The Chinese World Order

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The future of globalization is no longer strictly a westernized construction. In fact, the economic fate of the world may soon be made in China. The Chinese World Order looks at the country's ambitious efforts to reshape global economics.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund may no longer be the most influential players in international finance. In 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was born as a means of financing a revolutionary infrastructure project spearheaded by China. The project, known as One Belt One Road, will open the door to unprecedented avenues of world trade, and will place China at the epicenter of it all. Many countries including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan have joined. Much to the chagrin of the United States, the United Kingdom has climbed onboard as well.

What are China's ultimate motivations, and how are they going about achieving their goals? The filmmakers attempt to interpret ancient Chinese history, as well as the values and cultural distinctions that drive their current global ambitions. In contrast to the U.S., they're not purely driven by monetary reward, and they're not following the long accepted western model. They have no interest in forcing opposition countries to join in their cause. If the U.S. continues to harbor disdain for their efforts, they are content to continue forward without American support, and to set an example by which other countries are keen to follow.

It's working. China's scope of influence is quickly eclipsing that of the U.S. as their culture is beginning to infiltrate every aspect of global society from education to finance to sports entertainment. The U.S. remains stagnant while China continues to build momentum on the world's financial stage. Meanwhile, the U.K. is stuck in the middle between the two top global superpowers.

A new world order led by China seems inevitable, but there could be signs of worry and decay on the horizon. After enjoying many decades of delirious growth, The Chinese Central Bank announced devaluation of their currency in 2015. If the Chinese economy should weaken to a substantial degree, could it herald a catastrophe felt across the globe?

The Chinese World Order is an eye opening expose that illuminates a rapidly shifting balance of power.

Directed by: Jos de Putter

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    Rahmatoola Rujeedawa
  1. Rahmatoola Rujeedawa

    Yes, China is finally getting there. This is what I figured out more than 20 years ago with China opening up to the world. Chinese are a very industrious people but they lacked the resources and were hampered by the inept Communist system for decades. Napoleon once said "Laissez dormir la Chine, car lorsqu'elle se reveillera le monde tremblera" (translation: let china sleep for when she wakes up she is going to shake the world). This era seems to have come with the formidable transformation of China into an affluent country building bridges with poor,resource rich nations while the West is mired in debt, massive unemployment and more importantly, like the US, waging wars in weak Third World countries at the behest of its corporations.

  2. Franda Caroline
  3. Franda Caroline

    Long time ago around 50 years old i knew that China a country that in the future will be tough and has many connection around the world after USA, now it is really true. Amazing!

  4. Vince Cheok
  5. Vince Cheok

    China should ensure it complies with its own declaration and commitment against world hegemony. That is, it will not export its Chinese values, social or political or economic or cultural but will remain insular within its own borders and civilisation and that it would just venture abroad solely for trade and commerce and other intercourse on an equal and willing voluntary basis. That way they will soon earn respect and with respect comes trust and with trust comes dialogue and comity and thus less opportunity for global tension and conflict.

  6. Steven Gothard
  7. Steven Gothard

    A very accurate portrayal of China and the world financial system.

  8. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping
  9. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping

    What mr Martin Jaques forgets to mention is that china has not brought anything new to the table a table,
    that has been build by the west and it's values, and is now only being copied by China.
    And as long as china is ruled by a communist party they will only bring something old to the table, lies
    countless dead people, and a polluted world.

  10. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping
  11. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping

    And whats with this confucianism bs the same confucius who's statues and books they destroyed in the cultural revolution. no the chinese only believe in money now the thing MJ said the difference between chistians and chinese. that they had a more possitive outlook on life, bull they have in china only the best survive their is no second place in china that´s the mentallity i gotta be the best or else i will fail. you only get one kid so he(preferably) has got to be the best so when the time comes he can take care of his parents and of course his wifes parents. but now with the two child policies it will be better

  12. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping
  13. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping

    Chinese do not take revenge don't make me laugh, remember dissent will get you killed, how is that for revenge.

  14. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping
  15. the Benevolent Leader Xi Jinping

    jeez Backlight i expected more than a Chinese propaganda peace.

  16. Michele Marie
  17. Michele Marie

    Thank you! Have been following Jim Rogers for decades -- one of most earliest, earnest and clear international advisors who always digs deeper and shows up in the nations of which he speaks. Have admired the Chinese people (governments not so much, but same is true of my own, US) and known many who are scientists, physicians, economists, geologists & more. The striving for excellence one sees when visiting China and by reading intensely of their past is delightful and enlightening. They represent hope in the face of Western dominance & extreme violence.

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