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The Choice 2012A journey into the places, people, and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency. The two-hour film explores the formative experiences, and divergent worldviews of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The film begins with an experience the candidates shared: a bruising early political defeat. Both candidates went on to learn from their losses, applying lessons that would help them chart political courses that have led them to face off against one another today.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their own stories, but in The Choice 2012, Frontline goes far beyond the headlines on a journey deep into their worlds, among their friends and family, critics, and closest colleagues, to understand what drives these men.

Based on dozens of new interviews and hundreds of hours of research, Frontline's authoritative profiles that emerge are also a portrait of America in an era of uncertainty - and a guide to the choices that lie ahead.

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49 Comments / User Reviews

    John-Sebastian Barrera
  1. John-Sebastian Barrera

    the illusion of choice

  2. slpsa
  3. slpsa

    I was thinking that as I read the description. You beat me to it. Thumbs up. There is no choice. Only the appearance of one. Red or blue, they are one in the same and represent noone but the almighty dollar and the feeders of that system.

  4. Ri5ival
  5. Ri5ival

    I tried to watch this video and i get this message 'The uploader has not made this available in your country' I am from UK and PBS are really stupid for not making this available to the world. Sadly i can't watch this and that's a first on TDF

  6. lakhotason
  7. lakhotason

    There is the choice of not participating. I don't like the game so I'll just take my marbles and go home.

  8. Nwttp
  9. Nwttp

    Anyone who votes for either is as ignorant as possible

  10. Pysmythe
  11. Pysmythe

    Jill Stein 2012, and to hell with anyone who calls that just a vote for Rmoney. I have to vote my conscience, and not be part of this two party fraud any longer.

  12. alans
  13. alans

    Prescribed freedom, is not freedom.

  14. Devlin Kidney
  15. Devlin Kidney

    Obviously Obama is the lesser of two evils. Yes he extended the Bush tax cuts, and indiscriminately bombs innocent people, but Romney would be much worse. At least with Obama people without healthcare will get it, gays will have the right to get married, and he is doing at least the bare minimum to help the environment. Your "hey look how smart I am by saying both candidates are equally as bad and I'm smarter than everyone" comment is actually very ignorant. I'm going to participate in my democracy, no matter how corrupt and bought out it is, by at least voting for the lesser of two evils.

  16. Declan_Walsh
  17. Declan_Walsh

    "I'm going to participate in my democracy, no matter how corrupt and bought out it is"

    How does participating in a "corrupt and bought out" democracy accomplish anything? other than giving the corrupt system credence.

    "hey look how smart I am by saying I'm going to participate in my democracy, no matter how corrupt and bought out it is and I'm smarter than everyone" comment is actually very ignorant.

  18. John Jacquard
  19. John Jacquard

    i would participate if a democracy ever existed before on this planet.

  20. Nwttp
  21. Nwttp

    Didn't say I'm smarter than everyone, just you and people like you... Obviously

  22. fonbindelhofas
  23. fonbindelhofas

    can evil be lesser? its EVIL! no midlle ground, one shoots another in a face, or one shoots another in a face and say imsry... u still f.king dead.

  24. brianrose87
  25. brianrose87

    I agree with the point you are making, which is that neither candidate or party will ever make drastic reforms that hurt their overlords (corporations).

    However, every potential voter should keep in mind that presidents choose Supreme Court Justices. Conservative justices created the unconscionable ruling that CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, and can donate unlimited sums of money to campaigns.

    I will never vote for a candidate who supports the Supreme Court decision that opened the flood gates for corporate propoganda. All 4 liberal justices voted against, and all 5 conservative justices voted for... enough said.

  26. brianrose87
  27. brianrose87

    I watched this program when it aired on 10/9/12. Frontline is the only genuine investigative video journalism left in this country, and it does a thorough job.

    This program is detailed, extensive, and every word is void of partisanship. You will not find a comparison of Obama and Romney that is this neutral... anywhere.

    For me elections are my Olympics. I crave neutral analysis that is also engaging and thorough. You can only find that on Frontline.

  28. Lazra
  29. Lazra

    It is comments like this and the like that make me wish there was a dislike button. On Nov 7 the big game will be over and then we can get back to 'real' sports. Thank g_d for the super bowl.

  30. ???????? ????????
  31. ???????? ????????

    i thought the idea of democracy was to have a multitude of parties, so that every citizen could choose the one representing his opinions best. it seems to me, in America the choice is merely between two men. how is that in accord with the idea of democracy?

  32. fonbindelhofas
  33. fonbindelhofas

    it isnt
    idea is- just pick one and if do not pick one of em well just fake results and tell u that u picked that one, who are u to decide what is best for u? ...& stop doing this thinking thing, go back to work and read your bible. god bless america

  34. nebra
  35. nebra

    its not a democracy its hypocrisy...

  36. Philio
  37. Philio

    It’s not a Democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic with (supposedly) democratically elected Representatives in the House and Senate. Over the last 236 years the number true statesmen has dwindled to NONE. All are self-serving agenda driven activist hacks, left and right.

    There has been a constant movement toward what is called Negative Freedom in order to limit individual liberties. History has shown that Positive Freedom is a Utopian dream unachievable in pluralistic civilizations. Actually that is the case in every civilization. Stated otherwise, human beings are unable to govern them selves let alone nations. If they were, there would be no need for governments. That is why pure Democracies fail and fail in the exact same way.

    Governments in any form are parasites. They live off those governed. Like any parasite, when left to its own, it will eventually kill the host. In this case the host is a Constitutional Republic.

    Name one government that over time has not become an oppressor of the governed. Name one government that has not established an elite class to the detriment of those governed. The best you can do is keep the government’s power trimmed to an acceptable level. By the way, that battle is being lost world wide.

  38. Nwttp
  39. Nwttp

    I will not vote period, until there is a known candidate running that is actually for freedom. However I do applaud you sir for actually making a point, however small it may be.

  40. Nwttp
  41. Nwttp

    It isn't. The simple fact that so many of my countrymen believe it is is what makes it so hard for me to not feel superior, at least a little. STOP BEING SO EASILY BRAINWASHED!

  42. PaulGloor
  43. PaulGloor

    I like Romney's engineered approach but his ability to flipflop his convictions as currency to buy voters is deeply disturbing. Obama appears to stick to convictions and doing whatever he can get by what seems to be significant opposition to progress. I imagine it is deeply frustrating for him to be railroaded for what the senate lets him do vs what he wants to do.

  44. anuragawasthi
  45. anuragawasthi

    the game is fixed.......

  46. Philio
  47. Philio

    Although it was very well done, there is only one thing missing:

    My name is Barack Obama and I approved this message.

    Or something like: Paid for by DCCS

  48. Jasmin Dalton
  49. Jasmin Dalton

    if you are pro-freedom, i recommend you utilize your freedom to VOTE. otherwise, get out of this democracy.

  50. Effn Wasted
  51. Effn Wasted

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”

    ? Mark Twain

  52. Nwttp
  53. Nwttp

    Lol, oblivious

  54. Ash NA
  55. Ash NA

    It was I who flagged your comment for trolling.

    Apart from your inflammatory tone, you've assumed the person commenting is living in your country ('this democracy'), and that being cynical or educated about Democracy is wrong ("If you don't love it, leave", that kind of 'reasoning'). There's something quite 1984 about your comment, I think you'd get along well with Herbert Marcuse.

    It's illegal in my country to abstain from voting, and yet every election over million of us do it. The people who abstain tend to take more responsibility for their own fate. Whereas people who vote tend to hide amongst a symbiotic mass. Twas ever thus.

  56. fonbindelhofas
  57. fonbindelhofas

    im afraid "democracy" will not let you "get out", it would be dangerous example. "democracy" have special place for those people, its called "permanent detention" in other words rotting in cage.
    leading "democracy" already put 3 persons in there publicly, who knows how many in secret.

  58. deanharrington
  59. deanharrington

    If the U.S. is going to muddle along it might as well muddle along under Obama. The direction the country is taking however leads to a continued decay ... the U.S. is owned by international bankers and that's a sad fact. Said bankers are going to turn the country into an economic mess so that it looses it's ability to challenge their designs of a 'One World Order' ... an order that does not want a country the size of the U.S. to be a threat to it's domination.

  60. Laughing Link
  61. Laughing Link

    GET OUT? HOW YOU GOING TO DO THAT? you need to have a birth certificate in order to acquire a passport to get out of any country. getting birth certificate = becoming part of the country/ this democracy. id swap this democracy fakery for hunter gatherer any day, however the law prohibits hunting and gathering,

    In short your in society or in prison. no in between no extras play the game or go in a cage.

  62. Achems_Razor
  63. Achems_Razor

    And it was I who left the comment in, @Jasmin Dalton: was not trolling, and I did not want to disrupt the flow because of replies.

  64. alans
  65. alans

    There is often a misunderstanding that people make for a person who changes his position and are labeled dishonest or not sticking to their word, but in a differing perspective, such a person is one who adapts his thinking to changing circumstances, since we live in a constantly changing world, a dynamic world, not a static one. Actually, a dishonest person is very likely to spin a story full of absolute determinism, and least doubt. My point is that "flipflop his convictions", as you say, does not necessarily indicate dishonesty. The candidate is fully aware of his story, especially under public scrutiny, and that in itself is being honest to changing circumstances. Do you want a president who is flexible and adaptable in his approach or do you want a president who is blindly fixed on his guns and his speeches, watching out for himself?

  66. avd420
  67. avd420

    If you see no candidate you think deserves your vote, than I assert: It is your civic duty to NOT VOTE.

  68. PaulGloor
  69. PaulGloor

    Not saying Romney's dishonest, and he sounds like he could get things done, but going from pro life to pro choice and then back again as well as condemning his own, successful, healthcare creation scrunches some eyebrows and sounds like a poorly constructed strategy to me.

  70. Joni
  71. Joni

    Both of them changed: Romley changed from prochoice to prolife. Obama changed from bypartisan to domination. It appears they both changed to become more control freaks and less democratic.

  72. alans
  73. alans

    Dont vote for the one who changed for the worse.

  74. George
  75. George

    there is no choice here, they are both sustained by the same corporations..

  76. lakhotason
  77. lakhotason

    It is both telling and convenient that you relieve yourself of any personal responsibility.

  78. skibee
  79. skibee

    just as telling - as ur asinine comment ~~shows ur a sheep..sleeping

  80. whocares
  81. whocares

    What choice? the puppet on the left or right, this is bull**** coroporate brainwashing.. neither will save you and youre an id**t if you vote for a rep or dem. youre just voting for big banks and sorporatism. Think outside the damned box@!!!!

  82. jiowwasdsa
  83. jiowwasdsa

    I didn't watch this, but based on the photo I can assume that it is not portrayed that there are several choices for president. Thanks for falling into the American media perpetuation of only a two party system, good work idiots.

  84. runnysplack
  85. runnysplack

    I find it difficult to believe that millions of Americans can truely believe that there is a difference between Coke and Pepsi, because they're both cancerous. How many people actually know the defenition of change? When asked about why people vote for who they vote for, the most common answer is "I want change". When asked about what policy people are most concerned with regarding their candidates platform the most common answer is "I don't know". It seems to be the same in any democratic society with a central bank.

  86. Kitkat
  87. Kitkat

    I worked so many jobs and rightwhen it's time for me to start receiving benefits, It never fails; all of sudden the boss' are not happy with me not doing anything wrong and I lose my job. I want free health insurance. If mn blame women for all the ills of the world; then wouldn't it make sense to start by giving her free health insurance.

  88. Dean Edgington
  89. Dean Edgington

    very true, its the same here in the UK, Labour tend to be the lesser of the two evils, the tories are unabashed elitist nut jobs

  90. Sonia Knapp
  91. Sonia Knapp

    interesting and well balanced, well paced documentary on our 2 candidates.

  92. Trueorvalid
  93. Trueorvalid

    0:14:15 Little Mitt Laugh

    1:25:30 Bigg Mitt Laugh (Unchanged)

  94. James Shawver
  95. James Shawver

    You flagged this person because of their inflammatory tone? Have you read what these other people are saying? How about the clown who said anyone who votes is as ignorant as possible, no inflammatory tone there is there. That comment was by far less inflammatory then the comments being made by you and your stooges and you flagged that comment because it went against the ideas that are bouncing around in that peabrain of yours you big hypocrite.

  96. ???????? ????????
  97. ???????? ????????

    What about Norway?

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