Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash

2016, Conspiracy  -   26 Comments
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Nagging questions persist regarding the trustworthiness of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the center of this debate are her finances, and the inner workings of the popular Clinton Foundation she co-founded with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Has the enormous success of the world-renowned philanthropic organization fattened the wallets of this political power couple? Have foreign governments been given special privileges that are commensurate with the magnitude of their donations?

Coinciding with the release of the hotly anticipated expose of the same name by author Peter Schweizer, the new documentary Clinton Cash couldn't be timelier in the heat of this tumultuous election season, and its revelations are certain to rile voters from both sides of the aisle.

Wherever the Clintons go, controversy ensues. The film contends that their improprieties begin with the questionable associations they keep. Such is the case in the Republic of Congo, a devastated region riddled with widespread human rights catastrophes. According to the information contained in the film, the foundation received $100 million dollars from that country's dictator - Mobutu Sese Seko. Following this generous donation, then Secretary of State Clinton ended her public pleas for freedom and democracy in the region. The filmmakers detail similarly shady incidents in the foundation's dealings with Nigeria, Africa, Haiti and other ravaged regions of the world.

Also included in the discussion are Bill Clinton's astronomical speaking fees, possible political favors that have transpired in the wake of sizeable donations, charitable outreach efforts that may have doubled for "pay and play" deals, and the couple's mounting personal fortunes in the years since they first left the Oval Office. In each instance, the film charges that these curious dealings and a significant lack of transparency speak to a larger cover-up of global proportions.

Is Clinton Cash an honest examination of corruption at the highest level? Or is it merely one component of a baseless, unsubstantiated smear campaign meant to derail her current race to the White House? Avid supporters of Clinton are unlikely to be swayed by the barrage of accusations presented in the film, but it may provide a convincing argument for those who remain on the fence this election cycle.

Directed by: M.A. Taylor

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4 years ago

Stunning! Absolutely stunning!!!

As a Canadian watching this doc, I waited with patience through the good of this doc (the Clinton's as exemplars of people's governments and resources being lifted under their feet by the circulation of elites in and out of government) and the bad (the Clinton's are the ONLY self-enriching USA influence pimps) to first a) figure out whose behind a documentary with only one talking head and b) to see whether, or more correctly how soon, comments would break down into tribalism among US viewers.

So (a): well who is behind the film? Stephen K. Bannon (aka, the mastermind behind Breitbart and the brains behind an equally corrupt Trump administration). Did any of the people in the US watch that far or stopped when their ideological preferences were confirmed or disconfirmed? Maybe this explains why only one talking head to parrot a line of distraction from the fact that elites, regardless of their political clothing, all deal with the same bankers behind the scenes.

So (b): information is information, and knowledge is only power if one has authority to use or abuse it, so this is relevant to the extent that the comments indicate that the whole anti-communism and anti-Clinton line promoted by the doc resonates with some of the review commenters (assuming they are genuine). What people who really claim to love and want freedom not see that they are being divided and ruled by people from the same class of pimps (ie., Clinton's and Bannon's) for the old robber barron class and the new corporate predators.

Since the doc tends to reproduce tendency of 'Americans' to presume they are indispensable, I could easily laugh it off and say that as a Canadian, 'not my circus not my monkey' - but as evidenced by the doc, we have the same, exact same, problem here in Canada. Lest it be forgotten we all breath the same air: yes the same air that Bannon and his oil pipeline buddies would want us to believe are good for jobs and good for the environment. Way to go S.K.B - you have fooled only those who want to be fools. So for those 'Americans' who see through the economic and political bullshit and struggle for a decent country and world, you are not alone.

4 years ago

You can take out Bill and Hillary and insert any American politicians name to replace them and you will get the same results.

suzanne petersen
4 years ago

So - which administration again has declined to exploit 3rd world countries for their resources?

5 years ago

Thank Goodness she did not win!

I Fought the Law
5 years ago

And Trump cash? Totally above board, legit, nothing nefarious there, just don't look at my tax returns. I guess if you're poor, and ill informed, you would believe this. But, seriously, are there that many of you that are this dumb?

6 years ago

Communism, Socialism, Progressivism are all flavors of Collectivism. Hillary claims to be a progressive. However, that is only convenient speak. Communist dictators tend to go for the pay to play thing and kill those that could make them look extra bad, like Vince Foster, and a few others more recently. She did a project paper on Saul Alinsky when in college and learned his evil ways which are mostly Marxism with an emphasis on lying. The same same playbook of Obama who also should be in jail even before he made it to WaDC just as the Clintons should have been in jail before they made the trek north.

If one doesn't do their homework on such realities, which would show in any defense of the BushX2, Clintons, or Obama, that tells you all you need to know about their intellectual honesty. They are all the same type of minions working for the same evil owners of the central banks around the world + a few other "elite"(no conscience) families who think they are saviors of the world by indoctrinating and conditioning people into thinking they are worthless, via all levels of school (they donate huge sums to universities to get their people into professorships) and via the media that they own. Yet those they influence are so emotionally confused they think everyone else is worthless but themselves and the poor and the rest must be robbed to give them money instead of causing an environment where all could support themselves. What caused jobs to go to China? Corporate TAX rates and UNIONS.

All Hillary ever proposed was to cause more jobs to flee, just as her masters at the Council on Foreign Relations (the action arm of the bankster elite) told her to do. Watch the youtube on her saying their proximity to the state dept make it nice in order to find out what they want done.

Apparently few recall the Arkancides of the Clintons and Bush1 running drugs through Mena AR while Bill was the gov. And why they were so chummy after Bill was no longer prez. They all are playing minions for the same rotten scum.

Stephane Gaudette
6 years ago

This is not garbage. If you are sold on an ideology (communism)

You're an idiot....if you believe that at ANY TIME your country was close to be communist for f***s sake read some books

Leigh Atkins
6 years ago

re - WingWing
"They stopped caring long time ago, that is why things have become so blatant."

And this is precisely why they have those Cremation of Care ceremonies at Bohemian Grove - it allows them to unhitch themselves from any twinge of natural conscience which might peek through & ruin their ability to continue on towards their ruthless goals.
If you continue to damage your conscience in that fashion (by ignoring it & deliberately pushing it away), you essentially become capable of being a sociopath & then on into a psychopath. And this is the end product you now see as a result of this process in the Clintons. And the proof of the pudding is in the tasting - how many people who have opposed or caused trouble for either of the Clintons (especially Hillary), have either ended up with their lives in complete ruins or simply DEAD?
So the verdict is in:
a living Clinton is not good for humanity - and the same goes for a living Bush...
(If I end up dead under suspicious circumstances, you know where to look :-/)

Citizen Dick
6 years ago

Email (required): not pro Trump or even from the U.S. but a 597 day 'election' where even our news in New Zealand is so pro HC and anti DT it is beyond nauseating it goes to show that the NWO and puppet masters will select not elect. My take HC for two terms, Mrs O for 2 then Chealseas turn. It's a shame, I feel for your warriors who die in battle and Cathy and Kelly O Brien. So ignorant that you think average Joe and Joesephine are so dumb, so very ignorant. God help us all

6 years ago


7 years ago

Anything that defames this disgusting couple is good. One is a rapist and the other a corrupt old hag. They are two left wing hillbilly hippies from hell.

Glenn Luttrell
7 years ago

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
--- Sri Chinmoy Ghose

7 years ago

greedy politicians strike again.. when will this sh*t be over and people wake up

7 years ago

This is not garbage. If you are sold on an ideology (communism), the Clintons can do anything. However, if you are a rational human being with critical thinking skills, you can see the causality between the Clintons actions in response to the "donations" given. Only 10% of the proceeds even reach the needy? The worst thug dictators are the main donators? The SEC has put many investors behind bars with less evidence.
Think America.

7 years ago

it doesn't matter what Hillary says or what has or will be said about the CLINTON, "they" have already won the election before any serf gets a chance to vote. Trump is a distraction made in heaven. Bernie never had a chance, in fact, he is lucky to be alive.

Gabby Wolff
7 years ago

To the Anthony who said no facts are presented. I double dog dare you to do research on each name that was mentioned in this film. I double dog dare you to read her email archive that is on wikileaks.

7 years ago

This documentary is garbage! No facts are presented just smear sound track. Typical propaganda. I wanted to be informed instead I came out seeing that this was just character assassination as no facts are presented just someone's opinion (an alt-right man) of the Clintons.

7 years ago

Very Good. Had me up until 57:00 where the narrator parrots the state department line about Russia invading Ukraine, being aggressive, yada yada.

7 years ago

lol...its not like they are deciding what to make of it. Everyone already knows about these things. They stopped caring long time ago, that is why things have become so blatant.

Philip Harding
7 years ago

Oh, I just found out it's a Bannon movie. Ahhhh, I see.
I cannot take a movie seriously in the middle of an election made by the 'CEO' of the candidate's opposer.

Philip Harding
7 years ago

What, really? No comments? This is the most scathing account of the Clintons I've seen yet. Still trying to figure out what to make of it. I believe that personalities don't matter. One day the people WILL inherit the earth before the greedy destroy it.