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For those who suffer from back pain or stiffness, a properly trained chiropractor can perform just the right adjustments to provide much needed relief. But in a new trend which is currently sweeping the profession, many of these specialists are broadening their repertoire to include the treatment of a number of surprising conditions including asthma, reflux and even autism.

Can the chiropractic profession really provide solutions for these ailments, or does this represent an unfortunate era of quackery within this long-respected field of medicine? That's the central question of the new documentary Chiropractic, a thought-provoking expose on the potential benefits and risk factors involved in choosing an alternative form of medicine for conditions most commonly treated by general practitioners.

"My first call is always the chiropractor," says Helene, a mother of young daughters and one of several interview subjects featured in the film. Helene's views are persuasive, and echoed by many other parents who favor an alternative which replaces the prescription of drugs with a more natural, gentle and personalized form of treatment.

Without a doubt, the spine contains a complex series of structures and nerve connections which control a vast number of crucial functions throughout the body. Yet, the film offers testimony from pain management specialists, surgeons, primary care providers and other experts from the medical field who disagree with the assertion that spinal manipulation can be relied upon as a cure-all. Particularly concerning for these specialists is the idea that more parents are turning to chiropractics for the care of their young children whose nerve and bone structures are still vulnerable and developing.

"The idea that there are energy flows up and down the spine that cause disease in organs doesn't fit with our current understanding of science," reports Dr. Michael Fahey, a pediatric neurologist at Monash Medical Centre in Australia. Dr. Fahey cites several studies which indicate chiropractic impotence in the face of conditions like asthma, colic and ear infections.

The decision to seek treatment from an outside source is understandable, especially given the criticisms and distrust of mainstream medicine within some circles. With reason, balance and scientific clarity, Chiropractic provides the evidence every parent needs to make the most informed decision for their own children.

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  1. ryan

    I like the stat that was made around 10 million dollars being spent by medicare on chiropractic, 25% of which was for Pediatric. For a person to have access to medicare for chiropractic they must be referred by their G.P. So this means 2.5 million dollars of medicare money was spent on chiropractic as a direct result of general practitioners believing that chiropractic was the best intervention for these children. It seems from the speakers you have chosen to represent the medical view, are a contradiction to these referring doctors, and are not representative of the medical opinion but rather their opinion. Funnily enough the AMA was heavily involved in the push for a investigation into pediatric chiropractic, when so many doctors are endorsing and referring for these services.

  2. Nathan Jones

    what a load of one sided australian propaganda criticizing chiropractic and glorifying dangerous vaccines and the medical industry, don't listen to any of this

  3. ryan

    thank god for chiropractors.

  4. C

    I used to work at a chiropractic clinic (after graduating from a massage therapy college program) and I can honestly tell you there are at least 2 different types of chiropractors: religious and not. The religious chiros get roped into scam programs that 'help them improve their business while helping as many people as possible, as God is working through them'. They usually spend crazy amounts of money on memberships alone, and its essentially brainwashing on a few different levels (I have been to these seminars firsthand, and it was DEFINITELY an eye-opener). Then there are normal chiropractors who adjust to help people - you can tell these 2 types of chiros apart by the language they use in and around their office, whether or not they try and put you on a year-long program (encouraging payment upfront), but the biggest identifier is whether or not their treatment rooms are private, or if its an open area with a bunch of tables (the latter is a sign of the first type of chiro). Chiro helps me as I have scoliosis, fibro, yet am hypermobile. Although the best type of treatment would be chiro followed by massage, as the chiro adjusts the joints, the muscle memory will pull everything right back unless the muscles are relaxed and 'reset' as well. Good luck & vet your chiro ;)

  5. Joseph

    Bias, Ignorance and following the money, that's the real story.
    Common sense questions.
    What do nerves, the brain, and spinal cord do?
    Can these body parts be mechanically influenced?
    If yes then does this influence only relate to musculoskeletal conditions?
    Can all nerves be traced back to the spine?
    Can anything physically happen at the spine that would cause nerve or cord changes?
    If yes then is there any physical influence possible, and again if yes what are those physical influences?

  6. Petter Thowsen


  7. Boosan

    I was under chiropractic care for over 30 years and I was able to function professionally as a landscaper and reticulator because of this care and maintanence. Sometimes once a week sometimes once a month, but the important thing was that I was able to function at a level that I would not have been able to without this care. BTW I previously went to a physiotherapist for three months, once a week I had little relief for this problem with my spine.The chiro fixed the problem in two visits and kept me able to work for the next 29 years.

  8. Dr. Don Bojnowski, D.C.

    I've been a chiropractor for over 30 years. It has been hard. I've delivered hundreds of thousands of adjustments. I've never hurt anyone and don't personally know another Chiropractor who has. I was naive when I entered this unsupported and opposed profession. I had no idea I would have to be a "business man" to survive as a Chiropractor. That said, every major sports team in the US and most in the world utilize chiropractic. The Olympics utilize chiropractors. The VA has chiropractors as does Google. There is good and bad in every profession. Pills will not solve lifestyle diseases, nor ever replace an adjustment. I've been to the best orthopedic surgeons and PT's for my sports injuries, nothing replaces an adjustment when that is what you need. If you want to learn about the "war on chiropractic" read about Wilk v. American Medical Association. Our malpractice insurance is the lowest of any major medical profession. Nothing else is chiropractic and it is definitely underutilized. Chiropractic delivered by a good chiropractor must be included in mainstream healthcare. There is no pill that will cure an unhealthy lifestyle. Most drugs in the PDR have more side effects than effects. That sentence doesn't make sense because there is no such thing as a side effect. Most drugs in the PDR say "mechanism unknown." So much for scientific practice. Patients who take pills to treat their lifestyle illness will slowly spiral into the fact that you cannot treat a lifestyle disease with a pill- you must modify behavior. Unlike Chiropractic adjustments, even bad drugs make big money. Drugs make money. Scientific research validates Chiropractic. Because of prejudice against Chiropractic and the "war on Chiropractic," pro-Chiropractic research is only now, just becoming irrefutable as a whole. Unfortunately there are poorly motivated MD's , Chiropractors, and all else. Chiropractic remains the safest of all healing arts. Check malpractice premiums. My advice remains: eat an organic plant based diet, do fun exercise, be a spiritual being, find you r own truth. Peace.

  9. Bradley Reed

    Why are manipulations so dangerous from Chiropractors,but not a peep when doctors of physical therapy deliver them. Why did the physical therapists include this in their doctorate programs? Is it because it's so dangerous? People use your head who do you think taught P.Ts how to manipulate?

  10. Michael

    This video is an attempt by incompetent people to discredit chiropractic care in Australia. FTM, follow the money and you will find out who was behind this. Manipulation is much older than western medicine which is the new kid on the block. Western medical science is based on the germ theory which is absurd. That viruses and bacterial are attacking the body and causing diseases. Look at the current Autism rates and increase in neurological and autoimmune diseases which number over 100. Western medicine has no cures but each condition will have a list of 20 medicines for each condition. Common sense indicates that the skin is a barrier to protect the body from external toxins, viruses and bacteria. What does western medicine do? They inject all of these into the body of young infants before there immune system is fully developed and traumatise the immune systems of infants. Read a vaccine insert and learn what has happened. In the 50's people received 4-5 vaccines. Now an infant in the US receives 60+ vaccines by the time they are 6. The CDC in the US was just exposed for covering up information linking autism to vaccines. Look at the lawsuits and settlements that have come down on Big pharma over the last 10 years, some of these totaling in many millions of dollars. The worst thing that has happened is that the US Congress gave the pharmaceutical industry and the Drs. doing the vaccines immunity from any damages or injuries that occur as a result of vaccines. There have never been any valid double blind studies on the efficacy of vaccines. They have never been proven effective. FTM, what do you think is the biggest money maker for pharmaceutical companies? Vaccines. Do your own research learn the facts. There are 300 vaccines in the pipeline now. The big push in the states is mandatory vaccines for children and then it will come for adults. Chiropractic is extremely safe and effective for any age group. There are always a few incidents of trauma from adjustments, that cannot be denied but nothing like the third leading cause of death in the US, medical care in all its forms.

  11. Pay

    I agree with bibi, some of the comments here are pure drug industry propaganda & astroturfing! Did you know that big pharma hires people for this type of comments online! We live in a world where profit rules & truth is suppressed if profit is threatened. And they use the "conspiracy" label as one of their propaganda tools. I mistrust the profit-based medical industry & drug manufactures as much as I mistrust any other quack.

  12. Roy

    I find it dogmatically entertaining how the writers and MDs tout the benefits of "scientific medicine"... Where is the science that would prove that a sick person is low on Rx drugs? Hatchet jobs on chiropractic by programmed frontmen for the Rx drug cartel is hilarious, especially when you consider the research by Dr. Gary Null who has proven that medical care is the #1 killer of people. Also, the original name of MDs in the early part of the last century was "quack" because of the damage they did to people way back then, even. There is such thing as a "science" of missing drugs causing disease? There are truly educated people like Dr. Christopher Kent who has fried many of these authoritarian pharm-funded opinionators with actual facts researched from mainstream medical research.
    I would also love to see how much the writers of this video and the pharma opinionators are paid to spout their drivel, and by what companies. I also wonder who wrote their scripts.

  13. Freethinker

    In America in 1987, the Supreme Court ruled against the AMA and in favor of the chiropractic profession, proving propaganda. The Sherman Act was written, and since then the chiropractic profession in America has flourished. This video is the ultimate propoganda film, full offs representations and with medical "professionals" who truly know nothing about chiropractic. Obviously, this was filmed in another country, one that is very far behind in the times. People are becoming more and more wise to the medical cartel, and consequently seeking orher options. With over 180,000 medical related deaths per year, can you blame them??? Wake up people!!

  14. T1mB0

    A pseudoscientific profession- founded by a quack. "Curing" asthma, deafness, acid reflux? What a load of poo...

    1. T1mB0

      And they're anti-vaxxers... awesome...

  15. Patty Butterworth

    Practice what you preach and practice what you have educated yourself about. Learn to disagree with grace and dignity and respect other people's opinions. Immunizations, hospital infections, experimental drugs, surgery, chiropractic, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc... there are pro's and con's to all. Just check out the statistics of how many people die of hospital infections and individuals who suffer from complications due to immunizations (research the billions of dollars paid out each year) and make your own conclusive decision. There are risks to all types of treatments, nobody is perfect - not even the best of the best.

    1. Fabien L

      I would add research the efficacy of parallel treatments especially for infectious diseases. Data is fairly easy to find for pre-immunization diseases like smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, whooping cough, polio, and measles. Observe the deaths per million in the early 1900s for these diseases compared to current rates and you will have solid evidence to make your decisions.

  16. Gary Daniel

    I had a job accident where I lifted a heavy box . I had a pop in my back between my shoulders. I had to lean sideways to be comfortable . My stomach was always upset . I went to the chiropractor and got an adjustment . My nerve was pinched coming out of my spine going to my stomach. After the adjustment my stomach was better immediately.I could walk straight up without leaning.I could have went to a doctor and took pain pills for a few weeks and maybe my body would have of healed itself I don't know.The pain time was greatly reduced and I will forever recommend anyone with an auto accident , or a fall to get your spine adjusted . An inversion table will help your lower back also which might be cheaper.

  17. bibi

    this is pure anti-alternative medicine propaganda! looks like western medicine and its practitioners are desperately trying to keep the status quo.

  18. Fabien L

    Even if it there is only a remote possibility of injury, the precautionary principle in healthcare supports that brusk neck manipulations should be considered unsafe until clearly proven otherwise.

    There is no way of identifying who is at risk of artery rupture and stroke from visual observation, tactile examination or radiography. Abrupt neck manipulation shouldn't be used to try to cure conditions that aren't life threatening in any way.

  19. sisterchef

    pseudoscientific quackery.. will eventually be outlawed.

    1. beebop

      really, wow thats a comment with a lot of validity :) well done . must be well educated

    2. sisterchef

      it sure is, seeing as Chiropractic has been proven to do far less than it claims and even causes irreversible damage. As soon as an unproven treatment starts to claim to cure cancer, you know their time is limited seeing as their desperation is at a pinnacle.

      In 2009, 4 scholarly chiropractors concluded that epidemiologic evidence does not support chiropractic's most fundamental theory.

      "No supportive evidence is found for the chiropractic subluxation being associated with any disease process or of creating suboptimal health conditions requiring intervention. Regardless of popular appeal, this leaves the subluxation construct in the realm of unsupported speculation. This lack of supportive evidence suggests the subluxation construct has no valid clinical applicability."

      Insulting someone because of blind faith proves that you're part of a medical cult and scared of the truth. Otherwise, you would seek out these studies yourself.

      Sorry Charlie, only the best tuna gets to be Starkist...

    3. beebop

      Its not blind faith , its conclusive first hand experience by millions of people What about all the blotched operations. and all the horrific side effects of drugs that simply get prescribed to cover symptoms ? mm i guess thats completely different ? I'm not scared of any truth , in fact each day of my life I venture to delve deep inside the lies and uncover the truth. I do have hope for people with such ideas as yourselves. society has done a good ol trick on you and I do understand , its not your fault but soon you will realise that not everything is what it seems to be. I <3 Chiropractic

    4. Fabien L

      State your opinion if you like but don't pretend to be the voice of millions of people. There are people that had experiences with chiropractic that left them paralyzed and others lost loved ones amongst those millions. Please show some respect however conclusive you represent their first hand experiences to have been.

      Whatever the other problems might be with medicine, this is a documentary about chiropractic. I don't understand what you are trying to do with your attempt at changing the discussion to operations and drugs.

    5. beebop

      By no means am I trying to change anything about the discussion. I just stated that everything simply has a risk, even medicine. Its easy to immerse yourself with research that you prefer to view. It works both ways you see. You are the one going on a round about , and seemingly enjoying , as am I reading it. Im not trying to pretend anything about anyone ---> Most chiropractors that would look at this documentary would be ashamed and embarrassed about what these nut jobs are ...lets jump off your high horse round about and back to your original comment ,You just have no validation or conviction about it So YOU don't claim to be the voice of the supreme court judge and YOU don't claim to be the voice of all chiropractic patients . ---> the proof is in the pudding deary.

    6. Fabien L

      I have no idea why you bring in the supreme court judge in this.
      Are you a chiropractor?

    7. beebop

      Read all the comments skippy

    8. beebop

      this is the 2nd time now you can't find meaning in a clearly obvious situation . both times even a kid could understand what I'm saying. that speaks volumes in itself

    9. Fabien L

      Why reply to me about the supreme court, I never talked about the supreme court, you got me confused with someone else.

    10. beebop

      This part of the thread actually originated with "sister chef" ... you jumped in on some more action, thats where your own confusion arose from...

    11. Fabien L

      Ok, in your post you pointed to my original comment and talked about the supreme court and used YOU in CAPS so I figured that was for me since the comment system replied to me via email.

    12. T1mB0

      Obviously he's a chiropractor (or a serious fanboi) You asked a question, you get nothing but rhetoric. Because the science supporting chiropractic care is essentially non-existent.

    13. sisterchef

      There certainly are risks in medicine and those risks are stated openly, unlike chiropractic. All possible side effects of drugs are listed on medication, unlike chiropractic. When a doctor is going to operate on you and you may become paralyzed from the operation, that risk is laid out for you before the operation, unlike chiropractic. All your anecdotal evidence (conclusive, first hand experience by millions) doesn't trump not even a single study that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that chiropractic is pseudo science which today is in bed with magnet therapy, reiki, leeches and a bevy of other ridiculous and unproven magical thinking. If chiropractic worked, then it would be used in conventional medicine and they would be training real doctors so that people can be treated successfully. You know what you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine. That's the way it's always been. Doctors have adopted medicine and therapies that were once alternative and/or natural (aspirin is made from the bark of trees) and those therapies in turn become medicine. Thinking that chiropractic has some magical answer and soon we will "realize that not everything is what it seems" is ignorant and cultish. Today, chiropractic is in such a desperate state that they share offices with the lowest form of scoundrels and snake oil salesmen who trick clients into buying into the garbage treatments I mentioned above ( magnets, healing hands, reiki, even astrology!) .. for shame.

    14. Leigh Atkins

      So everything we know about humans in positions of power who don't like to share it or let it go (especially when the pool of money is drying up) doesn't apply here? These are men of medicine who can do no wrong, of course, how silly of us all...
      The only way anyone in a position of power in medicine will recognize a newcomer with real knowledge or cure is with clinical trials & evidence (& sometimes even that isn't enough). This takes money, sometimes big money & let's face it, you're often up against very powerful people with large financial interests to protect in order to get into their precious market, which they're NOT about to let happen.They'll just nip that one in the bud right there.
      The fact that some of these things have good logical grounding behind them & genuinely warrant further investigation makes no difference to a close-minded rich man in a position of power - especially if he doesn't live in pain & poverty every day. And your close-minded support of this continued position of slavery is stupid.
      Sure, claims MUST be backed up with evidence, but locking up the market is criminal.

    15. rgarrett8005

      Don't fall for the conspiracy theory which states that the pharmaceutical industry squashes research. If there is any real evidence to suggest a drug or treatment works, it WILL get investigated and studied, especially if it's inexpensive. Why? Exactly because people are selfish as you say. There are more rewards in life than money. Researchers are dying for the glory and accolades that come with advances. There are six Nobel prize winners, five in medicine, who live or lived in my city. None are or were filthy rich. The surviving men still do research. For the respect of their peers. For the challenge of it. And, to help people. BTW, three of them donated their Nobel medals to the local science museum. Three are on loan to the same museum. It was really inspiring looking at them lined up.

    16. sisterchef

      The issue is, there's actually no good logical grounding behind chiropractic besides anecdotal evidence and placebo effect. That being said, chiropractic is a multi billion dollar industry so I'm confused as to why you don't want the chiropractics to prove themselves instead of forcing real medicine to continuously prove it doesn't work (which it's been doing for decades).

      You're trying to convey that chiropractic is some small, mom and pop operation that big pharma and big medicine are trying to crush.. that's completely untrue. Big medicine once embraced chiropractic until it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it simply doesn't work.

      You're basically claiming that every real doctor in the world is conspiring to keep people sick and unwell. Naturally, that's ridiculous.

      When you make a claim, it's your responsibility to prove that claim, not mine to disprove it. I can't disprove unicorns either, that doesn't mean they exist.

    17. Leigh Atkins

      Wow, you're terribly untalented for a self-appointed mind reader. You really shouldn't give up your day job considering that YOU DIDN'T READ A DAMNED WORD I SAID.
      Most of your barked reply was blatant assumption so GO BACK & READ IT AGAIN - your arrogance is NOT your best feature.

    18. Leigh Atkins

      Isn't it amazing how people read something without really paying
      attention to what the words really said, then assume that they've
      understood everything without going over the statement again to ensure that
      they got the point? Students do the same thing in exams too.
      I feel like I've already replied to your comment - maybe it didn't go through.
      Anyway, I NEVER said that I didn't want chiropractics to prove themselves & I certainly didn't say anything about real medicine having to continuously prove it doesn't work. In fact I actually said that 'claims MUST be backed by evidence'.
      And isn't it conceited that western medicine calls itself 'real medicine' whilst crapping on anything else - I call western medicine 'crisis medicine' coz it doesn't care to help you until your body is IN crisis & it's so sure that it's the ONLY medicine that has the right to exist on the whole planet. What a small-minded outlook.
      And I guess that's precisely my point, isn't it? Small, close-minded outlook, without tolerance for anything that threatens western medicine's superiority.

    19. T1mB0

      So you agree there is a lack of scientific support for chiropractic care for asthma, allergies, deafness, acid reflux? Good. Now to blame that lack of evidence on some conspiracy is weak-sauce. It's a lame excuse, and nobody's buying it.

    20. Leigh Atkins

      What's the point in talking to you about anything with which you don't already agree? You've already made up your mind to disagree with me no matter what. You're aggressive, close-minded & not even open to discussion about the potential of any other treatments at all.
      The fact that there is a lack of scientific support for alternative treatments could be due to a few things, but your automatic assumption is that it can't possibly be produced, regardless of the surrounding conditions.
      Guarantee that your next reply to me WILL be some kind of accusation of conspiracy again, or a personal attack, coz your mind ain't capable of considering anything except what it's been told by an institution & my experience has taught me that your type is the worst kind of person to discuss even the colour of the sky with...

    21. a_no_n

      Conclusive first hand evidence that seems to evaporate as soon as anyone actually studies it.

  20. dewflirt

    I don't get some people.

  21. beebop

    you have to ask yourself ,who is funding this type of dogma. and I'm Not talking about the front men. Why are they so scared of a profession. Surly if the results weren't there ( and I'm not talking about the crazy accusations they make with some things) I'm talking with musculoskeletal conditions that hundreds of people benefit every day from ... the type of basic conditions that even MDs seem to not understand. its a shame for someone naive to stumble across something like this . and then to read some hopelessly sad comments :) I <3 Chiropractic !!!

    1. Fabien L

      Maybe because the manipulations done by that profession can cause irreversible damage to the spine and arteries supplying the brain. Good luck with your love of chiropractic.

      Craniocervical arterial dissections as sequelae of chiropractic manipulation: patterns of injury and management
      Division of Neurological Surgery, Barrow Neurological Institute

      Chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine can produce dissections involving the cervical and cranial segments of the vertebral and carotid arteries. These injuries can be severe, requiring endovascular stenting and cranial surgery. In this patient series, a significant percentage (31%, 4/13) of patients were left permanently disabled or died as a result of their arterial injuries.

    2. beebop

      I knew I would catch a big one after leaving that comment ...
      Im not here to make you PRO-chiro... it even makes me frustrated to hear of the stupidity that some VERY FEW chiropractors claim. It does seem like absolute joke.... but ... when your doctor looks at you and is honest enough to say that most western medicine is useless when it comes to musculoskeletal conditions you will then turn to manual therapies. all of whom perform or sort of manipulations. All which have a risk. I see you like dropping "scientific papers and stats" . do yourself a favour ... open your eyes.

      Things are chaining my friend , no amount of silly documentaries or uneducated comment replies are going to change it. And when I see you on the other side , my arms will be wide open for a hug ... eyes. I <3 Chiropractic even more now . You see that . love just keeps growing let go and jump in

    3. Fabien L

      I wish your love was for Physiotherapy which is as good and not proven dangerous by the scientific method.

    4. beebop

      I guess we all have experiences along the way that change our perceptions. and theres not one treatment that fixes all. I don't care how good you are . PEACE!!

    5. susan g

      Chiropractic is based on the theory that subluxation exists and is responsible for a whole host of disease processes. When Palmer came up with this idea there weren't any sophisticated machines like MRI and CT scanners available to proves if subluxation really existed. Today, of course this kind of testing is available and subluxation has yet to be seen on any type of scan.

  22. Blue Clue

    Miracle pill. potions, lotions, juices and chiropractors. Praying is probably more effective and that won't cost you any money.

  23. Martin Ellacott

    Chiropractors can, and do, provide a valuable service to those that they treat as long as it a simple realigning of the spine. I have used their services for 40 years. They are by no means a cure-all for diseases and medical conditions not associated with spinal alignment issues. The claims made by some of them about autism and vaccinations are outrageous and they should be taken to task about them.....and they shouldn't treat immature children.....and should NEVER treat babies.

    1. Blue Clue

      "A simple realignment of the spine"......really.

    2. Fabien L

      That's what they say, I'd like to see a before/after x-ray. I am pretty sure there is no difference in alignement whatsoever...

    3. shadownicolemiller

      When I get my before and after x-rays from the chiro i will send them to you. Been treated for whiplash.

    4. Fabien L

      I meant before and right after treatment, not 3 weeks after, the body can recover from whiplash by itself.

  24. a_no_n

    Chiropractors are dangerous quacks! There is ZERO evidence that their crazy practices are effective, or that their theories based in reality.

    Many people experience permenant damage from chiropractic therapy. What's the harm . net lists several people, the first of whom must take tranquilisers for the rest of her life in order to cope with the pain caused by the quack that hurt her by twisting her neck a way it wasn't supposed to bend.

    It sickens me to watch one of them abusing a child that young, whose bones haven't even formed properly yet! There's no other word for's abuse through ignorance, that babies parents should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and the practitioner should be in Jail!

    1. jimnjoy

      I know many people who have been helped by chiropractic, including me. Just like every other profession, there are skilled people and there are not so skilled people. We must do our homework.

    2. Fabien L

      Many people have also been helped by placebos. If you believe the manipulations will help you, your mind can play tricks on you and make you feel better. That doesn't mean the science behind the practice is sound. There is actually good evidence chiropractics are based on unscientific premises.

    3. jimnjoy

      There are days when my neck is so painful and stiff that I cannot turn it. The chiropractor adjusts it, and the pain and stiffness go away and I can turn my neck.

      There are days when my foot is so sore I cannot step on it. The chiropractor adjusts it and the pain goes away and I can walk on it.

      There are days when my spouse feels a very sharp pain between the shoulder an ice pick. The chiropractor adjusts it and the pain goes away.

      I saw a baby whose head was off-center and slanting to the right, and she was very fussy. The chiropractor adjusted her neck and her head bounced up-right, never slanted off-center again, and she quit being so fussy.

      I know a high school baseball pitcher who was getting a very sore elbow. The chiropractor adjusted his arm and the pain went away.

      Doesn't sound like placebos to me.

    4. Fabien L

      There is also the nerve damage they cause that can temporarily stop the pain signal. Which explains why you need to go back regularly as the nerves heal themselves and the pain comes back.

      Nothing in what you wrote proves there is no placebo effect and that the pain wouldn't have gone away without manipulations by a chiropractor.

    5. jimnjoy

      You remind me of someone who emphatically replies "Don't confuse me with the facts." I wish you well.

    6. Fabien L

      Here are hard facts :

      Linda Solsbury
      Age: 36
      New London, Connecticut
      She was left quadriplegic and mute after a neck manipulation.

      Linda Barter
      Age: 42 Sutton Coldfield, England
      After a neck manipulation at her chiropractors, Linda now has a permanent neck problem and must take tranquilizers daily.

      Kristi A. Bedenbaugh
      Age: 24 Little Mountain, South Carolina
      Kristi sought relief from sinus headaches from her chiropractor. A
      neck manipulation caused a brain stem stroke and she died three days later.

      Linda Epping
      Age: 8 Los Angeles, California
      Linda was scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor, when her parents met a chiropractor who said he could cure her. He had her swallowing up to 124 pills a day for months. He was convicted of second-degree murder.

      Renate Dora Labonte
      Age: 40
      Guelph, Ontario, Canada
      Chiropractic neck manipulation for her migraines induced a stroke.

      List goes on for pages at whatsthearm dot com.

    7. jimnjoy

      I could go on for pages regarding positives outcomes from chiropractic adjustments.

      In the meantime, we must do our homework.

    8. Fabien L

      Possibly less pain = positive outcome VS Risk of death = negative outcome. It just isn't worth it to let chiropractors manipulate your neck in my opinion. Pain can be reduced with other methods, death is irreversible.

    9. Ahchoo3

      There is risk of death in just about every activity you do. Eating has a risk of death, 4,000 healthy people across the US die every year from choking on food. Many females have long lasting problems from getting epidurals during child birth.

      "A survey of physicians, reported in the journal Spine in 2007, revealed 78 cases where patients who received cervical injections suffered serious injuries; there were 13 deaths."

      The only numbers I can find on deaths from chiropractic procedures were the 26 published since 1934, doesn't mean it's all of them. While there are problems that occur that don't result in death, chiropractors are not the only ones that do neck manipulations and induce problems upon their patients. Chiropractic "medicine" is not a cure-all by any means, but it's not all "junk". As with all medicine, one group of doctors will say their way is the best and only way, and another the same.

    10. Fabien L

      You can't live without eating, there is no need to get your neck manipulated in such a dangerous manner for you to survive. The neurosurgeons that have to deal with the damage from dangerous manipulations aren't promoting neurosurgery as an alternative to chiropractic, they are only stating the facts.

    11. a_no_n

      Do you know how many of those peoples positive outcomes were just placebo? Or natural causes? No of course you don't because no Chiropractor has ever allowed for those possibilities.

    12. a_no_n

      You saw all of this? What do you do just sit in his office all day?

      Do you KNOW that the baseball players arm never started hurting again, or that the baby (seriously, that's SICK!) wasn't damaged later in life...did you keep meticulous tabs on them all?

    13. jimnjoy

      I know all the people I mentioned or I wouldn't have mentioned them. The baby that was adjusted is very healthy, very active, (plays many sports, is a gymnast), and has no physical problems. The baseball pitcher goes to our local high school and is still pitching and doing well.

      Many people choose chiropractic care as part-of their overall health management regimen, and consider it money well-spent.

      I have worked for a chiropractor...I have friends who work for chiropractors...I have a relative who is a chiropractor. I have gone to chiropractors for years. I now choose to go about once a month...and I know many people who also choose to go regularly...once a month, every-other month, or less. It is part-of our overall health management. We do not take any prescription drugs, we are functioning very well...and some of us are the age to be retired, and beyond. The FACTS regarding the people I am aware of who have been adjusted are not disputed...they have being helped.

      Another FACT comes to mind: A person I know had been diagnosed with Carpel tunnel syndrome. She had been taking pain medications, was suffering side-effects of pain medications, and was not getting better. She was all set for surgery, but was hesitating because she had observed that many people who had the surgery seemed to get the problem again. She opted instead for chiropractic care. The problem went away and the surgery was cancelled. She goes to the chiropractor about once a month, is off the pain meds and their awful side effects, and the pain has stayed away.

    14. a_no_n

      Well gosh that's an awfully convenient list of people you just happen to coincidently know.

    15. jimnjoy

      So what? I also know a lot of people who play sports...a lot of people who go to church...they're my peer group. Your comment was questioning whether or not I had first-hand knowledge of my examples. I was showing you that I did.

      I wonder if you are suffering from the side-effects of any medication.

    16. a_no_n

      all i know for sure is that you can type. There's absolutly nothing "Proving" anything to me, it's all anecdote...really REALLY convenient anecdotes.
      (This is why scientific method, and data are so important, without them it's very easy to write off claims.)

      So, you have WORKED FOR a chiropractor...So Of course you believe in it...And of course you never met any of the people who were hurt by or not helped by the quack...they never came back.

      Also you've had a direct financial incentive to believe in it, so conflict of interests?

      In what capacity did you work for the Chiropractor? Were you sweeping the floors, or cracking bones yourself?

    17. silverbear tonkawa

      Get off the computer n get a real job

    18. a_no_n

      No it's pretty much all were LUCKY that you got better.