Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

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Cannabis: The Evil Weed?Cannabis, it's merely a plant, a wild weed. But it produces a range of effects that is unmatched.

To some, it's a blissful release, while for others it's something that seems to have unraveled their minds, and emptied their lives.

This documentary tries to get to the bottom of the conflict, by asking the most basic questions about cannabis. Can it really cause schizophrenia?

Can it lead you to take harder drugs? Or could cannabis even be good for you? The science is often so obscured by opinion, but what does the latest research reveal about the world's favorite drug?

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6 years ago

Another government/pharmaceutical/law enforcement supported propaganda video to justify locking up innocent pot-smoking users, lobbying pharmaceutical best interest to get us hooked on "legal" drugs that are far more deadly than any weed type out there.... all because of profits.

Evil weed? Yeah tell that to the thousands of children whose quality of life has improved drastically due to marijuana. Yes even WebMD and NIH have respectable peer-review research articles to prove the benefits of smoking, eating or inhaling weed. It actually helps with ADHD related symptoms, along with reversing the negative effects of MS, ASDs, and various types of epilepsies that can severely shorten life spans.

Tell Jaydens' dad that marijuana is bad. I hope he breaks your Euro-trash face in with a sledgehammer. >_>

BTW, prohibition makes things worse not better. Look at the history of alcohol prohibition of the 1920s. Crime rates and deaths increased ten folds than when alcohol was ok.

I highly recommend watching "Culture High." That documentary has more truth than this typical DARE, say no to drugs campaign video. I do have to warn you all the part of Jayden is really heart felting and if you're a sensitive like I am, be prepare to cry. ... not in a negative way, mean you, because there is a happy ending to it... that was the part that made me cry the most. The reason being Jaydens' better quality of life could've occurred much earlier if cannabis wasn't so demonized by society. The topic of greed and special interest arises a lot in "Culture High", as well as freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness.

8 years ago

Without reading every single comment here, it would appear that generally, the people who consider smoking weed to be harmless are those who smoke it themsevles. My son is living proof - yes living proof - that weed can mash up some people's brains. With help and support, he managed to give it up, but it was a very long and painful journey for everyone, most especially him. He started age 16 and by 18 was smoking 4 or 5 joints a day because it took more to get "high". He became totally dependent on it and it altered his thought process and his personality completely and totally, to the point that he cared about nothing other than his next smoke. He's now happier, healthier and is in full time work. Clearly it doesn't have the same phsycological effects on some people as it has on others, but the younger people start smoking it, the more likelihood there will be some phsycological damage. The skunk smoked now is way more damaging than in my day, so for many of these successful people who smoke regularly, perhaps they started when the strain was weaker, and perhaps they started when out of their teens when their brains were fully developed. The risk, is far greater for today's youngsters. Wake up and realise what this means to our society and to every teenager who smokes regularly, and to every parent, brother and sister of a habitual weed smoker suffering from the long term effects of smoking this stuff. It may not take lives in terms of an overdose, but it distort minds and personalities.

G Vieira
9 years ago

THC, the most famous substance in marijuana is fat soluble, remains in the human body for a long time and causes psychotic symptoms, paranoia, etc. Other substances in the plant are anti-psychotic and sedative counteracting the psychotic effects of THC. Marijuana today in many places (high grade weed) has very high level of THC compared to standard weed and very low sedative substances. This is causing much more addiction and much more severe withdrawal symptoms than before in the West. In the east many people already knows that THC withdrawals are bad because potent hashish was Always smoked in the East of the world. In the West, Strong cannabis is not an old thing. The paranoia, panic and psychotic symptoms that appears and remains after quit the drug continues until all THC leaves the body. Many people are having this kind of psychosis that can last for months and this is not schizophrenia.
People are obsessed about cannabis because the substance controls thoughts, changes the way people think. This plant is much more powerfull than people are thinking. Cannabis can brainwash a whole society that will defend it like a God. But this plant is not God.
It´s not the solution for everything.
Now someone explain me please: How can a drug that is the most illicit used in the world be the least addictive? It doesn´t make sense.

bigbearbland .
9 years ago

It boggles my mind that there are still enough ignorant people to actually still have to have a debate of the pro's and con's on the subject of cannabis and industrial hemp. Any downside that is ever pointed out is because of draconian restrictive legislation against it's use or such minor issues blown out of proportion that it would be comical if it wasn't for the fact that so many have suffered because of the fore mentioned laws. The following are the biggest players threatened by the use of hemp/cannabis:

1) Oil Industry
2) Big Pharma
3) Cotton Industry
4) Paper/pulp/timber Industry

There are over 25,000 uses of hemp that would replace a vast majority of the products made by just those four industries, and that is the reason and the only reason for it's restriction.

10 years ago

tis a dynamic plant

10 years ago

Cannabis can help people with head injury where brain swelling takes place, it calms the patient and lowers pain levels, also it can help with neck injury. How do I know this?? I cured myself illegally in 1997. I am not allowed to smoke it anymore as I got caught growing my medicine but for the people who say, "Oh yeah it's addictive!" well that's not true, I smoked for 30 odd years and stopped completely just like that. Only reason it's a gateway drug is because the dealers of hard drugs usually start you off on that and when you go back for more there isn't any only hard drugs....

10 years ago

oooo maybe the aliens left it here....

11 years ago

I used to work in a hospital and have seen many people come to the ER panicked from smoking pot. Ive heard people will go on to continue having panic attacks long after. Ive never heard of a Schizo case, but I suppose if you were already wired for the condition mary jane could initiate the process.

11 years ago

I can't see how marijuana causes phsycophrenia. I have been smoking for years and I don't hear voices just cravings

11 years ago

I have been smoking for over 30 years and have enjoyed smoking to help with stress, just to have a great time, however; it has been very costly and has affected family. I don't know why governments don't legalize it. It would be a great money maker to help pay off our deficit.

11 years ago

Psychologically addictive,....hmmm. Using your right hand on yourself is also psychologically addictive for some. No one is stopping you from doing thát. It is a remedy for a lot of people, you can't ignore that fact. For me it is a bless, a hobby and a way of life. Yes, i'm from the Netherlands, gladly...

Let's role another one... (Maxi Yazz)

11 years ago

Free the cure.

11 years ago

okay put it this way, even if cannabis could cause you mental illnesses so do almost all legal drugs you can get in a local pharmacy, you can't say this plant makes people mentally ill if most legal drugs can also, i do not believe that cannabis can cause mental illness, if anything it could help to cure it. More research has to be done on such a wonderful thing, everything about it is amazing, hemp its self can also be used for so much e.g paper and clothes. They need to stop saying all the bad things about cannabis, especially if tobacco and alcohol are legal, they are almost just as bad for your body and mind as heroine.

Keith Han
11 years ago

I cant believe how much f*****g propoganda is in this f*****g bbc documentary. You can never get physically sick from quitting weed. These british folk have s**t so far twisted its ret*rded. Cannabis cures cancer, and almost 20 other different ailments with absolutely NO DEATHS and NO PHYSICAL ADDICTION ever in the entire history of this earth. F**k BBC and their bulls**t. If you want the real truth, go watch The Union.

11 years ago

The poor little mouse who couldn't find the safe haven platform reminds me of my son - who unfortunately (with his mothers influence), started smoking dope around his mid teens. The "hard wiring" effect on an adolesent brain has been well researched, but not dealt with in the comments posted. He and his mother are also permanently on anti depressants - something which didn't appear to be necessary in their pre dope era - It ain't called dope for nothing you know.

11 years ago

The poor little mouse who couldn't find the safe haven platform reminds me of my son - who unfortunately (with his mothers influence), started smoking dope around his mid teens. The "hard wiring" effect on an adolesent brain has been well researched, but not dealt with in the comments posted. He and his mother are also permanently on anti depressants - something which didn't appear to be necessary in their pre dope era - It ain't called dope for nothing you know.

11 years ago

Of course it's addictive. How silly for people to say it's not. But everyone is different. Some can smoke socially, can stop, don't stress if they run out or can't afford any. Some can't. Some need it. Some can't deal with stressful situations without their crutch. Alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes. They are all addictive. I just think it's good to see that research is being done. It's important to have facts about the things that people are consuming.
As for functioning in day to day lives. Ask the partners of those who smoke on a daily basis how well they function as a wife or a husband, a mum or a dad. Ask the ones who pick up the slack.

C Choe
11 years ago

Our dear friend, John, is obviously a degenerate to begin with. So many people are able to function healthily and positively while medicated. He's literally just sitting around doing nothing because it's in his nature to be lazy and feel unmotivated and unsocial, etc. You could give a lazy person any drugs and they'll still be lazy.

The other guy PAUL must be hearing voices still because of the psychotropic drugs that their psychiatrist has prescribed from them. It's unfortunate that these two douchebags psychologically caved to a plant but I am so sceptical on their stories.

Could they be taking other drugs while smoking up? Have there beeen other events that have impacted them as of recent? Are they not physically in shape? I mean it's really pathetic that John feels like he has thrown away his life yet he doesn't have to work, smokes like 10 spliffs a day, has time to drink tea/coffee/wine, walk around, feed other animals... What a life.

jilles reinders
11 years ago

british crap,. don't drink 2much,. less fish and chips and stop criminallizing mary jane:D
I'm going to my local shop,. smoke it,.play some pool & injoy'n my free time whitout some innoyin'g drunky's around u that can't behave cuz they had a beer 2much!!! Nld050

11 years ago

That "addict" John has got the life!! What is he complaining about!? I'd love to be able to smoke all day and drink tea and go for walks and shi t. The real question, is how the heck does he pay for it all?

Angelica Guerrero
11 years ago

My favorite part is when he pets the cow...

11 years ago

Finally! A documentary examining both sides of the issue of cannabis with acutal scientific evidence and not a whole bunch of religious or political opinions screaming "It's the devil! Stay away!" or "It's amazing. There are absolutely no harms to your health on this stuff!"
The had numbers and results and took the most unbiased approach that I have seen in a documentary surrounding Cannabis.
Thank you! It was a treat to watch.

12 years ago

so does it actually cause 'Mental Problems' e.g Skitzophenia or is it rare that might happen?

12 years ago

Great documentary. A 'must' to watch for every person who is involved with raising children and who is willing to open its mind.

12 years ago

Great documentary and very informative!!

12 years ago

This was an amazing documentary!! Awsome!

Peter Molignano
12 years ago

The Narrator says that "given that Cannabis has been around for millenia it is amazing we are still discovering new information about it". That's because it's been illegal for 75 years, duh. I'll bet there's all kinds of red tape associated with obtaining Cannabis for research. And there's risk when a doctor takes work home with him.
Also, I doubt if we are discovering anything new about Cannabis, maybe "re-discovering" Cannabis abilities, again since it's been outlawed for so many years. I'll bet 2000 B.C. they prescribed it for all kinds of ailments we have not yet "discovered".
My own feeling is that it is the fountain of youth. I would wager that regular takers of Cannabis generally outlive non-Cannabis users.
Finally, outlawing the use of Cannabis is itself a misuse of law in general, and against the Constitution of the U.S. The only reason Hemp and Cannabis is against the law is to uphold the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Oil companies' monopoly position on its usages.
Hemp would make a great alternative energy plant because you can grow it all year long and you don't need chemicals to break it down like we do with trees; it's actually beneficial to fish so runoff would not be a problem either.
What the hell, this is an upside down world we live in. Maybe after the Civil War or Revolution coming up in the next few years, we will make laws For the People, the Citizen People.

12 years ago

You all need to watch a recently put out documentary called "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?"

12 years ago

This is bull shit. i smoke weed multiple times every day for the past five years and Im a freshman in college. I have a 3.5 GPA and get all my school work done even though i smoke and am usually high when i do it. Ive also tried many other drugs but if i said anything brought me into them it is absolutely alcohol, there have been many occasions alcohol has led me to using cocaine and ecstasy. Marijuana is the least of problems in the drug world and has less harmful effects on the body than cigarettes

12 years ago

This is one of the better documentaries on the subject I have come across. Its not overly biased to any of the arguments, other than the fact that the presenters field is psychology.

Yet, it "tells" us.. or me in fact, what I would like to know when it comes to the possible long term effects on my psyche.

Nicely done, can't wait for the next one to come along, maybe they'll focus on the edible and direct application of the plant.

I've been a frequent toker for some time now and getting that balance right for you is key. The pain relief! sleep! apettite! de-stresser! creative spark! all relative to my life and loving every minute of it.

Hurry up and regulate it so I can find a consistent source!

Also, what of the sustainable properties of the plant itself? Fuel, clothing, paper, food, cosmetics, canvas, rope, sacks, carpets, etc. Grows faster than trees. Excellent stuff.

Peace and pot

12 years ago

Took me awhile to study all the comments, but i actually enjoyed the article. It proved to be very useful to me and i am certain to all the commenters these! It's always nice for your requirements not only be prepared, but also engaged! I'm sure youd fun writing this piece of writing.

12 years ago

by far the most evil thing about this documentary is the torture of animals - sick!!!!!!

12 years ago

i smoked pot for 20 years, daily for at least 10 of those - i mean wake and bake every day, smoke first and last thing i do, couldn't make a move without a spliff, etc. and LOVED it. however, i began to really and truly lose my mind, social life, health, and everything else people normally appreciate in those out there trying to quit - you can do it and it's worth it! i have no regrets - including quitting! (if you're one of those who are still enjoying it and it works for you - wonderful- but there are those of us who are better off without it).

12 years ago

Who made this doc, the f@#$%^& BBC...? I smoke weed everyday, im not sure if i will for the rest of my life, but i don't really care... If it can affect us then its too late, ive been smoking it everyday apart from holidays abroad since i was 15

Propaganda, brainwashing, whatever you want to call it, its all in here people

12 years ago

1. Did they do these test for alcohol or any prescribed drug not available to the public.
2. What if the mouse in the water enjoyed a quick swim.(in other words he didnt want to get on platform)
3. All the mouse are psychologically screwed they are stuck in cages.
4 People are going to do drugs no matter what any test result.
5. I smoke everyday its legal in my house hold ( and no on has ever whispered to me kill my self..... I always get the ghost saying go eat something laugh enjoy life dont stress)
So to conclude this film is irrelevant to anything.

12 years ago

What a joke of a ‘documentary’. More like a propagandary.

The ‘addict’ was just an unemployed bum and nothing like a true drug addict (such as Heroin or Cocaine) and the schizophrenic reckons he started smoking dope at raves when he was 15 and that’s the cause of his voices in his head. No one goes to raves to smoke dope. I reckon he’s messed up from Meth or Ecstasy.

Even at the end when the pharmacist explained the properties of Cannabis and the benefits of said properties, he still shrugged them off in favour of the stupid tests like, dropping a mouse in milky water to see how long it could find the hidden platform or; some boxed up rats with nothing better to do then take heroin or THC.

12 years ago

and one more thing weed, tends to bring out your buried issues to the if you have issues and cant face them(like me)Dont do it.. rest I dont think there is any real issue
P.S. a fun fact a hit or two of pot can save a person from an Asthma attack, I mean if you are having an attack and you pull in a drag your lungs and respiratory tract relax..

12 years ago

The reality is some people(read some people) have the tendency to get delusional and paranoid by weed consumption and once you know about it you should obviously stay away from it, just like I did but my friends really enjoy pot and I am happy for them. and those who enjoy it well..You Lucky B@stards

12 years ago

Marijuana just affects people in different ways and that's that. It really depends on the environment too. If it's a friday, and you've just finished work or school, and you really have the chance to just kick back and have a great time, smoking is awesome. But waking up on a monday morning and smoking just leads to issues because you can't function on the same level. I'm all for legalization, and I know it will be legalized eventually, at least in america. It's really a harmless drug, just don't smoke it 6 times a day like that one dude and you're golden.

12 years ago

Well let me start of by saying im 18 years old
im dutch
i life near amsterdam..just because its legal doesnt mean we all use it i however do..nothing makes me more relaxed then a nice stick after work it makes me sleep like a charm i have no problems whatsoever i life a happy life have a bunch of loving parents good friends and a girl i adore and have been seeing for quite some time...weed..people who do not know what it is or havent used it shouldnt condem it..america is a country ran by hypocrites..just for the fun of it think about this...america finds it resposible to put 16 year olds behind the wheel? to drink till you drop? yet compares weed to coke and heroin? WHAT A LOAD OF BS

my point? smoking weed is perfectly save unlike most other drugs you keep complete control it does not make you halucionate and comments of people who claim to have smoked weed resulting in them runing naked cross the streets? thats outragous..stoned or even high from hash you are in complete control of your actions...weed is a milion times saver then alchohol...

12 years ago

i smoke, he smokes. my mrs dont smoke but dont mind that i do. im an electrician who understands my work fully and carry out said works correctly and to meet regulatory standards. iv smoked since i was 9 yrs old and have, so far not experienced any adverse mental effects...other than the need to have another bong! smoke on people, nothing in this world is supposed to be good for you, even the humble egg has a hidden dark side waiting to catch up with you in later life! Jah Bless

Sadie the Celt
12 years ago

@ caveman dieter

Is that true? I live in UK and we dont have 'Wheaties' - but Im really intereted in what you said about gluten intolerance - can you expand a bit? thanks

caveman dieter
12 years ago

The schizophrenic chap eats Wheaties "The Breakfast of Bonkers"...gluten intolerance is found in almost all instances of schizophrenia.

12 years ago

watching this makes me want to smoke a big fat joint.

12 years ago

From my own personal experiences, marijuana is best left alone until one has reached the point where they have a clear understanding of their own identity.

Because of the memory loss associated with heavy pot smoking (and I'm sure this varies with each individual), those who have not established who they are (largely adolescents) may find themselves a bit lost, and only digging themselves deeper into depression or anxiety.

If you're only smoking to have fun, keep it to a sensible amount, and don't abuse it.

12 years ago

Good point Joe
I learned a lot in my younger years about the long term effects of alcohol and cannabis by watching my older friends slurring their words and stumbling about.
Now, even though I always tried to limit my use I can see that I'm doing the same thing. I see it in the eyes if younger people I'm talking to.

12 years ago

you ever walk into a party sober and almost everyone is drunk and you see how clearly ingorant and stupid everyone is behaving thats the same with dope heads who act doping even sober they have to stuggle to act normal,and you say theres no brain damage if alcolhal has different reaction with people,mean drunk, happy drunk,wife abuser, ect why not any intoxicant have different effect on different people, I cant stand those none proffesional or nonexperts on a subject act as if they no better then every else,maybe thats apart of the disease,when everyone when is informed how bad druge are when they are young and still take it when there orlder,its only the ego that tells othere it wont happen to me or listen to those who down play it abuse on the self, as if they were born with a special amunity to chemical reaction. its also interesting that the rate of divorce and the abandoment of fatheres to families sky rockey after the hippie generation and the open drug and alcohol society.

12 years ago

Im from the UK... Legalisation may be the answer but its not that simple: there is no discussion here on strains of "mj" and nor education on dosage. Dope has got stronger and stronger as new strains are developed. Kids are loading themselves up and then stabbing eachother during paranoid delusions while professionals divide over whether to legalise it... We cant talk about legalisation without categorising strains of cannabis first. What will you legalise? skunk? a crazy idea... potent stuff even in small quantities... Many seasoned smokers that wont touch it. there is no advice given on dose because its "illegal". how do you know how strong your alcohol is? it says it on the bottle. not possible with illegal cannabis strains... prohibition is like taking a glass of beer from a child and giving them a bottle of bourbon of unknown (unlimited?) strength. all dope is not the same...

12 years ago

I found that the most interesting bit too ekka.
I'd quite like a bit of 'cannabis lite' now actually. :)

12 years ago

I thought this was a well balanced doc. I used to smoke alot of cannabis during my teens, but cut down later on, I thought it was very interesting about the amount of CBD's compared to THC's produced in modern grass. My message to young stoners would be to be aware of this strong super skunk, there's use and there's abuse, have fun, but don't hurt yourself, be mellow, but not a mong!!!!