Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

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Cannabis: The Evil Weed?Cannabis, it's merely a plant, a wild weed. But it produces a range of effects that is unmatched.

To some, it's a blissful release, while for others it's something that seems to have unraveled their minds, and emptied their lives.

This documentary tries to get to the bottom of the conflict, by asking the most basic questions about cannabis. Can it really cause schizophrenia?

Can it lead you to take harder drugs? Or could cannabis even be good for you? The science is often so obscured by opinion, but what does the latest research reveal about the world's favorite drug?

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  1. Another government/pharmaceutical/law enforcement supported propaganda video to justify locking up innocent pot-smoking users, lobbying pharmaceutical best interest to get us hooked on "legal" drugs that are far more deadly than any weed type out there.... all because of profits.

    Evil weed? Yeah tell that to the thousands of children whose quality of life has improved drastically due to marijuana. Yes even WebMD and NIH have respectable peer-review research articles to prove the benefits of smoking, eating or inhaling weed. It actually helps with ADHD related symptoms, along with reversing the negative effects of MS, ASDs, and various types of epilepsies that can severely shorten life spans.

    Tell Jaydens' dad that marijuana is bad. I hope he breaks your Euro-trash face in with a sledgehammer. >_>

    BTW, prohibition makes things worse not better. Look at the history of alcohol prohibition of the 1920s. Crime rates and deaths increased ten folds than when alcohol was ok.

    I highly recommend watching "Culture High." That documentary has more truth than this typical DARE, say no to drugs campaign video. I do have to warn you all the part of Jayden is really heart felting and if you're a sensitive like I am, be prepare to cry. ... not in a negative way, mean you, because there is a happy ending to it... that was the part that made me cry the most. The reason being Jaydens' better quality of life could've occurred much earlier if cannabis wasn't so demonized by society. The topic of greed and special interest arises a lot in "Culture High", as well as freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness.

  2. Without reading every single comment here, it would appear that generally, the people who consider smoking weed to be harmless are those who smoke it themsevles. My son is living proof - yes living proof - that weed can mash up some people's brains. With help and support, he managed to give it up, but it was a very long and painful journey for everyone, most especially him. He started age 16 and by 18 was smoking 4 or 5 joints a day because it took more to get "high". He became totally dependent on it and it altered his thought process and his personality completely and totally, to the point that he cared about nothing other than his next smoke. He's now happier, healthier and is in full time work. Clearly it doesn't have the same phsycological effects on some people as it has on others, but the younger people start smoking it, the more likelihood there will be some phsycological damage. The skunk smoked now is way more damaging than in my day, so for many of these successful people who smoke regularly, perhaps they started when the strain was weaker, and perhaps they started when out of their teens when their brains were fully developed. The risk, is far greater for today's youngsters. Wake up and realise what this means to our society and to every teenager who smokes regularly, and to every parent, brother and sister of a habitual weed smoker suffering from the long term effects of smoking this stuff. It may not take lives in terms of an overdose, but it distort minds and personalities.

  3. THC, the most famous substance in marijuana is fat soluble, remains in the human body for a long time and causes psychotic symptoms, paranoia, etc. Other substances in the plant are anti-psychotic and sedative counteracting the psychotic effects of THC. Marijuana today in many places (high grade weed) has very high level of THC compared to standard weed and very low sedative substances. This is causing much more addiction and much more severe withdrawal symptoms than before in the West. In the east many people already knows that THC withdrawals are bad because potent hashish was Always smoked in the East of the world. In the West, Strong cannabis is not an old thing. The paranoia, panic and psychotic symptoms that appears and remains after quit the drug continues until all THC leaves the body. Many people are having this kind of psychosis that can last for months and this is not schizophrenia.
    People are obsessed about cannabis because the substance controls thoughts, changes the way people think. This plant is much more powerfull than people are thinking. Cannabis can brainwash a whole society that will defend it like a God. But this plant is not God.
    It´s not the solution for everything.
    Now someone explain me please: How can a drug that is the most illicit used in the world be the least addictive? It doesn´t make sense.

    1. "Now someone explain me please: How can a drug that is the most illicit used in the world be the least addictive? It doesn´t make sense."

      Use marijuana once and you will know.

    2. Are you thinking I don´t smoke??? ahahahahaha
      You are funny.
      And are you following me in this place?! What´s wrong with you?
      I have enough experience smoking, studying and helping people that are having problems with this drug.

    3. Actually the pulp and paper and the pharmaceutical industry made sure that the drug became illegal because they didn't want it as competition.

    4. That you George? Maybe it's because of the evolution of endocannabinoids that are part of our bodies, part of our homeostatic system, part of us ......

    5. first of all explain to me not explain me. second of all because your body doesn't become reliant on it and since this is what addiction is cannabis isn't addictive. THC has been proven to kill cancer cells while not harming healthy cells. CBD has been proven to cure epileptic fits most notably in children that only had access to "medication" that sometimes kills them and is far to dangerous for children. You are lieing about cannabis controlling thoughts and I ask for a link to this evidence if you have it. Who said it was a solution to everything? What do you mean the most illicit used in the world? you don't make sense I bet your one that thinks alchohol isn't a drug fact is cannabis helps a range of conditions not everything the fact governments would rather children run a risk of death rather than give them cbd that wont get them high but will stop epileptic fits make me question if they really give a s*it about the facts. Please crawl back into your hole and give the rest of us a chance at a society that works for us rather than constantly failing and setting up corrupt governments that only give a s*it about profit! if they could patent cannabis they would sell it to you but they cant so they wont do a tad of research

    6. This sentence: "Cannabis can brainwash a whole society that will defend it like a God. But this plant is not God." suggests to me that you have not used cannabis, nor do you understand it. First I think we need to understand the 'endocannabinoid' system of the human body, which appears to be integral to our basic homeostasis. This is an ancient plant that deserves study.

    7. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of this documentary? I watched it years ago when my son that was only fourteen at the time started smoking pot and ended up in rehab for a month due to the extreme side effects. I was very strange this journey as I discovered that there are hidden side effects from this drug that we are not allowed to talk about. Recently I came across, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana Mental Illness and violence. For over forty years I have observed people that have smoked cannabis for most of their lives and how it totally has taken them over in so many different ways. Yes cannabis does have some healing properties to it but is not meant for abuse for young healthy minds.

  4. It boggles my mind that there are still enough ignorant people to actually still have to have a debate of the pro's and con's on the subject of cannabis and industrial hemp. Any downside that is ever pointed out is because of draconian restrictive legislation against it's use or such minor issues blown out of proportion that it would be comical if it wasn't for the fact that so many have suffered because of the fore mentioned laws. The following are the biggest players threatened by the use of hemp/cannabis:

    1) Oil Industry
    2) Big Pharma
    3) Cotton Industry
    4) Paper/pulp/timber Industry

    There are over 25,000 uses of hemp that would replace a vast majority of the products made by just those four industries, and that is the reason and the only reason for it's restriction.

    1. 5) the alcohol industry
      6) organized crime
      7) and unfortunately, the little growers

  5. tis a dynamic plant

  6. Cannabis can help people with head injury where brain swelling takes place, it calms the patient and lowers pain levels, also it can help with neck injury. How do I know this?? I cured myself illegally in 1997. I am not allowed to smoke it anymore as I got caught growing my medicine but for the people who say, "Oh yeah it's addictive!" well that's not true, I smoked for 30 odd years and stopped completely just like that. Only reason it's a gateway drug is because the dealers of hard drugs usually start you off on that and when you go back for more there isn't any only hard drugs....

  7. oooo maybe the aliens left it here....

  8. I used to work in a hospital and have seen many people come to the ER panicked from smoking pot. Ive heard people will go on to continue having panic attacks long after. Ive never heard of a Schizo case, but I suppose if you were already wired for the condition mary jane could initiate the process.

    1. I used to get severe panic attacks from weed when I was younger. Even now, if I smoke too much, I get anxiety bad. It's just that I now know how to control it before it turns into a full blown panic attack. Mind over matter, son.

    2. everyone has a 2-3 percent of developing schizophrenia if you smoke cannabis from say age 11 or 12 ish the risks increase to 5 percent. if you smoke it when your brain is developed there is no heightened risks they are the facts. This to me suggests we should legalise it as to prevent young people being put at risk by unscrupulous drug dealers but no we will keep fighting the "war"

  9. I can't see how marijuana causes phsycophrenia. I have been smoking for years and I don't hear voices just cravings

    1. You must also have a gene to be able to develop the schizophrenic disorder. However, for bipolar disorder, marijuana could be used as a coping mechanism.

    2. The development of schizophrenia is not contingent on a specific gene/s, certain factors are expedient in its development, but you over simplify. It doesn't even have a list of symptoms that all adhere to. Illnesses of the mind are best dealt with on a case by case basis, let's not be to eager to start writing labels. The symptoms that lead to a diagnosis, and the prognosis are different in each case.

  10. I have been smoking for over 30 years and have enjoyed smoking to help with stress, just to have a great time, however; it has been very costly and has affected family. I don't know why governments don't legalize it. It would be a great money maker to help pay off our deficit.

    1. May be the tax comes from smoking could be huge to pay off some national debts that we owe but the amount of money for health and treatments for those patients is even more, not mentioned the loss in labour quality that truly appears to be a force that pay off any debts at present and in the future.

    2. have you researched thses conditions that will come from smoking cannabis? seems to me like you are assumeing cannabis would do the same damage to the body as tobacco when the facts tell us it dosnt so what are these conditions that will hinder us so much? does alchoholism not come to your mind? very strange uninformed post

    3. Hey, great idea! Let's see, our total debt today is over 60 Trillion dollars, so how many bags would it take to pay that off.... Hmm......

  11. Psychologically addictive,....hmmm. Using your right hand on yourself is also psychologically addictive for some. No one is stopping you from doing thát. It is a remedy for a lot of people, you can't ignore that fact. For me it is a bless, a hobby and a way of life. Yes, i'm from the Netherlands, gladly...

    Let's role another one... (Maxi Yazz)

  12. Free the cure.

  13. okay put it this way, even if cannabis could cause you mental illnesses so do almost all legal drugs you can get in a local pharmacy, you can't say this plant makes people mentally ill if most legal drugs can also, i do not believe that cannabis can cause mental illness, if anything it could help to cure it. More research has to be done on such a wonderful thing, everything about it is amazing, hemp its self can also be used for so much e.g paper and clothes. They need to stop saying all the bad things about cannabis, especially if tobacco and alcohol are legal, they are almost just as bad for your body and mind as heroine.

    1. I went to school with a guy who was completely normal and he started smoking weed, six months later he was skitso and living under a bridge. Some people are predisposed to develop mental illness and marijuana seems to bring it on. That said I grew the stuff professionally on an industrial scale for years until I got caught, I think it's not very harmful and should be legalized.

  14. I cant believe how much f*****g propoganda is in this f*****g bbc documentary. You can never get physically sick from quitting weed. These british folk have s**t so far twisted its ret*rded. Cannabis cures cancer, and almost 20 other different ailments with absolutely NO DEATHS and NO PHYSICAL ADDICTION ever in the entire history of this earth. F**k BBC and their bulls**t. If you want the real truth, go watch The Union.

    1. Could not agree more. The Union is the best Documentary there is on this subject. You can look up every thing they say on google and find Facts to back it up.

  15. The poor little mouse who couldn't find the safe haven platform reminds me of my son - who unfortunately (with his mothers influence), started smoking dope around his mid teens. The "hard wiring" effect on an adolesent brain has been well researched, but not dealt with in the comments posted. He and his mother are also permanently on anti depressants - something which didn't appear to be necessary in their pre dope era - It ain't called dope for nothing you know.

  16. The poor little mouse who couldn't find the safe haven platform reminds me of my son - who unfortunately (with his mothers influence), started smoking dope around his mid teens. The "hard wiring" effect on an adolesent brain has been well researched, but not dealt with in the comments posted. He and his mother are also permanently on anti depressants - something which didn't appear to be necessary in their pre dope era - It ain't called dope for nothing you know.

    1. there is also a chance that e anti depressants they take causes there depression. those pills dont work for everyone. there wud be only about 30-40% cure rate takin those pills..if u ask their psychiatrist how long they have to keep takin these pills. he might say it might take from 6 months to an year for them to be cured.. lets say after an year if e doctor still tells them to keep takin e medicine..(which means that they are still not cured) whats e whole point to takin those drugs.. anyways has e doctor done any tests on them to find out what is exactly wrong with them..he might say there is a chemical imbalance so do u knw dat the doctor knows exactly which chemical is imbalanced..

    2. Yes, suspected imbalance as a result of dope use confirmed by time of onset and more recent diagnosis following further testing (in a control study)

  17. Of course it's addictive. How silly for people to say it's not. But everyone is different. Some can smoke socially, can stop, don't stress if they run out or can't afford any. Some can't. Some need it. Some can't deal with stressful situations without their crutch. Alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes. They are all addictive. I just think it's good to see that research is being done. It's important to have facts about the things that people are consuming.
    As for functioning in day to day lives. Ask the partners of those who smoke on a daily basis how well they function as a wife or a husband, a mum or a dad. Ask the ones who pick up the slack.

    1. they were slacker before they smoked not because they smoked.

    2. And you know that how? You've been in the homes of all people who have ever smoked weed?

    3. It's psychologically addictive, yes. But then again anything can become psychologically addictive. Physical addiction is not something attributed to cannabis, but apparently there is the rare case.

  18. Our dear friend, John, is obviously a degenerate to begin with. So many people are able to function healthily and positively while medicated. He's literally just sitting around doing nothing because it's in his nature to be lazy and feel unmotivated and unsocial, etc. You could give a lazy person any drugs and they'll still be lazy.

    The other guy PAUL must be hearing voices still because of the psychotropic drugs that their psychiatrist has prescribed from them. It's unfortunate that these two douchebags psychologically caved to a plant but I am so sceptical on their stories.

    Could they be taking other drugs while smoking up? Have there beeen other events that have impacted them as of recent? Are they not physically in shape? I mean it's really pathetic that John feels like he has thrown away his life yet he doesn't have to work, smokes like 10 spliffs a day, has time to drink tea/coffee/wine, walk around, feed other animals... What a life.

  19. british crap,. don't drink 2much,. less fish and chips and stop criminallizing mary jane:D
    I'm going to my local shop,. smoke it,.play some pool & injoy'n my free time whitout some innoyin'g drunky's around u that can't behave cuz they had a beer 2much!!! Nld050

  20. That "addict" John has got the life!! What is he complaining about!? I'd love to be able to smoke all day and drink tea and go for walks and shi t. The real question, is how the heck does he pay for it all?

  21. My favorite part is when he pets the cow...

  22. Finally! A documentary examining both sides of the issue of cannabis with acutal scientific evidence and not a whole bunch of religious or political opinions screaming "It's the devil! Stay away!" or "It's amazing. There are absolutely no harms to your health on this stuff!"
    The had numbers and results and took the most unbiased approach that I have seen in a documentary surrounding Cannabis.
    Thank you! It was a treat to watch.

  23. so does it actually cause 'Mental Problems' e.g Skitzophenia or is it rare that might happen?

    1. I dunno, I'm 48 and I've smoked it since I was 13. You tell me.

      (oh wait, that might not be a good example... lol)

    2. Weed can cause many people to be paranoid.

      Simple example is while stoned thinking "am I actually stoned". Or "can people tell im stoned". Or "am i thinking this cos im stoned"...etc

      I guess if you get paranoid enough times it could seem permanent.

      What many people dont realize is that mental health can easily be broken without you even realizing it!

    3. Less people would feel paranoia if it was decriminalized. We would get to enjoy the better effects of cannabis, rather than being worried about whether or not you'll get arrested for a joint.

    4. Basically there is no evidence that cannabis causes mental health problems. But the records of people that have mental illnesses eg, schizophrenia shows that most of those people have smoked cannabis. This however doesnt mean that most people who smoke weed will developed mental illness.
      Anyway, any problems associated with cannabis or any other drugs are just magnified when they are illegal. If drugs were legal there would be more variety for the cannabis available, this way people wouldnt smoke the wrong stuff and over do it, making us, the safe drug users look bad.
      Legalize it, Decriminalize it, use it, dont abuse it. Keep tokin' guys ;)

    5. Many patients who are newly diagnosed with Schizophrenia oftentimes have already been on psychotropic medication for a period of time prior. A handful of studies fail to point out that these psychotropics are actually turning a lower-risk mood disorder (like Borderline Personality Disorder) into serious mental health ailments like Schizophrenia. These patients may have happened to just be using marijuana either recreationally or to relieve the adverse side effects from those ridiculous "anti-depressants" and "anti-psychotics".

    6. Borderline Personality Disorder and all that can of stuff is bulls*it. They claim it is caused by a chemical inbalance in the brain. But they literally have 0 scientific evidence to back it up. Usually people who are for instance depressed have witnessed certain events causing them to get depressed. Drugs will not solve this problem only 'cure' the symptons. I believe it is better for those people to process their bad experiences. Of course if it is really bad medicine can help for a while but most people i know on for instance Prozac are using it for the long term as they have no intention of solving the real problems.

      @topic. Weed is not so harmful. Only some for the longues but not much more then cigarettes. I've been smoking for a while and so are alot of people I know who function in different places in society. Only the fact alcohol is allowed it is redicilous to ban weed. Everyone who has ever smoked it knows alcohol is way more intense.

    7. basicly the amount of people smoking now vs the amount of people that smoke that have the mental probelms now doesnt correlate with the amount of people that were orig polled. like for instance, say there was 500,000 smokers, and only 100 of them that had mental illnesses in 1940, now theres 100 million smokers and 100 cases of mental illness. the amount of smokers went up, yet the amount of mental illness cases stayed the same/didnt increase vs the population that smoked, ergo it not correlating lol.... besides tylenol has killed more people than cannabis, and the only thing that made the she illegal is: us govt calling cannabis MARIJUANA, and then forcefeeding people lies, praying upon their fears. we all know no one anywhere wants a "gay" child. but oh no! weed makes u crazy and exhume homosexual tendencies. LMAO. every single gay person ive met either doesnt do drugs or didnt do drugs till AFTER they figured out they was gay.

  24. Great documentary. A 'must' to watch for every person who is involved with raising children and who is willing to open its mind.

  25. Great documentary and very informative!!

  26. This was an amazing documentary!! Awsome!

  27. The Narrator says that "given that Cannabis has been around for millenia it is amazing we are still discovering new information about it". That's because it's been illegal for 75 years, duh. I'll bet there's all kinds of red tape associated with obtaining Cannabis for research. And there's risk when a doctor takes work home with him.
    Also, I doubt if we are discovering anything new about Cannabis, maybe "re-discovering" Cannabis abilities, again since it's been outlawed for so many years. I'll bet 2000 B.C. they prescribed it for all kinds of ailments we have not yet "discovered".
    My own feeling is that it is the fountain of youth. I would wager that regular takers of Cannabis generally outlive non-Cannabis users.
    Finally, outlawing the use of Cannabis is itself a misuse of law in general, and against the Constitution of the U.S. The only reason Hemp and Cannabis is against the law is to uphold the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Oil companies' monopoly position on its usages.
    Hemp would make a great alternative energy plant because you can grow it all year long and you don't need chemicals to break it down like we do with trees; it's actually beneficial to fish so runoff would not be a problem either.
    What the hell, this is an upside down world we live in. Maybe after the Civil War or Revolution coming up in the next few years, we will make laws For the People, the Citizen People.

  28. You all need to watch a recently put out documentary called "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?"

  29. This is bull shit. i smoke weed multiple times every day for the past five years and Im a freshman in college. I have a 3.5 GPA and get all my school work done even though i smoke and am usually high when i do it. Ive also tried many other drugs but if i said anything brought me into them it is absolutely alcohol, there have been many occasions alcohol has led me to using cocaine and ecstasy. Marijuana is the least of problems in the drug world and has less harmful effects on the body than cigarettes

  30. This is one of the better documentaries on the subject I have come across. Its not overly biased to any of the arguments, other than the fact that the presenters field is psychology.

    Yet, it "tells" us.. or me in fact, what I would like to know when it comes to the possible long term effects on my psyche.

    Nicely done, can't wait for the next one to come along, maybe they'll focus on the edible and direct application of the plant.

    I've been a frequent toker for some time now and getting that balance right for you is key. The pain relief! sleep! apettite! de-stresser! creative spark! all relative to my life and loving every minute of it.

    Hurry up and regulate it so I can find a consistent source!

    Also, what of the sustainable properties of the plant itself? Fuel, clothing, paper, food, cosmetics, canvas, rope, sacks, carpets, etc. Grows faster than trees. Excellent stuff.

    Peace and pot

  31. Took me awhile to study all the comments, but i actually enjoyed the article. It proved to be very useful to me and i am certain to all the commenters these! It's always nice for your requirements not only be prepared, but also engaged! I'm sure youd fun writing this piece of writing.

  32. by far the most evil thing about this documentary is the torture of animals - sick!!!!!!

  33. i smoked pot for 20 years, daily for at least 10 of those - i mean wake and bake every day, smoke first and last thing i do, couldn't make a move without a spliff, etc. and LOVED it. however, i began to really and truly lose my mind, social life, health, and everything else people normally appreciate in those out there trying to quit - you can do it and it's worth it! i have no regrets - including quitting! (if you're one of those who are still enjoying it and it works for you - wonderful- but there are those of us who are better off without it).

    1. Dude it's weak minded people like you why cannabis is looked at as addicting. When in true, cannabis isn't addicting at all. You just have the mind of a child. Try opiates or heroin live through that addiction quit, then tell me cannabis is addicting. Weak minds get addicted. Not strong minded/willed people.

    2. Says the child. I agree with J, for some it works, for others it makes you lose everything. Why do you think it's not legal in most countries, or most drugs being illegal for that matter? They make you a useless, lazy, self-righteous, and paranoid person. Of the 5 years I smoked the plant I literally accomplished nothing.

      For those who state they are going through college on weed; good for you and your useless A.A. degree; try going for a B.S. of Engineering, and then tell me it doesn't affect your cognitive performance.

    3. yep, different strokes for different folks... I am in 2 bands, run a successful small business and smoke the green on a daily basis... In fact I don't think I have ever been as productive as I am now! It is all about what works for you! I have never really understood the whole loss of productivity thing with weed, for me it just makes the journey more interesting and stress free! That's me though, I cannot speak for anyone else...

    4. I'd be willing to bet that you were probably just as lazy and had low levels of motivation well before you started binge-blazing. You probably lost your mind because you were being a degenerate while being high. The majority of people who appreciate marijuana use it recreationally as well as intellectually. Many people have an elevated urge to read and watch documentaries and educate themselves.

      I'd also really like to know some of the health issues you came across from your 20 years of "experience". I respect your opinion that those who enjoy it, should go on with it. However, it's a little unfair for you to be relating your negative life changes because of a measly little plant.

  34. Who made this doc, the f@#$%^& BBC...? I smoke weed everyday, im not sure if i will for the rest of my life, but i don't really care... If it can affect us then its too late, ive been smoking it everyday apart from holidays abroad since i was 15

    Propaganda, brainwashing, whatever you want to call it, its all in here people

  35. 1. Did they do these test for alcohol or any prescribed drug not available to the public.
    2. What if the mouse in the water enjoyed a quick swim.(in other words he didnt want to get on platform)
    3. All the mouse are psychologically screwed they are stuck in cages.
    4 People are going to do drugs no matter what any test result.
    5. I smoke everyday its legal in my house hold ( and no on has ever whispered to me kill my self..... I always get the ghost saying go eat something laugh enjoy life dont stress)
    So to conclude this film is irrelevant to anything.

  36. What a joke of a ‘documentary’. More like a propagandary.

    The ‘addict’ was just an unemployed bum and nothing like a true drug addict (such as Heroin or Cocaine) and the schizophrenic reckons he started smoking dope at raves when he was 15 and that’s the cause of his voices in his head. No one goes to raves to smoke dope. I reckon he’s messed up from Meth or Ecstasy.

    Even at the end when the pharmacist explained the properties of Cannabis and the benefits of said properties, he still shrugged them off in favour of the stupid tests like, dropping a mouse in milky water to see how long it could find the hidden platform or; some boxed up rats with nothing better to do then take heroin or THC.

  37. and one more thing weed, tends to bring out your buried issues to the if you have issues and cant face them(like me)Dont do it.. rest I dont think there is any real issue
    P.S. a fun fact a hit or two of pot can save a person from an Asthma attack, I mean if you are having an attack and you pull in a drag your lungs and respiratory tract relax..

  38. The reality is some people(read some people) have the tendency to get delusional and paranoid by weed consumption and once you know about it you should obviously stay away from it, just like I did but my friends really enjoy pot and I am happy for them. and those who enjoy it well..You Lucky B@stards

    1. i agree if it comes a problem one way or another stop smoking it ,i had to for my own reasons and i'd been smoking heavy for 14 years but to those who have no issues with it by all means toke up and enjoy getting high

  39. Marijuana just affects people in different ways and that's that. It really depends on the environment too. If it's a friday, and you've just finished work or school, and you really have the chance to just kick back and have a great time, smoking is awesome. But waking up on a monday morning and smoking just leads to issues because you can't function on the same level. I'm all for legalization, and I know it will be legalized eventually, at least in america. It's really a harmless drug, just don't smoke it 6 times a day like that one dude and you're golden.

  40. Well let me start of by saying im 18 years old
    im dutch
    i life near amsterdam..just because its legal doesnt mean we all use it i however do..nothing makes me more relaxed then a nice stick after work it makes me sleep like a charm i have no problems whatsoever i life a happy life have a bunch of loving parents good friends and a girl i adore and have been seeing for quite some time...weed..people who do not know what it is or havent used it shouldnt condem it..america is a country ran by hypocrites..just for the fun of it think about this...america finds it resposible to put 16 year olds behind the wheel? to drink till you drop? yet compares weed to coke and heroin? WHAT A LOAD OF BS

    my point? smoking weed is perfectly save unlike most other drugs you keep complete control it does not make you halucionate and comments of people who claim to have smoked weed resulting in them runing naked cross the streets? thats outragous..stoned or even high from hash you are in complete control of your actions...weed is a milion times saver then alchohol...

  41. i smoke, he smokes. my mrs dont smoke but dont mind that i do. im an electrician who understands my work fully and carry out said works correctly and to meet regulatory standards. iv smoked since i was 9 yrs old and have, so far not experienced any adverse mental effects...other than the need to have another bong! smoke on people, nothing in this world is supposed to be good for you, even the humble egg has a hidden dark side waiting to catch up with you in later life! Jah Bless

  42. @ caveman dieter

    Is that true? I live in UK and we dont have 'Wheaties' - but Im really intereted in what you said about gluten intolerance - can you expand a bit? thanks

  43. The schizophrenic chap eats Wheaties "The Breakfast of Bonkers"...gluten intolerance is found in almost all instances of schizophrenia.

  44. watching this makes me want to smoke a big fat joint.

  45. From my own personal experiences, marijuana is best left alone until one has reached the point where they have a clear understanding of their own identity.

    Because of the memory loss associated with heavy pot smoking (and I'm sure this varies with each individual), those who have not established who they are (largely adolescents) may find themselves a bit lost, and only digging themselves deeper into depression or anxiety.

    If you're only smoking to have fun, keep it to a sensible amount, and don't abuse it.

  46. Good point Joe
    I learned a lot in my younger years about the long term effects of alcohol and cannabis by watching my older friends slurring their words and stumbling about.
    Now, even though I always tried to limit my use I can see that I'm doing the same thing. I see it in the eyes if younger people I'm talking to.

  47. you ever walk into a party sober and almost everyone is drunk and you see how clearly ingorant and stupid everyone is behaving thats the same with dope heads who act doping even sober they have to stuggle to act normal,and you say theres no brain damage if alcolhal has different reaction with people,mean drunk, happy drunk,wife abuser, ect why not any intoxicant have different effect on different people, I cant stand those none proffesional or nonexperts on a subject act as if they no better then every else,maybe thats apart of the disease,when everyone when is informed how bad druge are when they are young and still take it when there orlder,its only the ego that tells othere it wont happen to me or listen to those who down play it abuse on the self, as if they were born with a special amunity to chemical reaction. its also interesting that the rate of divorce and the abandoment of fatheres to families sky rockey after the hippie generation and the open drug and alcohol society.

  48. Im from the UK... Legalisation may be the answer but its not that simple: there is no discussion here on strains of "mj" and nor education on dosage. Dope has got stronger and stronger as new strains are developed. Kids are loading themselves up and then stabbing eachother during paranoid delusions while professionals divide over whether to legalise it... We cant talk about legalisation without categorising strains of cannabis first. What will you legalise? skunk? a crazy idea... potent stuff even in small quantities... Many seasoned smokers that wont touch it. there is no advice given on dose because its "illegal". how do you know how strong your alcohol is? it says it on the bottle. not possible with illegal cannabis strains... prohibition is like taking a glass of beer from a child and giving them a bottle of bourbon of unknown (unlimited?) strength. all dope is not the same...

  49. I found that the most interesting bit too ekka.
    I'd quite like a bit of 'cannabis lite' now actually. :)

  50. I thought this was a well balanced doc. I used to smoke alot of cannabis during my teens, but cut down later on, I thought it was very interesting about the amount of CBD's compared to THC's produced in modern grass. My message to young stoners would be to be aware of this strong super skunk, there's use and there's abuse, have fun, but don't hurt yourself, be mellow, but not a mong!!!!

  51. Propaganda. Look at what was being said during alcohol prohibition. Some great connection can be drawn.

  52. I laugh at how he tried it once and didn't like it, i did the same with alcohol and pussy, still, i kept coming back for more! I was also amazed at how this 'unbiased' docu found someone whos life was ruined by weed and someone who fully embraced it - notice how the guy that embraced it seemed quite unsuccessful, scruffy and a general aesthetic mess - filmed outside.

    How come they dont have an interview with perhaps a sharp, intelligent, highly successful entrepreneur who is a well presented person - filmed at their mansion - i,e, immortal technique, oh yeah, anyone like that wouldn't be wasting their time with this!

    Thanks for the upload though, no information is bad information, just so long as you understand it for what it is.

  53. the last word he said was Absolutely right
    i agree.....

  54. So, I smoke pot every other day, one joint max. I'm a manic depressive and I've tried 8 different antidipressent and what worked for me was Efexor XR and marijuana combined. This drug helped me conquer my anxiety and motivated me to finish my post-secondary education. I do feel sorry that most what the general public sees is blatant ignorant people who, with or without marijuana, would have ended up in their predicament, This is also because anybody who has a job and reputation they wish to keep in their community must hide their habbit due to it's legal state. I think I have ranted enough, these are only my views and a my experience with this drug. Please do not reply with comments and just keep your thoughts regarding this post to yourself. thank you for reading !

  55. @K
    How long did it take you to master moderation and your own tolerance?

  56. There have been experiments. There is a ratio of 'cannabinoids : THC' inside the plants that creates a perfectly fine, very pleasant and desirable high. This ratio has been blown out of proportion by breeding: the original plants that had exactly that ratio are almost extinct, while the newest breeds almost only contain THC (Because many users think 'MOAR THC = MOAR GOOD'...), which creates problems as described by Pacha

    This is why I don't smoke pot anymore. I have had enough with the over-potent stuff that does nothing more than make my head hurt. It's too bad, really.

  57. @Pacha and Hardy


    from Pacha "I know a couple of young guys who've been having all kinds of problems after smoking too much bud"

    well that's their problem, THEY HAVE BEEN SMOKING 'TOO MUCH' BUD.
    anything in excess causes problems. you have to learn moderation and your own tolerance.
    Don't bash the plant because of your or someone elses' ignorance.

  58. Yea I agree Hardy and that isnt going to help the legalisation either.
    That stuff can't be good for young people at all. I know of a couple of young guys who've been having all kinds of problems after smoking too much bud.
    Personally I think my emotional developement was blocked by smoking dope too young and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
    It seems like a great laugh when you're 13/14 but it aint so funny when you're 45.

  59. @Pacha: The breeding of cannabis has made the plant way too potent. Natural sorts create a nice, pleasant high. The new hyper-blow-your-head-away types are just horrible. Why would you want that kind of high? It's just plain stupid.

  60. I totally support the legalisation of hemp and cannabis but I don't think the possibility of mental problems should be glossed over by the happy stoners.
    I was a very happy smoker for a long time and it was only after I'd smoked on a daily basis for about 15 years that I started feeling the negative effects.
    I've got a lot of friends who've smoked long term like me and they all agree that smoking bud for any length of time messes with your head.
    Personally I think it's a shame that the days of lebanese, afghan black, rocky etc are gone because it wasnt all about blowing your brains out with super dooper skunk back then.
    I suffer with all kinds of weird effects these days after I smoke. Whereas it used to be all fun and I felt like I was in total control nowadays I get persistent voices in my head, I feel lost, confused, my speech gets slurred, I completely forget what I'm talking about, I'm too distracted to drive safely, i get jumpy, paranoid etc etc
    Those things used to seem like fun to me. Nowadays I just find them disturbing.

  61. all this fuss about marijuana causing schizophrenia is ridiculous.
    first of all, i don't believe schizophrenia is a real illness.
    this is the definition of schizophrenia: a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality.
    MY RESPONSE TO THAT: what do you think makes us all individuals? its our perception of reality! we all have different experiences in life, and how we perceive those experiences make us who we are. So who can say what makes a person normal. WHAT’S NORMAL?
    the definition of normal: conforming to the standard or the common type
    MY RESPONSE TO THAT: there are over 7 billion people in the world. Every individual is different because of his/her experiences through out his/her life. So my point is, there is no way to have a "standard or common type" of person when there are 7+ billion individuals all having different thoughts, perceptions, lifestyles, etc. "people" should not be categorized as a whole, "every-one" is an individual. The main problem is the development of societies has played a huge role in corrupting the concept of individualism.

    In this society where drugs are illegal, one is looked down upon when he/she uses. I believe the reason behind this is not so much because it is illegal but because drugs such as marijuana, lsd/acid, and mushrooms alter your perception of reality. For me, I think of it as "waking the mind up". As an experienced "tripper", I know the way I perceive life is completely different from someone who has never tried lsd. I think my beliefs go against what "society" would call normal, therefore if I were to see a psychiatrist, I'm sure they would label me as schizophrenic.

  62. In my opinion, the whole film jumps to quickly to conclusions.

    The guy with the schizophrenia, for example. His mom says that none of his family members suffer from any mental illness, so they think that the cannabis caused the illness. The fact that none of the family members aren't mentally ill doesn't mean that marijuana has something to do with it, there's no connection between the two things, it proves nothing.

    Same thing happened with the mice, they jumped to conclusion way to fast. I mean, maybe the mouse that was exposed to THC got addicted to heroin faster, maybe because he tried it first. It doesn't mean that THC causes mice to want heroin.

    The thing goes to all of the experiments and occurences in the film, they blame it on marijuana before they even check it....

  63. Typical film made by a doctor, or psychologist or whatever he is. You can't take any of the "science" seriously in this film because so little is still known about the brain. Dope can cause or trigger schizophrenia? Laughable. The fact is, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to treating mental illness, so any research is ultra subjective and refutable.
    That John guy is a whiner, he needs to be treated for depression and get out there and communicate with other people. If he really hated his life so much he would do what was in his power to change himself, instead of conveniently blaming it on dope.
    All I know is: When I'm drunk I am loud, belligerent, quick to anger, thinking only about immediate satisfaction, and occasionally, violent.
    When I'm high I am quiet, cautious, introspective and relaxed.
    Comparatively there are much worse legal drugs out there we should be worrying about.

  64. Quite an interesting doc, worth a watch.
    Lots of circumstancial evidence for both sides of the argument.
    The fact that cannabis has never killed anyone wasnt brought up which was a shame really.
    As for the guy with psychosis, well I think the marvel action hour style wall decoration says he really wasnt all there to begin with.
    As for the alleged 'cannabis addict', if you spend your life not socialising, working or involving yourself in any social capacity then you have wasted your life and im sure that would weigh heavy on anyones head. The fact that he spends his days havin a couple of doobs doesnt mean that cannabis is to blame, altho the documentary seemed to elude to that conclusion.
    Personally I just think he is the steriotypical drop out of scociety who would waste their days away with or without weed. He is not addicted, he has a very comfortable lifestyle pattern that suits him and this is his addiction.

    As for all the badly written Pro weed comments, I think you are simply providing fodder for the anti canna prohibitionists by representing yourselves poorly with such comments. Use facts inconjunction with personal experience and cut the crap.

    If everyone was allowed to grow, there would be no black market for weed.
    If psychosis is a 6% factor then where are these 6% of all weed smokers hiding?
    Courts offer lower sentances for people who cop a plea of 'addiction', if people grew a spine and took the sentance instead of addiction cop out it would dramatically lower the 'addiction stats'
    Minors sent to court over possession generally have to attend manditiory drugs counciling, which the media then utillises as 'hundreds of young people are in drug counciling for cannabis habits' the word habit implys addiction and there will be no mention that the counciling is infact manditory.
    Anyone who hasnt watched it, id recomend watching 'The Union:- The business behind getting high'

    Bom Shiva.

  65. Ah yes the Killer Weed. I tried it once. I ended up running down the road Naked chasing car's. I does in fact cause Reefer Madness’. I was Foaming at the mouth for a week after that, and I'm not kidding. The medical Marijuana is much better. 2 hit’s and I become a God. Trust me my children. And may the farce be with you.

  66. I agree with WAKE UP, Do not take people's words or pictures over your own experience

  67. I smoke so much weed i should turn green like the Hulk. In a world run by Sociopaths the last thing they want is for everyone to sit back (relax) and smoke some of natures creation. They dont want that simply because Marijuana is very sociable. Everyone that i know who smokes it can sit down and talk about every single subject with a more open mind than those who dont. What they want is to show you people who have other problems and blame it on weed. They also want you to mutate into a zombiefied human being that asks no questions, talks, acts and dresses like the characters on TV. That guy says that if you smoke it then it leads to psychosis? A psycho? These people are trolls with no souls who look in the mirror and dont even know who they are. They question if weed is good and present it on a TV show. Is TV good for you? Can it lead to psychosis? Is he wearing clothes made by slave children? Who does he really work for? I smoke weed when i wake up, i get high. Then i carry on smoking weed all day, i work. I also create music. I write. I smoke with friends and have brilliant conversations. I love it. I cultivate it. I advise all of you to do the same because this PLANT can save the ENTIRE world. They lie. They know it. They are psychos who are loosing control then calling us psychos. Grow your own and smoke the weed and see if it dont change your perception of life.

  68. ive been smoking weed for awhile now and im not going crazy so all continue smoking.......light it up!!!!!!

  69. "John"...not his real name, needs to get checked for depression, and realize that he has choices, and will power, and stop feeling so pathetic.

  70. psycosis is generally a short lived condition,intense but none.the.less short lived,liver disease,alcohol addiction,and other booze related conditions are very serious and not short lived.

    There is no proven link between cannabis and psycosis,where as the links between booze and the above conditions are well understood and proven.

  71. lasts words are thru, and thats your chose people...

  72. In the video he clearly states that the link between marijuana and psycosis is hard to prove. Yet he says smoking it can increase the chance of schizophrenia as much as 2-6 percent. Where in the video does it show the research behind this? I can say eating bannanas every day will cause they same effect. But that doesn't mean its true....

  73. smokein herb, makes one -who really he is... WITHIN.
    if you live POSITIVE -you get positive
    if you live negative -you get negative(the evolutionists).

    Its safer than Potatoes............

    SMOKE THE HERB & U will never conquer others ground or try to control others.

  74. I think this is a good film but it is full of b*******. I have been growing and smoking "high-test" for the last 40 years during which time I also raised a family of five kids, owned and operated my own construction company, along with many other accomplishments, to include, playing guitar and piano, creating many organic gardens. reading and absorbing probably close to 3,000 books and a host of other things, all while smoking herb all day and well into the night
    The guy who went nutso would have done that with or without the reefer. He is a weak mind and in my opinion using the pot as a flimsy mask to what is a much more deeply rooted problem.

  75. I have spent as many hours a day as i possibly could by smoking Cannabis. And did so for about 10 years and I can tell you that the whole 'schizophrenia' talk is a load of crock. Why have i not started speaking to invisible people after the most of intense weed in holland and smoking it everyday about 1g average. Its just a load of bull.

  76. Furthermore, the whole 'ohw we need more reasearch, you know....for safety' Yeah, right, like the research we did on alcohol before we decided to make that publically available.

    What a crock!

  77. Thanx for posting Vlatko.

    Another piece of governmental propaganda, but cleverly packaged.

    Psuedo-science with outrageous conclusions. I mean common, showing a so called 'study' with a mere 15 person grouping is just laughable, thats not research, thats 'testing stuff'.

    The conclusion that schizofrenia has a similar functioning profile as cannabis has in the brain is just a mental fart, since we see no graphical evidence, it's all assumptions and empty bull.

    Dont believe the hype, REAL studies have shown that indeed cannabis can speed up the progress of schizofrenic development, but ONLY in people who are schizo or have schizo-like behaviours to begin with.

  78. yeah...i'm paranoid when I break the law other cultures scitzophrenia symptoms are regarded as spiritual and have a high success rate for cure (if you call it that)whereas in the west we call it 'scary mental health' and suppress it with 'drugs' more dangerous than the original supposed cause!
    ....funny that isn't it...?