Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

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Charlie Brooker's ScreenwipeScreenwipe is a television programme, presented by comedian Charlie Brooker, which reviews other British television programmes with a caustic and humorous tone.

Brooker analyses specific programmes and genres, regularly making jokes about how programmes are created, and criticizing what he states is the bureaucracy behind programme-making.

Brooker often pays particular attention to more obscure channels on satellite, Freeview and cable, such as those dedicated to gambling, shopping, horoscopes and pornography.

He explores the probable effects of television on society and how programmes can often create in the viewer feelings of inadequacy, depression, fear and anxiety.

To balance things, one segment of each show is usually dedicated to positive reviews, with analysis on why the style and content are so absorbing.

Much of the programme is filmed in Brooker's living room, with shots of him sitting in front of his TV (and laptop) with remote control in hand talking to camera, occasionally bellowing insults or sarcastic comments at whatever happens to be shown at the time, interspersed with shots of TV shows. Also check out: How TV Ruined Your Life.

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  1. Teresa Schlenz

    That was actually a very moving tribute to Mr. Postgate at the end. Growing up in the states, I had no exposure or connection to his work. Yet I still think it is great that Charlie took both the time and budget to show a bit of heart to close the series. Well done series all around, as well.

  2. DuketheDuckesq

    Excellent critique of British T.V and contemporary pop culture with insights spanning broader still. Charlie Brooker acts almost alone as a counter balance to the cheerier than thou presenter archetype , ridiculous television hysteria (which usually becomes televised) as well as actually and effectively criticizing television culture on the television. Reminds me that I am not alone among the crazed, foaming at the mouth, sensationalist, partisan, perpetually weak, constantly afraid, easily lead and dogmatic, vainly pragmatic, hysterical majority of the population that doesn't actually exist. Thank you Mr Brooker and Vlatko.

  3. DuketheDuckesq

    Excellent critique of British T.V and contemporary pop culture with insights spanning broader still. Charlie Brooker alone acts almost as a counter balance to the cheerier than thou presenter archetype , ridiculous television hysteria (which usually becomes televised) as well as actually criticizing television on the television. Reminds me that I am not alone among the crazed, foaming at the mouth, sensationalist, partisan, perpetually weak, constantly afraid, easily lead and dogmatic, vainly pragmatic, hysterical majority of the population that doesn't actually exist. Thank you Mr Brooker and Vlatko.

  4. Snoik

    how tv ruined your life was good, but this is 5 series with no theme for each episode, and its too much. I'll do the media one to balance it out.

  5. Maciej

    Anybody noticed rapid switching of left-right sound source that is super annoying?
    I'm using headphones and each time the narrator speaks it changes every second.
    Well by now I have a new conspiracy theory.

    Show is great btw.

  6. ruffkutt

    Charlie Brooker is cool. Gotta love the Brits. They can laugh at themselves in the cultural mirror.

  7. Bleaker

    This is a really good show. At first I was skeptical, but after watching Charlie Brookers' performance I was enchained. Thanks for posting it up. Hopefully you post more.

  8. Yeung Xiao

    This is totally a documentary. This is an insider look at the social political and economical driving forces behind the entertainment industry. It challenges what we came to know as natural and dissect the hidden hypocrisy.
    Prime example, a world class model telling people how good they look without makeup, while wearing fully makeup.

  9. NAND Gate

    Pretty damn good. Not brilliant. But good.

  10. Cliff Thomas

    Please do post them up, they are docs, satircal ones as well as a look at the society (in Britain at least).

  11. Yavanna

    Not Charlie Brooker at his best. The video quality is poor. The sound synch is awful at least for the first few episodes.

    If you are not English ( I had a few gutty laughs in 3 hours so far) don't watch.

    Vlatko yet again another "not a doc" comment from me I`m afraid. This is semi funny mish mash TV. I can flip through a hundred channels and watch something similar. I come to topdoc for top docs. They cant always be top docs but they should at least be docs.

    1. Vlatko


      And I was about to post Newswipe, Gameswipe, and Charlie Brooker’s 2006-2010 Reviews

    2. Simon Edward Driscoll


      I'd be keen to watch those if you were to post them! Brooker is quality..

    3. blahblahbob

      keep up the comedy. theres plenty of great 'true' docs here, the comedies a nice break. keep up the good work vlatko!

    4. knowledgeizpower

      Yeah i agree with blah bob down there... like can we get some more music Documentaries too peas and carrots? There is always room for music right :)

    5. knowledgeizpower

      @ Pysmythe

      Hmmm I have a feeling that you like jello mixed with a lot of bananas Lol! But Yeah Aww Music you just can't get enough of it :)

    6. Guest

      have you ever seen Festival Express...a movie shot on a train that was supposed to go from Montreal to Vancouver. On board: The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band and many more...a big party.
      I tried to find it on youtube but part 1 of 9 is missing, so i can't suggest it to Valtko.
      too bad...a real good watch

    7. BuzzBeak

      Yes please post them, don't see Yavanna's point really- they ARE technically docs, and who cares even if they're not- just don't watch if you don't fancy.

    8. Achems_Razor

      I would rather watch docs that mean something, like science, science, and more science, or current affair types, anything about cosmology/space. But of course just my own viewpoint.

    9. knowledgeizpower

      @ Az no..have not seen Festival Express but yes i really like listening to Janis Joplin yes..

      @Pysmythe Yep i've heard of the Flaming Lips lol...You know who i think is really eclectic Joni Mitchell and bands like Queen.. Pink Floyd they are really different...I like classical music and opera too one of my favorites is Offenbach, Les contes d'Hoffman Olympias Doll Song...OMG I could listen to that forever forwards and backwards :P Hows that For some French AZ!

    10. Guest

      For a quick second here, i thought you were talking about Offenbach the french Canadian band...once called Offenbach Soap Opéra.

      I have a hard time listening to recorded operas but i would certainly go see one in person.

    11. Earthwinger

      Newswipe gets my vote!

      Brooker really comes alive when he starts ranting about current affairs. :)

    12. Yavanna

      Go for it Vlatko. Other's seem to like it. I really like Charlie Brooker too, just not in this particular comedy show. I was just following your advice from last year when we had the discussion about putting a "dislike" button on docs. You said to just post negative comments which is what I did.

      I'm not going to feed the troll by replying to the uncivil comments made by one particular person on this thread but I will say to those that regard this as a documentary that they need to check a dictionary and encyclopaedia for the definition. I just have and they concur with mine.

      Generally: "Documentary films constitute a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record."

      This was a comedy show. A TV programme reviewing other TV programs.

    13. chetep

      With TV programs being an aspect of reality and examining or assessing (reviewing) them being a form of instruction or imparted knowledge, this pseudo-intellectual has contradicted and proved herself wrong. Jus Sayin...

    14. Yavanna

      And with a puff of flawed logic Chetep disappeared up his own arse. Didn't you mean to say Jus trollin?.....

    15. Guest

      Some of the best comedy was staged in Montreal at the Juste pour Rire (Just for Laugh) festival...english, french, french, french, english (from many countries).
      Sorry Yavanna...didn't watch much more than 15 minutes of this one...and i am commenting.

    16. Yavanna

      /slap! btw I dont always watch docs to fruition..... Some are irrelevant, cr4p or otherwise awful and I also have a laziness when it comes to subtitled stuff...... Stop picking on me!!!!!!!

    17. SurvivorVeteran

      These ARE documentaries. And you do NOT need to be British at all. If you have a slight sense of humor, and an Iota of intelligence, then you are good to go.

    18. Yavanna

      @blahblahbob ansd @BuzzBeak agree with you both - it's not a 'true' doc I`m not trying to be a killjoy - please read my other comment re dislike button.

      @the rest

      By making negative comments I for one am pressing my non-existent dislike button and secondly trying to maintain the integrity of TDF as it means to me: top doc films! It's not an attack on Vlatko or TDF when I make a negative comment against a doc.

      I appreciate on this occasion that I am obviously in the minority. However I would prefer to draw a line in the sand as to what is a doc. If you people want light relief from serious docs go watch funny cat videos on you tube or re runs of friends.

    19. Imightberiding

      It's a good thing that we have you to maintain the integrity of this site. As per your description/definition below as to what a documentary is; you've hit these ones spot on except that they are presented with humour.

  12. BuzzBeak

    Season 2 Episode 5 USA special for our American cousins :)

  13. WiseGapist

    Quality show, loved it when it was first aired and good to watch it again xD

    Not really a documentary though^

  14. Joey Foo

    At Last ! :)

  15. NAND Gate

    Sounds fun. Not being American, I might still get it ;)


  16. princeton

    great show....clever commentary.. im not british.. but everything hits spot on

  17. Achems_Razor

    Watched some, did not float or even rock my boat. Like poster below said gotta be English, that I ain't.

    1. SurvivorVeteran

      No, you dont have to be English at all. You just need a sense of humor, and slight intelligence.

    2. Achems_Razor

      It has to be humorous for my humour to shine, but you are right, I don't have "slight intelligence" I have "high intelligence." And if it was in Colloquial English, not some backstreet slang, might be able to understand what it is they are saying.

      By the way your intelligence does not seem to present the proper spelling of "humour"

    3. chetep

      I strongly intuit that you are not as clever as you suspect you are.

    4. Guest

      Try some humour from Japan, France, Burkina Faso, Brazil and see how good your humour travels.

    5. SurvivorVeteran

      For one, humor is the correct spelling in the United States, and humour is correct for UK English. For two, the "slight intelligence" remark was not directed at you, but a general statement.

    6. Imightberiding

      You come across as an intelligent person in your comments resulting in more often than not a positive addition to the discussions of any given doc. That said, you disappointed nay shocked me with your comment below as to the "correct" spelling of the word humour. There are far more english speaking countries in which this word is spelled with 2 u's than not. I may be wrong but I would hazard a guess that your spelling of the word is unique only to the U.S.A.

    7. Achems_Razor

      Actually @SurvirorVeteran is on the money, spelling of humour is U.K. English that we Canadians follow suite, and Americans usually spell it humor.

      Even my spell checker says humour is the right word. (LOL

      My comment shocked you?? then you have not read a lot of my posts.

    8. daddychiefs

      Do you have it set to UK or Canada in your system settings, or do pcs do that? I ask, because, macs do have such a setting, and I wonder if, along with accent marks and such, it delineates English dialect. Mine corrects humour, compleat, theatre, know the song and dance. I am, however forced to say yet again, Its Occam's Razor, consarnit!

    9. Achems_Razor

      Well no, it is Achems, I have set a precedent.

      My system settings is set for Canada, Eh.

  18. Gareth Sidwell

    Awesome! I love this series, One big giant f*** you to the idiot box, and pop culture in general! Giggling like a school girl to this lol...

  19. Jimnal

    i watched these on bbc4 when they first aired and they were brilliant. like buzzbeak says most of the shows and people talked about are british but im sure their is some version of most of the shows in every country, newswipe is possibly a bit easier to get as its mainly a mockery of global news coverage.

  20. BuzzBeak

    fantastic, watched these many times before, if you like these check out newswipe too. ps may not be as great if you're not British.

    1. moss66

      Theres a gameswipe aswell for computer games but there was only one episode of that