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CathedralThe history of Britain and the aspirations of her Christian communities can be traced in the glorious excesses of the cathedrals. From Norman grandeur to the modern interpretations found in Liverpool and Coventry, explore the changing styles of the cathedrals in our midst.

As the first Gothic cathedral to be built in Britain, Canterbury was at the forefront of an architectural revolution. But the building we know today has its origins in the most famous murder of the medieval age - that of Thomas Becket in December 1170.

St. Giles' in Edinburgh is among our most modest cathedrals, yet became the symbolic heart of Scottish Christianity. When Charles I tried to change the way Scots worshipped and turn the church into a cathedral, he was playing with fire. Here, the building's unsettled history is brought to life.

In the early 19th century the grand architecture of York Minster was an enigma. But then in 1829 "the voice of God" drove Jonathan Martin to burn the cathedral down. While locals became obsessed with finding and punishing the perpetrator, architect John Browne became equally enthralled by the secrets the decimated structure began to reveal.

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    Charles B.
  1. Charles B.

    A fantastic series! My favorite was number 3 about the Cathedral of Winchester. I would so like to visit all five someday.

  2. isabella
  3. isabella

    My favorite is the Fire at York. I would love to be able to look at the work of John Brown. I wonder where it is. The geometry related to the biblically sacred number, 144 is fascinating. The entire series is marvelous!

  4. christopher miller
  5. christopher miller

    First two have been very good. I really found myself to enjoy the acting and reproduction of the middle ages. I cant wait to watch the rest!

  6. Tim
  7. Tim

    It is astounding that this story has gone untold and remained a lost piece of history for so long...this story is remarkably presented and the facts told to a whole new generation of amazed students. I, for one, is most grateful.

  8. Eve
  9. Eve

    Very interesting and engaging series! I came upon this series randomly and was pleasantly surprised. My favorite episode was the first episode, The Murder Canterbury.

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