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Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar

2007, Conspiracy  -   27 Comments
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Child Slavery with Rageh OmaarSlavery is a word which immediately conjures up very specific images in our minds. When it is mentioned we tend to think of people, almost always black people; degraded, abused and bound in chains, and we tend to think of such images, and the word slavery itself, as belonging to another era. We do not see slavery as belonging to our world, not as something which is still happening today.

Yet the truth is that if William Wilberforce were alive today and he traveled to different parts of the world - not just in Africa, but also in large parts of Asia, the Middle East, South America and even parts of Europe - he would find children living in conditions and circumstances which Wilberforce would understand and which I am sure he would describe as slavery. It is believed there are nearly nine million children around the world today who are enslaved. There are international charters and covenants which try to come to a legal definition of what constitutes slavery.

In essence these documents define slavery in the modern world as a situation where a human being and their labor are owned by others, and where that person does not have the freedom to leave and is forced into a life which is exploitative, humiliating and abusive. (Excerpt from

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27 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Alexandru Matei

    Greed and a high consumption of material goods are definitely wrong but attaining a high-status is not in my opinion.

  2. Matt van den Ham

    f--k I wish my old-man took me out of school when I growing up so he could teach me how to work and get out of the hell hole of a school. They say 'oh this child has no education'...define education. we 'teach' kids in north america all the wrong things in life i.e. greed, attaining high-status, consumption of material goods etc... and we think of them as privileged. This series is seriously retarded, these kids live in a different culture where they work labour a lot earlier, but that's how things were run for thousands of years before conventional schooling was mandated.

  3. Leslie

    Is birth control that hard to obtain?

  4. pawan datta

    i so pray that no child has to suffer ever in this world.. i also pray for the souls of those animals who abuse children..

    1. Alexandru Matei

      It's most likely that in poor countries, those "Animals" that abuse their children are their parents themselves.

  5. Christina Kitty Krauskopf

    The background music sounds so much like Geoffrey Oryema...

  6. maryland71

    That's a crying shame

  7. J

    Where is our so called leaders they should be ashamed of themselves by not taking the necessary steps to put a stop to this practice allowing captive or enslaved children,being forced to work as slaves or having to participate in grotesque activities these criminals should all be executed.

    1. Leslie

      We used to be the country that ended war,not start them. We don't care about human rights anymore unless oil or opium is involved.

  8. Mad

    It deeply sickens me to see how religion rears its ugly head even in the ugliest of the ugly such as child slavery

  9. Mad

    Screw a trial these slave owners "pimps" or whatever you want to redress their name as do not deserve court, they do not deserve justice, if I EVER ran a charity program it would be illegal because CRIMINALS of these type deserve the gas chambers.

  10. Ants on a Plane

    Truly a saddening documentary, and certainly one of the best I have seen in a very long time, it made me cry, the people trying to justify this, I have no word for them, the people of KSA, truly put to shame, with 'immigration' being the top priority, the mother who screamed 'why have you come back to add to my sorrows' I can not even imagine the pain going through the child's heart and mind, the very person that brought you into this world, wants nothing to do with you... being from a country like Pakistan, it is truly sickening to see children in the streets of my country some with mutilated hands or legs, many of them on drugs.. begging, getting sexually abused, beaten, and treated like dirt.. I completely agree with one of the statements made in this documentary, that 'corruption' lies at the heart of it all, every country has laws and legislations.. but if no body is there to enforce them, what good is that? or if the people in-charge of the said enforcement are at the root of the cause, then what good can come of a law, that simply exists..

    The little boy high in the mountains, the little kids in India, working in the Saree factories, the Cambodian girl, the fishing kids, the kid in KSA, I can only imagine the horrors, the mental and physical pains they go through, yes these are all children, exploited, through no fault of their own.. and paying the price.

    Although they all made me feel utterly sad, the Cambodian girl made me cry, what she had been through, at such a young age, and still go on to say 'that I can understand, why they were doing that to me, they only wanted a better life for themselves and their families and children'.. I hope that she is doing great now, forgotten her past, and living her life..

    As for charities, I have seen charities in many developing countries, all run by corrupt people in those countries, where possibly 5% of the money gets invested into the children if that.. So much money in this world, so many countries with so many natural resources, yet it is those countries that are poverty stricken most.. trillions of dollars are spent on bailouts for large corporations simply because 'they are too big to fail', kids wonder, if they will have another meal. :'(

  11. Jay

    @ Val. Please do not, as a person sitting in front of your computer in your cushy home, try to pretend that you are remotely as bad off as any of these children. Your self-victimization is stupid and arrogant.

    @javed. You did not get the point.

    I am horrified that you two have justified child exploitation in your small, selfish heads.

  12. javed

    What would happen to these children if not for the work opportunities available to them? They would be reliant on aid. Than means a life of servitude. Better a life of work than slavery.

  13. Vee

    I would love to make a difference. The only problem I have is that I have never felt comfortable donating money to causes that I know not where the money goes. I have donated to Christian Children Fund, United Way, etc., then I find out that their corporate officers make more money than a dictator of a small country. I think the only way to actually do anything positive is to go there myself and make a difference. With my own family to support this is not possible. I would gladly donate if I know it will actually get to who it is meant for which it rarely does. I commend those that do go to other countries philanthropically and I commend tremendously the person(s) that made this video possible. I wish I knew the real answer to the problem but I think it is impossible to eliminate greed in this world which is the real root. The US has slaves too but perhaps not as bad as these other countries. Major food for thought for me and probably the best documentary film I have seen in a very long time.

    1. Jess

      There are some VERY great non-profit and all volunteer organizations that are truly there for the children. If you see an organization on tv, they are clearly putting money to advertising rather than the children. One must do their research in order to find a totally non profit and volunteer organization. I sponsor through his hands for haiti, they do AMAZING work and are ALL volunteers. There are many other great organizations out there, the best organizations for helping children are usually tiny and unheard of !

  14. Val

    We are all children. We are all being expoited

  15. Banking Elite Rule the Whole World!

    Im with you there. World Vision is owned by the very people who deprive 3rd world countrys. (watch Endgame) There is a reason our world is the way it is. People need to stop turn off there TV and think. And not just except what your told.

    1. Jess

      So true, not to mention clearly if they are constantly advertising the donation money is NOT going to the children. I go volunteer and non profit all the way

  16. shot g

    i don't support world vision... Although you 'sponser a child', you don't really know where the money goes. It might be going for their lease in the big new york building (-why would they need a big one, or even in new york???)

    If you want to REALLY sponser a child, sponser through amnesty, NOT world vision.

    1. Jess

      No amnesty is bad too! They are not non profit, much of the money goes to salaries, so wrong. If you really want to make a difference you have to go non profit and volunteer! His hands for haiti is my choice, but there are many others both faith based and non faith based like it

  17. Charles B.

    Theluckywesterner: I noticed that too, and was thinking the same thing.

    Also, I noticed when the Tsunami hit Indonesia December 26th 2004, a mainly Muslim country, the U.S.A. and most of the world, including more than two dozen doctors from Israel volunteered their time, money, and efforts to help the needy.

    I couldn't find a thing about any Arab nations helping a penny their own fellow Islamic followers. I didn't read a thing about it anywhere and I was very interested in that event. Perhaps there were some, but perhaps not either. Looks like the news reports of the "billions" of dollars in aid from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Oman would have dominated the news with such a religion of "peace" wouldn't you think? In my opinion, where Islam goes, much evil of all kinds follow (just an observation) and my opinion of course.

  18. Theluckywestern

    The first think that struck me was
    Jeddah, in Saudi
    that made me sick in my stomach,

    As i watch, i completely was thinking about how rich,
    these people are in middle-east.

    and when we have soo much discussion, about Immigration
    and we blame, our own government.

    These rich arabs, who buy, Manchester City and other Premier league clubs,
    should be ashamed.

    and did you saw how they were treating these young children.

    and they call the western immigration bad ??.


  19. Charles B.

    Deeply horrifying! I hugged my kids and kissed my wife, and will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

    Rarely am I glad there is a never-ending Hell for anyone, but now is one of those occasions. The child sex trafficers nearly made me sick with sorrow. I can't even imagine restiching a child's broken hymen so that she can be raped over and over again as a "virgin".

    At least the Christian fishing-boy enslaver was only half a lying slimebag, but the rest will rightly rot in a burning eternal Hell I'm quite sure! :-(

    I wish I could help in child rescues myself personally if I had the chance.

  20. Karenep

    This is one of the sadest documentaries that I have viewed. There can be no justification for child labour, slavery or abuse. However, poverty is the underlining cause for this. I mean you don't see rich folks selling their children do you? I wonder why would people have children when they know they can't afford them to begin with? What is the point of procreation if you know you can't afford it and have to sell your own children to survive? Why do they think a child is a comodity that they can barter like some cash crop? Yet, again I guess many poor people are not educated enough to think about this nor do they have the means to afford family planning tools. I would simply not get married to do justice to my prosterity, if I were poor. I think children who have to work for their own families is fine. At least they get to stay with their parents which is commendable. But I think it is appalling especially to sell your child or trick any child into prostitution and crime. This documentary made me to wonder why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and are taken advantage of. What justifies people to earn money which is in access to what they really need? I mean do you even need $10,000 per month to maintain a family of 4? Why are there so many weathy people and nations that simply do little to help those who really need to survive? Why can't more be done to create opportunities for those who lack them? This documentary makes me extremely grateful for God's grace and goodness in my life!

  21. kaz

    first thing i did after watching this documentary was go on the world vision website and sponsored a child.
    it's simply unimaginable the life these children are forced to lead through no fault of their own; it was purely bad luck that placed them where they are and us where we are. not fair at all. and despite everything, these abused children seem to have the purest of hearts. like darleen who actually sympathised with her pimps, saying they're just trying to make a living for themselves and a good life for their families. that made me cry. good people like that don't deserve the terrible hand dealt to them.

    1. soccer_angel_1993

      If you are going to sponsor a child, world vision is the last organization you should sponsor with !!