Changing Lanes

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Changing LanesZustandswechsel (Change of State or Changing Lanes) is feature length documentary about the status of hemp in Styria - a region that is deeply rooted in Austria's rather conservative culture.

Yet, beneath the time-honored surface which is steeped in history, you will also find a subculture that is larger than many would expect.

It is about nothing less than the state of the nation - in terms of a personal status change by using the so-called soft drug cannabis or, people's drug alcohol.

Includes interviews with partners from the executive branch, medicine, hemp insiders, marijuana users, etc.

And there is a large supply only if there is large demand, right? Is this worth a look? Yes, we thought it is.

Watch the full documentary now. Press the "CC" button for subtitles.

Ratings: 5.67/10 from 3 users.

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  1. Guest

    For something closer to home, in english, more recent, and very well done although the number value of the busted grows is blown out of proportion will find it free on youtube.

  2. krissto0871

    Wonderful documentary! What is it talking about?

  3. Yanis Vergos

    thank u Az :)

  4. Guest

    @Vlatko...CannaBiz is a doc with good infos and it shows the real operation, many of your pot smokers would love that doc!

  5. krusaderken

    I dont know the language but I totally understand.

  6. KsDevil

    Not exactly the type of people I'd use to represent advocacy for hemp use.

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