Cocaine Submarines

2010, Society  -   21 Comments
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Cocaine SubmarinesColombian drug traffickers are using a new secret weapon to smuggle cocaine north - drug submarines.

Up to 30 meters long and nearly impossible to detect, they are capable of distributing several tons of coke in just one shipment.

Dozens of subs are thought to be in operation between the coasts of Colombia and Mexico, and law enforcement estimates that another 70 will be built in the next year alone.

NGC follows U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents and the Colombian military looking for drug subs under construction in some of the most remote jungles on the planet.

Here, where malaria-infested mosquitoes swarm overhead and narco-terrorists strong-arm the local population, there are at least 300 known cocaine finishing labs and untold numbers of drug subs and their factories.

In the hard-fought war against drug trafficking, go inside a prized capture: a surprisingly sophisticated sub built by hand in the jungle.

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  1. proud2bpoor

    Actually get rid of the secretive government agencies which sieze and resellv the drugs etc and and do'nt allow politicians to get campaign funding from corporations or even rich individuals force them to fund raise and account for every dollar then there may be a slight chance at removing the corruption.We know how to make intelligent decisions or wed never have accomplished as many things as humanity has, money is the root of this entire problem. until people can comprehend a system working without money this is the type of world were gonna live in. Greed is somthing that has existed since humanity developed things we couldnt all have one of, Money perpetuates it, and enables it as well as those who will take it to extremes. The government spends more now to protect itself and corporation from us than it does on probably all the social programs combined, this video is just a tiny piece of evidence of whats wrong, people need to look at the bigger picture though, well nevr solve anything as things are now, unless we start at the top and work our way down. Sounds backwards maybe yes, but if yuo dont start there, the people up there and the money that runs them will always be changing things back to benefit those who already have the most.

  2. knowledgeizpower

    This war on drugs cr*p people need to quit, wth, cocaine, marijuana you are not going to stop folks from taking drugs..Hell people take legal prescription drugs and abuse that too...Its all about the money dope is always going to be around as long as money is around...

    1. MalOdour

      Ok lets have a war on poverty..wait we did ..what about war on terror.. wait we did.. what about a war on crime wait we did.. what about a war on idiot's running the countries...wait..

  3. crbowley

    It's time to decriminalize all drugs, not just marijuana, and stop the idiocy. If we spent one third of the money we spent fighting drugs into rehabilitating the true addicts, and make all drugs legal over the age of 18, we would be in a far better place. There would be an almost overnight end to drug wars, gang violence (over drug turf), and prison overcrowding. The hardcore drug user will find the drugs no matter where they are, or the drugs will find them. Put it all out on Main St. and offer help in taming the addictions. The drugs are no more insidious than alcohol or tobacco.

  4. Mowgli33

    Is that my tax dollars at work? ugh

  5. Dan Davies

    very informative... interesting stuff if you ask me...

  6. wailing_kaixcek3

    Thanks to these comments, I will not be watching this doc.

    I'm glad to see so many forward thinking people on here. (Maybe that's just me?)

  7. Daniel Chapman

    C.I.A. brings the drugs in & the Feds arest you Uncle Sam gets you comeing & going.

    1. Michael Schwinn

      law enforcement steels from you in the name of the Badge , and are mostly Criminals themselfs, in san francisco they re totalitarian bullies with badges, i feel like an illegal alien in my own country,

  8. Saeed Supremé

    The US is trying to marry the War on Drugs with the War on Terror by saying they fund each other, what a joke.. Here is a simple solution.. LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS and make them for available only at designated locations, operated by medical researchers in the field, with the drugs being sold at current or lower than street value rates.. Develop and systemize the process through a custom "User" Relationship Management software that allows you to create a profile of each user to helps accurately manage a users consumptions and is designed to reduce portions over a set period of time as directed by the medical staff - eventually reaching zero consumption levels if desired... Must be cheaper to roll that out than everything their currently doing in that video.. Most ironic part of the whole idea is that I just came up with the entire formula after smoking a joint.

  9. Jesse James

    Ummm, what problem with the ganga green numbers? There's no problem, especially if you're baked LOL

  10. Ironfox7

    Your comments,Alex Obama, are so correct...This so called drug war has been such a joke right from its inception...Why is it that society continues to attempt to treat the effects instead of the causes of so many issues...?????

    1. Alex Obama

      Because we as a society are immature. Once we realize that everything can not be solved with guns and prisons we will get somewhere.

  11. Guest

    @ eric donald yes it does work it helps keep the prices high enough to keep the WAR going smoothly. If the price drops people will start growing coca trees and chat plants in their section 8 apartments then we will have the same problem we have with the ganga green thumbers. High prices are a must to keep status quo in the current drug war. IF U USE DRUGS U WILL GET CAUGHT AND THEN WE GOT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOU MISERABLE LIFE. NO JOB NO VOTE NO WELFARE NO COLLEGE NO $HIT SUCKERS. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez.............poor idiots.

    1. Alex Obama

      The drug war does NOT work. We've been at war with drugs for decades now and we have not seen a drop in drug use. In fact drug use has gone up. We tried probation with alcohol and it DIDNT work. People will always use drugs and by keeping it illegal we cant regulate the quality, tax it, and the real kicker; violent gangs and drug cartels get the money. Not to mention that we spend BILLIONS of dollars on the drug war and keeping people in prison for using drugs. The reason cigarette addicts are not violent criminals is because the cost of addiction is low enough they don't need to commit crimes to fund their addiction. The same would be true for other drugs. The drug war can not be won.

    2. alans

      Wars don't work in general. They misunderstand the problem. Drugs themselves are not a problem, but the root cause, which is addiction. And addiction depends on personal demeanor.

    3. Guest

      I said nothing about winning anything! Its about never adimiting defeat and making billions of dollars off people's vice's...... the only better goverment run extortion ring is located at 2001 C Street Washington D.C.

    4. ElinnV

      I agree with you completely.

      I wanted to say also how disturbing I found this documentary because of the way this US sponsored so called war on drugs that takes place in foreign countries is portrayed in it. Simplistic and one sided, this is not about the good guys fighting the bad guys, it's about a certain US policy pretty much imposed over other countries where the drugs are only part of it, the game is much more about political influence, money and imperialism than about drugs.

      What would the viewers think if this same documentary, portrayed in the same tone, was showing foreign militars, weapons and equipment working in US land in order to "fight" a problem that barely affects the American society?

    5. crbowley

      @ guest, man are you real? you are showing your true colors with your choice of using the "section 8 housing" description. Shows that you have your head stuck in that racist cesspool, and can't get it out. I am not a minority, but am a middle aged, middle incomed white male, and I am sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars wasted by people like you who think they have the answers. Nearly one in three americans know of or are related to someone in federal, state or county prisons, most of them in for drug related crimes. Do you think that continuing to lock them up is the answer??
      Get a grip man/woman, and start looking at the real world.

  12. far spam

    Great idea using subs to smuggle.

    Its funny how it could be Russian engineering assisting with the designing and building these subs.

    I guess the technology is only gonna get better.

    I wonder what would happen to the US if you could smuggle much more coke in?

  13. Eric Donald

    Prohibition works !