Carts of Darkness

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Carts of DarknessIn the picture-postcard community of North Vancouver, filmmaker Murray Siple follows men who have turned bottle-picking, their primary source of income, into the extreme sport of shopping cart racing.

Enduring hardships from everyday life on the streets of Vancouver, this sub-culture depicts street life as much more than stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media.

The films takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face, and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk.

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  1. Todd


    Spent 15 years in Vancouver and lived for a couple in N. Van. My best friend lived in Deep Cove, and I would visit often.

    Seeing the familiar scenery (people included) sure brought back home to me (now I live near Tokyo).

    Big Al and Ferg are exactly what I expected.

    When I lived in Vanouver, every few days, I would leave my bottles separate, and every once in a while, leave a few dollars tied to the plastic bag.

    Great documentary on various levels.

    Best of luck to Big Al.

  2. ProudinUS

    This was a pretty cool doc. They might not have alot but at least their making their own way picking up pop cans and stuff. I have alot more respect for them then bums who sit next to the freeway off ramps and beg with signs, and the ones that are perfectly healthy and collect wellfare!

  3. coach

    im guessing this guy has never seen the shopping cart action on jackass

  4. Dodgy

    Well made. Unique topic. Thumbs up.

  5. Beast

    Good lads let them live free !

  6. Ken McCreath

    I absolutely loved it! It was honest, exciting and moving. Thank you for posting this work of art.

  7. deox

    This was DOPE! Soooo inspiring!
    I have beeen thinking about going underground. This really kicks a spark.

  8. Mrs Clause

    Great stuff. Makes you wonder how anyone can take things forgranted.

  9. leverhundar

    Haha. It was some blog we made but never got used. OFF TOPIC HERE. talk to me at home later.

  10. JJ

    Hmmm, that picture that is coming up was from a gig my housemates did years ago. Is there any way to remove it? I don't see how it is relevant. Especially because we have all commented on some of these documentaries, only changing our names and leaving only one of our emails.

  11. JJ

    okay, yeah I was just wondering if it was on here. I think it's called 'reversal of fortune' (not the 90s movie, the 2005 doco) I don't think it's the same guy that made it, I just thought of it and was curious. : ) have a good day

  12. JJ

    What a gorgeous documentary. I loved it. I really liked the guy who played guitar and was happy for him at the end. He made me laugh a lot. "we got our first utensil" *hoding up a spoon* "yep, got a utensil... s'not cleen though" x) and when he was talking about bacon and eggs. He was cool :D
    Hey Vlatko, is that documentary about the homeless guy who 'found' $100,000 on here? i have wanted to see that for ages. Oh and this website is, by far, my favourite EVER :D

    1. Vlatko

      I don't really know if that is the guy, JJ. Anyway, I'm glad you like TDF.

  13. K Hayes

    Really enjoyed this film. I think it was done in a respectful and non-pitying way. I ended up not feeling sorry for the binners, but realized that they have chosen that life and only they can get them out of it (which they don't want to do anyway!).

    Can't wait for more films by Murray Siple.

  14. Gordan Dumka

    Murray Siple. You are one talented MOFO! Let's catch up soon.. i live on cap road now.. maybe we could race there?

  15. V

    Rich people entertainment on the bums. The future reality TV shows : )

    I've knew some homeless people. All of them were there by choices they've made. It's not like there was no way out for a better life (especialy in America). They tuely believe that they are free people, living like nomads.
    But they are more scavangers who are extreamly dependant on the "rich" people. How would they survive without the corporations who made those stands for recycling? How would they survive if there was no one to make alcohol beverages for them? They're full of unconsious hypocrysm.

    To pity them is a blind moronic act.
    Nothing can cure the lack of will.

  16. vi mann

    I watched Carts of Darkness sometime ago on the CBC. It was so enjoyable. A story of a group of marginalized homeless men who enjoy the life they have in a no cost, non-refundable "sport". The cart racing they love, and take seriously, is so honest and innocent, and obviously an integral part of why they get up each day, get their chores done, and make time for their brand of fun. I had fun watching them. Many thanks to the doc. maker, who also seemed to enjoy making this great documentary.
    I'd like to see more docs. of how the homeless in and around Vancouver spend their time.