The Chicago Sessions

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Widely known philosopher and University of Chicago Law School professor Martha Nussbaum explores the ethical implications of the financial crisis during three sessions with a group of ten talented law and philosophy students. The grounds of the University of Chicago provide a compelling arena, since it is here that both economist Milton Friedman, staunch promoter of free market capitalism, and president Barack Obama, lectured.

Together with some of America's brightest young minds, Backlight explores the ethical principles that might guide our post-crisis society.

Examples of crisis related issues discussed during the sessions are: mortgage lending practices, foreclosures, bail outs and CEO pay. The students will test their ideas both on eminent professors from the University of Chicago and on field experts.

The discussion is fueled and illustrated by case stories that the students themselves provided. Examples of crisis related issues discussed during the sessions are: mortgage lending practices, foreclosures, bail outs and CEO pay.

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  1. DigiWongaDude

    Loooong sigh. See, if I approached a company and told them - buy my software for a hundred thousand dollars, and said don't worry about not being able to afford it, my software will make you much more in no time. But then it doesn't (because it never was going to), so I sue him for non payment and take his company away in return...well...clearly I wouldn't be able to. But here, the banks got a big green light from the government to do much the same and get away with much more besides. Did they know they were selling unaffordable loans? YES. Did they care about the ethics of this? NO. They did it because they could, and wouldn't get screwed. Period.

    And that really, for me, hits the nail on the head of all this: this perpetual discussion around the need (or not) of a parental government. In other words, do we need looking after or are we able to collectively and individually make rational, educated and responsible decisions? Look at our individual and collective debts. Look at our blinded short attention spans, our herd mentally...etc., etc., etc. It's sad to say, but we are like adolescents at that age where we want to be treated like adults, but aren't quite ready to be. (I talk about this a lot I know, but it seems a common thread to so much of what I see going on).

    If we didn't need a parental government, then tell me why these unethical loans occurred in the first place? (that 9/11 "We had no idea what was coming" cop-out just won't cut it here either).

  2. 1concept1
  3. 1concept1

    You seek the right answers to the wrong questions; systems evolve then they take over. We sort of have the tiger by the tail. If we don't back the banks the whole system collapses, (which I would be in favor of; it's a depleting and erosive system). This nonsense that they are dishonest people lending dishonest money, they are going to die and go to hell and your going to heaven. You know what, why don't you just check out and let that whole mindset vanish. A quick mind with the wrong information is not an intelligent mind! Don't waste your youth on mental masterbation. Sit on the porch and watch the grass grow. (from the looks of things invite me over i'll sit with you).

  4. DigiWongaDude
  5. DigiWongaDude

    I'm not talking about flippant reflections of airy-fairy nonsense over good and evil, or right and wrong. I'm talking about the never ending debates that surround Hayek, Keynes, Freidman, anarcho-capitalism, etc. What you seem to be referring to is the natural system of corruption that occurs in all systems eventually. Corruption doesn't even come in to this though, since neither model or approach is unaffected by it. Sometimes...oo look...a squirrel...

  6. 1concept1
  7. 1concept1

    DigiWongaDude you know why Santa Clause is always so jolly?

  8. DigiWongaDude
  9. DigiWongaDude

    I confess, it has always eluded me...

  10. 1concept1
  11. 1concept1

    He Knows Where The Naughty Little Girls Are.

  12. Anti
  13. Anti

    Just default on ANY Bank loans, confiscate ALL assets and property from Banks, close the FED ,the IMF and confiscate all assets, imprison CEO's and Congress, impeach who ever is in WH. Set up a National Bank owned and run by the people and NOT private Banks, that way we borrow and pay ourselves the interest on loans, and NOT to these Banksters, just look at how much interest is owed, more than we can possibly pay back, making ourselves and our children and their children slaves to pay back this ridiculous debt... Throw the money changers out it was done once in a temple somewhere,(mind you they crucified him for it.) just in case it took hold, this time too many people see the scam of these parasites that do nothing but instill fear and poverty on people and countries with their crisis capitalism.
    Perhaps you can tell I am a tad pi**ed off with these creeps, hanging would be too good for em!

  14. Matt
  15. Matt

    The 'new economy' post influence of the Chicago boys has consolidated more wealth in the top 1/10 of 1% than the Presidents that were noted as listening to Milton Friedman. The situation is beyond economic policies of our Presidents, unless President Obama is secretly supporting Chicago Laissez Faire economics..

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