Change is on the Horizon

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Change is on the HorizonChange is on the Horizon is the story of how the world lost its soul and how it will gain it back. Directed and narrated by James Rink.

Dawn of the Golden Age - Discuses how Saint Germain helped bring about the beginnings of a enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of the Illuminati and a corrupted masonic order.

The American Federal Empire - America was always meant to be always a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. But the machinations of British bankers and the Rothschild's soon destroyed all that was once good in this great land.

The Farmer Claim Program - Discuses how a class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990's lead to the creation of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which will ultimately tear apart the New World Order and bankers plans right out from under their feet.

DISCLAIMER: This movie is based on the opinion of one person, and most of what you are about to see is likely to be fiction.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 3 hours)

Ratings: 6.44/10 from 32 users.

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95 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Justin_Funski

    Makes a lot of assumptions without any back up.

  2. KsDevil
  3. KsDevil

    A documentary that make you go "what the....?"
    Still, NESARA appears to be just another caluculation to figure a mortgage payment. A calulculation that appears to favor the payer.

  4. Richard Ferreiro
  5. Richard Ferreiro

    LMFAO! This is just pure rubbish!

  6. Sad_Panda_99
  7. Sad_Panda_99

    hahaha, I just cant do it no more. 7 mins 52, would love to see how far everyone else manages to get, please post :)

  8. Xercès Des Stèles
  9. Xercès Des Stèles


  10. shaun antsanen
  11. shaun antsanen

    7:23... i gave up

  12. Morgan Matta
  13. Morgan Matta

    search for james rink on youtube and this 'doco' will start to make more sense... and by that i mean the bredth of this guys nutballedness will become clear.

  14. Imightberiding
  15. Imightberiding

    Made it to about the three minute mark. You would think this James Rink fellow had a buddy who was more capable of narration than he is. I presume it is nothing short of arrogance & hubris on his part in that only he was capable of reading the script. Unfortunate really, listening to him was too much an obstacle for me. From the previous comments it would appear I am not missing much.

  16. Imightberiding
  17. Imightberiding

    I got to about 3 min & had enough.

  18. Imightberiding
  19. Imightberiding

    @Morgan Matta
    Very good advice for anyone about to watch this "doc" to take a moment & have a quick look on youtube about this guy . Seems the author "James Rink" is a wee bit of a fruitloop. More than likely enjoys listening to himself talk. (or ramble)

  20. WiseGapist
  21. WiseGapist

    I watched the whole damn thing because I have the patience of a St.(Germain)....It is utter balls, I really hoped it would get better but, nah. Don't waste your time!

  22. Yavanna
  23. Yavanna

    Worst "documentary" EVER!!!

  24. Liisa Pavelson
  25. Liisa Pavelson

    Just did the same. Srsly why on earth did we need this load of I don't even know what.

  26. Ivan Simo Simic
  27. Ivan Simo Simic

    OMG!!! This guy is full of Dharma!

  28. jonathan jackward
  29. jonathan jackward

    to the maker of this film......beat yourself to death with your own shoes! I COMMAND YOU! IN THE NAME OF JESUS CRUST PIZZA!

  30. Morrigu
  31. Morrigu

    What the Feck!! I can't believe the drivel ... and the lack of basic history ... did he go to school??

  32. TonyIII
  33. TonyIII

    If you suspend judgement; it's a fine way to enter a quiet mental state.

  34. Michael Hall
  35. Michael Hall

    If only this was produced before Nicea, the Bible could have been so much more believable.

  36. branrx
  37. branrx


  38. Rhys Williams
  39. Rhys Williams

    ... I forgave the early stuff... started to listen a bit... and then what?! joined with the creator in the 14th dimention... WTF

  40. AlekNovy
  41. AlekNovy


    Anyone who managed to finish this deserves a reward. I think you need to be a 50th level jedi to be able to bear through this thing.

  42. Karenwasherefirst
  43. Karenwasherefirst

    NESARA law

    Although Part 1 and Part 2 seem hokey, Part 3 becomes more interesting.

  44. KsDevil
  45. KsDevil

    I found a web page about NESARA which showed what my mortgage payment would be if NESARA was enacted.
    I certainly did not rely on this documentry.
    Clones, indeed!

  46. Charles Alderson
  47. Charles Alderson

    Move this to the "Comedy" section of the site and we'll be ok.

  48. Tom Steele Jr.
  49. Tom Steele Jr.

    I absolutly loved this! it was halarious to death... i watch alot of these 'in the back ground' as i do other stuff. this one kept me coming back and slacked jawed confused trying to figurout what the sh!t is going on...

  50. gsjikwblao
  51. gsjikwblao

    I got the little hand lined up over the little triangle

  52. David Ball
  53. David Ball

    what a pile of rubbish, its good to add these documentaries to this type of site just to show some of the c*** they are trying to feed us

  54. Yumi Caelestes
  55. Yumi Caelestes

    I'm open to whatever, there are some interesting ideas in this for sure.

  56. Sunny B.
  57. Sunny B.

    Occupy Wall Street!

  58. Ásgeir Örn Jónsson
  59. Ásgeir Örn Jónsson

    possibly the worst narrator of all time ?

  60. harry nutzack
  61. harry nutzack

    wow, if this doc doesnt get in the record books for "largest malodorous steaming manure heap", the "fix" most certainly has to be in... if, in the making of a "conspiracy" doc, one has to use a clip of alex jones out of context, then one has indeed reached stratospheric altitude of dung piling.. the absolute incongruity with reality displayed in EVERY frame of this piece is impressive, to say the least,,,kudos to those that worked so hard to make this steaming pile a reality

  62. leelora
  63. leelora

    I found this very worthy of thought{though it may have been narrated poorly , some say}. Like it!

  64. asdfghjkl456
  65. asdfghjkl456

    Stopped watching 23 seconds in, right after the opening sentence : Since the fall of Atlantis, satan and his minions have been working tirelessly, to end all goodness on this planet.

  66. Achems_Razor
  67. Achems_Razor

    You must just be saying that to elicit a response right? trolling maybe? You religee's and your satans, devils and demons, grow up!

    Atlantis however...?

  68. Andrisf
  69. Andrisf

    W O W ... just W O W.
    The kid who made this is just incredible. Take 3% of truth add 97% of bullshit and mix it all with infinite fantasy.

  70. vinmerlin
  71. vinmerlin

    I can understand why Americans would reject this doc. Look at the s**t they are in today. They would not recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. Oh wait ! It is hitting them in the face today. And they are too d*mb to do anything about it. They just bend over and ask for more.

  72. Miguel Oliveira
  73. Miguel Oliveira

    Uau ! Thank You my friend !

  74. Major Karma
  75. Major Karma

    The visuals are of course fascinating and much of the information is accurate but the claims of reincarnation (not reincarnation itself) is utter B S.

  76. Jesse Peacock
  77. Jesse Peacock

    I co-sign the following doc. I have spent many days,weeks researching each of the following subjects discussed. Before one can have an *informed opinion*, one must have sought the answers within themselves. Overstanding that much of life consumed within modern culture is indeed a lie. Thankyou James. I say to all those who have disagreeable thoughts on this video, that is the desired response of exactly those who consider you but a number and irrelevant. I feel the events that shall arise within the next 3 years will motivate many to reevaluate their feelings on this informative collage of truth.

  78. camcroney
  79. camcroney

    you describe the world we live in now. did you go to school in america? its all about false patriotism and little to do with education. it teaches us to be sheep and to never have self-expression. in order for anyone to understand this film you have to do a lot of research. i suggest to you take the claims you find to be most untrue and look it up. anyone from either side of this issue could take your approach and just call b s on everything and never explain it. thats exactly how our leaders act now. and thats how we keep things how they are.

  80. camcroney
  81. camcroney

    then you should skip to the last hr. most informative and not as much about st germaine.

  82. sirpikey
  83. sirpikey

    we are all intelgent people why can we not see what they are doing.History is there not only to learn from our successes but from our mistakes

  84. Jordan Stevens
  85. Jordan Stevens

    Interesting video. Very entertaining. The part about the birth certificate as collateral and that we live under military law is true. I researched that. A lot here is fiction. But essentially the truth is that they can fix all financial problems tomorrow if they want, but they don't do it and their reasons are not good. That much is true.

  86. Marco Gracian
  87. Marco Gracian

    I appreciate the video although there are some parts that I don't agree but nevertheless its a great documentary.. Thank you for sharing. Never mind the people who does not believe. Someday they will understand it. I myself is a follower of Saint Germain's teaching. There are just too many coincidences and synchronicities(sometimes too obvious) in my life that lead me to really give full attention to Saint Germain's teaching. My mentor is directly instructed by Saint Germain (even upto now) and I am studying under him the sad truth is that most great instructions are not written or documented in books but is passed down through one on one mentoring. He even showed me one of the precipitated rings the Saint Germain gave him as a gift that bears the cross of Saint Germain. We are actually building a sanctuary that will serve as a beacon over here in the Philippines to accommodate the great cosmic outpouring that will be happening next year.. Anyways, I just want to contribute a little with regards to the name William Shakespeare. The actual meaning of it is - "It is the Will of the I AM(God within) that will shake the sphere of earth from its ignorance." And the reason Saint Germain went to the Himalayas was to rest because, he absorbed much of Napoleons karma when Napoleon misused the instructions and power Saint Germain has given him.
    Thank you again for the video. Saint Germain is REAL.


  88. Prophanes
  89. Prophanes

    It is somewhat sad really. Lots of people use sites like these to share ideas and scoop up just that bit of knowledge they need to aid them in their reflections, yet so little actually experience the need to find a solid basis for their beliefs (probably because of the difficulty one might encounter when doing so). Many are eager to learn but lack the perseverance to keep trying to attack their own ideas. An 'enlightened' mind like the one that produced this documentary is really a mind lost; the danger with people like these is that they almost inevitably become quite fundamentalist in their beliefs and everyone trying to oppose them will to them seem brainwashed by the devil or whatever name they choose to give 'the other side' (Illuminati, banks, NWO etc.).

    I like doubting, or I don't really like it, but having thought about it a little there seem to be very few things a frustratedly curious individual like myself can be absolutely sure of these days. Don't waste your time thinking you've solved the mysteries of the universe behind your laptop because it will take a lot more than that to actually create a more harmonious and just world to live in, for us and those that will come after.

    Be brave, keep doubting and searching; once you start thinking you're right, you're probably wrong.

    That is my humble opinion, please criticize if you feel so disposed.

    (And excuse my unsteady English, I'm actually Dutch. One more reason not to take this modest monologue too seriously.)

  90. TonyB
  91. TonyB

    terribly narrated--spoken too fast and slurred.

  92. Colette Warde
  93. Colette Warde

    Satan? Really now......he gets mentioned about 26 seconds in and that's when I exit stage left.

  94. Ophira Corcoran Pants
  95. Ophira Corcoran Pants

    lol I thought the same, but finished it- I found it absoluetly fascinating.

  96. Ophira Corcoran Pants
  97. Ophira Corcoran Pants

    I'm going to be open minded about this, I enjoyed that he mentioned the 'Age of Aqaurius' Part! lol Other than that, great Doc. A LOT to absorb though X)

  98. Ilham Unknown
  99. Ilham Unknown

    Nah, He is not speaking fast, ur just listening slow

  100. Ken Hall
  101. Ken Hall

    Wow. I have not viewed the video yet. I usually read the comments of others in an attempt to evaluate the quality of the documentary before committing the time. After reading your comment, I'll watch. I'm still dubious, but I'll watch. Your comment is among the most reasonable, thoughtful and charitable messages that I've seen in quite some time. Regardless of the content of the video, your comment strikes at the ultimate truth: we're all seeking; nobody has solved the entire riddle of existence - least of all, those who begin to believe that they have. Thank you for suggesting that I'm not alone. I'm in the southwestern US, and I'm beginning to feel very lost in the social and political quagmire that this nation has become. I desperately need to find an elightened group of caring souls... soon, or I need to find an exit. Do the Dutch have room for one ragged refugee from the former "land of the free"?

  102. Prophanes
  103. Prophanes

    Regrettably, the Dutch can hardly house themselves these days (and i'm not just referring to our modestly proportioned towns and cities).
    You should definitely visit sometimes though, it might be comfortable recognising a similar air of general confusion and aimlesness in a country thousands of miles removed from your own. Then it's no longer so bad living in a crazy place, knowing that the normal places are actually the great exception.

    I do wish you all the best. I can could only imagine what living life as an American would be like these days.

  104. camcroney
  105. camcroney

    if this doc does has 3% truth in it that 3% is very much worth investigation. if you watch this doc with even one preconcived notion you can't belive any of it. for one moment think if most of your history in school was a lie told by the powers that be. could this be real? we all need to ask more questions instead of proclaiming to have answers. listen instead of talk. learn what it is to make up your own mind. don't belive but know.

  106. louise naylor
  107. louise naylor

    ROFL - the Knights of the Helmet......what a bunch of knobs

    and it was Marlowe who wrote Shakespere. Bacon had no talent for writing prose nor poetry.

    This is 99.9% (royal) bollox. Since when was France 'a safe distance' from the English throne.

  108. Johnathan McAuliffe
  109. Johnathan McAuliffe

    your right.....or does that mean i am wrong ? funny old world lol

  110. Aaron
  111. Aaron

    Hilarious nonsense!

  112. Brian Hensley
  113. Brian Hensley

    A clone of Reagan?

  114. Manfred
  115. Manfred

    Shut up . . .just shut up!

  116. vertalingofferte
  117. vertalingofferte

    A bit stretched out, that it soon becomes unbelievable.

  118. Soundjata
  119. Soundjata

    4 minutes in the narrator says "In his next life as Christopher Columbus...". And he says it like it's the most normal thing in the world. Like no one could possibly question it...and no, I didn't make it past that point.

  120. Roberta Lungu
  121. Roberta Lungu

    Very diplomatic and kind posting, Ken. I was allarmed though when you mentioned the loneliness you feel.I was there my entire life . Hope you find your balance soon .If you need to chat , (email censored) i`d love to hear from you. Lots of Love!

  122. jon sturgis
  123. jon sturgis

    I sat through waaaaaaaay too much of let me get this straight narrator. The same man who ascended into an inter dimensional being and invented several things key to our modern world........set up a "deci-quadrillion" or whatever it was amt in a trust fund to save the world...with a lump of gold the size of Saturn? Even if that was a possibility (basic economics tells us that gold would be worthless because of supply) he set this trust fund up so the very people who likely not want us to have it, would need to sign off on it? I'd expect a little more foresight from a turnip let alone an inter dimensional being. Fun nonsense for awhile though........

  124. Nebojsa Djokic
  125. Nebojsa Djokic

    The most annoying narrator ever,Does he ever stop to breathe ???

  126. jensen cass
  127. jensen cass

    1.there is free energy it is well established now and they suppress antigravity .
    Bedini Wheel generates overunity 100%
    2.Antoine Priore electromagnetic healing machine attested to by Prime Minister and Nobel Prize holders but also funded by French Military ..1956
    3. Grbennikov Antigravity device uses Bug wings , Mathematician and entomologist . Hitler build "die Glocke"
    4. The crown of England does belong to the Templars and they are uder vatican
    5. Germain warn of conspiracy for french revolution ... king was catholic but didn't follow vatican ... domincans where send to butcher protestants and catholics who didn't obey the vatican

    Many other 100 % accurate things , some may be wrong but the bigger picture clearly shows who is who .
    Walter Veith has exposed the people behind these people .

    But there is a issue for me , the white knights do not have the power to suppress this , only Jesus second coming has .

    Occultism and Pagan believe have good in them but tolerate bad and evil hence are compromised and CAN NOT be of God .

    ALSO nothing secret is of God , so the Bible and Daniels Prophesies guide the way however much truth in this documentary and much appreciated .

  128. jensen cass
  129. jensen cass

    at least 70 % truth as hard and unbelievable as it may seem

  130. jensen cass
  131. jensen cass

    do yourself a favor and pick out some parts and investigate ...

    I tell you one that I will , I will check what enemies of JP Morgan where on the Titanic because that was also a heavy one ( besides all the clones but technology he mentions exists ) .

    I know for fact that free energy , all healing electeromagnetic / sonic ... any wave really can be used and also weapons derived . And YES the patents can be found like on rexresearch .

    Do you want to know , pick out pieces and research them and you will find one after the other to "at least" have a good chance of being true .

    Do this 20 or better 100 times ...... then 50% of 100 stories is correct which makes "at least" 1 accurate out of the 100 .

    And that 1 will make all others more viable . Going down the line you will . Reject evolution , electrical engineering , medicine as we know it , history and biblical studies and false god cults

  132. jensen cass
  133. jensen cass

    satan is a system not a person , the system by it's nature makes us "willing" slaves . Now look around you and ask yourself , is good running the show or evil . then you know what system you live in .

  134. jensen cass
  135. jensen cass

    yes so I suggest as above to go pick out some things they claim and investigate , the more you investigate the higher the chances of one being correct .

    If one is ! then you need to ask yourself how such a obvious fact of life didn't make it to your and others ears before .

    Every science i false , not just a little you need to put it on it's head to see the truth which is close to impossible for people who dedicated their life to studying this incorrect science .

    When you then realise that it has been suppressed intentionally you will ask why .... thats when you just opened the door a few mm and you want to see whats behind .

    In the USA they found fossils with cartilage and blood vessels ... not possible but true ....

    Fossilisation of Hats of Miners and Glas bottles found .... in certain climate fossilisation occurs at vast speed .

    Free energy devices , many copied by Jean Louis Naudin , demonstrated and tested independently from inventors .

    I can go on for hours actually

  136. jensen cass
  137. jensen cass

    i have spent years researching many of the subjects .

    My experience tells me that you should flip on it's head everything you are told . In particular in science and also in religion .

    The truth is in Daniels Prophesies and it is the only one that has proven itself over and over to be 100% accurate and has foretold every great event since the Tora was given to us , The jews or rather Khabbala Sun worshipers ignore Jesus coming and forbid and Jew of dating Daniels Prophesies t as it exposes them and tells every jew to convert to christianity .

    The Vatican has removed Jesus 168 times from the Bible and changed the ten commandments ever so slightly but fundamentally .

    Once you know this you understand who is really running the show , there use to maybe in the mind of some be a "good" masonry but the system corrupts it all as it is Pagan Sun worship and inevitably creates evil !

  138. Perry
  139. Perry

    He also says that another of the guy's next lives was as Merlin. You know, the fictional character. I wonder who else this guy has been reincarnated as? Batman, perhaps?

  140. Paul Neujahr
  141. Paul Neujahr

    I swear this was written by a computer, given a number of phrases to fit into three hours of BS. Honestly, who would spend the time to check a single claim made in this garbage heap of words? The first part was at least entertaining in its inanity.

  142. James Rink
  143. James Rink

    Interesting to hear everyone's input. From being a nut ball to complaints about my oration capabilities. This was a volunteer project from the get go. I asked for others to volunteer their time to narrate this piece of work but when I handed them a script they never followed through. I hear a lot of complaining and no offers of help should this surprise anyone?

    I used to suffer from slurred speech impediment as a child due to milab trauma but slowly recovering, if you don't know what a milab is go look it up. In the script i used the words Satan in the first sentence to weed out all the brain dead people who would not be able to listen to this anyway. That way only those who have the intuition to hear and learn will receive this message and hopefully act on it in such a way that will change their life.

  144. John Videographer Shue
  145. John Videographer Shue

    If you dont like something why bother watching it for three hours???

  146. John Videographer Shue
  147. John Videographer Shue

    Uhm, in case you never studied british history, Merlin was a real person although modified over time to become the fictional character of Merlin.

  148. fongy74
  149. fongy74

    Hello James,i quite like your video and found it very informative although i thought the human cloning was a bit much to get my head around but my mind is open to the possibility.As for your future projects if you needed an experienced orator to narrate any future projects i would be happy to help.

  150. fongy74
  151. fongy74

    Hello James,i quite like your video and found it very informative although i thought the human cloning was a bit much to get my head around but my mind is open to the possibility.As for your future projects if you needed an experienced orator to narrate any future projects i would be happy to help.

  152. fongy74
  153. fongy74

    Whatever you feel about the documentary and dispite all it's misgivings it doesn't take any individual with an ounce of intellect to be aware that there is something very wrong with the world.Sure some of the subject matter may seem far fetched but that's not to say there are other elements of the feature that are quite accurate such as the banking cartels.The population of the planet are far more tuned in now to how dangerous these factions are and how far they will go to enforce their agendas and if the documentary has set free just one more mind then it will have been worth making.

  154. Effn Wasted
  155. Effn Wasted

    Who writes this "DISCLAIMER: This movie is based on the opinion of one person, and most of what you are about to see is likely to be fiction."?

    This is far from the opinion of one person! And is more FACTS than fiction. Amazing Documentary. 3 hours well spent. I wish I had awesome hacking skills. Love to hack Mainstream media and play this among many other documentaries. All it would take is an Obama Voice over for all those gullible sheeples to buy it hook, line and sinker.

    Re: Individuals with an ounce of intellect.
    Sadly there seems to be quite the shortage of those individuals!
    I mean why would you want to waste energy with thinking. When you can spend that time eating, and have someone think for you.

    Anyone have any gold left that they would like to sell me for some paper? Or plastic now here in the great white north.

  156. Mark Aldrich
  157. Mark Aldrich

    Having read most of the comments after watching 85% of the video as I skipped thru 15% of the first one trying to not get too bored, I see that regardless of the fallacies like the re-incarnation stuff, and mention of clones which I suppose should have been stated as doubles, In my honest opinion, I liked most of the documentary and have seen some of the documentaries a lot of the footage was pulled out of to complete this one. I am convinced and have been for many years that we have been being duped by the Illuminati and the elitists. I am very familiar with the Rothschilds and Bilderberg's group and surprisingly my last name is Aldrich LOL! I am a believer in Jesus Christ so I can't subscribe to anything that is not biblically accurate esp. re-incarnation...bunk.. but, the evil in high places in government is biblical and so is the coming of the end times which has to occur in someway and it seems right in line with the scheme of things so far.

    I did some research on some of the info here and it is accurate and we know the Bush family is corrupt along with the Clinton's and Barack Obama fits the mold I would not vote for him or Romney and would write in Ron Paul in a heart beat. At least Ron Paul is an honest man. Anyways James, to you I say thanks for the good info in this documentary and as always, everything has to be discerned and you weed out the horse pucky from the facts.

  158. dsw
  159. dsw

    So all of what you have been told about history could be a lie perpetrated by the Elite except for any parts of the bible, that was compiled and edited by the power hungry Romans and Jews? If you can see error in the historical accounts that you have been indoctrinated into, can't you see how parts of the bible can fall under the same category? I do love Jesus as well, for the record, but HE did not write the bible. He taught by word of mouth.

  160. Tina Portilla
  161. Tina Portilla

    I love the imagined Obama comments at the end of the third video. Hilarious.

  162. William Lombardo
  163. William Lombardo

    You certainly opened my eyes James, thank you.

  164. Zhana Roiya
  165. Zhana Roiya

    This is a long yet Magnificant piece of work which I shall do my darnest to share with all other like minded others.

  166. Robert
  167. Robert

    ha ha ha ha. Thank you for that.

  168. KeepUinCheck
  169. KeepUinCheck

    Just have to say, do not doubt your' English. You use it better than most people who have it for a first language.

  170. Jason Silva
  171. Jason Silva

    Very informative and entertaining! I laughed. I cried. I wanted to throw my laptop out the window! A great story, whether it is true or not, or a mixture of both. Great job either way! Thank you.

  172. CF
  173. CF

    With great respect for your beliefs and with only the intention of providing information, I feel compelled to mention that in fact Jesus actually does refer to re-incarnation in the Bible, in reference to Elijah specifically, and it is referenced other times also. The Bible made it's way through many hands, and bits and pieces were edited or lost, as with any history, but a good historian can find those bits, just as you shall when you really look into the truth about re-incarnation according to Jesus Christ and his apostles. I say this as a practicing Catholic, from a large practicing Catholic family, and as a believer in re-incarnation. The beliefs are not contradictory, rather they enhance my belief and have strengthened my understanding of the scriptures. I understand if you don't believe in it, and I respect your opinion, I'm only hoping to open your mind to the possibility.
    With love and light,

  174. jeff
  175. jeff

    who cares what your last name is... that's analogous to saying my last name is hitler...!!! i wouldn't BRAD about it, fool...

  176. Candace M
  177. Candace M

    Was this film hastily thrown together? Was the author and/or documentarian semi-literate? So many spelling errors in the synopsis indicate that to be the case. There is an abundance of credible work on the subject. Will skip this one.

  178. Svlad
  179. Svlad

    Pretty sure this was a parody.

  180. Rick Alker
  181. Rick Alker

    I believe its true because the US is in 17 trillion dollars plus debt there's no way they can pay it back that's why Obama trying to push the TPP through matter of fact they got till the end of this month to come up on how to pay the debit celling all else financial reset must be true if it banned in our country New Zealand

  182. marrabella
  183. marrabella

    This was definitely an anti-Semitic rant and pure fiction fantasy of the very racist author.

  184. Free Man
  185. Free Man

    Although some of the assumptions are far reaches, and downplays some people's actions by claiming they were cloned, there is some good knowledge that can put some pieces together in one's own search for truth such as St. Germaine being seen in Mt. Shasta and some interesting ulterior motives behind some laws and executive orders. I really hope there are forces in higher levels working to prevent world enslavement because there are definitely agendas being fulfilled worldwide, and I'm not sure if enough people can even fathom how much we've been lied to and manipulated on such a large scale. But WE are waking up, and those that chose to do evil will be dealt with accordingly. LOVE conquers ALL.

  186. DustUp
  187. DustUp

    After this docu, listened to an interview of "Dove" a middle aged gal that is a NESARA proponent that discovered its existence and was trying to get the word out in the early to mid 2000s or so. This docu done in 2011. It is now mid 2016. Has the window to implement NESARA passed? Or are the NESARA folks waiting until there are less of those that have let their teachers (school, media) constrict, confine, lock-up their minds to that which has been approved by the weasel banksters?

    Encourage all you can to turn off the TV. Most everyone I know who watches it is influenced by the misinformation and misguiding concepts it continually thumps.

    Sad that the webmaster felt some superior need to put the bold disclaimer on the description. But glad that he at least put the docu up on his website. "May be fiction" would have been a far better choice of words than "likely fiction". How do you know it is likely fiction? Clearly you can't know.

    For those that are unable to look past the things they doubt but cannot know of for certain, which many of us who found this docu to be informative had to do, grow up out of your childish ways. Sad that a few too many cannot set some items aside, in order to get to the actual point of the docu.

  188. Jeb
  189. Jeb

    Ignore the documentary voice and read the comments... They're hysterical.

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