Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the Godmother

Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the Godmother

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Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the GodmotherIf you liked Cocaine Cowboys, you'll like this one too. True story of the cocaine queen who makes Tony Montana look like Mother Teresa.

Set on the inner-city streets of Oakland, California, cocaine dealer Charles Cosby has his life is changed forever when he writes a fan letter to the "Cocaine Godmother" Griselda Blanco, who is serving time at a nearby federal prison.

Six months later, Cosby is a multi-millionaire, Blanco's lover, and the head of her $40 million a year cocaine business.

Also known as "The Black Widow" for her propensity to permanently dispose of her men when she's done with them, Blanco will stop at nothing to ensure that Charles is faithful to her. Cosby soon learns that he's in way over his head.

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  1. killbill

    Thats why she got whacked a couple of months after she got back to Medellin. Her and her sons. She was a badass in the US but Colombia has very good memory an it doesn´t forget all the sh*t she did. The story about Barrio Pablo Escobar is bullsh*t. She could never have gone up against Escobar in those days. He crippled Colombia.

  2. Reginald Turner

    Good doc! The truth!

  3. gunk wretch

    boy that little how to cook up crack segment is helpful.. not really sure what they hoped to accomplish adding that

    1. joy cowgill

      i know right...bad idea!

  4. calisue2

    This man was no dummy, he saw his potential with this situation and took it to the top!!! He never cried about his past just spoke the truth of what happened, anybody who says pick up a book is truly a moron. Why would you go that route when making amillion in week is possible?? Also anyone who have negative things to say about this man and where he came from are clueless them selves. Have you every spent a day in richmond or some of the bad parts of oakland, I doubt it. Until you spend a day in his shoes, don't you dare speak of what is like!!!!!

    1. T


  5. littlecarrey

    f***ing pathetic holmes....get a clue u iggnorant tool....go back to school and learn how to f***ing do something with ur life.....if not go to north korea and see how they livin "bro."
    quit crying over how bad ur life is, shape up and be a man. get a 9-5 and commit u black a** to somethin..cause all ur doin is adding to the steroptype of the lazy crack deadlin' nigga, who praises k deadlers, for how rich they get. u wanna wine about your "hood" then rap to urself about it cause no one gives a s*** about ur, U THINK UR a GANGSTA? HAHA what kind of THUG comments on u tube anyways?! hahaha.go to central africa and see what their hoods are like..u'd be beggin to come back and work at mc. dicks, you
    p.s. tupac is a good rapper, but a lousy role model....pick up a frigging book, and put down the MP3 player u half witted omeba. ANOTHER PURE EXAMPLE OF WHY PEOPLE SAY "STAY IN SCHOOL."

  6. I hate thug

    How many communities have to be ruined before people stop glorifying this garbage.Some of the post's above tell you all you need to know.Stop poisoning our neighborhood's for profit. Yes I understand some people truly have no other option but these are rare occasions. Those who are proud to sell drugs or proud to be "gangsta" are truly ignorant and really need a basic education! Enough with the, it's cool to be a thug mentality!! It brings nothing but destruction and death to you and the people around you!!!!!!!! RUN TELL DAT!!!!!!

    1. Stefhon Jones

      You know what f*** what you talkin bout, see if you didnt know by now it's people out here that was'nt born with a silver spoon in their mouths unlike you. Who are you to judge somebody when you've never lived that life and dont know how it feels to go hungry and starve or live in a project area with no lights on? So in the words of my brother Tupac "F*** YOU". Thug Life. "F*** the world as we unloaded we're some curious G's be asking questions keeps us all streesin furious G's/ backstabing,greed,wicked thoughts laced with weed/ learning, ducking straight shots bullets be HOT they BURNING. TUPAC SHAKUR. Rest In Peace....................IT'S THUG LIFE.

  7. menelik1&2

    @micaela...maybe you didn't notice this lady tried to kill him...was he suppose to curl back up with the snake..Look at all the people that died for or because of her...Viva La Negro

  8. howell

    I dont usually share my opinion on here but i dislike the opinion of square heads out there who say this is glamorizing the drug trade. this documentary didn't glamorize it its obviously a glamourous lifestyle thats why people take the massive risks. The drug trades out there and if you would care to remove yourself from the computer screens you may realize.I think they're both great documentaries highlighting the fact that drugs do in-fact make the world go round. the war on drugs will never end the quicker the government realize this the quicker they can save billions.

  9. Mike

    First one is way better but they are both good documentaries you get to hear about some real legends first hand. True hustlers.

  10. Micaela

    I laughed at the end when they said that they some real gangsters. F@#$%^& snitch a@# lames. How could he roll over on the person responsible for his fortune in life, that dirty rotten snake. She made him a millionaire and he turned on her in a quickness. I really hope he gets what he deserves.
    Viva La Madrina.

  11. harry krishna

    poor, knowwhatimsayin. thing that sticks out for me is this obsession with having one person responsible. the drug business was never this simple. hitler, stalin, ms blanco, bin laden - all this evil confined to a single person?

  12. Sadie the Celt

    he knew exactly what he was letting himself in for, he was already into the drug scene, and probably wanted a 'fast track' to the moola - whatever the price. hate it when they 'do the crime.............'

  13. DakkaDakkaDakka

    Cocaine cowboys 1 was a real documentary, this is sheer drivel indulging an egocentric crack dealer who got lucky.

    The end of the doc is amusing as you realize the extent at which this guy is a m@#$%.

    He didn't 'graduate at the game' as claimed by the hood-hillbilly with the argos quality gold teeth, if anyone feels this doc glamorizes drug dealing they need not worry as it will only apply to the grab a granny fetishists.

    Was it just me or did every member of his 'crew' seem completely r@#$%&#$? The kind of people that you couldn't trust to make a pot noodle without injuring themselves?

    I don't think a word he says can be believed, no-one with sense admits to committing a crime if they haven't already been caught for it. Which would then mean he wont be lifted for this, which means he has made a deal with the police, which means he groped a granny, made a couple of quid and sold a bit of crack to only end up living in a slum under witness protection with a drug lord after him.

    Well done, Here is your graduation pot noodle. Fking R@#$%|&.

  14. Gurkan

    Don't watch this doco. it's horrible. Watch the first movie it is so much more better than the second.

  15. Crystal

    Am i the only person who thought this guy looks like Bernie Mac?

  16. ez2b12

    @ Phil

    Are you saying you have done this?I hope not.If you served in either place for the US I appreciate your service but I hate to see you where exposed to such blatant disrespect for life.Have you thought about talking to someone about the way it made you feel?It has to be hard to return to being civy if you have been in this type of environment.

    Our country no longer takes care of its soldiers the way it should. You guys are expected to go over thier and get a job done that is not even really defined clearly and then return here with no jobs, health care, or chance for education.I am sorry that you are treated as such. I am also sorry that the neo-cons use you guys to promote thier own finacial, political,and religiouse agendas.

    Used to be that if you went to war thier was a good, honest, clearly defined reason, goal, and stradegy. Not any longer. In reality i suppose i shouldn't confine this crime to just the neo-cons. I am starting to feel like democrats and republicans serve the same special interests, they are simply defined as seperate to make us feel as if we have choice.Good luck to you man, I hope it all comes out o.k. for you.

    @ Charles

    Finally we agree on something.I could not believe that this lady got off the way she did.

  17. Charles B.

    An absolute miscarrage of justice! Sometimes the bad guys do win and then walk free. It makes me want to vomit!

  18. Phil Atio

    killing is addictive, ever been to afghanistan or iraq you know what i'm saying. Putting bullets in a haji is like nothing. ou pop a haji here and your commander don't care. Whats a civ gonna do, say some soldier shot my family, they cant even identify you

  19. ez2b12

    @ Frankie

    My bad, I guess that was a little presumptiouse of me. Yeah for her age she was kind of cute. Not at the end though, she looked pretty rough then.

  20. A. T. Heist

    he understood the secret.

  21. Scott

    @ez2b12 -- Agree. They sure seemed to have a sweet thing going in Miami before all the cartels moved in. They didn't even use guns or violence at all. I guess it's sort of inevitable. There's always someone with a bigger stick that'll fight you for what is yours. Unless, of course, drugs are legalized. But then prison money, cop budgets and court budgets would have to be spent on stupid things like social services. Everyone knows that means you're a commie!)

    @roach -- Totally agree. It's like ego+ creativity-

  22. Kiteboarderjoe

    Very entertaining. truth is better than fiction

  23. Frankie Kate

    @ez2b12 All i said is that she looks gorgeous for her age and i love that...i NEVER sang her praises about her drug activities. OK

  24. ez2b12

    @ Roach

    I hear you man, could not agree more.

  25. ez2b12

    @ Frankie

    Are you seriouse? You should watch cocain cowboys one. This lady ruined a good thing in Miami, if you can call dealing drugs a good thing.All she had to do was sit back and make money hand over fist forever, but she could not stop killing. Next thing you know cops busted it all up. Gee I wonder why. Killing for no reason or for petty resons is the fastest way to end your business. The only way she ever made it so big is to move tons at a time really fast. The two american guys in the same doc. worked for over five years and made over a billion for just transporting the stuff, thats smarter if you ask me. Sure she ended up being the one that got away, by shear luck and thats all. By the way she can't find out who i am or were I live can she? I never said this stuff, uhmmm Griselda is queen.

  26. Frankie Kate

    Griselda Blanco is a gorgeous woman for her her

  27. ez2b12

    An enjoyable documentary to say the least. However I do feel these type of docs glamourize a life that is typically not glamorouse. A few may make millions but the vast majority end up addicted, dead, or in jail for the rest of thier life. Sometimes a combination of the three occurrs. Either way the chances of making it out alive or with any money at all are slim to none. When this guys says at the end that if he had it to do over he woud have gotten an education- well thats about the smartest thing he says through the whole doc.

  28. juzza

    fakkin the same the world over! see it on the streets of leeds this is england! hahaha

  29. Tjo

    Well, Cosby said it for me, ".....would have got an education ..." noowhadimsayin?

  30. Greywall

    Old stuff... not better then Miami drug trade stories...