The Coach that made History

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In November 1918, in a railcar at Compiegne, French humiliated Germans as they demanded peace. It was a humiliation that was to rankle in the mind of a young German soldier, laying wounded at the time, in an infirmary 700 miles away.

Twenty two years later, that German soldier was to take his vengeance... in the same railcar, at the same location, in the dark woodland of Compiegne.

Led by Matthias Erzberger, the German delegation began an exhausting journey through the Western Front under a white flag. They eventually arrived at a secret spot in the woods near Réthondes and were escorted to a dining railcar. There, they were challenged by Marshal Foch, General Weygand and British Admiral Sir Rosslyn Wemyss. The treatment was very hostile. The Germans were only paying attention while the terms were read out aloud. There was no debate, only a monologue of dictated conditions.

At the same time in Berlin, Prince Max von Baden abdicated. Soon after, the German Emperor, Wilhelm II, went into exile in Holland... never to come back home. Later on Prince Max stepped down from his position as a Chancellor and was replaced by Friedrich Ebert. Germany became a republic!

On 11th of November the truce agreement was signed by both parties, the Allies and Germans. The Germans were protesting against the agreement... but at the end they were forced to sign. Several hours later the warfare ended. The alleged 'war to end all wars' was eventually over... for the time being anyway!

The wooden railcar, in which the truce had been signed, was built in 1913 and soon after the World War I it was returned to commercial passenger service. Then it was requested once again... as a part of the French presidential train. Then, in 1921, it was put on display in Paris as a reminder to French military power and glory.

However, that young German soldier, who was in a hospital in November 1918, would become the supreme ruler of the resurrected German Reich... and he would throw all of Europe into yet another vicious world war.

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  1. dmxi

    one should ponder over following comments of the time:
    After WWI in 1919 the Internationalist League of Nations Treaty of
    Versailles enforced draconian reparation taxes on Germany so ridiculous
    that US President Woodrow Wilson said, "If I was a German I should think I would never sign it." British Prime Minister David Lloyd George said, "We have written a document that guarantees war in 20 years … When you place conditions on a people [Germany] that it cannot possibly keep, you force it to either breech the agreement or to war."

  2. Fabien L'Amour
  3. Fabien L'Amour

    Interestingly enough, the NAZI government did both. They breached the agreement and invaded nearby countries. I am almost certain France and England wouldn't have declared war on Germany if they had only breached the agreement.

  4. dmxi
  5. dmxi

    i urge you to have a look at 'whom' aided,financed,heaved & orchestrated the nsdap into position...esp. as the 'partei' was fading into the realm of 'one of histories political quirks' in '32!if you check 'ig-farben(starting by share-holders to patents);ford(yes,the company);the warburg dynasty-(max,sydney,paul & their functions to that date) & besides g.w.bush's g.pops known charge of 'trading with the ememy-act' you have to color-in that black & white picture that dominates superficial history text-books!
    as usual.....history is not so simple to compress into a couple of lines.

  6. Fabien L'Amour
  7. Fabien L'Amour

    It's well known the NSDAP was backed by rich people from several countries including Henry Ford who is well known for having been an Antisemite. I don't see how backing a party in 32 has anything to do with the invasion of Poland in 39. The NSDAP was elected by Germans in Germany, not the people you listed as contributors. The ideology came from Mein Kampf and we know who wrote that.

  8. dmxi
  9. dmxi

    you're missing the point:without backing(esp. technology not just finance) no invasion!hitler was put into position by politics & not via direct vote!check it.......

  10. Jack1952
  11. Jack1952

    I would think the financial backing went hand in hand with the backing of the people. Investors saw an opportunity to make some money off a Nazi party that was gaining support. This financial backing allowed the Nazis to consolidate and strengthen the support of the people, which in turn gave more reason to invest. Had Hitler never changed his tactics to gain power after the Beer Hall Putsch and became a populist instead of a revolutionary, he'd be a footnote in history. I doubt very much the financial backing was done with the intent of starting a war. It was the result of decisions made without the benefit of our hindsight. Of course, I don't doubt there were some that could care less what the future would bring, but no one could know what the outcome of those decisions could be.

  12. Fabien L'Amour
  13. Fabien L'Amour

    The votes that the Nazis received in the 1932 elections established the Nazi Party as the largest parliamentary faction of the Weimar Republic government. They were elected.

    I have no clue where you are headed with those remarks. Are you trying to say that the Nazis were controlled by a foreign power or some kind of worldwide cabal?

  14. chip griffin
  15. chip griffin

    no, i don't agree with your take, tho it does have an argument holding it up. Hitler was one of a kind in the way he went after the world. it was bigger than anything before it, only what is coming will upstage what has already taken place. the world shall see the final war in the days ahead. the war to end a world of learning by all involved. wisdom still stands tall..."the bible was right and true"

  16. Lastviewer
  17. Lastviewer

    Interesting historical thing but childish behavior.

  18. dmxi
  19. dmxi

    no(cabal)!short & straight:

    by Hindenburg

    November 1932 elections the Nazis again failed to get a
    majority of seats in the Reichstag.
    Their share of the vote fell – from 230 seats to only
    196. Hitler
    contemplated suicide.
    But then he was rescued by Hindenburg.

    Franz von Papen (a friend of Hindenburg)
    was Chancellor, but he could not get enough support in the
    Reichstag. Hindenburg and von Papen were having to govern by
    emergency decree under Article 48 of the Constitution.
    They offered Hitler the post of vice-Chancellor if he
    promised to support them.

    Hitler refused – he demanded to be
    made Chancellor. So
    Von Papen and Hindenburg took a risk.
    On 30 January 1933 Hindenburg made Hitler Chancellor.
    He thought he could control Hitler – how wrong he

    In the end, Hitler did not TAKE power at all – he was
    given it.

  20. Jon
  21. Jon

    Does this help in the story line? Reality is more bizarre than fiction, so using other historical facts from more realible sources, does the movie fall under fiction?

  22. Fabien L'Amour
  23. Fabien L'Amour

    No one said Hitler took the Chancellor position by force. The main factor that helped the Nazis gain power in my opinion was the Great Depression. The Germans were fed up with their precarious living conditions and elected a party that they felt could act decisively to change the situation. And they did, totally disregarding morale and ethic, they established a nefarious and heinous dictatorship.

  24. awful_truth
  25. awful_truth

    Actually, Hitler took his insight from an American lawyer by the name of Madison Grant, a eugenicist who wrote a book called the' passing of the great race'. Hitler referred to his book as 'his bible'.
    The great depression combined with the treaty of Versailles, set the stage for the German public to support the Nazi's. The only difference between the corporations of today, and Hitler of yesterday was that he openly declared war, and they don't.(unchecked power by any other name is just as dangerous) If this wasn't the case, Hitler would not have been TIME magazine man of the year for 1938. (declared in 1939, the year the 2nd world war started)

  26. dmxi
  27. dmxi

    so ,what are we disputing here?

  28. Fabien L'Amour
  29. Fabien L'Amour

    No idea, the conversation moved to Hitler's accession to the Chancellery. My original point was that England and France didn't want the war, the invasion of Poland by Germany forced them to declare War.

  30. dmxi
  31. dmxi

    if it were just so easy.....the bigger picture never finds a place in history books!

  32. Fabien L'Amour
  33. Fabien L'Amour

    Ok, then explain to me why England and France declared war if it wasn't because Germany blitzed Poland and why they desired that war..

  34. sonibvc
  35. sonibvc

    That must have felt good for the Germans :)

  36. Jon
  37. Jon

    From my limited readings, let me share what I know: Germany prepared for the war long before Hitler became a somebody. He was an accident of that history.

    Much of the essential war materials were manufactured in East Europe using a system of receipt that acted like a promissory note and can be exchanged for prized asset looted from conquered territory.

    This is the reason for Germany's lack of economic stability prior to Hitler. Apart from the World War 1 reparation, there was a hidden load or war taxes that German citizens pay since the profit from industrial operations were sunk on the purchase of war materials.

    The lost economic value was in the form of secret and unclaimed manufacturing receipts,

    As soon as the NAZI's assumed power, the war machine accelerated production and much of the final assembly was done in Germany. The stock piles or parts from distant places necessitated the construction of the Autobahn that works like a conveyor facility of the war production line,

    Probably, the businesses who held these receipts wanted to exchange them sooner for tangible assets. Thus, the strong support for Hitler rise to power and the NAZI's campaign for war were helped by these corporations. Yet it is not clear if Hitler knew of the on-going war build-up since his life story contradicts he was ever an insider to this post-World War 1 event. In fact, Hitler was an unwilling victim of an ailing German economy which in his political speeches, he solely blames on the oppressive War Reparation payment to the Allies.

    This video in a way implicates the French for collaborating in this strategy to prepare for the next war... Maybe the hesitancy of American President FDR to enter that war is justified after all. He had his reasons and he was probably correct.

  38. Pepe Alvarado
  39. Pepe Alvarado

    History is one HUGE baby tantrum, filled with "he started it"'s, "I saw it first"'s, "This is MY toy"'s, "I called shotgun"'s, "I've got more than you"'s, "My daddy is better than yours"'s.... And dozens of other infantile claims and justifications. ................................................................................................................ In the end, every power-tripped leader or buisinessman is a child without a parent telling them what's right or not... Having insecure impulses of competition and superiority... Emanating a need to feel loved, and showing the empty presence of hugs and affection as a child.

  40. Fabien L'Amour
  41. Fabien L'Amour

    Explain to me how England and France could have catapulted their forces over Germany, Italy or Austria to set up a defensive front in Poland? It would have also been a disastrous tactical move to put their armies between two invading forces if they could even land forces near Danzig. And how do you supply the defense force? The reason it didn't happen is because it was militarily impossible.

    If you mean why didn't they attack the Red Army after defeating Germany to save Poland. The world had enough of the war and the Red Army was a serious force to mess with.

  42. dmxi
  43. dmxi

    for many reasons i do not 'spell' many inconsistencies regarding the
    'how.when & why's' regarding this topic as in-depth dissection will
    culminate into 'conspiracy-nut' & 'history-twisting'
    word duels
    which won't be beneficiary or fruit-bearing for neither of us....all i'm
    willing to say is that taught history only scratches the surface!
    my person:i'm half german (mother) half irish(dad) with a manchester
    up-bringing(now i'm living in germany due to wife)!both my grandparents
    were 'involved' in world war 2 with first-hand experience on both
    sides....whom stories gave me insight & told a differing account to
    common history books.....that's the subjective side!the objective &
    curious side was nourished by delving into historical approved documents
    which paint a differing picture of actual accounts,be it prior,during
    & after!but as usual that is 'MY' impression & it is up to
    everyone,for themselves,to make their own conclusions & which
    literature they want to accept!opinions are like a*seholes....everyone's
    got one....& that should be wishes....

  44. bluetortilla
  45. bluetortilla

    Boy, what a boooooring piece of a half-hearted attempt at sloppy propaganda. Starring Thomas the Tank Engine...
    It's hard to believe that the makers of this went so giddy as to actually give the car an anthropomorphic role in two world wars. If you haven't watched this yet, don't bother. Seriously. Just wiki the armistice info. Far more enlightening.

  46. bluetortilla
  47. bluetortilla

    And every train's dining car too I guess. (apologies)

  48. bluetortilla
  49. bluetortilla

    Boo. Who cares about some crazed and dazed apostle writing down his hallucinations alone on an island nearly 2000 years ago? John was always an egomaniac who saw himself at the center of creation.
    In truth we are faced with the grave danger of nuclear war and and nearly everyone ignores it or dismisses it. It is our duty to conduct ourselves in such a way to prevent such a holocaust as much as possible in each of our individual capacities. If you haven't done that I don't figure you'll die in peace.
    Shout it from the rooftops as it were.

  50. bluetortilla
  51. bluetortilla

    "history is not so simple to compress into a couple of lines."

    Although you just attempted to do so. :D

  52. bluetortilla
  53. bluetortilla

    Well if you're insinuating that the big bullies of the world controlling armies and executive branches for their own fun and amusement are a bunch of lily white folk WASPS (oh, and some Jews too) who think they are racially superior, then they have HUGE competition coming soon as old 'colored' and 'yellow people' dynasties are awakening fast.
    In fact, race doesn't seem to be much of an issue for tons of people around the world these days- it's wealth.
    Money money money. Love to Hate it.

  54. bluetortilla
  55. bluetortilla

    Of course few of those backers then could have bothered to have read 'Mein Kampf.' Or to have given much respect to hindsight regarding the 1918 armistice. Or perhaps it was more of the same 'I'll back this guy and you back that guy and when all the people start getting killed in war we'll both be big winners.'

  56. chip griffin
  57. chip griffin

    everyone dies, this time a lot die at or near the same time. your jpb or goal is your soul. then as many as you can around you. we needed john just like we need you...

  58. bluetortilla
  59. bluetortilla

    Not so. You believe that a future event (in this case an apocalyptic war) is an inevitable path for mankind and in a very real sense in your mind has 'already happened'. It is not a danger or a question but an inevitability. I believe that humans have the power and skills to avert and prevent wars and violence for greed and each individual indeed has an obligation to contribute to such prevention.
    That's the difference between you and me and why I can only accept prophesy as a metaphorical description of (then) current times. But I would not even consider John a prophet but nothing more than a necromantic poet and vehemently oppose any such forgone conclusions by him or any other doomsayers that envision a world destroyed in violence and hell out of which only the 'saved' ascend to a higher plane of existence. That is total madness. I deal in Realpolitik and you should too. The time for 'power out of a barrel of a gun' should have been scrapped and buried long ago, not propagated by so-called peace loving religious folk.

  60. chip griffin
  61. chip griffin

    well you watched as well as i did, our government knock down 3 buildings, 2 of which had 3000 people in them. what do we do with those who don't believe like you do and refuse to put down the gun? do we walk up and get shot? you go right ahead as for me and my family we will shoot back. and if your one of those too foolish to believe our government took down the towers. answer me one question. WHY DID BUILDING 7 FALL? it is your kind that allows these things to happen. i will hold you accountable for your actions. i will own the keys to that prison.
    let me ask you one last question, now that i'm on a roll. when you understand we have people willing to kill running this place, how long do we keep cutting the check? you kind make this a nice place for the evil. or do you even believe there are evil? i had a man screwing my wife and he didn't think nothing was wrong with it, neither did my wife. so i let them keep each other. no one to blame now, the gov willful pay for all five kids. they said to tell you thank you chump...

  62. bluetortilla
  63. bluetortilla

    Whoa, whoa. 9/11? I believe sir that I have promoted activism, not toiling on the hamster wheel at a 9-5 slave job while your wife is cheating with another man and your son gets shot in a war somewhere.
    I feel compassion for your hardships, I really do, and there is a place for that, but it isn't here. I'm saying we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture, and we must focus on the bottom line with tenacity and passion. If we don't we're collectively dead (which is where we are now) and vulnerable to things like war, genocide, slavery, and ultimately nuclear war.
    I'm not talking about street fighting or what-if pacifist scenarios but the immediate survival of our species and beyond that a true social evolution. But it seems everyone's too tired and grouchy to give a damn about 'impossible' idealistic things like that. I'm proud of people, I love people. I want us to succeed and believe we can. Only a fool believes otherwise. Don't you separate the evil from the person? I do. Anyway, we must try and do our best to change this world and protect the people. That is my belief and I don't care if anyone agrees or not. My time is too limited here to let that bring me down.

    Oh, I guess I should say something at least about the doc. It really sucked. Even as propaganda it sucked. Desks, chairs, train cars and their numbers, flags, memorials-- these are characters? What did any of it mean?

  64. chip griffin
  65. chip griffin

    i am at the age where i got to do what has to get done. the evil must be dealt with or it will deal with us as it has been doing. all our jobs were given to other country's by the already rich, smart move. now they pray they're word is good. even as japans evil floats over our heads, since no one talks about it it must be alright, well it ant. we are going to die, i am going to choice how, once again it is the darn age thing. i have watched people my whole life and still can't get over how few of them change. they only change when forced too. also meet up with a good guy and a bad guy and the bad will turn the good evil. why? because the good just wants it to be easier.
    GOD is wiser than i am old, the coolest thing ever invented was death. if no one ever died most things would fix themselves, the fact that one can die allows evil to prosper if you ask me. but what do i know, just time in the bottle i guess. i spent my days thinking. and you?

  66. terrasodium
  67. terrasodium

    armaments,universal debt and planned obsolescence are the pillars of western society . war, moneylending and waste, backing Hitler accomplished all three marks, it also gained new ground in the middle east as well as keeping africa in perpetual military occupations of one color or another to continue the pilfering of resources, using anglo american dollars in conflict with german economic systems helped create the USA military arm to become the largest debt collection agency.

  68. bluetortilla
  69. bluetortilla

    Well, first I don't see what 'nationality' has to do with anything. Nations are just prisons. What does it matter if the people of country X have less jobs now? Especially when we're talking about jobs we're mostly talking about slave jobs. Don't all people s*** and suffer in the same way? Can that be qualified? What is good for you is what is good for everyone. If there are no jobs then create jobs- use your imagination. I've washed dishes before. What's wrong with that? Beats the hell out of being an administrative clerk for Dupont. The evil of Japan? Is Japan exceptional? Statistically, as far as bombing civilians go, the U.S. has got everyone beat on the horror from the sky factor. I thought that was evil...Empire is always evil because empire is always fearful. It has zero concern for human beings.
    If you hate war, love people, and possess a faith that does not demand others to think your way and not the way they want be they atheist, nationalist, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever; if you have tolerance that can stretch as big as weather balloon, and you know your are free and are unwilling to harm the living creatures of this earth unless compelled to under extraordinary circumstances, then I do not see how anyone can whisper in your ear and change. People turn to 'evil' out of fear, ignorance, and confusion. Evil begins in reaction to the self-hatred within and spreads to confirm the hatred of who we are. Because, you know for a fact that all our lives our institutions and the people around us have been telling us that something is wrong with us.
    Most people resist death, but people who accept their death with open arms know peace. What is the difference between your birth and your death? Maybe a few engage in insane acts because they're going to die anyway as it were and avoid the consequences of immortality but that is not usual. The knowledge of a lovely five-year old child who has died of illness or accident is very sad indeed, but the sight of children killed by war is a pure evil. If that does not anger you and provoke you to change this world then there is problem with such a person's humanity. We like to pretend we are objective and rationalize. The truth is you either decide that you are a human being or you are something else. And if a person choose the latter than he will know loneliness and alienation in every day.
    If you have been thinking you had better tell others what you are thinking and if you're thinking is right you will know it by their responses. If your thinking is wrong you will know by your responses which would continue to be fearful and confused. Bad thinking may be contagious but it carries with it an immunity and against it there is a natural resistance among the healthy. Good thinking is a result of courageous living and fortifies those who seek, and outrages the fearful. The moment you pick up a weapon though you are doomed; one way or another.

  70. chip griffin
  71. chip griffin

    you do not understand what i say, japan's poison gas will kill us all, if nothing else happens. enough wandering around folks, the time is here chose your team war is coming the gov. went with the devil as did most, i stand against them all with the help from GOD above, we win...

  72. bluetortilla
  73. bluetortilla

    OK, I see. Yeah, governments and institutions have always been demonic. We talk about them as if they are individuals when they are just myths. We are the ones who empower the systems that cause destruction and evil. We empower them through acquiesce.
    But I think it's foolish to regard war as a certainty. Instead, why don't we as individual people consider how war can be stopped? That seems far more productive than picking sides.

  74. dmxi
  75. dmxi

    & by funding both sides (communism found full support on
    wall-street,fact!) an artificial arms race was guaranteed.....& we
    know the consequences until the USSR 'collapsed' another enemy was
    created!history repeating itself is a nice euphemism!

  76. terrasodium
  77. terrasodium

    I would agree with that statement if your use of the word collapsed was a polite way of saying wealth redistrubution (more billionaires in moscow now then there are in any other city).

  78. chip griffin
  79. chip griffin

    what people fail to see or understand, once evil has entered the game it will not stop, just like the nice lady who always makes the cookies, she does what she does because she enjoys the giving of her time and resources, to bring joy to others, so does the evil, it waits up nights trying to figure out how to set the whole thing off. now all that held Hitler up, is at their finger tips, technology, the tipping point is here. the power is on the playing field. the world trade centers did not fall, they were not blown up, they were dissolved in mid air. yep gone before they hit the ground. there is a doc. about the woman who figured it out. 1 1/2 million pounds ruble didn't make it to the ground, in fact less than 1/2 million pounds did and it was quickly taken away, before anyone could take a good long look at it.
    once you understand the trade centers were removed and people were killed on national TV. ask yourself why? and if this is true, what is the total plan, the end game. what would evil want if it could have whatever it wanted? total control? no more. it wants to rob, rape, and kill, but it wants it to take as long as possible, because it enjoys watching people suffer.
    now you're beginning to get a good look at what is coming! it will not be pretty and it will not be quick, but it's time or days are numbered. the bible is your friend and will offer much help in the days ahead, not only will you understand we have helpers by our sides at all times, it also assures the guilty will pay and pay in full. so cry no more, man your battle stations and fight the good fight. it will be a team win and one heck of a coming home party as the people cross over. give us your best the entire universe is watching and the play back reels will be viewed over and over for the uncountable future. remember what evil will do if allowed and let it raise it head never again. this will be the hardest and most painful event in human history for all parties involved, let us not have to do it but once.....

  80. bluetortilla
  81. bluetortilla

    DELETED BY BLUETORTILLIA (redundant post)

  82. bluetortilla
  83. bluetortilla

    Armaggedonists are the worst of the pessimists. They insist on mega-war and holocaust predestined, and they've divided the world into the doomed infidels and the minority ascent righteous. They take no responsibility for change or the course we pursue together as a species, and they perceive humankind as incapable of shaping a brighter future for itself or of any self-determination to find its place in the cosmos. They are lazy, dismissive, bigoted, fearful, and cold. And they only care about humans- they cannot see life on earth as a whole and the life force of nature holds no place in their scriptural manifests of divine judgement.

  84. chip griffin
  85. chip griffin

    a side car did no more start the war and than a nuke ended it. the war as it is, will always be alive as long as their are two sides to every story. as for the faith thing and reading a silly book. i far outreach the limits of your small mind. i stand accountable for every action and every word that is known by me!
    i was truly hoping to have reached someone with real protectorate, someone with the ability to think for themselves, instead another foolish one who links all together as one group.
    what would you call one who steps outside of the know science into a world most never see? a freak or a bringer of real truth? or you even able to believe such exists? i have talked to those in this unseen world and i bring you facts that can't be doc. a world i wasn't sure was real until somehow i crossed over into it. i watched all the players take the field, the leaders that is, and the millions that follow, not knowing what they follow. i understand what few can. those 13 who run the world, no, but the 2 who started it, and the one with power of unheard of limits and with the means to end all wars! yes friend. i stepped into what looks like fantasy to most, but i assure you it is all too real and about to play out its final time. this is no book, but the pages themselves have sprung to life. you have not long to wait and already have chose your team with the actions counted throughout your life. mercy will be shown to the amount it was given. this is no novel, no TV finale for the season, but the real deal. if you only knew who sits just the other side of your computer screen, joy or fear on levels you have yet to see would be gripping you now. the right questions are your proof. take time to think them through, then ask, but please remember some questions you don't truly want the answer to. be aware of those and don't ask, because i have seen those who did and then they were left to live with this awful truth until the last day. think of how you wish to spend your last days. joyfully or ????. then ask away. the truth don't always set you free. most it sends to hell. always look behind the cloud because behind the cloud sits the one who made it. the way to life is the narrow way, few find it. many have seen it but refuse to believe, because it bring with it accountability and most want nothing to do with that.
    what would you ask GOD just days before you would see if the first time? what is it no one knows but those who run it?

  86. chip griffin
  87. chip griffin

    your so far from any real truth, i find it hard to carry on here. i care on levels you still do not understand. my life traded for yours or at least your ability to decide from the real truth not one driven by greed or the ability to control you. i am offering you more than those you defend and you reject it. who was the one who came and ask for nothing in return? follow my example the one i show you, not the one we talk about. the few at the top are about to be replaced for those who take their job as a life style not as a way to gain the whole world!
    no TV show or press conference to tell you what has begun. this was not recorded and put out for the masses, but GOD made sure to find the time to talk to just you one on one, yet you claim he does not care. he sent me to tell the good news and you refuse to hear.
    a mark will be injected into your hand unless you pull your hand away and offer them your neck. the kingdom is not of this world but is more alive than anything you have yet to see. the mark will damn your soul and the stain un-removable... one chance to get it right. what will you believe when it stands in front of you. a nurse who is only following the law as it reads. ALL MUST HAVE TO BUY OR SELL at what point is it real. the law is already in place, it has been written and signed, the date is unknown until it will be enforced. what is the proof you will not deny? read rev 11 and believe you spoke with one. the right question and the doubt this enough love for even you?...

  88. bluetortilla
  89. bluetortilla

    Jeez, I'm getting to know how conversion by the sword must feel.
    I believe that I have made it clear in this discussion that I am not a religious man. And yet I always seem to get hounded by the zealots like you for not being faithful enough or whomped by the atheists for being 'spiritual.' I'd rather be left alone by both of sets and let you all fight it out ad infintum on your own. I am not the one.

    I believe, I hope, that I am a pragmatist. My faith lies in a love for people and a conviction that we can do better. My spiritualism lies in wonder at the force of life and in the physics that describe the Cosmos, the mysteries of which we haven't even begun to scratch. I don't have a place in my heart or mind for such a misanthropic and vengeful book such as John's Revelations. I've read it once- that was quite enough for me. I'm not for adding more violence to an already violent world.

    Of course, you will not change- at least not for now, maybe not until the day you die. You will cling to necromancy. Why don't you try living for today for a change? Why not try tolerance and open-mindedness?

    How about we let it go at that? If you are true to your faith then by what power do you judge me? Best wishes to you.

  90. chip griffin
  91. chip griffin

    ok go turn in your paper work you should have enough to hold up in any state court. glad i could help. yes, this one will not lay down and let you. good luck to you, hope it works out for you...

  92. Achems_Razor
  93. Achems_Razor

    Boy Oh boy, you are one scary dude, ain't ya, I suggest you get some professional help!

  94. Fabien L'Amour
  95. Fabien L'Amour

    Poland's invasion started on September 1st and Poland was fully occupied by October 6th. No nation was ready to counteract a surprise blitz campaign at the time as the subsequent invasion of Mainland Europe and USSR showed shortly after.

  96. cyberfrank
  97. cyberfrank


  98. Pepe Alvarado
  99. Pepe Alvarado

    Your point?

  100. chip griffin
  101. chip griffin

    don't fear me, fear those you trust. 2 billion bullets worth of trust. wake up stupid. no one answers for this, no one. so run to your masters...

  102. awful_truth
  103. awful_truth

    Agreed! It is no longer an issue of country, or race, just greed; where the planet is being carved up by the wealthy elite with only 1 possible outcome, highest profits = global slavery.
    P.S: I am not insinuating it, I am outright declaring it. Take care, and best wishes bluetortilla.

  104. awful_truth
  105. awful_truth

    You know chip, I have been reading many of your comments in this particular discussion, and I do understand where you are coming from. What I don't understand is your choice of delivery, and why you would wish to antagonize those who are as well intentioned as yourself. (you can attract more bees with honey then vinegar)
    One thing for certain, we can all learn from one another, but only if we actually listen. The bible is full of wisdom, but without critical thinking, it too can be used as a justification for inappropriate behavior. If this wasn't the case, you wouldn't have seen the Christian crusades, the Spanish inquisition, or the modern day equivalent of millions of right wing fundamentalists claiming Christ as their own like he was some kind of gun toting capitalist. Note: This is in contradiction for what he stood for - a pacifist who abhorred violence, (turn the other cheek) yet drove the moneylenders out of the temple - how dare you turn my father's house into a shop - he was crucified a week later. ( 3 of the 4 gospels)
    Simply put, good people come in variety, and just because their view is not identical to your own, does not make them less valuable then yourself. (judge not, and thou shall not be judged, lest ye be judged - a language you can relate to)
    I completely agree with you that we all have to make a stand for the right reason, but the second you think you have it all figured out, I can guarantee you, you don't. This understanding only comes from wisdom, the difference between knowledge, and experience. Of course, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong, but at least I can admit it! (being flawed that is) Either way, I wish you the best, and hope for your sake that you have not put all your eggs into someone else's basket. Take care chip.

  106. Fabien L'Amour
  107. Fabien L'Amour

    Only expanding on the line of thought from my previous posts to dmxi.

  108. chip griffin
  109. chip griffin

    the truth is i have, not knowing what else to do. i have no go to man, just prayer itself like everyone else. i will say i asked for none of it but was tossed into a world i am just now beginning to understand. i am all alone here and know no way out. fear has become known by me. i pray for the best and prepare for the worst...

  110. awful_truth
  111. awful_truth

    For the record chip, I am not a religious man, but I am very spiritual. (I believe in karma) It has been my experience that 'fear' is merely anxiety of the unknown. The more we delve into and confront that which unsettles us, the more we understand that 'the only thing to really fear is fear itself.' (overused, but correct none the less)
    With that said, you are not alone, and there is a way out. (the truth will set you free) People are easily divided and conquered because they forget that we all have far more in common than not. As far as we know, no one asked to be here, and perhaps that is part of the test. (faith) In other words, never let the bast**ds grind you down. Evil is truly running the world, and the most profound thing of all, is you didn't feel the sting of evil, you would never develop the tools to combat it.(morality)
    The alternative is to 'join the dark side which is not an option for people who actually care. Thus, the test never ends, and anything worth having does not come easily.
    The go to man is yourself. (trust your gut and you will never go wrong) The bottom line is, god doesn't give you what you want, only what you need, and he helps those who help themselves. So, don't let ex wives and the rest of the a**holes in the world have the satisfaction of taking you away from that which matters most. (your spirit) If you truly have faith, don't worry, and embrace the test of life. In the end, you will create a pattern of success that only you can measure, and no one can ever take that away from you. Take care chip, and best wishes!

  112. awful_truth
  113. awful_truth

    Great words of wisdom bluetortilla; I could not have said it better myself. Your words and thoughts are truly pristine, and a good example for all to live by. Keep up the good work!

  114. chip griffin
  115. chip griffin

    thank you for your time and good words, prepare for the worse of times, man at his worse. the powers from below will soon walk among us. fear not we are stronger. our death is our stand. i can speak for no one but myself. i will die before i become one of them, GOD help me be not afraid...

  116. awful_truth
  117. awful_truth

    Your welcome chip, best wishes, and take care!

  118. j electrolux
  119. j electrolux

    So true! Unfortunately the 'selfish mind' is our individual practice as well. Without our participation there would be no war. If we as individuals had minds of continual compassion our leaders would have no 'playground'. As a matter of fact many of them would appear as they actually are, mentally ill.

  120. Historian
  121. Historian

    Another historical misrepresentation...
    Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, not on September 3, 1939 as presented in this documentary.
    A monumental historical error - on par with "Polish concentration camps".

  122. peter
  123. peter

    There is something missing here,google..the hitler speech they don't want you to hear.......... learn about the Global Private Bankers.

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