food do you eat im curious. Feeling good buddy? Most people cant even tell their on the slippery slope to some kind of illness and then the realisation gets delayed even futher by all the symptom stoppers our artfully trained medicine salesmen who charade as health professionals prescribe us. Your not meant to feel like ****, its not normal, and taking that pill wont help the root cause.

10 years ago

Robertallen, you're dangerous with your ridiculous one sided view. There is a place for all types of medicine. I for one can say that if it wasn't for good chiropractors I would have been subject to a lifetime of pain and consumption of dangerous painkillers and possible operations. No amouint of BS from you or anyone would convince me that chiro's don't save 100,000's of operations and all the other assoiated benefits that come with that e.g. massive reduction in lost production.