Charlie Brooker's Newswipe

2009, Comedy  -   18 Comments
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Following the success of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, BBC Four has commissioned Zeppotron to produce a brand new series – Charlie Brooker's News Wipe.

The aim of Charlie Brooker's News Wipe is to expose the inner workings of news media, just as Screen Wipe does to TV in general. The series is funny, thoughtful and scabrous digest of recent news events.

News Wipe takes a look at the brilliant or preposterous way the news is presented to us. There are also experts on hand to pick apart certain stories and analyze the news media's obsessions.

Charlie Brooker comments: This is new territory for me: I'm no current affairs expert. Just like, I suspect, many people, when I tune into the news I often feel like I've wandered into episode 389 of the world's most complex soap opera. So it's also about me trying to make sense of a bewildering and often bloody stupid world.

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  1. TriforceV

    Its like the British Daily show....
    combines British slapstick humour, with their lacklustre British news networks....

  2. NAND Gate
  3. NAND Gate

    Not crap.

  4. Bleaker
  5. Bleaker

    Thanks Vlatko!

  6. S.E.T.H
  7. S.E.T.H

    nice balances in this....i liked it :)

  8. Gareth Sidwell
  9. Gareth Sidwell

    Brooker at his best. The guests are awesome too, this is also where I first heard Doug Stanhope!

  10. BuzzBeak
  11. BuzzBeak

    Nothing like the Daily Show, and there is no slapstick humour. Did you even watch this?

  12. TheRealMax
  13. TheRealMax

    LOL.... Paxman"Deflated derigables"

  14. TheRealMax
  15. TheRealMax

    LOL..... Luftwaffe XVI.

  16. KsDevil
  17. KsDevil

    And this is why I avoid major network news..i mean informational entertainment shows. There's 10% news, if you are lucky, and 90% opinion.

  18. bobcat43
  19. bobcat43

    ya good stuff.

    thank god i don't have a television

  20. WiseGapist
  21. WiseGapist

    The Day Today was an English comedy news spoof that beat the Daily Show by 2 years, though Newswipe does nick a couple of ideas from THAT show...If you haven't seen it I'd recommend checking it out :D

  22. Gus_Chiggens
  23. Gus_Chiggens

    I wish we had a programme like this in Canada

  24. janbn
  25. janbn

    The US bombing of Serbia should have been declared a war crime.
    The aim of the US and Britain was to break apart the last socialist country in Europe - Yugoslavia. They succeeded and a lot of people suffered and died.

  26. sknb
  27. sknb

    Wow, British culture is like a American culture in broad view, but so different in detail

  28. Aidy Shaw
  29. Aidy Shaw

    It is nothing like that at all. I think you may have concussion, have a lie down.

  30. GMC
  31. GMC

    The 24/7 news cycle driven by ad dollars, requires major sifting for the truth, through way too much fear mongering, good to see the lighter side. tell em for every REAL problem their is a solution or 2 or 3. And No fear! An No Clunclusion Jumpers!

  32. hadecl
  33. hadecl 2016 still very very very same story :=}

  34. Klaus Thoma
  35. Klaus Thoma

    cheap, populistic crap. no cerebral involvement required, for mr. brooker draws all conclusions himself. bbc, this is what you resort to in your quest for ratings?
    you must be scared sh*tless, dear boys....

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