The Chemistry of Almost Everything

The Chemistry of Almost Everything

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The Chemistry of Almost EverythingChemistry is involved in everything and is everywhere. This series explains how some of the processes work.

Professor Steven Ley from Cambridge University discusses the development of a molecule in his research lab. He describes a compound so strong that just a tablespoon full would cover an area the size of two football pitches.

We find out about the oil from Neem trees in India and the medical benefits it has. A hibernating frog and how he survives the freezing temperature. How humans survive in space and what role chemistry plays in this form of survival.

A slum district in Delhi that recycles equipment so it can be re-used for teaching chemistry. The relationship between chemistry, peace and war. How using chemistry can make money, especially in the pharmaceutical business.

How carbon plays a central role in the chemistry of creation. Sources of Nitrates and the developments in synthesizing nitrates. How chemistry continues after death - looking at the skeleton. Dangerous free radicals and their effect on the heart.

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  1. Hyshkabob

    A very satisfying treatment for a subject (I have considered) rather dry.
    - Bravo to 'Element of the Week'!

  2. PaulGloor

    The chemistry of survival episode is inspiring.

  3. BetsMcGee

    The history of English in ten minutes on the same channel is worth a laugh or two.

  4. Mercenarry ForHire

    Woot mechanical reactions! *lights pipe*


    The playlist appears to be in the wrong order- i just watched the last part before the first part? i think?
    Yep its all over the place:
    part 1: the conclusion of the neem research
    part2: the neem plant basic properties
    part 3: frog antifreeze?
    part 4: nitrogen properties?????
    all nover the shop

    1. Vlatko

      You're probably right. I'll invert the order.