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CheckpointOver three million Palestinians live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which has been under Israeli military authority since 1967. Israeli director Yoav Shamir documents the impact of the enforced boundaries known as "checkpoints" on the Israeli border guards drafted to monitor them and the Palestinian citizens who must pass through them daily.

Shot in a cinema verite style, a style of documentary filmmaking that stresses unbiased realism, the film shows these anonymous, one-time encounters between both sides and the lasting political, social and cultural effects. Checkpoint gives a chilling look at the destructive impact on both societies.

This movie is riveting. I can only call the treatment of the Palestinians trying to get through the checkpoint humiliating (and shocking). The woman are harassed and the men are abused. The border guards fair no better in system that places these young men in situations beyond their training or capacity for judgement.

It is a real-time tragedy unfolding on the screen, full of hapless players, endless conflict, and implied ripples for generations. When the old Palestinian heads for the border line saying "Shoot me" you wonder how far it will go. If you love freedom, this movie is painful.

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  1. ryderman

    I must say that I am shocked by the unprofessional conduct of the Israelis, this makes me sick to see how arrogant and abusive the soldiers are to the Palestinians.They deserve it when suicide bombers attack them . I don't blame anyone from rebelling against these bullies.
    It is clear to see why everyone hates the Jews.They are going to get cornered badly in the region. I hope Americans keep their nose clean and let Israel fend for themselves. I wish the Palestinian rebels luck in dealing with this rogue nation of Israel. Israel may not be running out of money but they are running out of friends. I know and talk to more and more people who are starting to see the true image of this repression that is inflicted on the Palestinian people.

    Shame on you Israel, shame on the West for supporting them.

  2. Alberto P. Abreus

    "We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists
    are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety,
    but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in
    the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism and the State of
    “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever
    perpetrated on the Jewish People. Indeed, where else since 1945 have
    Jews been in such physical danger as in the Zionist state?!"

    From the True Torah Jews against Zionism.

  3. Baruch

    I can't watch this video ,
    It has a message "This video is private"

  4. Ahmed12012

    What is so curious about this thread, from anti-semitic remarks to pro-zionist rambles, is how most are looking over the fact that a JEW made this film! An Israeli who is trying to say something about the situation over there. Give him some respect and take note that an Israeli is speaking out by directing and releasing this film. I'm on the Palestinians side, but without respectful and kind people such as Mr. Shamir, we will have no peace.

  5. Ahmed12012

    For the ones writing scathing remarks about Jews and the Holocaust, please notice that a Jew made this film. There many Jews out there who speak out against atrocities, Mr.Shamir being one of them, so your anti-semetic remarks sparked by a film that someone from the inside created is absurd. This is a director who is HELPING get the word out, and he is an Israeli. Should we boycott him from making strong films about these issues or just let people who know nothing about it take his place.

  6. Jim Benham

    Israel is a criminal state illegally occupying palestinian land. The forgive- Israel-of-any-crime poster below--Mr Mather--has cut and pasted a criticism of the documentary from the dishonest anti-palestinian web page "Honest Reporting." If Mather wants context, maybe he ought quote the number of Palestinians killed by the state of Israel and its state subsidized fundamentalist settlers. And notice he describes immoral conduct by Israeli soldiers as the product of frustration and boredom. Bigotry, never.

    From 1987 to 2010 Israel has killed 7978 people and 1620 were below the age of 18. The death toll of Israelis during the same period is 1503 and 142 were below the age of 18. The period that mather focusses upon reveals a similar lopsided death toll as well.

    1. imdwalrss

      The pro- Palestinian talking points in the above post should not go unanswered. Since no Arab government accepted the 1948 Palestine mandate, choosing instead to attack Israel in an attempt to obliterate it in a genocidal attack, they have no legal claim to areas like the West Bank. Israel is breaking no law by controlling territories which they need to manage for self-defense and have no legal recognition as someone else's territory.
      Little progress is likely to be made toward Palestinian land control until their leadership and people acknowledge Israel's right to exist and make thorough attempts to end the terrorism organized within their borders.
      Comparative casualty counts mean little. First, the Palestinian terrorists have repeatedly been found to lie about the extent and causes of death, going so far as to display the corpses of children who died from other causes as if they were victims of Israeli attacks. Secondly, these craven aggressors station themselves among their innocent citizenry, virtually guaranteeing increased civilian casualties.

      Third, Israeli response is not a Hatfield-McCoy type retaliation but an attempt to insure the safety of Israeli citizens. If Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israeli communities (over 7,000 from 2005 through 2008 for example) and sending their adherents among Israeli citizens with weapons and bombs, there would be no Palestinians lost due to Israeli attempts to secure their own safety.

    2. steute2011

      As well your comments should not go unchecked! The war of 1948 had nothing to do with the territories becoming occupied. The West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza were in the 1967 war of conquest initiated by Israel when they launched a surprise attack on Egypt, Syria.
      There is nothing "legal" about the acquisition of territory by war, even if for "defensive purposes"! International law makes no distinction between territories conquered from formally recognized states and indigenous populations.
      It always amazes me to here people parrot this claim that there is no occupation, when in fact the Israeli Supreme court recognizes the occupation as a matter of plain fact!
      The atrocities committed by Israel against civilians is clearly documented by at least 15 independent Human Rights & Humanitarian organizations, including several Israeli / Jewish NGO's! Certainly you are not arguing that they are all involved in some conspiracy to publish bias reports against Israel, as that would put you in the camp with the "Jews run the world" camp.
      Where I do agree with you is that Palestinians and their supporters need to be more vocal in openly and aggressively condemning the terrorism coming from the extremist groups like Hamas. They can not just point out Israel's acts of aggression!

    3. ozone_ethos

      wow what about Palestinian peoples right to live in there home land with out all the bs.. if I came to your house and pushed you out into the streets how would you feel? just cause you are the bigest guy in the room and take things dose not make it right.. i want all children to grow up happy no matter their color.. its like ppl from the stone age fighting ppl from 2040 the Palestinian do not have a chance ..look at how much the map has chaged on 40 years.. take and take till no where to go but push back..

  7. Richard Mather

    First of all, the anti-Semitic comments and the references to Hitler posted on this page are inappropriate and are harmful to the Palestinian cause. The documentary is good in the sense that it highlights the frustration and boredom of the young Israeli soldiers and the seemingly arbitrary restrictions placed on the Palestinians, who suffer a great deal of humiliation. The bad thing about the film is that it lacks context. During the three years this film was made, there were more than 100 terrorists attacks, in which 800 Israelis were killed by terrorists and 5,000 were wounded. What the film doesn't show are the many instances when suicide bombers were stopped at the checkpoints. Some of those arrested included women. Even children are used to carry out attacks. Films like this are good at manipulating our feelings but they reveal the wider picture.

    1. ozone_ethos

      what made them terrorists? the humiliation ? anyone who kills others is wrong but apartheid is what i see its wrong and so sad. more and more are waking up thanks to the internet..

  8. Me

    we can first stop all isreal jews from immigrating to the western world like they love to, until this stops. show them they will not be welcome either if they cant show the same consideration to others such as the Pal.

    1. Hereswotithink

      Many of the emigrating Israeli Jews are leaving because they cannot in good conscience support the racist state, nor do they want to risk their lives in an increasingly violent one. Let's not perpetuate the intolerance these people are trying to leave behind.

  9. Zamir Mustafai

    Wake up Hitler, wake up!

    1. Hereswotithink

      Your ignorance is painfully obvious. First: learn who hitler was and what he had done, then try and find your brain and conscious, if you have one.

      This documentary was made by an Israel Jew!
      What has the Arab world done in support of the Palestinians during the last 64 years?

    2. Alberto P. Abreus

      The world recognized that they had wronged the Palestinians and recognized them in the UN. The first step. Or have you not heard about that yet? Perhaps, you simply want the world to come to the Palestinians' rescue and do to "ISreal" the same thing they did to Germany Nazi. Now, I must say that the thought is rather exhilarating.

    3. Hereswotithink

      The UN has recognized a Palestinian state. The EU has acknowledged Israel's inhumanity and is boycotting Israeli goods made in stolen lands. All this as arrests of Palestinian children and adults continue, as the cowardly Is.Army continues to use human shields, invade Palestinian homes in the middle of the night, subject Palestinian children and adults to Is.military laws, confiscates land, demolishes homes, its lame soldiers shoot children on their way to school for sport, in the back.

      All the Palestinians want from the world is to force their govts to back off their cowardly and blind support for the fascist state. All the Palestinians want is for the world to stop the holocaust perpetrated on their people. They have survived foreign invasions for three millennia. They'll survive this one, too. The difference this time, however, is that the world governments support Israel with money, arms and political support, even as they hold their noses. By themselves, the Israelis would have given up their genocidal assault on Palestine a long time ago. Probably by the end of May 1948.

      The citizens of the world know Israel is on life support. Even the enlightened Israelis know that the return to the 1967 line is a myth destroyed by the Israelis themselves. Time to return to the lines the zios agreed, and signed, to in 1948. Or go back to wherever they or their parents had come from, and learn to live like the Muslims and Christians wherever they find themselves.

      However, to wish for a Hitler for the Palestinians is stupid, misguided and self-defeating. In the end that's exactly what the Israelis have become, also unto themselves, according to the rule of "give someone a rope..."

    4. mahituna

      Hitler was an equal opportunity murderer, don't be so sure you would have escaped, remember Germany 1st, he would have got to you eventually

  10. joe31

    the true anti semtics,did you know palastinian are semetic,and jews european mixed.

  11. joe31

    dont they learn the tide always turn,and people dont forget,antthing you can do to any humans being you can do to all,its so sad and humuliating to watch,you never get my repect ,just to go to and fro,there treateded less then chattle,they are selk decieved in there so called entitlrment,may god make the truth clear to them

  12. RileyRampant

    there are no rules, apparently, guiding the conduct of 'the only democracy in the middle-east'.

  13. Greg Gans

    There is no such place as "Palestine".

    1. staszekgobi

      according to judeonazis you are correct however we are not quite ready yet to accept that sentiment,

    2. joe31


  14. RedBaron9495

    I have to say, that over the years i was pretty neutral over the Israeli- Palestine conflict, largely due to what our mainstream media churns out and my own ignorance on this topic.

    With the help of the internet, I've been able to do more researching and educate myself on this feelings have definitely changed and my sympathies lies very much with the Palestinian people who have forcefully been occupied and booted out from their homelands.

    I think most neutrals if they study the facts, would reach similar conclusions. A good starting point is study the migration from 1945 onwards under the British modern day Israel.

  15. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    Not easy to watch, but if you watch it all, it gives you a sense of the cruelty and inhumanity people can show each other. Not bad. Simple. Young soldiers always make me nervous...........and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.....

  16. Liron Afranco

    it is not nice for me to see this but i now what is the risings for doing so
    and i do not think you r in a positing to jag remember 11 sap

  17. An Ordinary Ignorant

    a police and terrorist state, the one and only above the UN law...Isra-Hell

  18. Marco

    Great Documentary. It is truly sad to see how the people of Palestine are treated. Thank you again for posting this.

    1. catmc66

      It is also very sad that Israel contiues to get support from the US Government...It is such an International embarrassment...I am from a Jewish family and currnetly, like many other Jews, I feel ashamed of that. My Aunt, a German, grew up during the reign of Hitler and she would share with me that she was often very ashamed to admit that she was a German woman. The USA and other Countries with strong leadership and military, should step in to help the people of the Gaza, West Bank and the 3 million Palestinians who simply want to be free of the terror in induced by Israel. Throuout this doc. they often "toyed" with women & children trying to crosss the border. The order "soldiers" refered to Paletinians as "animals, dogs, monkeys and gorillas" also with regards to filming, the soldier said "The problem is all the animals are locked up, they can't come out."
      If one knows their history...this is how it all began with Hitler...

  19. Manch

    The self-hating vermin such is Yoav Shamir and the insane left-wing loonies fuel anti-semitism and spew hatred towards everything Jewish - our state, our religion. It is very indicative that all the anti-semitic nazi animals & quranimals are so fond of this garbage anti-Jewish propaganda.
    Anyone with a modicum of intellect knows that there is no "Palestine" or "Palestinian" people. The ONLY answer to the insane policies of the Israeli government is to transfer hostile Arab population out of the Israel, including all of Judea and Samaria.

    1. marshall4480


      I thought the documentary was pretty clear in establishing an anti-zionist position, rather than an anti-semitic one. Don't you recall the statistics juxtaposing the plight of two-thirds of the semitic religions with the outright invasion and criminality of the other one-third of the semites? I do commend you on formulating the ONLY answer. Well done.

      It would be nice to go back in time and prevent the zionist swine from invading Palestine, or at least make them abide by what was set forth by the international community, but we can't; so, we have to make the best of what is without destroying the lives of other human beings in the process. But great idea on getting rid of all the arabs! That is very original, practical, and worthy of serious consideration.

      And if there is no Palestine or Palestinian people, then what happened to them? They were there.....oh yeah, the occupiers in "your state" have been allowed to subtly carry out...i hesitate to say genocide, but it's certainly close to it if, in fact, it is not.

      Anyone with a modicum of intellect would realize that displacing hundreds of thousands of people would result in generations of disdain and violent repercussions. And anyone with a modicum of decency would know better than to do such a heinous thing. The (mythical?) Palestinians are humans too; you know, just like you Manch, only they lack your unwarranted feeling of entitlement, all the arrogance and smugness you manage to exude just by writing, and, of course, the right to live in the places they once called home. I will conclude this opinion by expressing my strong belief that you are a #$%head who probably is in need of having a couple of his teeth knocked out. But since that's not possible via the internet, i will instead hope that you get a bad virus and your computer crashes. Good day.

    2. staszekgobi

      alfred rosenberg in his book "the myth of the 20th century" suggested that all the jews should be shipped to madagascar, he was talking about genocide and mass relocation as a crime against humanity, but then he was a nazi and he was punished for his propaganda......

  20. Joye

    Hey All,
    I was really sorry abt da Holocaust(as dey said 6 million jews were killed). Then i started open my eyes and read abt politics. Now I really feel, that Hitler was doing at least one the thing right,; killing all those f--kers. People who loves jes so much, should know why hitler trying to killg jews, they were being killed because they were betraying Germany and it's people , as they did to the Romans. Take my word and record today's date, if Americans want to save this awesome nation, they should stop giving so much power to Jews. If this country ever falls, the reason will Jews, bec we r getting into fight with other nations , just to save Israel. We are paying our tax money to save Jews, our troops r dying to save those criminals. WAKE UP AMERICA...(i noe its hard to wake up now, coz everything is controlled by jews. But still have time before it's too late)

    1. Greg Gans

      You are a grade A moron. You know nothing. What did you read, Mein Kampf?

    2. First L

      Since ancient times Jews were known as symbol of treason ,,,, after they take wt they want from their friends they stabbed them in the back ..

    3. Hereswotithink

      To use your logic: you are a demented i****. To castigating an entire people based on their shared religion, customs, nationality, gender, education, whatever - is a mark of an ignoramus.

      This movie was made by an ISRAELI JEW. Sometimes it pays to spend a moment to watch the final crawl. Shamir and his enlightened compassionate compadres need our support, not this racist bull****

  21. Mark

    Just wanted to add some points to the issue.

    The only reason why IDF soldiers are allowed to conduct themselves this way in relation to their Palestinian subjects is because it is a very crucial part of Israel's plans to expand their territory all the way to international borders. (Syria,Lebanon,Egypt and Jordania)

    In the end it will be impossible for the Palestinians to live under such conditions, thus, they will relocate into the refugee camps of the countries mentioned above.

    1. ???? ????

      hi mark good good good mohamed samir . cairo

    2. First L

      yea you are 100% right

  22. cristina

    hitler was killed i am so sorry

  23. tim

    Excellent documentary. It's always great to see the live footage, first hand of what an oppressed people face everyday. It really puts things into perspective. No doubt there are acts of violence perpetrated by both sides. The continued occupation of the Palestinians for generations seems to be the fuel for the fire of this everlasting bloodshed.

  24. Dre

    Inhumane? Evey country around them wants them dead. Every person, car or truck could be the last thing anyone of them sees. I know I would be very cautious of every single man, woman or child who approached me.

  25. ilan

    As an Israeli , and as a former Idf combat soldier I would like to share with you my opinion , Personally I'm left winged in my political views , I believe that only peace is the answer , What you have witnessed in this documentary Is the repercussion of prolonged occupation , From the looks of that video one can think that The majority of people in Israel are war mongering people that hate arabs and only wish them death .
    Look , as you might know Israel is a very developed country with a huge amount of academic minds , Academic thinking doesn't co-existe with the will to occupy people , There is a huge debate on going in Israel about the occupation , The majority of the population would like to fallback to 67's borders and live side by side in peace with the Palestinians.
    You watched a documentary which shows you the minds of soldiers while they are doing their day after day routine work on checkpoints , You should know that people in Israel are drafted into the army after high school , I was drafted only one week after I've finished high-school I was 18 and 1 month , thrown to bootcamp in the ' deseret with no friends from home , Like all armies the idf train it's soldiers to follow orders and because the majority of soldiers are very young people They didn't even have the time to Really think or decide about their personal political views , I am telling you this from experience and because of that , Most of the answers that you will get from soldiers about arabs are stigmas and hate thoughts , and this is because those soldiers are in the army for 3 years Imidiatlly after school , seriously think what would you think in thier position ? "I'm here , In the occupied territories because the army needs me to be here to protect the people of Israel , It's all those arabs fault , i want to party and enjoy life no to stand and control those arabs I hate them why am I here "
    But and this a Huge but , After the soldiers are Discharged from the army Their perspective change , not all of them but most of them , and they start to see a different picture.

    The bottom line is , Yes Israel occupies the Palestinians , Yes it should be stopped and Yes there should be peace between our people , But you as bystander don't go and say that all of the Israelis hate Arabs and Delegitimize the state of Israel ,don't think you are so smart that you can truly understand the conflict from the opposite side of the world , This war will be solved between as and the Palestinians , Hopefully next elections in Israel will bring upon a left winged government and Hopefully the Hamas will fall in Gaza and Gaza will be reunited under one role with the west bank & then we can sit and discuss peace .

    1. First L

      so !!!!

  26. ccf.

    This was heart breaking to look at especially when the children was refused entry and they had to go back home without the mother,I'm a mother and I couldn't bring myself to let my son out of my sight.I would rather die than have to live like this or subject my son to this kind of humiliation and frustration.Who again do we have to thank for this brutality?I won't call names they know who they are.

    Long live Palestine and God be with you.I guess hitler taught them father like sons.It's the only logical explanation.These creatures weren't victims of the holucast, these are the ones who was responsible for it.I don't see it any other way.I'm human and I won't subject anyone to this nightmare.It's a freaking nightmare.Horrible just horrible.Shame on anyone who supports this injustice.

    1. First L

      i cried a lot when i saw the mother was forced to left her children :( :( it's unfair at all ...

  27. eli

    well if you don't have a permit you should not be allowed to enter another country thats why people ask for visas before they approach the borders of another country if anyone is trying to breach trough any country borders its an illegal act and any country has the right to dine entry to any one that dose not have the right documentations to prove his/ hers entry permit just like illegal mexicans try to enter the USA every day the palestinians try and illegally cross the israeli border

    1. DanaAbe

      People dont need a permit to go from one city to another and from one village to another WITHIN THEIR OWN country. The checkpoints featured in the doc are between west bank cities and villages for ex the people travelling in the ambulance from Jenin to Nablus, the villagers from Beit Furik trying to reach Nablis to go to the doctor, the girls from Bethlehem going home from university etc etc. Don't play stupid

    2. Hereswotithink

      Permits to travel from one town to another was a vicious law that was introduced by the zionists and communists in Soviet Russia.

    3. itrack

      This is not another country. These checkpoints are within Palestinian Territory, not between Israel-Palestine border. Go get a map and look. They tried to go from one town to another town WITHIN Palestinian Territory.

  28. Storm

    Its a propaganda film that makes us feel sorry for the palestinians. muslims all over the world create terror with suicide bombings and believe in a religion that says all Judeo/christians need to be conquered and converted or simply killed. If palestine disarmed there would be peace. If Israel disarmed there would be genocide. Are people so blind they cant see the truth?

    1. DanaAbe

      If Israel disarmed the longest illegal occupation in history and all those broken international laws would end, in fact they would have never happened. Apart from the sad home made rockets, Palestinians are already and have always been, disarmed. Which is exactly why this is an unbalanced conflict. Its like a bully kicking someone who is tied up and blaming them for not sitting still.

    2. Me

      i agree about the muslims, but to be treated like this we are better then the terrorist mohammad.

  29. Smarties

    p.s.: I don't care for intolerance in words. Someone may cry upon intolerance just because their arguments are weak. Who cares. If you are offended by some low-life who is trying to provoke you, it is only you to blame to feel offended.

    Can you really blame someone else for offending you? How we feel and live our lives remains our own responsibility. Yes,even if somebody tells you to F@#$ OFF, it would be ALSO your doing for feeling offended. Sure, that person would be provoking and giving more chances for a conflict. Therefore, everything has a beginning and an end in ourselves. Conflicts, wars etc. ... if WE don't act upon it constructively, NONE will.So be real: democracy is an illusion made by oligarchs and ancient cultures; a figure (like god?) that is chosen by numerous people, to save them from impending doom sounds like fantasy, does it not? Why do we crave for someone to lead us? why don't we distribute responsibility for our society among ourselves? Are we that limited as beings?

    (i made these arguments/questions on purpose... it doesn't mean i think this way :) I would only like to hear what your views are. I'm studying history and i have a very important exam... and i have to talk like this ,lol)

  30. Smarties

    Well, it is like saying the afro-americans were racist for rebelling against racism. Same argument about Israeli policies (i'm not talking about their people - no doubt there is a majority of people of concience). What justification has a terrorism sponsoring state like Israeli or U.S.A. to say that Palestinians have no right to defend themselves.Their arguments are mute.

    And besides, the U.N. council comprised also of jewish judges , concluded that Israel is guilty of war crimes (against humanity also? i dont have an international law degree so i'm not sure if the term "war crime" applies for the crime against humanity too)
    Some palestinian leaders are also wanted for war crimes. The fact remains that Israel illegaly settled on the soil of Palestinians.Illegialy occupied their territory and boycotted allmost every single peace process. U.S. vetoed several resolutions etc. ... I think Israel ,because of their POLITICIANS, looses their word on justified use of force. The comments of anyone about Palestinians doing the same thing - Palestinians didnt invade Israel.Your arguments become NULL,not because of you (the israeli people) but because of the politicians your people ellected.

    I hope i made some little sense...if not, i would like to hear your arguments.

  31. Smarties

    Owen: sorry to say,that logic is completely stupid...the worst thing one can do is stand idle and say "God will fix this".Perfect excuse to do nothing.

    And besides, what is God waiting anyway if he/she even exists? He/She waits for them to kill eachother? wow,what a concerned "citizen" he/she is... the allmighty allpowerful is silent and does nothing.Somewhat a contradiction.

    That's why i think this is up to people of good will. No god is match to human conflicts, history teaches us that!

  32. Kuw-eighty

    How unbelievably disturbing this video is. It shows the true nature of the Occupation, and how the Israelis are stepping on Palestinian's dignity. This shows how the occupied territories are in dire need of humanitarian aid. And also, how Israel as a goverment should be cease to exist.

  33. chill

    just because there are factions of hamas that are extremists does not excuse the Israeli armies behavior. And let us not forget that the israeli army is funded in part by the US and has the support of most of the international community. These are acts are atrocious so are those of some of the people of Palestine. I am from Northern Ireland originally and we had to leave our beloved land because my father married a protestant. People who fight fore a peace of land are in my mind idiots. No land is worth the blood of your child. Fueled by religious fanatics people are brainwashed into thinking this has something to do with it. This is complete nonsense it is all about possession. I was brought up we have no claim to the land we just borrow it its not worth dying or killing over. Let us live in peace and don't judge to harshly. If you have never lived in these types of conflicts its hard to understand. If you do ore did you will know that they are complete horse shit and waged by just a few. While the majority of the people just want to live there lives in peace and just don't care.

    These are the things i have learned i hope some of it rings true in your hearts. I felt what it was like when being pulled over fore no reason en felt what it was like always living in fear of another idiot blowing something up. Fore me both side are wrong who cares to which country you belong as long as you can live in peace. And i know people will talk of discrimination and living conditions. And theres are worse. But it still comes down to the same thing die fore land yo don't own never will own and never owned.

    Yours truly i soft spoke and kind hearted irishman.

    Ps.Its great to see discussion and interest in these conflicts taken place. But be wise and careful not to speak words of hate and intolerance fore then we turn out to be those we criticize most.

    Thank you fore reading.

  34. mik kit

    Every Palestinian killed was payed by our tax money.13 million is given to Israel everyday with one third of that used for arms.We Americans are the suckers in this carnival.Until we stop our government from giving Israel billions for aid and arms,we are just as responsible for every Palestinian that has and will be killed .I guess if your a Christian it,s your duty to protect god chosen people.After all it's in the fantasy bible that was written by people who couldn't read or write at that time.Or was it written to control and to instill fear into people.Are you a God fearing person.booo

  35. Bard

    I used to be a supporter of Israel and held it the highest esteem -especially the professionalism of their military- until i learnt the truth. That I've been lied to by zionists my whole life. Their not Semitic - their caucasian.

    These 'Israelites' that these zionists claim to be are nothing of the sort -they are 7th century converts to Judaism, while the palestinians are the true descendents of those who have lived there for thousands of years. These zionists have no claim to the land they've stolen.

    We know all you are the true anti-semites - zionist caucasians.

    What a stupid extremist group you Zionists are - so stupid you believe that you ownership of the mainstream media will prevent those who WANT to know the truth from learning it, and overestimating the support they will get from those wilfully ignorant and brainwashed that believe the zionist lie when the awakened will hold them accountable.

    Thank god for the internet - without it we would not have known what lying thieves and murderers the zionists are.

    I can't wait until the truth flows to those of the Jewish faith - when they realise their religion has been hijacked by criminals, and their people's suffering is being abused by a bunch of dimwitted morons who are in over their head.

    God bless all those who have the courage to look the truth in the face and speak up at this evil that is zionism and the ethnic cleansing of palestine.

    1. itrack

      Yes, thanks to the Internet. That's how I learned the Truth about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  36. Marta

    actualy stevel segal is jewish hehe :-) and the most actors in hollywood are jewish..

  37. ivan

    watching this makes me ashamed of being a human... to treat people like that? disgrace!

  38. Paul

    Disgusting, bullies. Feel so bad for Palestinian people, its racist. They should spit on faces of these Israeli people.

  39. haneen

    Watch occupation 101, it's an award winning documentary, on this site also. It talks about the origins of the conflict, as well as U.S. involvement.
    If you have any questions and want to know more about the issue visit, an excellent website full of information and statistics from legitimate sources.

  40. Owen

    I feel the pain of the Palestianans. I am black and live in America, and I am a descedant of slaves. I know what racism is. These are not real Jews. The say they are Jews and are not. No jewish person who went through the holocuast would sanction this. Germans did this to Jews. So why are Muslims paying for this? This is a war clearly against Islam.

  41. Owen

    God will repair this very soon. You can't treat people like this and think you can get away with it. U.S. wont use her influence to stop this type of crap. But there is a God that will!!!

  42. rational thinker

    the illegal state of israel has become an insult to Jews everywhere, to the survivors of the holocaust, and the victims of it. the fact that israel exploits the holocaust for its own agenda is an anti-semetic tactic in itself.

  43. Humanist

    @ Lee Evans. Okay, guilty as charged. I do get over-heated sometimes. I need to keep away from youtube and places where people express their views on the topic. There are lots and lots and lots of people who criticise Israel with bigoted unfair insults. I get frustrated at the torrent of ill-informed, biased abuse directed towards Israel. But you're right responding with the same scathing tone is hypocritical and unhelpful.

  44. lee evans

    @humanist and loli

    Perhaps both of you would do better to enlighten people instead of calling everyone ignorant and uneducated. You insult everyone by making emotionally charged, yet unsubstantial and biased arguments. Please, if you want anyone to be sympathetic towards your viewpoint, stop being so condescending.


    I appreciate the higher quality of your last response, but I stand by what I said of your earlier post, when all you did earlier was bash everyone else and post a youtube video of Hamas indoctrination.

  45. Humanist

    @Lee Evans. - "The way you respond is as if all Palestinians were involved with the Hamas paramilitary." - how so? I never made such a claim/sweeping generalisation. That's your interpretation. I merely state that it's not a black/white good Vs evil situation.

    "it’s no wonder people can be recruited to terrorism." - So? That's a common view of leftist Guardian readers sheltered from the horrors and complexities of such a conflict. Very biased siding with David instead of Goliath, because of the view that "power=evil". The same could be said for the Israelis and the way HAMAS and the Islamic world at large act towards them. A lot of Muslims (including those in Iran, including their government) also believe that the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people will hasten the coming of the Hidden Imam.

    "The only way I see the conflict being resolved is to somehow unearth and relocate Jerusalem and Bethlehem to the moon." - Thank you. You've just outlined the hopelessness of Israel's predicament.

  46. Joe_nyc

    "unearth and relocate Jerusalem and Bethlehem to the moon"

    There's a brilliant idea.

    Better yet, relocate to Texas and they can have religious ménage à trois.

  47. lee evans


    The way you respond is as if all Palestinians were involved with the Hamas paramilitary. Your argument amounts that in their fear, Israel is completely justified to treat treat every single Palestinian as a prisoner, because there's a chance this individual could be a terrorist.

    Looking at the behavior by Israeli forces documented here (and I'm sure there's worse when they know they aren't being filmed), it's no wonder people can be recruited to terrorism.

    The only way I see the conflict being resolved is to somehow unearth and relocate Jerusalem and Bethlehem to the moon. Let the fanatics go fight for their precious holy land somewhere else, and let the civilians live and prosper, and not be blown to bits by missiles or riddled with bullets.

  48. Humanist

    "Realist" - ... Then tell me who is "as bad as if not worse than the Nazis".

  49. Humanist

    loli - hear hear! Too many over-opinionated, under-educated fools with mis-directed "passion" about a sensitive subject they know all too little about, ranting their ill-informed views all over the internet from their ivory towers.

    1. Captain_Mannering01

      Typical Zionist, trying to suppress any other point of view.

  50. lee evans

    "[Abba Eban] said that there are two kinds of criticism of Zionism. One is criticism by anti-Semites and the other is criticism by neurotic self-hating Jews. That eliminates 100% of possible criticism ... The assumption is that the policies of the state of Israel are perfect, so therefore any kind of criticism must be illegitimate." -Noam Chomsky

  51. Alex Orteca

    "we're humans,and they are not"...I wonder if the guy is aware of his own history? And I wonder, if he is familiar with the word holocaust?

  52. loli

    I knew there were going to be anti semitic comments here! Study the subject,pick up a freakin book then make an informed opinion. I'm sure most of you have only seen this documentary and that's it. How easy I find, that most people are so eager to blame and hate the Jews. Pathetic! Sick of the pro anyone and anything as long as Israel is the culprit.

  53. WTC7

    Hi Realist,

    I fear that you misunderstood about what I said about the Holocaust (intentionally, I may say, 'cause I was very clear in what I said).

    You stated " Why wasn’t Judaism/Zionism given the Rhineland, Boveria etc as opposed to Palestine, for what the Germans supposedly did?".

    I underlined in my response your "supposedly". But now, since you pursue the issue, what do you mean by "supposedly" in this context? Do you mean that the Nazis actually didn't commit the Holocaust?

    I really don't know what further clarification my following statement needs: “I beg of you, not to put into question the death of millions of innocent Jews in the Nazi Germany. The Nazis did not “supposedly” kill them, they actually killed them. There is no, and there never will be, a higher cause which could justify what has been done, or may be done, to any people” (in the context of what the Nazis did to Jews).

    The "IF" that you implant into my words is malicious, btw I'm Jewish, although not a practicing one (and I'm not Irish, though my husband is).


  54. Squeegee

    Hey WTC7, thanx for the reply, but could you clarify "There is no, and there never will be, a higher cause which could justify what has been done, or may be done, to any people."

    Are you saying that, there is no justification....... but IF there ever was one, then the holocaust was it??? (I hope i'm mistaken)

    Being from Ireland, I geuss that would entitle us to half the planet for what the Brit's have done to us during the past 400yrs? How about Egypt, or I hear Jamaica is nice. I'm sure with the help of the UN we could kick the shit out of the natives and create an Irish homeland in a land in which we have no justifiable claim to (all unsigned possible works of fiction from 2000yrs ago not with standing).

    Its wrong, boycott Israel.

  55. WTC7

    Hi Realist,

    I agree, it's a harrowing doc. I've been to Israel, have stayed in Gaza for a couple of weeks, went to the West Bank... The Palestinians are really being treated like animals by the Israelis. I was appalled by what I saw, although I spent just a short period of time there. These guys are seriously a paranoid nation, I myself almost got a heart attack when I was taken aside at the airport in Tel Aviv (as a suspect of some sort?) and my whole luggage searched only to find out that the havoc was due to a 2 euro flash light I had in there - they examined it for half an hour - and I was close to shitting myself. I threw it away immediately after. Some years prior to that, my husband, who has worked his whole life for the International Red Cross, was put in a padded room, at the same airport, with his briefcase waiting in the middle of it & was ordered through a loudspeaker to open it (perhaps because he's Irish)! Of course, there was nothing dangerous in there.

    But, I beg of you, not to put into question the death of millions of innocent Jews in the Nazi Germany. The Nazis did not "supposedly" kill them, they actually killed them. There is no, and there never will be, a higher cause which could justify what has been done, or may be done, to any people.


  56. Squeegee

    Harrowing documentary, but it needs to be watched.

    Why wasn't Judaism/Zionism given the Rhineland, Boveria etc as opposed to Palestine, for what the Germans supposedly did?

    How could a race that was subjected to such horrors become as bad if not worse than the Nazi's?

    Why do her good, honest people permit such things in their name?

    Is this the reason Hitler managed to rally so many people against Zionism?

    Israel's friends continue to dwindle and enemies just increase daily. If any good honest Israeli's are waiting for the right time to stand up, that time is already overdue. And for the rest, shame on you.

  57. Dan Selvidge

    As I watched I could feel the oppression.

    The remark by the soldier at 50:50 says it all. We are human. They are animals. Its seems the IDF has dehumanized Arabs in the same way the Nazi soldiers did with Jews in the 40s. No one should have to live with this kind of oppression. Things like the soldier hitting on young girls, not allowing a mother to go through with her young children, and making the man stand in the cold and rain when they could have let him stand in the dry. Today Israel sows the wind and someday they shall reap the whirlwind.

    1. Hereswotithink

      Dehumanization is what every army does to its recruits in boot camp. Every army. Without it we would have no wars. Not even people whose post-war life is forever destroyed with memories of what they had done.

    2. Alberto P. Abreus

      Tragically enough, that's exactly what the Nazis did to the jews. All genocides begin with the dehumanization of the victims which then allow the abusers the power and justification to indulge in the killing. These people are no different than the Nazis, in fact, in many ways, they are worse.

  58. William MacDonald Gibb


    1. hadar hazan

      I am an Isreali girl who serverd in the military for 2 years. The movie made me so sad.. just like those days in the army. I feel a true feeling of helplesness. I see the suffring of the P people and also aware of the fear from terorr inside the country. I feel so guility and wonder what really could be done. Israelies really do have a sense of entitlment.... which is the real problem for not solving this ever lasting conflict..

    2. First L

      they are solving their problem by letting a whole nation suffer ,,,( i am a Palestinian girl who wish to visit Palestine just once and see my family over their ....)

    3. Hereswotithink

      There is a number of Israeli groups who do some awesome work in support of the Palestinians: from demonstrating to help rebuilding their homes. You are not without options. Get busy!