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ABC Australia presents a short documentary concerning the advancements of legalized marijuana in America with a focus on corporate interests in the burgeoning mainstream pot industry.

We are first introduced to Michael Blue and Brendan Kennedy, founders of Privateer Holdings, the first private equity firm dedicated to cannabis.

Giving the appearance of traditional young business men with suits and Ivy league degrees, Blue and Kennedy present themselves as working in the interest of patient rights and civil liberties, with Kennedy expressing his doubt that he could ever work for tobacco or alcohol.

Blue explains that the industry is growing and will only continue to expand as attitudes towards marijuana become more accepting with 85% of Americans supporting legalized marijuana, at least for medical purposes. "You can't get eight in ten Americans to agree on anything," Kennedy explains. "But you can get them to agree on this."

Marijuana activist John Davis provides a history of our societal attitude towards cannabis, and how it was once a valued crop before prohibition derailed its mainstream potential. Acknowledging that marijuana continues to be a mainstream substance despite its ongoing status as an illegal one, Davis indicates the potential for extreme profit in not only the sale of cannabis, but the paraphernalia involved as well.

On the other side of the issue is Representative Patrick Kennedy (of the Kennedys) who is adamantly fighting against the legalization of marijuana. Citing his own experience as a former addict - albeit to cocaine, opiates and alcohol - Kennedy recounts the humiliation and shame involved in his actions while under the influence of drugs. In light of his past personal troubles his pet crusade is now against "Big Marijuana" and what he perceives to be the greed and profiteering behind it.

Giving perspectives from both the pro- and anti-cannabis sides of the aisle, this film gives viewers a fair amount of information to consider – are modern strains of cannabis stronger than they were in the past and does that make them more desirable or more dangerous? If marijuana is regulated will it become safer or will corporate interests corrupt the quality by introducing contaminants as happened with tobacco? Either way the film suggests the answers will surely reveal themselves in real life soon enough.

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26 Comments / User Reviews

  1. oQ

    I could advise this doc to many people but i'll let you decide.

  2. oQ
  3. oQ

    I enjoyed the way the image leaks down and out off the screen every now and then.

  4. Torbjörn Wiren`
  5. Torbjörn Wiren`

    So alcohol and tobaco,firearms ! are less dangerous !??

  6. Crab_Nebula
  7. Crab_Nebula

    Sorry Austrailia, Grunge was the 90's on the 80's.

  8. Dovidw
  9. Dovidw

    It's a savage irony that the very class of people who enacted the draconian marijuana laws over the last decades that ruined millions of people lives in America, now seek to capitalise on relaxing that very same legalisation. If ever there was a great opportunity for the mass of the common people to reclaim true independence and organise local, personal grow ops and sideline big business monetising a safe health and recreation product, now is the time.

  10. DildoFaggins
  11. DildoFaggins

    Horrible film. There wasn't any real information. It was a waste of time and i didn't even get the point. 28 minutes and all they said was you can make money on pot. Nothing new.

  12. zyklzy
  13. zyklzy

    The solution to this "problem" is quite simple. Politicians need to have it made clear to them that they cannot legislate against the use of this God-given, therapeutic herb by people in the privacy of their own homes. Seeds need to be made freely available so people can grow the quantity they desire in their own backyards. Big-business need not have any say in the process, let alone get rich from it. Politicians can then go back to what they're good at - finding other ways to waste tax-payers money, and the police can go back to trying to catch real criminals. People will be much happier getting stoned when they feel like it, the chocolate industry will flourish and some people will notice that those pesky "conditions" they had learnt to live with such as, glaucoma, migraines, epilepsy, anxiety, ptsd & even cancer may well disappear in time.

  14. zyklzy
  15. zyklzy

    And why does he think flannel(ette) shirts ever went out of fashion.

  16. Francis
  17. Francis

    Not one single word about curative features of hemp oil and that's what should really matter.

  18. tomregit
  19. tomregit

    So Patrick (another prescription addicted, alcoholic, car crashing) Kennedy is now on an anti-pot crusade. What a phoney, opportunistic trippleA hole.
    I need help. I can't stop myself. I'm thinking of new Kennedy + Gun jokes.
    What's with all the talk about marijuana AdICtIoN. So much BS here.

  20. schwinndog
  21. schwinndog

    kennedy for PRESIDENT IN 2016

  22. Nick Gayton
  23. Nick Gayton

    There are contaminants in cannabis smoke in fact twice the amount of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Yet a long term heavy smoker has less risk of getting head, neck and lung cancer, also COPD, than someone who smokes nothing at all. YES like anything it can be abused but it has a lower risk of addiction than tobacco and alcohol and its abuse poses no major health risks. Unless you regard a persistent cough, excess mucus and a bit of a wheeze major health problems

  24. Imightberiding
  25. Imightberiding

    The host was correct. Grunge first started in the 80's. It reached it's peak in the early-mid 90's. By the way, I lived in Seattle from the mid 80's thru until 1999. It was a great time to live in Seattle.

  26. Imightberiding
  27. Imightberiding

    Weed instead of booze is a good choice but mixing the two, is not a real smart choice kids.

  28. Imightberiding
  29. Imightberiding

    Actually, it kinda looks like it's a great time time live in Seattle now too. Maybe I'll move back there some day.

  30. Sam Vekemans
  31. Sam Vekemans

    They didn't mention Cannabis Oil once!!!!
    Cannabis Oil Kills Cancer!!!!!!!
    Cannabis is SAFER than Alcohol!!!
    Unschedule Cannabis Today!!!

  32. oQ
  33. oQ

    you got to be kidding!

  34. Sarah
  35. Sarah

    who gives a f*** about patrick kennedy drug addiction?

  36. trumpsahead
  37. trumpsahead

    Another dumb ass politician, Patrick Kennedy. If he's so concerned about major corporations corrupting the herb to make bigger bucks, the dumb basturd should learn that regulation is what would keep them honest, wait, no it won't as they will over-regulate as they do now - what we need is parents to educate their children and also make it illegal to buy before 18. There is more good from Marijuana than bad, and no one has ever died from it but millions of ill people have improved their diseased condition by using it.
    He should be aware that large corporations like Monsanto are doing everything in their power to "demand" that consumers use "their" fruit and vegetable seeds which are pregnated with Roundup dna or worse.

    Witness the past 30 years of We the Fools with our Wheat Glutten sensitivity -- guess what? I'm discovering that Monsanto has all that time conditioned foolish farmers to use Roundup on Wheat fields in their last two-three weeks of pre-harvest so all the crops go to harvest together ... but they all contain the poison Roundup, 20-30 years. Want more? Now Monsanto has more and more farmers "learning to accept", via lies and BS Propaganda, using Roundup for pre-harvesting of Beet crops, Yam and Potato crops, and a few others.

    If govt ever confiscates our Guns, they will confiscate our home gardens, indoor gardens, seeds and anything that we can use to be humanly free agents.

    Patrick Kennedy is just another lying creepy opportunist trying to make a name and move up to an elected position.

    Any laws that are bad should and must be broken if you can. It is our God given right to be Free. In this Marijuana Prohibition, it is the Law that is actually illegal, illegal by the U.S. Constitution, the highest law in America. We should strive to break this unjust and illegal law.

    If Marijuana becomes legal, govt will regulate like crazy and will demand you buy from "licensed" shops protected by govt; the Mom & Pop boutiques are already suffering from illegal raids and sabotage to direct people to get accustomed to buying from the big guys.
    Legal or not, I will never buy from a big corporation and will grow my own if need be; and I must add, I am learning to grow my own vegetables and even indoor micro-greens thanks to great CFL bulbs that are cheap today. Grow your own, become independent and the hell with govt sleazebags and their protection racket, and to hell with govt shills like Kennedy, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Thanks, I needed that. ciao.

  38. Guest
  39. Guest

    The music sucked and the documentary came off very one sided and anti-marijuana.

  40. BigB1
  41. BigB1

    Patrick Kennedy is the typical addict who fails to accept responsibility for his own actions. I remember Kennedy getting in trouble with cocaine, oxytocin, and alcohol abuse, not marijuana. It's quite obvious that he has what is called an addictive personality, which means he is susceptible to abuse just about any substance.

  42. Regina Wells
  43. Regina Wells

    Weak doco. I do like addressing the corporate aspect of cannabis though. Why do these guys feel the need to put down tie-dye folks and make selling the plant all slick? These tie dyed grampas are the ones who fought for so long to get it legalized even spending time in jail. And the corporate geek from Privateer Holding is putting him down! Very telling if you ask me.

    Cannabis is about so much more than getting high. People are only just now waking up and learning about the many theraputic effects it has from athritis to cancer. Let's have a discussion on why this medicine has been withheld from us for so long! Too many people in jail because of this plant. Too many kids dead from seizures that didn't need to die. Too many folks addicted to pain killers when they could be getting relief from a non toxic plant.

    We need to legalize now before one more life is lost. And with regards to this film, cannabis consumers should fight against large corporations because their focus is on money and not about the good will of the people. I will support the cottage industry over the big corporations. Like a vineyard with their signature taste or micro breweries, cannabis growers have their own way and signature taste to their bud. Ha! I loved the part when the suit from Privateer considered changing the strain names. What ever gave them the idea they could change names of strains? They don't own those names. They have no power to do that. Sush arrogance.

  44. Rita Doucet
  45. Rita Doucet

    I totally agree with what your saying.

  46. MW
  47. MW

    Not a bad video.

    Just one thought, that politician who stated, "Marijuana is addictive", would he prefer people addicted to the dangerous, violent provoking, alcohol, ice, and other man made drugs?


    Allow them to utilize the health benefiting, mind improving, relaxing, "humor provoking" natural, "GOD given herb cannabis"?

  48. Peter22
  49. Peter22

    Good video. Still, something is missing about community led production and not-mainstream (but local) market, but GOOD.

  50. corynski
  51. corynski

    Weak, misleading video...... and Patrick Kennedy is a goon. Not balanced to begin with..... no historical background, i.e. the Anglo-Indian Hemp Commission Report of 1895 or the LaGuardia Report of 1929, or the Nixon Report of 1972, which he threw out because it was too pro-cannabis.... these reports were not mentioned...... You can't deny this medicine which has been used for thousands of years freely to people who know it works..... for cancer, for seizures, for ALS..... All in all this is a misleading video.

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