Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys

2006, Crime  -   22 Comments
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Cocaine CowboysThe sordid history of drug trafficking in Miami is sodden with seemingly endless quantities of dope, money, and corpses. Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben divides his absorbing account of crime and consequences into three distinct sections: outlining the basics of cocaine importation and distribution; analyzing the detrimental societal effects of a city awash in illegal cash; and cataloging the runaway violence that accompanies the inevitable drug wars.

A procession of flamboyant dealers and paid assassins wax nostalgic about the drug trade, while police detectives and crime reporters supply the social commentary.

The "stars" include major cocaine dealer Jon Roberts and expert transporter Mickey Munday, whose reminiscences bridge the period during which a once-sleepy retirement town became into a glitzy playground for fast-living Eurotrash.

And if the hard-driving score sounds appropriately familiar, it’s due to composer Jan Hammer, who also provided the rat-tat-tat music for the ‘80s hit series Miami Vice.

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6 years ago

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Steven Peterson
11 years ago

I lived in the neighborhood off Killian Parkway where Rivi blew up the house with a bomb. It was on a Sunday afternoon. I heard the explosion, walked outside and saw the smoke. I walked around the corner and saw what was left of the house and black Corvette in the driveway. I frequented DadeLand where the dealers where gunned down in the Crown Store. Seeing Rivi laugh and brag about these activities is difficult. Many people were killed where I lived earlier off of Bird and 102 Ave. This is such a waiste.

12 years ago

Havent finished the whole doc yet I am on part 11 and the American guy that is in jail is the one who seems to be doing all the bragging about killing people. And doing it in a pretty cold hearted way too.

12 years ago

They always say in movies that have Columbian gangsters or drug lords in them not to mess with them, seems there is some truth to it as these people seem crazy violent. I know they aren't alone in the violence because some Cuban's were talked about too, also have to mention the 2 main guys that were interviewed in this doc about how the whole scene started and grew were Americans but this doc reinforces what I have heard (maybe I have fallen prey to a stereotype) about Columbian drug dealers. And that it is probably a very good idea not to piss them off lol

12 years ago

allow me to clear things up.
1 ton = 2000lb = 909.0909090909kg
1 tonne = 1000kg = 2200lb

12 years ago

at least they can play soccer

12 years ago

You asked:
5000 kg equals how many tons
5.51 short tons
the mass 5.51155655462195 short tons.
Still a great documentary.

12 years ago

this is one of the best docu's ever!

12 years ago

That was a fascinating documentary and I'm looking forward to watching part 2. I think there was too many images of dead people though, as after a while I felt pretty disturbed.

12 years ago

5000kg = 10 tons of coke. Good math.

Jason Khan
13 years ago

if you liked this one you should see part 2!

Charles B.
13 years ago

Cripy: It's all fun and games with the "snow" and the "dough," until someone kills your wife and your kids and your dog, and your goldfish and your bird and the girl scout selling cookies at the front door!

christopher miller
13 years ago

Great Movie.

13 years ago

I myself live near Miami and have been through the dangerous parts several times. It really is Heaven meeting Hell there.

13 years ago

Man, this can make anyone want to be a cocaine dealer. lol

13 years ago

A lot of stuff in there that relates to the film Blow.

13 years ago

one of my favorites i've seen so far. anyone that liked Tony Montana in Scarface needs to watch this. and i dont doubt the stories they tell about the money. the money was there. it went to SOMEBODYS pocket

13 years ago

This documentary is rly good...i definitely recommend it to everyone

13 years ago

Great Story! This is one of the true rags to riches stories of all time.

Vlatko this is definately one of the best i have seen, Keep em comin!

14 years ago

Interesting video although i get the feeling theres as much fantasy as fact being presented here.